Learning Curve Pt. 04

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Scarlett stared down at the shiny pink dildo that was strapped to her. She flicked it with her finger and made it bounce a little. As it swung around, she could feel the motion trying to move her hips in reply.

She watched over May until her breathing slowed. When she was ready, she looked up to Scarlett’s face for guidance.

“Do you think she’s ready again?” Scarlett observed May. At first, there was no response. Watching a few more moments, Scarlett saw May’s throat swallow. And then she nodded.

“Great,” Scarlett said with a smile.

After taking a tiny step towards May, Scarlett swung the cock in her face.

Taking May’s hands, she encouraged her to stand up. The cock prodded her around her groin. Grasping the sides of May’s arms, Scarlett slowly spun May around until she was facing away from her. She placed one arm around May’s waist and the other pressed one of her shoulders.

May resisted a little, but if she’d resisted too much then Scarlett would have stopped. She placed her hands on the cistern and supported herself.

Scarlett stood back a little. She looked down at the cock and aimed it between May’s legs. May tensed up as the tip of the cock pressed towards her body. Her worries were soon belayed as the cock once again found her soft pussy. One of the few rules that Scarlett had, was no anal on a first date.

The first push was slow, as she explored the shape that May’s body was in so that she wouldn’t hurt her. With each stroke she slowly built up a rhythm, driving deeper and deeper into her.

There was so little room in the cubicle that she could feel the cheeks of her behind squish against the cold door. The pin of the door rattled against the lock with every bounce.

Every time Scarlett thrust inside her, her face pressed against the even colder tiles of the back wall.

“She likes like that, doesn’t she,” Scarlett began.

She clasped onto a little of May’s hair but was careful not to pull on it too hard.

May began to wince and whine a little as the cock was thrust into her.

“She likes being a dirty little bitch,” Scarlett stepped up with her words a little. She was careful with her tone in case May got offended or it hurt her feelings. But there was no reaction. Perhaps she could push it just a little further.

“Does she like being my little whore.”

Scarlett’s hips slapped against May’s bum and it leaped up towards the base of her back.

“Does she?” her phrasing sounded much more like a question this time.

Scarlett gave her a few more deep thrusts.

“Yes,” May screeched with pleasure.

“Tell me how much she loves this cock inside of her!”

“Oh she loves it,” she cried.

Scarlett moved her hands from the small of May’s back up to her shoulders to give her a little more leverage. The thrusting became slower, and deeper, and harder. The sound of slapping of bum cheeks on hips got louder and louder.

“How much does she love it?”

“She loves it more than the real thiiiiinnnggg!” May cried.

Scarlett continued to pound May from behind. She then halted for a few moments and put her hands underneath May to squeeze her hanging breasts firmly. Going between penetration and fondling kept May on her toes.

Even though May was saying nothing, her body language spoke volumes to Scarlett. There was a tell-tale quiver that began to shake May’s entire body.

Scarlett wrapped her arms around May’s waist to catch her for what was coming next. Though she slowed, she kept sliding the cock into May’s pussy. She was careful not to slide it right to the hilt either, she just didn’t know enough about May to know how she’d react. But there was no more time.

May’s legs tensed up and she went up onto her tiptoes. She had not experienced an orgasm for some time, and never standing up. As the feelings surged through her body, she was relieved that Scarlett was there to catch her when she became overwhelmed by everything.

Scarlett’s toned arms were strong enough to support her body with ease until the feelings of helplessness passed over her. Trying to take the cock out of her would have been the wrong thing to do. All she could do was wait until the moment passed.

She allowed May to catch her breath once again. When she could stand on her own two feet for just a few seconds, she gently pulled the cock out of her and sat her down again.

Scarlett could see beads of sweat on May’s brow. She gave her some time to herself. May stared straight ahead as if Scarlett wasn’t even there. Eventually she came to her senses and looked back for guidance.

“I want to show you something,” Scarlett began softly.

She cupped the back of May’s head with one hand. But her attention was already focused on the plastic cock.

“You see this?” Scarlett pointed with her fingernails. She was not merely pointing at the cock or the juices covering it, but at the tiny white pearls of cream casino şirketleri that stuck to it.

May stared intently at them. She knew that they could only have come from inside her own body.

“This…” Scarlett began. “This is more precious than gold,” she pointed at the pearls. She touched one with her fingers. The tiny blob jiggled like jelly.

There was something about the way Scarlett spoke that captivated May.

“It doesn’t happen with every woman. And it doesn’t happen every time,” she explained.

Scarlett carefully picked up one of the tiny blobs with her fingernail. Using it like a spoon, she slipped it onto the edge of her mouth and deposited it on her lower lip.

May watched Scarlett collect it with her tongue. She poked it out a little so that it was in full view. After putting it on display with one swift motion she sucked it into her mouth. She savoured the taste by rolling the tiny white blob around until it dissolved into her saliva.

“Has she ever tasted it?” she asked softly.

May shook her head.

“It’s okay, its perfectly natural.”

May looked up at her.

“I’ve done it. And I know a lot of other people who have.”

May’s eyes then shifted to the toy that was mere inches from her face. Without making an obvious sound, she drew in a subtle breath with her nose and sensed the smell. It was as sweet and as sexy as milk chocolate.

Placing her hands on Scarlett’s hips to steady the cock, she looked for one of the pearls. After angling her head to be able to find it with her tongue, she savoured the smell once more. Then with a quick lap, collected a tiny blob of jelly.

May sucked it into her mouth. Like Scarlett, she savoured it. It was sweet and smoky like strong honey. The smell of sex was something that was familiar to her, but to taste it was something else entirely. The taste of a man was totally different from this; and it was nowhere near as sweet.

She looked for another pearl and collected it with her tongue. She enjoyed every sensation of its flavour. After a slow swallow that allowed the taste to trickle down her throat, May then took an even firmer grip of Scarlett’s hips. Scarlett could feel May’s trimmed nails digging in a little. But a little pinching felt good.

Lining up her lips, she slid her mouth over the head of the cock. Scarlett felt May’s teeth lock onto the toy for a moment before she sucked it all the way in.

Scarlett let May go as slow or as deep as she wanted, her pussy was so attuned to the sensations that she could feel them travelling through the base of the strap-on to her waiting clit. She felt every brush of May’s tongue as she looked for every morsel of her own cream. But what little remained was gone with a few licks. Even after May had consumed the taste, it didn’t stop her from wanting to experience the cock in her mouth.

“That’s it. Good girl.” Scarlett encouraged her by softly stroking her hair.

With every stroke, her fingers became ever more mingled with May’s hair. Subtly, Scarlett took hold with both hands and helped guide her head back and forth. May had enough enthusiasm of her own and she moved her hands from Scarlett’s hips to her bum. She dug her nails in even deeper but Scarlett still didn’t mind.

May thrust her mouth onto the cock, she sensed the distinctive taste of the steel ring that held the cock in place. Scarlett could feel her deep-throating it. The soft tissue at the back of her mouth clasping onto it like a suction cup on a window.

The toilet stall was silent apart from the slurping and sucking noises being made by her lips and by the back of her throat. Thick saliva began to build up and ooze from the side of her lips. May did her best to suck it back in, but it wasn’t easy.

The tip of the cock was so far down the back of her throat that she found it nearly impossible to breathe. When she stopped for a moment, she gulped down air as fast as she could. She was as vigorous as if she’d been drowning and had come up for air at the last second of life.

“Easy there,” Scarlett told her as she stroked her hair a little. But May didn’t want to go easy.

As soon as she’d sucked down several deep breaths, she began to thrust her mouth back around the cock. May ran her tongue around as much of it as she could, she even paid particular attention to the head. It was obvious that she had experience with a real cock, she had much more technique than Scarlett’s other partners. She was almost fascinated by it.

When May stopped for another set of breaths, Scarlett took the cock away from her. She tilted May’s head back and looked at the saliva around her mouth. It was so thick that it clung to her lips and the sides of her mouth. The sound of her desperate breaths bellowed and echoed around them.

May had been so busy with her mouth that her saliva was tinted white with tiny air bubbles. It looked so much like the fake cum that casino firmaları Scarlett loved playing with.

After considering for a moment what to do, Scarlett went in for what May suspected was another kiss. When Scarlett’s lips made contact, the kiss was so very gentle. In an unexpected move, she began to suck the strings of saliva into her own mouth before going back for a proper kiss.

Their mouths mingled with each other, the thick saliva floated around their tongues. As Scarlett was about to draw back from the kiss, she sucked the string of saliva from May’s mouth and swiftly swallowed it.

For the first few moments, May stared at Scarlett. But when she thought about it, it wasn’t that much different than what happens in an everyday kiss.

After both of them had time to catch their breath, May reached out for Scarlett’s hips and pulled her close again. Instead of sinking the dildo into her mouth, she grabbed one of the straps that held the leather harness for the strap-on in place. With nimble fingers, she pulled one of the straps out of the buckle and yanked it in the opposite direction.

It almost sprung open as if it was made with bungee cords. The, now flaccid, dildo drooped down to one side and just hung there. With only one strap loosened, there was enough room for May to slip the leather panties off Scarlett’s hips. The weight of the plastic cock helped drag it down to her knees. Still wearing her heels, she needed to use May’s shoulder’s to help balance herself as she stepped out of them. Along with everything else, the strap on was thrown into the corner. It thunked against the wall before finding a resting place.

May pulled Scarlett close again. As she pulled a little on the back of one of her knees, Scarlett knew that May wanted access to her pussy.

Scarlett balanced herself before carefully beginning to lift one of her legs. Before she could get it up very far she stumbled a little. After steadying herself again she lifted the leg and got her foot up on the cistern. Her expensive shoes clinked against the porcelain.

May noticed how moist her pussy was. She then noticed the ring through the hood of her clit that matched the ones in her nipples. May hadn’t been expecting to find another ring, but the surprise turned her on even more. Scarlett felt May’s hands clutch around the base of her back and pull her in a little closer. There was no hesitation from May.

Scarlett felt May’s lips lock around her pussy and quickly lap their way to her clit. While trying to keep her balance, she shifted her legs a little to open her thighs up a little more.

May’s tongue was working its way underneath the hood, then she plucked at the ring with her teeth. She went back and forth doing those two things until Scarlett’s clit had swollen so much that it pushed out past the hood that had been holding it at bay. She felt the back edge of the ring dig into the tip of her clit.

Scarlett then felt May’s lips slide down and suck at the very core of her pussy. Her tongue explored. In a coincidence of nature, the tip of May’s noise burrowed its way against Scarlett’s clit. Both her tongue and her nose were driving her wild.

May’s tongue pushed deep inside of her as if looking for honey. Her enthusiasm was a primal hunger, not artful experience. It felt as fresh to Scarlett as the first time she had experienced it.

With every lap of her tongue, she got deeper and deeper. Even if it was only a millimetre at a time it wouldn’t be long till she would get to the bottom.

Instinctively, Scarlett clasped the back of May’s head and pushed it into her pussy. But May didn’t need any help with that. Her tongue continued to lap, and the tip of her nose continued to burrow. When she finally figured out what her nose was doing to Scarlett, she began to shake her head in short and sharp shivering motions.

Scarlett was so on edge that the sensations were driving her to the point of screaming. In an effort to avoid it, she made a fist with one of her hands and thumped it against the tiled wall.

In a response that was so hard to ignore it might as well have been involuntary, Scarlett flung her head up and down. After a few intense flicks, her impeccable hair was all over the place. Though the curls in it made her look wild, it never got in front of her face until now.

The deeper May got, the closer she felt herself getting to orgasm. It had felt like ages since she’d shared one with anyone else. Her last few had been at her own behest.

May pulled back a little and went crazy on her clit, licking with a tongue that felt so big it felt as though it belonged to a bull. She nibbled and chewed and sucked her clit that was now bulging and wet. Scarlett couldn’t contain her voice any longer.

She gulped out a short, sharp scream like she’d fallen into freezing cold water. But with her next breathe she filled her lungs and screamed to the heavens with güvenilir casino every drop of breath. Her voice came out with such force that for a split second she felt a little dizzy and light headed.

With one hand still holding onto the back of May’s head, Scarlett desperately tried to clutch onto something with the other. But all she could find was the cold, smooth surface of the tiled wall. Her slightly clammy hand squeaked down the wall.

May was sucking so hard on her clit that it was beginning to hurt. Just as it was about to get too much to bear, May dived chin deep between her dripping pussy lips again. No matter how much of Scarlett’s honey May managed to catch, Scarlett could feel it running down the inside of the thigh of the leg that was anchored to the floor. May was so in the moment that she ignored the sweetness tricking down the skin of her neck and trailing down between her breasts.

With May deep in her cunt, Scarlett felt the unmistakable surges as she was about to come to orgasm herself. She tried to resist the urges just a little longer, but it was no use. Her body began to tense and relax as spasms took her on a ride from one second to the other.

Scarlett thrust her pussy into May’s face. It wasn’t a deliberate act, but rather how her body was reacting. No matter how intensely she thrust, May kept her mouth entrenched in her pussy. As she kept thrusting, she could feel a hotness begin to flush through her. That warmth soon hit May’s tongue.

Not everyone who Scarlett had been with made fluid when they came to orgasm. Some got a little bit wet, some were full-on squirters, and Scarlett had her own way.

A copious amount of viscous white cream oozed from deep within her body. May was so eager she caught most of it, but there was still more to come. It flowed as slowly and as unyieldingly as lava from a volcano, the kind that crept down every crevice of a hillside at barely walking pace.

Scarlett held herself up as long as she could until her strength gave out and she collapsed in a heap into May’s waiting lap. Her body spasmed a handful more times as she slumped on top of her new friend. Scarlett caught her breath as she rested her head on May’s shoulder.

An arm gently came between them and when Scarlett leaned back a little, she saw May catching the few trickles of the sweet honey that was running down her chest. She watched May catch every drop with her fingers and lick them one by one just as she had done before. May had been a quick study.

May was so captivated in capturing every drop, that it was as if for a few moments she didn’t even know that Scarlett was there. With the fluid on her chest fast running out, Scarlett reached for May’s face and looked deep within her eyes.

Instead of gracing her with a loving kiss, she reached out with her tongue and licked from the bottom of May’s chin, out to the beginnings of her cheek and then back to her lips. She then repeated the motion in the other direction as she cleaned away her own cum from the side of May’s hungry mouth. It was natural after all.

Sex was a process of fluids and this was as good as it got. The smell of it alone was enough to drive you wild. But its taste was beyond divine. Sweet, smoky, salty; it sent every sense into overload.

Scarlett savoured every drop as she cleaned it from May’s face. When she finally went in for a kiss, there was something selfish about it. As well as tasting May, there were still plenty of her own juices to flavour the kiss and make it even more exciting. It was almost enough to make her wet all over again.

But this had been enough excitement for one night.

“Was that good for her?” Scarlett asked.

May replied with a nod.

“Good,” Scarlett smiled back.

With her legs still weak, she slowly stumbled to her feet and balanced herself on her high heeled shoes.

May stared at the strap-on as the dildo waved in front of her face again. She wanted to taste it but she knew she’d had enough for tonight as well. It was fascinating watching Scarlett dismantling the dildo from the strap. She wiped both toys before finding her purse from the pile that was in the corner.

Although a few glances passed between them, neither of them said anything as they picked up their clothes and got dressed. With both of them in the cubicle, only one person could put a garment on at a time. It gave them time to savour each other’s bodies for just a few more minutes. Even if they only looked and didn’t touch.

When they were finally ready, Scarlett reached for the door lock.

“I’m here most nights,” Scarlett told her, “but definitely at the weekend.”

After letting May absorb that, she opened the door for the both of them. As Scarlett led May out by the hand they found three women standing by the sinks, literally open-mouthed. Scarlett looked each of them in the eye as she passed by them. And even though she didn’t know them, May looked at each and every one of them with her head held high as she walked out the door.


I’d like to thank ‘mesmiley’ for helping edit my work, it’s improved the structure a lot and helps it flow so much better. I hope everyone enjoyed the story.

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