Laura Loves George

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Laura didn’t know what to think of what she was seeing. She had thought she was going to find that her teen-aged son had been visiting porn sites again, but she wasn’t ready for this. And she didn’t believe it was her son this time. She looked at the blinking cursor in the “login” box and methodically began typing in various names she could think of, and passwords. Before long, she’d figured it out. It wasn’t hard. She’d been married to George for seventeen years. She knew all of his secrets. Or at least, she thought she’d known all his secrets.

This one was one for the record books, however. She sat staring at the screen and clicking the “play” button over and over again. Before her, in the mini-movie that had been downloaded, a man lay on his back holding his legs high in the air as a woman wielding a strap-on dildo fucked him in the ass.

She felt sick at first, wondering if he was secretly gay and doing something he ought not to be doing. But as she watched the movie it finally dawned on her that this wasn’t about being gay. The woman was definitely feminine. There was nothing masculine about the raven haired beauty that was fucking the man. She didn’t know what to think.

As she checked more and more of his account, his favorites list, and followed his footprints across the internet, she found more and more photos, movies, and stories of men being assfucked by women. She sat back, thinking about all of this, and wondering, after all the years they’d been married, all the things they’d tried together, why George had never bothered to share this particular fantasy with her.

She wondered what he’d do when he found out she knew.

Then she decided not to tell him. Instead, she was going to take matters into her hands in another way. With a grin, she pulled up her favorite adult toy site and began to browse for just the right weapon.

Two weeks later, George got quite a surprise. When he arrived home, Laura greeted him at the door wearing nothing but black panties, black bra and the black “fuck me” pumps he’d bought her last year that she’d only worn once.

“Wow. Honey, where are the kids?” “They’re at your mother’s for the night.” “Even Joseph?” “Even Joseph. The house is empty. I have something for you.”

Before George could respond, she’d taken him by the hand and pulled him into the bedroom. Laura helped him undress, then ordered him onto the bed. She blindfolded him and made him put his hands behind his head. He grinned as she took command of the situation. He was already hard and his cock was standing straight in the air.

He groaned as she took his cock in her mouth. She slid her mouth up and down the length of him several times, then let him slide from her lips, her tongue tracing around his balls, then licking the length of his cock. She was good at this, and knew exactly what to do to please him. He lay there with the world dark around him, listening to the slurping noises as she worked him over with her mouth.

He gasped aloud when she dipped her head lower, flicking her tongue over his ass hole. His cock twitched with each flick and she knew she’d gotten his attention. She opened a tube güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri of lubricant and put a bit on her finger, then swallowed his cock once more. As she reached bottom, she gently pushed her finger in his ass.

“Ohhhh!” There was a note of surprise mixed in the groan of pleasure that slipped from his lips. She withdrew the finger just to the tip, then slid it in him again. Every time her mouth drew up to the tip of his cock, her finger would slide out of him. When she went down, her finger went in. She worked a slow rhythm of teasing him this way.

George was grunting, his hips thrusting each time she moved. He was enjoying every moment of this. She’d never done this before, but it never dawned on him that she had seen anything he’d done on line. All he could think of was the load of cum that was boiling inside him and was about to erupt into her mouth.

“Oooh. Oh yeah, baby. Yes. Oh yes. Mmmm.. ooh baby.” He was almost there. He was going to cum so hard. His fingers were clenched behind his head. His hips were thrusting hard of the bed trying to drive himself further into her mouth, and every time his hips hit the mattress her finger slid in him again. He couldn’t stand it. She was driving him crazy.

“oooh baaabbbbyyy.” His load was standing at the ready, waiting for the whistle to blow.

With a pop, she let his cock slip from her lips, but her finger kept pumping into his ass.

“Ooh No. no don’t stop. Oh fuck! Oh baby.” “Do you like this? Does this feel good?” “Yes, oh god yes. Please baby. Your mouth. I’m so fucking close. Please baby.”

Laura slid a second finger inside him, stretching his tight hole. He groaned and squirmed. She slid a third inside him.

“Laura! Ooohhhhhhh!! ” George’s hips were grinding. He reached with one hand and tried to coax her into taking him into her mouth again. She slapped his hand away.

“I said keep your hands behind your head. I can stop if you want me to.”

George quickly put his hand back behind his head. “No, oh god please don’t stop. You’re driving me fucking nuts, woman!”

Laura laughed out loud then sucked the tip of his cock in her mouth and applied as much suction as she could. George cried out in agony. “Please, Laura!”

“Please Laura, what?” His cock popped from her mouth again. Her fingers kept up their work at his ass, however, teasing him, and stretching him open.

“Stop fucking around and let me cum. You’re gonna hurt something by making me hold it this way.”

“Nah.. that’s just a myth, darling. I promise you. And I’ll let you come.. eventually.” She laughed wickedly as she lifted his legs up the way she’d seen the woman in the movie do. She moved herself between his legs. Looking down, she giggled to herself as the fake cock protruded lewdly away from her body. She rested the cock against his own hard, red, aching one and rubbed them against one another.

That’s the moment George got a clue. She heard the sharp intake of his breath, then watched his chest stop moving as he held his breath.

“Laura?” “Yes, George.” “Uhhh…. ” That was all he could get out.

Laura drizzled güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri lubricant all over the dildo then used her hand to coat it well. She leaned back just a tad and let the lubricant drizzle between his ass cheeks. She watched him shiver.

“Laura….” This time it wasn’t a question.. it was a definite, if not hesitant protest. “Yes, George.” “Uhhhhhh… “

She put the tip of her cock against his ass and pressed gently. He whimpered. She pushed harder. He tried to move away from her. She pushed further. He began to protest. She sank about two inches of the cock inside him before he could get himself from beneath her.

“Oh fuck! Oh my god! Laura! Holy fuck. Oh my god.” “George?” “Ohhhhh… fuck…” “George.. relax.. relax, baby. This is what it feels like when you first put your cock inside me.. it goes away in a minute.. Breathe, baby and relax.” Laura sat still and waited for him to calm down.

“Jesus. If you’ll take it out I promise I won’t ever ask to fuck your ass again. Oh my god that hurts.”

Laura pushed in just a bit more, watching as another inch disappeared inside him. “No you won’t promise any such thing. I like it when you fuck my ass.”

With those words she pushed until every bit of the six inches of the dildo disappeared inside him. He shuddered violently and for a moment she thought she’d made a mistake, but she stayed still with it inside him. She wrapped her hand around his cock and lovingly stroked him while she waited for his ass cheeks to unclench.

After a few moments, he took a deep breath, and when he slowly blew the breath out, she withdrew, then slid into him again. She moved slowly at first, building up a rhythm, and learning how to move just right.

George’s protests turned into groans of pleasure. His hands slid from beneath his head and he lifted the blindfold so he could watch his wife, then wrapped his hands around his legs and lifted them, opening himself to her. She watched his face as she fucked him, watching his eyes glaze over.

“Stroke your cock, George.” “No.. no its alright.” “Think you can come this way, lover?” She thrust into him, then moved her hips round and round, moving the cock inside him. “oh.. don’t know.. good.. feels good… “

She withdrew a little too far and the cock slid from him. She immediately thrust it back into him again, thrilling at the rush of air from his chest as she filled him again.

“Harder, baby.” She obeyed, driving harder into him.

He couldn’t believe his luck. Here was his wife, always sexy as hell, fucking his ass, her full breasts swinging with every thrust into him. This was a fantasy he hadn’t shared with her because he was afraid of what she’d think and somehow she knew, and not only did she not mind, he could tell by the look on her face she was enjoying it.

“Laura. I want to fuck you. I want to come inside you.” “Not yet. I want you to come while I’m fucking you. Come for me George.”

She pushed his legs higher up and leaned into him, making short, intense thrusts and wiggling her hips each time she sank into him, making the cock push against every sensitive güvenilir bahis şirketleri spot and nerve she could reach.

George grunted, his hand wrapping around his thick cock and he began pumping, keeping rhythm with her thrusts. She would draw nearly all the way out now and then and then shove herself back inside him. It only took a few strokes of his hand before he was howling and shooting his cum everywhere. He was coming harder than he had since he was seventeen years old.

“Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck! Oh holy fuck baby! Ohhhhhhhh….” Laura kept fucking him until there was nothing left for him to give. His entire chest seemed to be coated with cum. She grinned, taking an hand and rubbing it all over his chest, then bringing her fingers to her lips and sucking them clean. George lay there panting and shivering.

“I guess you enjoyed my surprise?” She giggled softly as she wiggled the cock still seated in his ass.”

“Payback, lover. I owe you.” “Mmmm… promise?” Laura slid the cock from him and started to get off the bed to clean up. George grabbed her by the arm.

“Where do you think you’re going?” “Clean up?” “No… payback.” “Now?” “Oh yeah, baby.. NOW.”

George pulled her back onto the bed and onto her stomach. Then he lifted her hips and shoved a pillow beneath her.

“Now, baby. Definitely now.” He barely got the lube drizzled on her tight little pucker before he had pushed his semi-hard cock into her, sinking until there was nothing left to push into her.

Laura whimpered as he pressed past that first protesting muscle, then sighed as he filled her.

“Fuck me hard, lover. Fuck me good.” She lifted her head, turning to see him. He wrapped his hands in her long hair, pushed himself so that her legs were as wide apart as he could get them and he was as deep as he could go.

“Hard? Hard? I am still so fucking hard and you’re going to get it harder.” George began to pound into her. He was merciless as he fucked her ass, his hips slapping against her fleshy cheeks. Laura was whimpering and groaning with each thrust, and begging for more. She’d always enjoyed having George take her this way, but something about having taken him first had her so hot.

She slid her hand beneath herself, pushing her fingers past the strap-on and pressing them against her clit, and within moments, was coming. George felt her clench, felt the contractions as he fucked her, and followed just behind her, coming again – something that had never ever happened to him before – not without a good half hour of recovery.

“Fuuuuckkkkk!!!!!!!” He exploded inside her, painting her inner walls with his hot seed.

They both collapsed on the bed, George half laying on Laura, his spent cock still inside her. Both of them were giggling, both of them wrung out with exhaustion. Laura managed to crawl from beneath George. The strap-on was standing out proudly. She towered over him on her knees for a moment, just above his head.

George looked up, past the cock, past her lovely breasts and looked at her face, then slapped her on the behind.

“Want to go again?” Laura teased.

George laughed, “ohhh definitely baby.. but give me a week to recuperate. I think I might not walk straight until then.

Laura grinned and shook the fake cock at him once more. “Honey, now that I know your secret, you may never walk straight again.”

George.. well, last week, someone spotted him at work squirming strangely in his seat……

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