Lesbian Romantic Foreplay

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I hadn’t seen her in over a week. I missed her voice, her smell, the way everything feels better when she’s around. Sometimes the ride to her house was the hardest part— the waiting, knowing I’d soon be with her, counting down the miles and minutes left until I could hear her heartbeat again.

The speed limit dipped to thirty as I rolled into town. Past the grimy convenience store and the lawyer’s office, past the abandoned hotel half obscured by knotty pines and the little white church next-door, there nestled against the town line sat an old farmhouse. The paint, once bright, had dulled with the years in the hot northern sun. I pulled my old car around the back and parked beneath the shade. I hesitated then, as I always did, to take a few breaths and savor the electricity I felt walking up to her house.

The old adage of butterflies in one’s stomach fell utterly inadequate to describe what I felt standing outside her bedroom door. It was more the feeling of a sugar-high toddler let loose at the toy store without a budget. Heart galloping in my chest, I opened her door and there she was, lying prostrate on her bed, mindlessly scrolling on her phone, wasting time, waiting for me.

A smile unfurled from my lips without a conscious thought. The way her curves were cupped oh so delicately by her comforter made my mouth go dry and my cotton panties grow damp. She looked up at me then and I could feel her hungry eyes swallow every inch of me.

Without a word I crossed casino şirketleri her room and crawled in beside her. It was hot that June day but we didn’t care. She pulled the sheet up and made a cave for just the two of us. I snuggled closer, pressing my ample belly against hers and slipping my leg between thighs. She wrapped one arm around my torso and pulled me to her until we were bosom to bosom and sharing breaths. I looked into her eyes and saw my future looking back at me.

Still smiling, I went in for a kiss. It was gentle at first, lips against lips, reconnecting and savoring the moment. But she wanted more and I couldn’t oblige quickly enough. Her eyes, now shut, had lent their hunger to her lips. Slightly parted, my lips met hers again. She took my lower lip between hers and lightly tugged it into her mouth. The bite of her teeth against my lip, the taste of her in my mouth, I let out my first moan.

She giggled then and untucked my tank-top from my shorts. Her lips left mine and began tracing butterfly kisses down my neck. Without hesitation she pulled my shirt up over my head and unhooked the lacey bra I’d worn. She continued to kiss my neck and lightly brushed the backs of her fingers across my breasts.

Goosebumps spread across my flesh as if to reach up to meet her. She pulled back for just a second to take off her own shirt. She wore no bra and her full breasts bounced in ecstasy at their newfound freedom. I cupped each breast in my hand casino firmaları and gently rolled her nipples against my thumbs. She exhaled a soft moan then and our lips found each other again.

Our bodies began to dance against the other. Her breasts pressed into mine, our nipples touching, tickling their counterparts. My thigh rubbing up and down between her suple legs. She broke the kiss again and trailed her tongue down my neck, between my breasts, down my belly to my waistline and back to my breasts. She slowly drew circles around my breast. Each circle getting smaller and smaller. Until, finally, she reached my areola and lightly kissed my nipple.

I arched my back and pressed my nipple against her mouth looking for more. She pulled her face away and laughed. All I could say, between ragged breaths, was “more, please.” She acquiesced and with an open smile took my nipple into her warm and welcoming mouth.

The world went quiet then. I couldn’t hear the birds in the trees, the tractor on the road, or even worry about the dishes clinking down the hall. My only sense was touch. My only thought was her.

She began to suckle then as my nipple hardened in her kiss. As I moaned she lightly pressed her lips around my nipple, making my toes curl and my eyes to roll back. I could’ve come right then and there. And she knew that. But she liked to have her way with me and as such she pulled away slightly and let my nipple slip out of her mouth.

She smiled güvenilir casino up at me as she puckered her lips and blew cold air against my glistening nipple. Firecrackers of sensation shot through my body. I turned my torso then, offering her my other breast. A tease she was, but she was also a hungry young woman and took my breast happily. Already erect, she ignored my nipple and instead sucked my areola and lighted swirled around it with her tongue.

I couldn’t help myself any longer. I pulled her face to mine and kissed her again. But her lips, these lips at least, were not my destination. I buried my face between her breasts then and breathed in her unique scent. She was her own aphrodisiac and I was helpless to resist.

I held her breasts, one in each hand, and pressed them together until I could lick both of her nipples at the same time. She let out no noises but her hands grasped my shoulders tightly. I laughed and took a nipple into my mouth. I let it sit there for just a moment, letting it moisten as I kissed it with my hungry tongue.

I began to suck then, gently at first, but growing harder and more forceful with every suckle. Her breathing began to pick up and I could see sweat beading on her forehead. I unlatched from her bosom and brought my face back up to hers.

She met me with a waiting kiss as electric as the air around us. Without hesitation her hands trailed down my front, stopping only briefly to unbutton my shorts. I opened my eyes then to find her gazing into mine. This was new to us. We’d never gone below the belt before. I gave her the subtlest of nods as she pulled my shorts down. Still watching her watching me, I felt her hand slip down the front of my panties…

…to be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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