La Resistance

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Peggy and Jennie were fighters for the Resistance during the Second World War. I heard this story through my grandmother who knew one of them later.

Peggy was brought up in America, of a French mother and American father. She always spoke French at home and was completely bilingual. She had chestnut hair from her dad and smokin’ good looks from her mum. Her hair was side parted in long waves down to her shoulders in 1940s style. She was a striking 5’7″. And around 1944, she was used by the US in the Resistance to gather information for the Normandy landings. For that exercise, she was joined by a Scottish girl – Jennie – who also fed back to the British forces. Jennie had waves of long black hair, turquoise eyes and a luminous skin tone. Both were astonishingly beautiful. But both were killers – deadly shots. And that was the only weapon they used.

Because Jennie had no back story, she had to be concealed in Peggy’s home in the French village. She hid in the basement and joined Peggy for raids and missions. It had been a gruesome week. They had to torture a German commandant for information before killing him and getting rid of the body. But the information was valuable so the mission was a success.

Late that evening, Peggy came down to Jennie in the basement. It was an evening of celebration. But rations were spare and the tray of food modest. What Peggy did bring down though, was a precious bottle of absinthe. They sat in their nightdresses, wearing cardigans against the cold. Jennie had put on silk stockings for the occasion, but Peggy was bare legged.

The girls eat and drink. And drink. And talk about their lives before the war and casino şirketleri their hopes after the war. And drink. As the evening wore on, it became late. But neither wanted it to end. Instead, a silence fell on their conversation and obviously each was in deep thought.

Eventually, Jennie broke the silence.

“What are you thinking, Peggy?” Jennie looked up and into Peggy’s eyes.

Peggy looked back.

“Tu es trop belle, ma petite amie.”

And the look lingered.

Jennie tilted her head coquettishly.

“Amie? As in friend? Or as in lover?”

It was enough. Peggy leaned forward and moved on all fours to Jennie. Jennie leant forward so their faces came together. The closer they came, the slower they moved, daring each other to be the first to complete the move. Eventually, their lips touched. And as the signal, they both started kissing each other at the same moment.

Quickly their arms folded round each other. And they fell onto the mattress together, that Jennie slept on in the basement. As they lay together, Peggy’s hand slipped under Jennie’s nightdress and stroked her through her French knickers. Jennie moaned in pleasure and caressed Peggy’s perfect ass through her dress.

“Âme soeur!” whispered Peggy. “Take these off!”

Jennie rolled away from Peggy as she released her. Quickly she unhooked her suspender belt and pulled of the French knickers. Shyly, she cuddled back into Peggy’s breasts. Peggy held her for a few moments, and then explored again with her hand. She ran her hand down Jennie’s back to the hem of her ruffled nightdress. She caressed Jennie’s ass feeling the roundness and softness of her casino firmaları little naked bum. Then she rolled Jennie onto her back. Jennie parted her legs a little, wanting it so desperately. And Peggy slid her hand up Jennie’s thighs and onto her wet pussy. She stroked it and eventually slid her fingers inside Jennie. Jennie gasped at finally being penetrated by her beautiful commander and landlady. The girls kissed deeply. Peggy pushed and stroked inside Jennie. Then she drew her fingers out, broke the kiss and licked Jennie’s juices from her hand. Jennie watched her lover, mesmerised. Then Peggy returned the hand and kissed Jennie again. Taste and kiss mixed intimately.

“Cherie!” whispered Peggy. “There is something I want to do. Will you trust me?”

Jennie bit her lip and nodded. What was she letting herself in for? But something told her it would be good and to let it happen. Peggy slipped away and up the steps. A few minutes late, she returned with a bowl of hot water and a man’s shaving kit.

“Lift off your dress, ma cherie!”

And Jennie pulled off her cardigan and lifted off her dress. Lying there in just her stockings, her fabulous slim body was given to Peggy. Peggy looked and smiled. She undid her cardigan, revealing her long, slender, strong arms under her short sleeved night dress. She hitched up her nightdress and sat cross-legged next to Jennie. She dipped the badger hair shaving brush in the hot water and lathered it on the stick of soap. Peggy gave Jennie a towel to slip under her. Then she brushed the soap all over Jennie’s virgin black pubic hair. The warmth of the soap and the softness of the brush felt so good wherever it güvenilir casino touched Jennie. Then Peggy took the cut throat razor and began to shave Jennie. Her curly black pubes fell away. The razor was the same one that Peggy had used to slice the German commandant’s testicle after crushing it to make him talk. Jennie lay breathless with the intimacy and the demand for complete trust. Eventually, Peggy folded away the razor and took a flannel. With the warm water, she wiped Jennie clean to reveal the bare bald patch that was now Jennie’s pussy.

“When we part, you can grow it back. But while we are together, then you have my mark on you, ma cherie.” declared Peggy.

Then Peggy lifted off her nightdress revealing her naked body. Lithe, athletic but full, Peggy’s body was everything that Jennie longed to see. She utterly desired her new lover.

Peggy moved down and kneeled between Jennie’s legs. Jennie parted them instinctively. Confidently now, Peggy kissed Jennie’s thighs until she reached the freshly shaven pussy. Reaching her tongue out, she licked the juice leaking from the base of Jennie’s chatte. Jennie closed her eyes and let the delight roll over her. Peggy pressed her tongue in and explored her lover’s lips. She ran her tongue up and down between them and then kissed them. Eventually, she moved up to Jennie’s clit, licking and kissing it too. As she did she returned her fingers to slip inside Jennie again.

Jennie could do no more than to buck her hips and grip the mattress. She was in thrall to her commander. Her breathing became shallower and faster as she felt the climax build. She twisted as she bucked and then the orgasm hit her. The waves of the climax flowed from within her body to her legs. Finally she squirted.

Peggy looked up at her. Her face covered in the juices suddenly expelled. She smiled and said.

“Happy 21st Birthday, Jennie”

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