Lesbian for Girl Readers Ch. 01

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Lucy greets you with a warm smile. You smile back. She moves out of the door way as you step in. Your heels, clack against the wooden floor. Suddenly you feel arms around you, and breasts. Huge breasts. A hand slips down your shotrs, and feels you’re wet with excitement. Lucy pushes you onto the couch.

On the couch you turn around, and find Lucy ontop of her coffee table on her hands and knees. You undo your shorts and bend down to give her a kiss. You reach around her and slap her ass. It’s just as big as her boobs. You sit back on the couch, and Lucy stands up. She bends over with her butt facing you. A smile crosses her face while she looks at you through her legs. She squats and her ass eats up the thong she’s wearing. She plays with it a little. And you see pink every time she spreads her cheeks, the color of her thong. She turns around to find you enjoying her entertainment. She juggles her boobs and pinches her nipples. She then slowly puts a hand over her crotch and strokes herself. Moaning all the while. She stops and giggles. Not a single word has been said to you. She turns around. Her back facing you. She splits casino şirketleri your legs and pushes her ass against your crotch.

You put your hands around her waist as she grinds you. Your turn wet, and notice there is a small spot in the middle of her ass, that’s wet. She climbs backwards, putting her ass in your face, and shakes it. You smack it, anticipating more of her boobs, then her ass. She climbs off the couch and spreads your legs again, wider. She looks at you, then closes your legs again, tease-fully. She licks her lips, and takes off her thong. She walks back over and puts them in your pocket and winks. She get back on the table and takes off her bra. She moans while her hand slides between her breasts and down to her clit. She stops and plays with it. She then bends over

again, breasts facing you and play with them.

She walks back over to you and rips off your shorts. Exposing your hello kitty thong. She laughs and climbs over you legs outside yours and her boobs are now all in your face. She grabs your hands and places them on her ass. You grab and stroke it. She smiles. You naughtily casino firmaları touch her pussy and feel she’s wet, too. You smile evilly and take your finger out.

She sits on your legs and starts pleasuring her self with them. Her head tilts back exposing her neck. You lean forward and kiss it, then sucking it. You give her a hickey. She then brings her head forward and you two share a passionate kiss. Moaning and breathing through your nose, until you can’t take anymore and stop. She helps you take off your top, and strip you of your bra.

Your breasts drop. She takes a nipple in your mouth and puts one hand over your other breast, two fingers on either side of your left nipple rubbing that, while squeezing, lightly, your breast its-self. She abruptly stops, and starts taking off your panties. You’re just as wet as she is. She’s starting to drip on your legs.

You finally manage to get ontop of her, by rolling her over on her back. You want to take the first lick. You go down, while dragging your hands over her, and spread her milky like, soft, smooth legs. You look at her pussy, teasing her. She tries to güvenilir casino finger herself, but you push her hand to the side, now holding it. To punish her, you wait more. She tries with her other hand, and you do the same. She’s restrained and you can do whatever you want to her. You stick out your tongue and look up. She’s staring back at you. You look back down and lick her. She yells. You slowly but surely lick her. Then picking up speed. Now, as fast as you can go, her legs are squeezing your head. Then you taste her. She came. She shakes violently, then loosens her legs. You let go of her hands.

She now looks at you. She smiles. And you trade places. She holds your wrists down, and takes her turn. The first lick was wet, warm, intense. She licked your outer lips and worked clockwise into you. Your spine tingles and it spreads through your body. She licks again. The same way. She then changes her style, you guess she’s bored, and she licks from the bottom of your pussy to the tip of your clit. She continues this, faster and shortening the length. You come. She stops, and goes back to you and kisses you. You taste your own cum. She then licks your nipple, left, right, left, right. You shiver and grab her ass. She leans up against you, and you feel her nipples against your abs. Size DD and natural. You are more attracted to her the more intimate she gets…… (to be continued)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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