Lactating Lesbian Lady Ch. 2

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Synopsis of Lactating Lesbian Lady Ch. 1:

It’s suggested you read Lactating Lesbian Lady before reading this, if not:

After my baby was born my husband would not have anything to do with me sexually, and I am a very sexually active woman. Rosita, our beautiful live-in maid had seen how hurt I was, and comforted me. Rosita non-sexually helped me with my milk-swollen breasts after each feeding, emptying them with the suction pump, and applying the soothing lotion to them. Then surprisingly, instead of using the suction pump, she leaned over and sucked my swollen breasts to relieve the pressure and I loved it.

She really got me hot, and she fingered me to a wonderful climax. We got playful and I squirted milk on her and got her uniform wet. At my mock stern instructions, she undressed, and was standing naked in front of me. I was just about to make love to her, when my husband walked in on us. We had a big row about his not wanting to make love to me, and I kicked him out of the house.

Rosita and I became lovers. I let her suck my breasts dry after the baby had drunk his fill. We made love during this, and afterward. Jim finally sought the advice of a sex counselor friend of his. He came home unexpectedly and found Rosita and I making love in a passionate 69. It got him so excited he masturbated while watching us from the hallway, then left quietly. Rosita never saw him there.

His sex counselor overcame his aversion to having sex with me, and he quickly came back to his senses. He, his counselor friend and I had dinner, and during dinner he produced tickets for himself, little Jimmy, Rosita and I to go to Hawaii, all of us to stay in one room!

The Story Continues…

* * * * *

The flight from the mainland was smooth and little Jimmy was no trouble at all. The seat tilted back, I had to put a blanket over us as I breast fed him on the plane. I had on a nursing bra. His mouth pulling on my nipple made me horny, but there was nothing I could do, as it was a daylight flight. The flight attendants were so helpful with him, and Rosita sat on one side of me, Jim on the other.

I was sitting eyes closed when I felt a hand under the blanket. It was Rosita’s knowing hand slipping down and under my skirt. I parted my legs a little and let her hand stray upward to burrow under my panties. The blanket hid her arm. A finger played along my slit and began to slowly run up and down it.

“Rosita, you are fantastic. I am so hot from Jimmy’s sucking. I wondered how I would hold out.” I said whispering to her.

I put my head back and let her finger slowly play over my clit as Jimmy’s mouth sucked the milk from my breasts. Damn it felt so naughty-nice to feel her finger slowly stroking my clit. A few minutes later my husband turned toward me, shifted a little and I felt his hand slip under the blanket on the other side. He stroked my thigh and slid his hand downward to find the edge of my skirt and slip under it then slide upward teasing me.

“Mnnn, that feels so nice, Darling. I love the feel of your hand there.” I whispered in his ear. He got a huge grin on his face. “Try a little higher, please. I’m so horny. I need your finger inside me. Please?”

His hand moved upward and there was a startled jump as his fingers found Rosita’s hand there first. He leaned forward and looked at her. She smiled and I heard both of them chuckle. I scooted down a little, spread my legs a little wider and pulled the blanket down just a little to cover our erotic escapades. No one could see what was happening.

I lay back and just enjoyed the two. Jim slid a couple of fingers up inside my pussy while Rosita took care of my clit. It was fantastic to feel little Jimmy’s sucking mouth on my nipple while my two lovers, male and female, played with my pussy. It didn’t take long for the three of them to bring me to a wonderful climax. I had to stifle my moans as I had two wonderful climaxes one after the other.

Afterward, Jim and I talked a lot, and he had come to the conclusion he had been an ass in not making love to me before. I of course said “No”, but in my mind I agreed. He said he would try to be a better lover and promised to make love to me orally. He had been very excited at seeing Rosita and I in a 69. The long flight gave us time to sort his feelings out, and for me to explain my feelings for him and Rosita both.

In Hawaii the huge room had two king-sized beds and a wonderful view of the ocean. We settled in, and of course went down to the beach to see the ocean and enjoy the soft tropical breezes. The first evening Rosita helped me with little Jimmy, and after he had finished sucking my breast, put him down to sleep. She slipped onto the bed with me and we began to kiss and caress. She shed her clothes unashamedly with Jim watching us avidly. I only had on a pair of panties and she slipped them off. We kissed long and slowly; making up for all the lost time we had to refrain on the plane and the time we had missed together getting ready for casino şirketleri the trip.

Rosita has a long wonderful tongue and knows how to use it. As we kissed, she slipped it between my lips and licked them expertly. It felt so wonderful to have her devilish tongue back in my mouth. Our tongues fenced and played together, and I became so hot thinking that soon it would be buried deep in my pussy, her lips sucking my juices out while Jim watched us.

Slowly she kissed her way down my body and began to suck on my still engorged milk-swollen breasts. Her lips felt so soft and wonderful and as she gently sucked, her hands stroked my flesh. She opened her mouth wide taking as much of my breast as she could. My areolas were huge now, stretched by my swollen flesh. I had gone from a C to a DD and the nipples were long, a deep chocolate brown, and very sensitive.

She sucked my breast with open mouth, then sucked harder, her lips closing slowly, sliding upward till her lips covered my rock hard nipple. My milk squirted into her mouth with each suction, and she ended each suck by letting my nipple pop out of her lips with a soft pop. My nipple dribbled a little rivulet of white and she licked it up, not letting a drop go to waste. She had told me how much she enjoyed the flavor of my hot white fluid.

Over and over she sucked, opening her mouth again and again. Her hands stroked my breasts starting at the base and moving slowly toward the tip, milking them, squeezing my firm flesh and making more and more of my milk flow into her eager mouth. She moved back and forth from one breast to the other. God, it felt so fantastic to have my sweet lover suck my breasts so expertly. She wiggled between my spread thighs and her firm muscled belly pressed against my wet pussy, making it even wetter, if possible.

She went from one breast to the other. The erotic sensations were fantastic. I stroked her satin skin, and ran my fingers through her long black tresses. She finally drained the last of my abundant milk and kissed her way downward. I spread my thighs wider for her. She took her time as usual and laved my thighs and belly with her knowledgeable tongue. I looked over and Jim lay watching us fascinated, a large bulge in his trousers.

I winked at him, “Darling, take it out and let me watch you stroke it, as soon as Rosita and I have several climaxes, I’ll be over there and join you.” He beamed and unzipped his pants. He didn’t need another invitation, and let his rampant cock out of confinement.

Rosita’s sweet tongue finally slid into my enflamed pussy. She licked my wet slit from bottom to top over and over, sliding her tongue deep inside me, while her lips sucked my abundant juices out. I don’t know how long she stayed there licking and sucking me, but when I came – I exploded. I had been so excited from her sucking my breasts. Her mouth on my breasts after I had fed Jimmy had made me so very hot. The feeling was indescribable to have my skilled female lover suck the milk from my sensitive breasts. When I came I exploded, my pussy juices squirted into her mouth. Jim watched fascinated, stroking his rigid cock slowly.

I pulled Rosita up after I caught my breath and then began to make slow sensuous love to her. I called to Jim. “Darling, come over here and watch us. I want you to see up-close how two women make love. I want you to see how one woman makes love to another. It’s wonderful and so delicious to kiss and lick a woman’s pussy. Besides, you’ll get to see Rosita’s delicious pussy up close.” He didn’t need any encouragement and shed his clothes and got onto the bed with us.

He had shown reluctance in the past to ever go down on me, and now I showed him how much fun two women could have together just licking and sucking each other. I put a finger deep inside her and brought my wet finger to his lips and slipped it inside. He hesitated a moment then sucked it. His eyes lit up, as he tasted her sweet fragrant pussy juices.

“I thought that might change your mind. Her pussy juices taste divine, and smell wonderful. I love to eat her sweet pussy.” I said to him. Rosita was smiling beside me, about to laugh out loud. I dug an elbow into her side. She pinched me in return.

I kissed and made love to Rosita’s sweet body for a long time before I finally got to her dripping pussy. I licked it up and down, sliding my fingers and tongue deep inside her. I nibbled on her small lovely inner lips. I showed Jim her hard clit, firm and swollen, and sucked and licked it while I finger fucked her to a screaming climax. I pulled back at the last moment and let him watch her spurting pussy juices shoot out into my waiting open mouth as my finger strummed her swollen clit. I held her delicious juices there till she had finished her climax then beckoned Jim close and kissed him then let him suck her tasty juices from my mouth. I thought he would cum on the spot, it electrified him so. I kissed Rosita till she had calmed down then pulled Jim across to our bed.

I casino firmaları made Jim start at the top and instructed him to lick his way slowly down my body. He got to my breasts and I motioned for him to suck them. There was very little milk there, but he got a taste of my hot milk from each breast.

“Mnn, I like it. Rosita, I can see why you love to suck it from her breasts. That is really sexy.” He said smiling at the nude Latin beauty.

He moved down and Rosita and I coached him on making love to my pussy. It was the first time he had really taken any time there. He seemed to enjoy it this time. He licked it slowly and said he loved the taste and smell. I think it was the exhibition Rosita and I had made, making love to each other that had him so excited.

Having the nude Rosita beside him watching and coaching him no doubt helped him overcome any reluctance to kiss my wet pussy. He soon had me moaning as he found my clit and with Rosita’s guidance, licked and sucked the swollen nubbin till I was crying out with passion. Rosita had him slip two fingers deep inside me and had him cross his fingers and rotate his wrist till he finally got me so hot I had a wonderful climax. With the lovely nude Rosita coaching him he tried his best to get every motion right for her, his sexy, sexual coach!

After I had recovered, we kept coaching him, until he got me hot again, and this time I pulled him between my legs and let him slide deep inside me. Rosita moved back on her bed and lay there watching us fuck for the first time. I had a wonderful climax from his long thick, pounding cock, and watching Rosita, thighs wide, fingers flying, climax along with us. I think Jim had the added enjoyment of having the nude Rosita watching him fucking me, as he kept looking over at her spread body, and her fingers playing over her very wet pussy too. That view would inspire any man to height of lovemaking beyond the usual norm.

The next day Rosita and I made love again after little Jimmy had suckled, and gone down for a nap. We had a wonderful time making love to each other after she had emptied my breasts. This time we slid into a fantastic 69, my favorite position for making love to that fabulous Latin beauty. Her lips and tongue made me so hot when she did that.

We let Jim come over and lie on the bed very close to us and watch us up-close. He stroked my body softly as Rosita and I made love. I knew he wanted to make love to the dark haired senorita. After we had had several climaxes together, he made slow love to me, kissing my body and making love to my pussy for the longest time before entering me. Wonderful! He was learning fast. Having Rosita as a coach really made him a fast learner.

I got on my hands and knees and had Rosita slide under me. Jim got behind me and slid his hard cock into my sopping pussy. Rosita and I went into a fantastic 69 while Jim fucked me from the back. She licked my clit as he fucked me lustily, knowing his cock was inches from Rosita’s lips. The two brought me to several wonderful climaxes before he shot his load deep inside me.

The three of us running around nude in the room made all of us horny, and we had a great deal of wonderful sex while little Jimmy slept. Rosita would not allow Jim to make love to her, and that was her choice. We did not try to pressure her in any way. I know he would have loved to make love to her, as she is such a beautiful dark haired Latin beauty with a fantastic body. He practically drooled looking at her superb body as she paraded around nude, teasing him. He loved to get very close as she and I made love, and to watch my tongue explore her sweet cavern. I would spread her pussy lips wide so he could see her dark rose-colored opening. He said he never knew a woman’s pussy could have such unexpected beauty.

The hotel had an excellent nursery so we were able to take Rosita with us out on the town. We went to dinner in a fantastic restaurant and ate the delicious Hawaiian native delicacies. We watched the exotic Hawaiian women dance and admired their erotic bodies and sensuous movements. One spectacularly beautiful young woman danced topless making all three of us horny. Afterwards a band played regular music and we danced. Jim asked Rosita to dance, and I of course encouraged her to dance with Jim.

He loved dancing with her. Both were excellent dancers, and the two gracefully gliding around the floor turned heads. They did make a handsome couple, but so did Jim and I! I could always see a noticeable bulge in his trousers when he had danced with her. I stroked it lightly under the table, bringing a groan from him and giggles from Rosita. I had exercised and dieted and was back to my former svelte shape, except for my milk swollen breasts that I displayed to the best advantage with my low cut dress.

We had a wonderful lovemaking session before we went down and got Jimmy from the nursery. This time we could pull out the stops and make as much noise as we wanted!

The following morning, on the beach güvenilir casino Rosita and I cut a fine figure as we paraded along in our rather skimpy bikinis. I accentuated my breasts by buying low cut tops that showed off a lot of cleavage. Jim didn’t mind the lustful looks I got as he said he got to enjoy me in the flesh. He enjoyed looking at us as Rosita and I showed off our best assets! My nipples, hardened and elongated by so much sucking, threatened to poke holes through the tops. We both got lots of envious looks from the ladies, and lustful ones from the gentlemen.

Our vacation seemed all too short. We had one last night of really passionate lovemaking and this time Rosita asked Jim to join us, and to make love to me while she and I were in a 69. It was fantastic to have her under me, my lips kissing her sweet liquid center while Jim was behind me, stroking deep inside me. Rosita licked my clit and Jim’s hard cock as it plunged inside me thrusting hard and deep. She held and stroked his swinging balls as he pounded inside me. He came after bringing me to several climaxes, and when he pulled out, her mouth was there to suck the combined juices from my hot pussy. I licked and sucked her sweet pussy and brought her to a moaning, screaming climax. A fitting end to a wonderful vacation.

Back in the States, Jim had to work rather long hours for a while, but promised to ease up as soon as he had caught up. He brought me presents for no real reason, sent me flowers and made long slow love to me, really making fantastic love to my pussy for a long time, giving me a couple of climaxes, orally and manually, before he entered me.

Rosita and I made love during the day, and sometimes at night too, with Jim an eager onlooker. Rosita became completely comfortable with him around her nude, and even teased him a little with her body, displaying it while she masturbated, watching us make love. She would sometimes lie right beside us while we made love and bring herself off. Jim could not get enough of watching her. I loved it too.

One afternoon, I was on the bed for Jimmy’s afternoon feeding, in just panties, as he sucked contentedly at my breast. It felt so good to have him there. My pussy was tingling, and I knew that not too long from then, Rosita would come in and finish emptying my breasts. I loved the very knowledgeable feel of her lips surrounding my nipples, and her tongue laving the hard tips. She had a way of licking, sucking, and massaging my breasts that made me so very hot and wet.

I had almost become addicted to her lovemaking. She was a wonderful lover, and I almost hated the thought that one day I would have to wean little Jimmy and end her sucking my breasts dry after he had drunk his fill. I produced so much milk I had to have her drain them or – perish the thought, use a breast pump. That was so cold and mechanical, a far cry for her sweet hot lips sucking and her skillful hands kneading my flesh, almost always ending with us making passionate love afterward.

Rosita came in and sat down beside me, leaned over and kissed my lips softly and tenderly. Her warm brown eyes sparkled as she took in the sight of little Jimmy suckling my breast. She playfully reached over and caught my other nipple and pulled and squeezed it till it sent a spray of milk out onto my breast. She bent over and licked it off, chuckling naughtily. I felt my clit throb at her touch.

The phone rang and she got up to answer it. “Senora Sandie, it is a lady who says she is a friend of yours and wishes to talk with you. Her name is Senora Jamie.”

“Thank you Rosita, please tell Sandie I will call her back as soon as Jimmy has finished.” A few minutes later Jimmy stopped sucking, and had gone to sleep. Rosita took him and put him down in his room.

She came back, slipped her uniform off and lay down beside me, her naked body a thing of beauty. She is a native of Mexico with cold black hair, a fantastic body and is a beauty that could well be an Aztec Princess. I love her dearly.

We lay kissing softly and she caressed my body slowly. I lifted my hips and slid my panties off, so we would both be nude. She wiggled against me and her full breasts pressed against mine. I loved the feel of her hot body against mine. We kissed and caressed for a long time before she turned in the bed and began to suck and lick my breasts. Her special touch made me hot and so wet. I kissed her breasts and the thought went through my mind that I wished I could suck her splendid breasts and drink milk from them.

“Rosita, I wish I could suck your sweet breasts and get milk from them.” I said nuzzling her soft flesh.

She giggled. “Well, Senora, I am sorry, but the Senor will not get a chance to get this lady with child. He is a dear man, but there I will not go!” She laughed and shook her lovely head.

“I know, it was just a thought. I can just reach my nipple and suck on it, but it is not the same. I would like to make love to you, and suck sweet milk from those beautiful breasts. I would like to know how it feels to drink from a woman’s breast. I know that isn’t possible. Just a thought.” I said sucking her nipple to an even harder point. She has such fabulous breasts. I sighed and nibbled gently at the erect tissue.

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