Kim’s New Life Ch. 35

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I was pleased that Kelly asked Kassie to accompany us to the house. She wanted us to be together as much as possible since we hadn’t seen one another since Christmas.

When we entered, Kelly started to remove the leash from my collar. Kassie immediately said, “Kelly, would you mind leaving it on a while longer?” She still held the lead end in her hand.

“Kassandra, I am willing to leave it on my pet as long as you want to hold it. I take it that you are enjoying leading her around.”

“Yes, Kelly, I actually am.” She grasped my right hand in her left and held the leash in her right. It felt so good to have her holding my hand as we walked around the house.

My laugh was rather loud when she said, “Damn, Kitten, I wish I could have had you like this ten years ago when you were a teenager.” Then she quickly added, “I mean collared at the end of my leash, not naked. Well, maybe that wouldn’t have been so bad either.” I think she was blushing.

A formal reception line had been set up in the main parlor. Kelly was first, of course, then yours truly, followed by Kassie. Kelly insisted that Kassie should be there because she was family. Everyone except Kassie had changed back into their ‘street’ clothes while we were finishing our photographs. As each person passed through the line, Kelly would greet and hug them, then introduce each one, that I didn’t know, to me. They would, in turn, compliment me on my decision and hug me. I must admit it did feel strange, and awkward, to be hugging fully dressed women when I was still naked and, of course with a leash attached to my collar. I would then introduce each person to my sister. She seemed to act as this was like any other ‘reception line’ she had ever been in.

I nearly fell over when the last person in line approached Kelly. I was still hugging the one in front of her and not paying attention until I heard her voice. “I can’t thank you enough for inviting me Kelly. I wouldn’t have wanted to miss this for all the tea in China.”

“Oh, my gawd, Barb! I screamed. “Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?” I grabbed and hugged her.”

“Well, Kimberly Ann, or maybe I should call you kimmy now. I didn’t tell you because I promised Kelly that I wouldn’t.”

“When did you arrive?”

“I’ve been here the whole time, Kim.

“But I didn’t see you.”

“I came with Allyson and Sam. I was their hooded friend. We wanted to surprise you.”

“Well, you sure as hell did.”

“They removed the hood while you were getting dressed for the ceremony.” She continued. “I guess you were so captivated by your mistress, you had tunnel vision and didn’t see me sitting next to Allyson during your ceremony.”

“Hell girl, I didn’t even see Miss Allyson,” I laughed.

“You know, girl, I distinctly remember that when we were last together, you said that you would invite me to your collaring ceremony if Kelly permitted. Obviously, I have her permission to be here and, since you didn’t invite me, I could assume that either you changed your mind, or you forgot your promise. At least your mistress was thoughtful enough to invite me.

“Oh, shit, Barb, everything happened so fast this week once Mistress Kelly asked me to commit early to her. Everything you and I planned fell apart. In the excitement of the moment, I did forget. Can you ever forgive me?”

“I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t already, forgive you.” Even so, I’d like to spank your ass like you spanked mine, Kim.”

“How long are you staying?”

“Sadly, I have to fly back tonight. I have an important family birthday party to attend tomorrow. Are you still planning to fly back next weekend so you can pack out your apartment?”

“Yes, at the moment, I am.”

“Well, I will arrange to take off the following Monday and Tuesday to help you drive back?”

Kelly asked, “Would you like to kiss her, pet?”

“Oh, Mistress, may I.”

“Absolutely! You have my permission.”

I quickly kissed Barb and hugged her again. When I pulled back Kelly quipped, “Damn, pet, that didn’t look like much of a kiss. I hope you did better than that when you made love. Why don’t you give it another try?” I couldn’t argue with my Mistress. Our second kiss was a slow, passionate, open mouth, tongue-involved kiss.

“I hope your mistress permits more of that when I see you next weekend.”

“It depends on how she behaves this week, Barb.”

“I’m not sure I believe what I just witnessed,” Kassie said when I introduced Barb to her.

While we enjoyed refreshments, which consisted of cake, ice cream and Asti Spumante sparkling wine, and during a lull in the conversations, I said, “Mistress, may I ask a question?

“kimmy, unless I have commanded you to silence, you never have to request permission to ask me a question. Just ask. If I do not desire to answer I will so inform you.”

“Do you plan to mark me, Mistress?

“Is that something you want, pet?”

“I’m not sure. I love you, and would accept it if it were casino oyna your desire, but watching Sam being branded was very scary. I must admit, however, watching her getting her tattoo did turn me on.”

“Well, as I think I explained, a tattoo is the mark normally used for Society slaves. The tattoo Sam received was the only mark Mistress Allyson had originally planned to use. Sam mentioned, the brand was something she truly wanted. Mistress Allyson and Sam discussed it at length and decided it was right for them. Mistress Allyson decided the brand would be her mark and the tattoo would be Sam’s. I would always want that to be a mutual decision.”

“I appreciate that, Mistress, but what if the decision was yours alone? What would you choose?

“After watching Sam getting branded, yes, I think that eventually I would like to brand my initials on your ass.” I must have looked quite concerned, because she added, “Don’t worry, though, pet. I am not sure I would mark you in any manner before we’ve been together a reasonable length of time. For a brand, I would want to wait a year, or probably two, since you would have the scar for the rest of your life. A tattoo is a little more acceptable to do earlier since it could be covered over, or even removed, although not easily.”

“What if I really want some type of mark now, to honor you, Mistress?”

“By ‘now,’ do you mean today?”

“Yes, ma’am, if possible. Or even tomorrow would be OK.”

“I already said I’d want us to be together a reasonable length of time before I would mark you in any manner.”

“Please help me, Mistress. If I understand this correctly, you get to mark me, and I can also choose a mark. You just said you would not mark me for a reasonable length of time. I take that to mean your mark. I just dedicated my life, and my body, to you, Mistress. I, truly, would like to have a tattoo to honor you,”

“I can’t believe I chose to collar a slave who is so damn exacting,” she laughed.

“I’m sorry, Mistress, but in my profession spelling a word incorrectly or using a wrong punctuation mark could be a bug in a program.”

“You don’t need to be sorry, little one. I shouldn’t admit it, but that is one of the things I like about you. OK, let’s assume that I might consider giving my approval if it were something inconspicuous. I take it you have something in mind.”

I grinned and said, “Yes, ma’am, I do. Since I am an IT geek, I would like the bar code from my slave registration. The inside of my leg, next to your cunt, would be a perfect place. Nobody, except you, would ever see it there, without your express permission, of course.”

“I do like that idea, pet, but I would want that to be my mark, not yours, even though you are the one who did the registration, and it’s too soon.”

“Then may I suggest another tattoo that I really would like, my darling, sweet, kind Mistress.”

I fluttered my eyelashes at her. She laughed and said, “Flattery and sweetness will get you everything, little one.” Tell me your idea.”

“Actually, I have been thinking about two possibilities after seeing the one Sam got. First, and my favorite, I imagine a heart containing the words, ‘Property of Mistress Kelly. It would be placed low on my pubic area, below my bikini line if possible.” That way it would never be seen by anyone, except you, or as I said, anyone else without your approval.

“However, if you will not permit that expression of my undying love and submission…”

Kelly interrupted me saying, “Be careful with your mischievous tone, my sweet slave. You might earn yourself a spanking in front of your sister and all these friends.”

She had a hard time not laughing as she said this, so I continued, “An alternate version would be a small heart with the letter ‘K’ in the center. Only the two of us and our friends would know the initial is yours. I would want that to be visible to the world, even when you permit me to wear clothes. Only you and our friends would know it is your initial Anyone else would think it is mine.”

“Hmmm. Both your suggestions sound wonderful. It is a good thing, however, that as my slave you do not get to choose.” I gave her my best sad sack look.

“I might consider giving my approval for one heart tattoo. After all, this is your day, too, but I need to know what is in it for me, pet.”

“Oh, Mistress, I will promise that I will never ask for another tattoo and I love you even more, if that is possible. Please, would you?”

“Well, I won’t accept the promise that you won’t ask for another one, because I suspect you will break it someday. OK, let me ask Gayle if she has time to do one now. I know she is in the next room doing one for a member. If not, I will make an appointment.” I plastered her with kisses not caring that everyone was watching us.

Just before she left us to find Gayle, Kassie stopped her. They walked a short distance away and talked about something. When Kassie returned, she said, “I have never seen slot oyna you so excited about anything, kitten. You are acting like a kid with a new toy at Christmas. I can remember you saying that you would only get a tattoo when Hell freezes over.”

“Oh, Kassie, I am. I would love to have both hearts. They would be additional proof that I belong to Mistress Kelly. And one would be visible for the world to see. The way I feel right now, I don’t think I would mind if she wanted to brand her initials on my ass. Truthfully, though, I am glad she said we’d have to be together for a year or two before she’d consider that. Thank you for being here for my special day, Sis.”

“And to think I almost missed it. I won’t be able to thank Kelly enough for insisting that I come and getting that stand-by voucher. What I’ve witnessed today just blows my mind. I never would have believed that I could be having a conversation with my little sister while she is standing in front of me, buck naked with a collar locked around her neck as if it is the most natural thing to do. Well, not really buck naked. You are wearing your new pendant and those nipple cuffs, your glasses and, as I said, Kelly’s collar.”

I just had to ask her, “What were you and Mistress Kelly talking about, Sis?”

“Nothing for your ears, kitten.”

A few minutes later I watched two guests carry what appeared to be a doctor’s examination table, complete with stirrups, into the room. Kelly returned and said that Gwen was finished and had time to do one for me. Kelly wanted it to be done in front of our guests. Kassie helped me climb onto the table and put my feet in the stirrups while Kelly raised the back to an angle so I would be able watch Gayle work. It turned out that Gayle’s sub was also a trained tattoo artist.

“kimmy, Gayle is not doing these tattoos today for free. She is a businessperson, after all. However, she is giving Society members a great discount. I will pay her, but, since you insist it is your mark, I will want you to reimburse me out of your allowance. Kassandra suggested a second tattoo that she thought would look good on you and I agreed, so you are getting two today. She wants to pay for the one she suggested.”

“May I ask what it will be, Mistress?”

“You may ask, little one, but I am not going to tell you. Kassandra wants it to be a surprise. Oh, the placement of your heart, and the wording, will not be exactly as you requested, but I am sure you will like it, since the change was also Kassandra’s suggestion.”

Gayle and her assistant started to work on me, while all our guests gathered around and watched. Gayle started inking the heart on the inside of my right thigh, while her sub was inking something on my left ankle.

When Gayle was finished, I could see the finished heart was at the very top of my thigh. From my vantage point, it was upside down, so I couldn’t quite read the lettering inside it. I studied it for a moment and finally could deciphered it: “Mistress Kelly’s cunt.” An arrow pierced the heart and its tip pointed directly to my vagina. I told Kelly that I loved the change.

The second tattoo was in the form of an anklet. A fine chain encircled my ankle. On the outside, a small heart hung between two charms shaped like girls’ heads. The two head charms had a capital letter K in them, and the heart had a small letter k. Kelly explained the symbolism to me. Kelly had told Kassie that she now considered her to be part of her family meaning a sister. Kassie agreed and wanted Kelly to feel the same way. So, I was loved by both my mistress and my sister. Our relationship was now cryptically on full display on my ankle. I would only have to find a way to explain the lower-case k, if anyone asks.

(For you perfectionists out there, I know it takes time to complete a good tattoo. Please don’t comment. Remember my literary freedom please.)

I was ordered to remain on the table. Kelly handed the large captive ball ring to Kassie, who I noticed was now wearing a blouse and skirt. She must have changed while they were working on my tat. Kelly said, “I think it’s time we replace your other ring, kimmy.” Then to Kassie, she said, “Kassandra, would you be a darling and put this ring back in kimmy’s labium?” This time there didn’t appear to be any hesitation. However, she did have to ask Kelly to explain how to do it. Kelly showed her how to use the pliers to spread the ring just enough to put the ball in place.

I actually enjoyed the feel of my sister’s fingers on my pussy while she replaced the ring. When she finished, I said, “Thank you Kassie and Mistress Kelly. I feel whole again.” Quite a bit of laughter ensued.

Kelly finally permitted me to put my street clothes back on before we left. Well, almost. Since I was again wearing Kelly’s collar, I knew that underwear would not be permitted. Kassie watched me dress and loved the fact that I was required to be naked under my street clothes. Kelly had removed the leash to make it easier for me to put the canlı casino siteleri sweater on. There was a loop at the end of the leash. After Kelly clipped it back on, Kassie pushed her hand through the loop and gripped the chain as if I might try to get away.

Kelly drove and told Kassie and me to sit in the rear seat. She wanted Kassie and I to be able to talk easily. Kassie took my hand in hers just like a sister would. “kitten, I am becoming more and more intrigued over this submissive side of your personality every minute: Your collaring ceremony, your vows; and the fact that you didn’t seem to mind being the only one that was naked was just fascinating.

“As I understand your vows, you have agreed to do anything your Mistress orders you to do. Is that correct?”

“Yes, Sis; as long as it is legal. If you remember the exact words, I said, ‘Her most simple wish will be considered to be my order.’ If I have any doubt, I am required to ask for clarification.” I could see Kelly’s reflection in the rear-view mirror. I smiled at her and could tell she was enjoying the direction in which our conversation appeared to be heading.

“OK, you and Kelly have already described some of the things you’ve done as her sub. What do you think is the most outrageous?”

“Define outrageous, Kassie.”

“Damn, will you ever stop being so precise?”

“I don’t think so, Sis. I think that is one aspect of my personality that even Mistress Kelly won’t be able to change.”

“OK, I give in. I will rephrase. Other than things like being naked in public and not wearing underwear, tell me one thing you would never have done if your Mistress hadn’t ordered you to do it”

“Well, the tattoos, but technically she didn’t order me to get them. She was just a major influence in my decision to ask for them.”

“Definitely other than the tattoos. I already know about them. You swore to me you’d never get a tattoo.” Kelly was now grinning back at me.

“I guess it would be the motorcycle she made me buy.”

“What, my sister bought a fucking motorcycle. Your brother owns one. You refused every time he offered to take you for a ride. You’re afraid of them.” Kelly was laughing now.

“Come on, kitten. You have to tell me more.”

“First of all, Kassie dear, your sister did not buy a fucking motorcycle…”

She cut me off, “But you just said she made you buy one.”

“See, this is where specificity is required. Your sister didn’t buy it. Mistress Kelly’s slave bought it.”

“Oh, big fucking difference. Have it your way. However, you want to define yourself my dear sister, you bought a motorcycle. Just tell me about it.”

“One night, after I got home from work and Mistress Kelly locked my collar on, she informed me that she had signed me up to take a class that night. She wouldn’t say what it was for, but when we got there, I discovered it was classroom training on motorcycle safety. I was wearing a T-shirt, no bra, stretch denim jeans, and my collar, locked on, of course. I was amazed that no one mentioned the collar or the lock. I didn’t mind the class until I found out that I would actually be learning to ride a motorcycle on a closed course the next night. I didn’t want to do it, but I was wearing her collar, so I didn’t argue. Turned out I loved it. On the way home she stopped at a Harley Dealer. She knew the owner and he gave me a great deal and I fell in love with one particular bike. I signed the papers and rode it home. I’ll give you a ride tomorrow if Mistress permits.”

“Holy shit. OK, you’ve convinced me that you will obey any order she gives you. And thanks, but I’ll pass on the ride.”

She kept quizzing me about things I’ve done as Kelly’s sub the rest of the ride home.

Kelly parked in the driveway instead of in the garage. Kelly opened the trunk and Kassie started to lift her suitcase out. “Nothing doing, Kassandra. I now have a slave to do all that grunt work.” Kassie just backed off and shook her head. We entered the house through the front door. Kelly removed my leash, coiled it, and placed it on the entryway table. “We will be in the den waiting for you, pet.” Leave Kassandra’s suitcase here. I immediately knew that Kelly intended for Kassie to see every aspect of how we lived as Mistress and submissive. I stripped, crawled into the den, and knelt, grasping my hands behind my back.

“Damn, I know you both told me that kitten remained naked while in the house, Kelly, but to see her do it in living color just blows my mind. And to see her so compliant… That I never would have suspected.”

“She just needed someone to recognize and bring out her obsequious nature, Kassandra. I think you will be surprised how compliant she is while you are with us. She is also a quick learner.

“What kind of wine do you like, Kassandra?”

“A nice red would be great.”

“kimmy, two glasses of Petite Sirah for us and tonight you may have a glass of the Ménage a Trois Moscato.” Based on the look on Kassie’s face, I don’t think she missed the implication of the brand name. Kelly explained that I normally had to drink what everyone else wanted, but she was permitting me to drink my favorite white, since this was my special day.

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