Lady Fitness Ch. 05

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I had told Marie that I had a 3 way with two other women set up for the next afternoon at Lady Fitness and she said she would join us as I promised that she would be more satisfied than she had ever been. Mandy and Marie would be joining me and Sara at Lady Fitness for a private afternoon of pleasure. When I got up in the morning I called Lady Fitness and told Sara that we would be having a 4 way this afternoon.

“Wow, fantastic Wendy!” she enthusiastically said. “I’ll make sure everyone is out of the club by 2, I’ll tell any stragglers that we’re having maintenance done from 2-5 today.”

Having taken care of the arrangements I went over to Mark’s company to complete the final purchase paperwork for our agreement. Having done that I faxed it to my head office, spoke with the VP Sales to tell him it was signed and sealed and that I’d be taking a couple of days off to unwind. He quickly agreed and congratulated me on my success. Little did he know that I had also had fantastic sex with 4 people already and a 5th. would be added this afternoon.

I grabbed a quick lunch to make sure I wasn’t cumming on an empty stomach and headed over to Lady Fitness for 2pm. Sara had already locked the doors and posted a ‘Closed for Maintenance’ sign on the door. She opened up for me and we kissed deeply, “Hi darling,” I cooed into her ear “Are you ready?”

“Oh yes Wendy, for sure. I’ve been wet all morning thinking about it,” she replied. At the sound of the door opening we turned and were greeted by the sight of Mandy coming in wearing a full length sable coat.

“That’s Mandy and I bet she’s naked under that coat,” I told Sara.

When she stopped in front of us I stepped forward and said, in my dominatrix voice, “Hello my little slut, show me what you’re wearing for my pleasure.”

Mandy blushed, dropped her head and in a little girls voice said, “Yes mistress.” Opening her coat wide for us both to see I was pleased to see that she was naked, her nipples were hard and a sheen of pre-cum was obvious on her pussy lips. “Does my mistress like what her slave girl has chosen?” Mandy asked.

I stepped forward, lifted her face and kissed her on the lips before saying “Yes slut, I do like it. Sara come here and meet Mandy,” I commanded. Sara stepped forward and I directed her to kiss Mandy, then to stroke her breasts and nipples and finally to slide her index finger between Mandy’s glistening lips. Mandy began to piston her hips forward, trying to get Sara’s finger to massage her clit but I stopped that from happening by saying, “Stop it you little slut, I didn’t tell you that you could cum!”

Sara quickly removed her finger and sucked it greedily while Mandy wailed, “Please mistress, please let me cum!”

“No. Later my little slut,” I replied. Another door opening heralded the arrival of Marie who took in the scenario of Mandy standing naked in a full length coat, Sara sucking on her index finger in pleasure and of me obviously the director of all the action. The effect it had on Marie was to turn her from a top to a bottom.

She fell to her knees bahis firmaları and in a small voice said “Hello mistress how may I pleasure you?” Smiling broadly I told Mandy to stand in front of Marie and had Marie lick Mandy’s pussy. Marie happily complied and was quickly slurping on Mandy’s slick pussy.

This time I let Mandy cum by saying, “Alright my sex kitten, you can cum in Marie’s mouth. Cum for me — NOW!” I demanded. Mandy gasped, grabbed Marie by the ears and came in a howl on her tongue. Marie drank all of the juice and carefully licked Mandy’s pussy lips and clit clean.

We all went into the locker area and the girls quickly stripped off their clothes. I had them undress me and kissed each one deeply, particularly enjoying the taste of Mandy’s orgasm on Marie’s lips. “Everyone into the showers.” I directed. I had Sara washing Marie and Mandy washing me. So far Sara hadn’t had any fun but a creamed finger and she was enjoying washing Marie immensely. She carefully soaped her pussy lips, I could tell that she was really getting into washing those blossoming lips. Then she moved around to her bum and did a thorough job, even going as far as slipping her finger in and finger fucking Marie’s back door. Marie, for her part, seemed to be enjoying the attention as she was pushing back onto Sara’s hand with every touch. When Sara fingered her bum she seemed to get super horny and came loudly.

Meanwhile Mandy was doing her best to clean every square inch of my body. She had soaped, rinsed and now was sucking dry my breasts which was having an arousing effect on my body. (Everyone will know that my nipples seem to be hardwired to my clit.) Holding her by the head, keeping one nipple in her mouth I mashed my breast into her face and came with a grunt. Ummm, nice for my first of the day I thought to myself. I then had Mandy pay attention to my now leaking pussy. She used her soapy hands to carefully clean each blossoming pussy lip, my little soldier clit that had raised its head and right into the vaginal opening.

Not content to have it cleaned on the surface I told Mandy, “Soap up your hand and fuck me with it slave!”

She looked up at me with a gleam in her eyes and answered, “Yes mistress.” She soaped up her hand and proceeded to work it one finger at a time into my pussy. When she had all of her digits in I told her to keep it straight and I forced my pussy to ‘swallow’ her hand. She was able to slide it into my vagina so that nearly half of her forearm was inside me.

“Fuck me slut!” I commanded. She began to push her hand in and out while stroking my clit with her left thumb and index finger. “Faster, fuck me faster!” I told her and she responded by increasing her pace. Marie and Sara had stopped their play and were watching our action. With the attention Mandy was giving my clit and the firm pressure inside my vagina I was rapidly approaching a mind-blowing orgasm. “I’m cumming slut, faster, fuck me harder and faster!” I screamed at Mandy. “Ugh, ummmmm, cummming, cumming. I’m cumming you slut.” I shouted as I came over Mandy’s hand and down her kaçak iddaa arm. I continued to force my pussy onto Mandy’s arm until the last wave of my orgasm passed and I pulled off.

Mandy was quick to lick her hand and arm not wanting to waste any of my cum. “Fantastic mistress.” Sara and Marie said together.

Mandy remained kneeling in front of me as warm water cascaded onto her she smiled with a look that said ‘I just pleased my mistress, I made her cum.’

“Let’s get into the sauna I said.” On our way to the sauna I swung by my locker and brought a small bag with me. My girls were looking at it as I carried it into the sauna. “This is for later sluts.” I sat on the top shelf under the lone pot light which bathed me in a cone of white light, allowing my girls to see all of my body easily. I spread my legs and told them that each one of them had to go down on me and bring me off. “Sara, you’ll be first. Make me cum little girl.” I commanded.

Sara knelt in between my legs and started by rubbing my pussy all over her face, her tongue darted out occasionally to taste one part or another of my sex. She finally settled down and curling her tongue into a circle put it over my clit, her approach allowed her to touch the whole clit while applying pressure with her tongue to my super sensitive little soldier. I have a clit that is nearly an inch long when it’s fully extended and I enjoy having it stroked just like jacking off a guy’s cock. Sara was giving it the right amount of attention and my pussy lips responded by engorging in blood, opening like the blossom of some sexual flower. My pussy began to leak juice in preparation for an impending orgasm.

Knowing that I came in a flood Sara was prepared to apply her open mouth to my vaginal opening to capture all of my sweet nectar. “I’m cumming Sara.” I grunted and she moved from my clit to my love canal to drink my ejaculate. I grunted again and again as I reached my plateau and sprayed streams of warm cum into Sara’s waiting mouth. As I peaked I grabbed her by her ears and forced her mouth into my well lubricated slit. “Drink all of my cum little girl, you earned it.” I directed. Making slurping sounds Sara grunted in the affirmative and continued to lick my canal and lips clean.

“I need to recover girls,” I said. As I opened the bag that I brought into the sauna I said “Marie, why don’t you and Mandy give me a little show.” I pulled out a strap-on cock that was nearly 10 inches long, about 6 inches around the shaft and with a large bulbous head. It was of soft latex and felt just like a real cock. “Here Marie, put this on and show me what you can do to make Mandy cum.”

Needing no extra urging Marie stepped into the harness (it also had a pad for clit stimulation and a smaller mini-cock for the wearer to ride) and told Mandy “Get on your hands and knees slut. I’m going to fuck you until you pass out!” Mandy, as a good little slave, quickly got up on her hands and knees on the lower seat bench leaving her pretty ass at cock height for Marie. Sara scooted over to place her pussy at mouth level for Mandy to suck kaçak bahis (she looked at me first for my approval, something I quickly gave).

Marie lubed up her ‘cock’ with saliva, not really necessary in my opinion as Mandy was wet with anticipation. With the bulbous head poised at Mandy’s womanhood Marie drove it in grunting with satisfaction and pleasure as she did so. She very nearly sunk the entire length into Mandy as Mandy screamed in pleasure. Withdrawing halfway she quickly continued her invasion of Mandy’s vagina sinking the strap-on to its hilt. She continued to thrust in and out of Mandy which gave them both the sensations necessary for arousal. Soon both Marie and Mandy were panting and mewling in pleasure. “May I cum mistress?” Marie asked. Obviously the clit pad and the mini-cock had driven her to the edge of orgasm, should I let her cum or should I make her wait?

“Yes, Marie, you little slut, cum in Mandy’s pussy. But you have to continue fucking her until I tell you to stop.” I said, giving in to her needs. I was going to make her fuck until they both dropped, exhausted from the orgasms. Marie was soon shouting out her feelings, thrusting wildly into Mandy. Mandy was also cumming and her tongue buried in Sara’s pussy sent Sara over the edge as well. Sara moved out of tongues-reach to watch the action as Marie continued to fuck Mandy. Both Marie and Mandy came several times more and I could see that they were getting worn out.

Not wanting to leave them with no strength to do me I said, “Stop fucking my little sluts.” They both stopped, Marie withdrew her cock from Mandy and they collapsed panting and gasping from the exertion. Removing the strap-on from Marie I put it on myself and told Sara to sit on my cock facing away from me. Picture this, a nubile wench sitting atop a latex cock with her legs spread for the world to see and enjoy. Taking a hold of Sara’s bottom I began to slide her up and down my cock. Each downward motion resulted in the clit pad rubbing my clit and in the mini-cock slamming into my well lubed vagina. “Mandy, kneel down between Sara’s legs and suck her off.”

Mandy quickly complied and was soon licking Sara’s clit and the pussy lips as they slid up and down my fake penis. Mandy has very good tongue action and her tongue alone soon had Sara on the edge of cumming. The large cock buried in her pussy drove Sara the rest of the way to her orgasm.

“I’m cumming mistress,” she croaked and began to leak cum all around the shaft of my cock. Mandy licked off what she could and continued to apply her talented tongue to Sara’s clit. Soon Sara was cumming again and she wailed, “I’m going to cum, please mistress, make me cum on your big cock!” I began to drive her up and down my cock as Mandy fought to keep her tongue in contact with Sara’s clit.

Sara went suddenly rigid; her eyes flew open then practically rolled back in her head. She came with such force that she did, in fact, pass out from her orgasm and collapsed back into my arms. I wrapped my arms around her to keep her safe and Mandy backed off, content to lick the base of my cock for the fluids that leaked continuously from Sara’s pussy.

“Wow, I’ve never seen anyone cum that hard mistress.” Mandy said to me.

We’ll continue the fun in the sauna in Chapter 6. Love and orgasms.

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