Kim’s New Life Ch. 05-06

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Ch. 05

“I think it’s about time to take the edge off things,” Kelly commented after kissing me quickly. “First, though, you need something to occupy yourself while I continue playing with my cunt.” She unbuttoned her blouse and pulled one side open to expose her breast. I had felt its softness against my cheek earlier, of course, but this is the first time I was able to see that its shape was conical with a hard nipple. Even her areola was conical, unlike my flat ones. It reminded me of Hershey Kisses except that Kelly’s nipple was much larger than the tip of a Kiss. I knew just where it belonged. I loved the fact that I would be able to suck her breast deep into my mouth. She apologized because they were only 34Bs.

“Get off it, Kelly. You have beautiful breasts. I think mine are too big. You probably realize this will be another new experience for me, and I know I am going to thoroughly enjoy it.”

“Once more, just for the record, Kimberly, as you stated, I have breasts. Sometimes I’ll call them tits, but that decision is mine to make.” She squeezed my breast. “This is definitely a tit. Do you understand the difference?”

“Yes, ma’am. You have breasts on your chest. I have tits on mine, and I assume the tits on my chest belong to you, just like your cunt, as long as I wear your collar.”

She laughed at my unexpected answer. “Yes, pet, your tits do belong to me. You definitely learn some things faster than most subs.”

I worked my arm free so I could grasp her breast. It fit perfectly in my hand. I sucked the nipple and areole between my lips, even though I wanted to try to take as much of her breast as possible into my mouth, This time I brought a moan from her throat. I was pleased I was able to get this reaction from her. “Just so you know, doll, my nipples are extra sensitive. I can almost climax when they are being sucked,” she said.

“I hope you don’t mind, but right now, I want to be your little girl. I have a sudden urge to nurse.”

“I don’t mind at all. I just don’t think I’d be doing this to my little girl while she nursed,” she replied as her hand slipped back between my legs. Now it was my turn to moan. I started sucking harder. Her two middle fingers slipped into my love tunnel while her index and little finger rested on my blood-filled labia. Because I was already hot, I felt myself quickly approaching the goal we both desired. Her fingers massaged my G-spot as they moved in and out of my (her) wet cunt. As the apex neared, my moans got louder, and my lips worked faster on her breast. my eyes were closed but I knew she was watching me closely. Sensing I was near the top, she pressed the heel of her hand against my clit. Like a bitch in heat, I started humping it.

It was only a few more seconds before I climaxed violently. My legs clamped tight on her hand and my body shook violently. I stopped sucking to release the screams from my throat. Kelly’s simple actions had just taken me to another dimension of time and place. Never had masturbation or being fucked caused me to lose awareness of my being. She had started to construct my eventual orgasm when she told me to remove my bra, and her fingers created the final explosion.

I slowly and lovingly started to suckle her breast again as I gradually returned to earth, wondering, “Where would she take me next.”

I didn’t realize it at the time, but my action was, in fact, just like a baby nursing. Kelly felt this and said, “That’s right, my baby girl. Suck on mommy’s breast.” I glanced up at her and saw a big smile. “I hope you are enjoying my breast as much as I’m enjoying your lips, dear.” I nodded without releasing her.

She gave me a couple more minutes before extracting her hand from between my legs. Holding her cum covered fingers near my face, she said, “Why don’t you clean up the mess you made on my hand.” I grasped her wrist and started licking at my juices. I even licked between her fingers to insure I got every tasty drop. “You know, Kim, you are turning out to be a bigger slut than I thought you would be.” We both grinned.

Following her instructions, I sat on her lap, facing her while straddling her legs. She put her hands under my breasts, lifting and bouncing them as if testing them for size and weight. Because I was on her lap, my boobs were level with her face. Her eyes literally twinkled as she looked at them. “You were wrong, dear. They are not too big. I love them. We are going to have a lot of fun with them, too. I promise. “Men have a terrible saying concerning women’s tits: ‘Anything more than a mouthful is a waste.’ My answer to that is, ‘They are full of shit.’ I am going to enjoy devouring every square inch of both of these.” I was disappointed that she only leaned forward and kissed each nipple once. I wanted more, but she had other ideas. “Do you wonder why I told you not to remove your socks?” she asked.

“So, I wouldn’t feel totally naked?” I teased.

“Nope, I have fetish for white socks. I had told you that I didn’t know what initially casino şirketleri caught my attention when you walked into Lisa’s. Well, I am now positive it was the socks and the fact that you were wearing them along with a skirt. I do not have many weaknesses but seeing a female wearing a skirt or dress and white socks, ankle or knee, is one of them. I do have a preference towards ankle socks, though. Seeing a girl wearing nothing but white socks is particularly arousing. In fact, I want you to walk around the room right now so I can watch you.” I strutted the way I thought a model would move down a walkway, surprised that doing this for her was turning me on again.

“Now, stand in front of me, grasp your hands behind your back and spread your legs.”

That position put me on display and thrust my tits out. Somehow, I knew it also enhanced my nakedness. Once again, I flushed with embarrassment. “I wish you could see yourself from my perspective, Kim. The candlelight twinkling off your body makes you look absolutely radiant. I just cannot believe you are all mine for the night.

“Run up to the bathroom for me. On the vanity is a mirrored tray. A small leather bag is on it. Next to the tray is a blue, flowered overnight bag. Bring both bags to me.” As I walked away, she commented, “You probably don’t realize it, but you do have a gorgeous ass, dear.”

Kelly did not take her eyes off me as I descended the stairs. It is difficult, if not impossible to explain, but the way she looked at me at that moment made me feel like a goddess. She instructed me to place the two bags on the floor, next to the coffee table. At the same time, she picked up the remote and pushed a button. The violin concerto that was playing suddenly stopped. A few seconds later, a new CD started to play. I immediately recognized a song that I have heard on the “oldies” radio station many times; “You Light Up My Life.” I told Kelly that I recognized the song but said that the voice was not familiar.

She stood up and pulled me to the middle of the room. “That’s probably because you never heard LeAnn Rimes sing it. Nancy Sinatra sung the original. I just thought the first three songs of this CD are quite appropriate right now.”

We started dancing. One of her hands was in the middle of my back pulling me tightly against her while the other squeezed my bare ass. Her blouse was still open, and I was enjoying the feel of her breasts pushing against me.


“Yes, Kim.”

“Why am I the still only one here without clothes.”

“I already told you. Because that’s the way I want it.”

“Oh.” Why did I get the feeling I would be hearing that answer a lot?

When the first song ended, Kelly stepped back and said, “You may remove my shirt now, pet, if you want to.”

“Hell yes, I want to!” I thought. “And that’s not the only thing I want to remove.”

She had controlled everything up to this point, and I couldn’t deny the fact that I had enjoyed every moment, so I forced myself to be patient. I felt that there was a high probability I would like whatever else she wanted. I opened the remaining buttons just as the second song came on. It was LeAnn’s rendition of Bette Midler’s “The Rose.” I removed her cufflinks, pushed the shirt off her shoulders, folded it neatly, and laid it on the floor next to the sofa. When we continued our dance, I swooned from the sensation of my hard nipples pressing against her bare skin and her nipples against my skin. I still wanted her totally naked but was willing to wait forever if that’s what she planned. Well, almost forever. It just felt so good to put my arms around her back and touch her skin. I pulled her tightly to me and she slid both of her hands down to squeeze my ass again.

At the end of “The Rose” Kelly pressed the pause button on the remote, walked to the coffee table, opened the leather bag, removed two silver captive ball rings and handed them to me. “Had I known that I would be meeting up with you tonight, love, I would have worn these to Lisa’s. I normally wear them any time I am not at work. Tonight I was in a rush and didn’t put them on. This is even better, though. Now you get the privilege of doing it for me.” I did not quite understand. I thought the pendant earrings she was wearing were much nicer than plain captive ball rings, but I wanted to please her. If she wanted simple rings, that is what she would get.

I raised my hand to remove the pendant from her pierced right earlobe. She stopped me and said, “What are you doing, Kim?”

“There is only one set of holes in your ears. I can’t put these rings in unless I remove the pendants first.”

She grabbed my cheeks, chuckled, and kissed me hard on the lips. “Oh, Kim darling, I absolutely love your virgin mind. That little town where you grew up kept you from becoming too worldly. I am surprised college didn’t open your eyes more. I have a lot to teach you. The rings are for my nipples.”

I blushed again, while replying, “Of course, how could I casino firmaları be so stupid? I know that women get their nipples pierced.”

“I still wonder if my pet has had any sexual experiences other than giving hand jobs to teenagers and fucking in the missionary position.” Her wide grin told me that she was teasing, but we both knew she was close to the truth.

My hands shook as I held her breast and pushed one ring through a pierced nipple then slipped the captive ball in place. One cannot imagine how sexually stimulating this simple act can be when doing it to someone else. Just about everything I had done since meeting this woman has been euphoric.

After inserting the second ring, I placed the tips of my index fingers through the two rings, lifted them and let them fall. “Damn, they look sexy,” I said.

“And that’s exactly why I wear them, dear. You’re going to love sucking my nipples even more now.” I had no doubt about that.

Kelly started the CD again. I had never heard a female sing “Bridge Over Troubled Waters.” LeAnn’s version was fantastic. Now that Kelly was wearing the rings, I was even more aware of her breasts pressing against me. Feeling as if I were floating on air, I wished I could have a picture of the two of us together like this. I smiled as I wondered how erotic we must look: me wearing nothing but socks and Kelly naked from the waist up except for her rings.

Kelly led me back to the sofa, clicked the remote again, starting a CD of soft piano music, then sat down and said. “My feet are tired. I am sure they would appreciate a nice massage.” I knelt and removed her shoes. They were low-heel booties. To my surprise, she was wearing white ankle socks.

“You may finish undressing me while you’re at it, love, except for the socks, of course.” I started to stand but she said, “No, stay there. I like you on your knees. I’ll do the standing.”

I unbuckled her belt, opened the clasp and pulled the zipper down. As I slipped the pants over her hips, I saw that she was bare under them. “Oh, wow,” I exclaimed, “No panties!” I didn’t realize how wild it is to undress a woman and find she isn’t wearing panties. “Did you remove them when you came home for the collar?”

“No. Actually, I go without them a lot. I feel quite sexy when I am not wearing knickers.”

“Gawd, Kelly. You’re shaved, too. It’s so… so… sensuous. I love it! You are absolutely amazing.”

“I’m glad you approve, dear.” Her female musk penetrated my nostrils. It was heavenly. She sat down again while I folded her pants and added them to the pile of discarded clothing. “Have you ever seen a shaved vagina before, Kim,” she asked.

I shook my head.

“Ok, you can look closer, but don’t touch,” she said as she spread her legs for me.

The first thing I noticed was the silver ring. “You’re pierced there, too!” I screamed.

She slipped her pinkie finger into the ring and pulled. I watched her clit stretch. “Do you like what I’ve been hiding from you?”

“Oh, most definitely. I have heard about women getting clitoral piercings but cannot imagine doing it to myself. Somehow being shaved makes it so much more obvious.”

“I think every woman should pierce her clit or labia,” she said. “I have a pendant, a horseshoe and barbells that I trade off with the ring. I neglect my nipples quite often, but wear something in this piercing 24/7.

When I was finally able to take my eyes off the ring, I stared at the absolute charm of the soft, female flesh between her legs. Without hair, every part of her pubic area was on display. I had, on a few occasions, explored myself with a mirror and decided that the female genital area is much more beautiful and mysterious when compared to a male penis. In some ways, Kelly’s sex lips reminded me of the rosette pattern of some flowers and succulents. I never had the privilege of having this view before, even though I have seen naked women many times in gym showers. Nor did I ever imagine that my first close look at another pussy would be of one that was shaved, pierced, and fully aroused. Because the candlelight was being reflected off the juices that she was secreting, her labia literally sparkled.

I wanted to touch her there, which is exactly why she forbade me from taking liberties. I wanted to know what a smooth pussy felt like. The lack of hair made it look so clean. There was a definite, sexual quality about it. Sexier, I thought, than what those covered with hair look like. I am sure every cunt is different (most look the same when covered with hair and viewed from the front), but I am willing to bet that each one is, in its own way, a thing of beauty. I know that the collective beauty of the one I was now seeing was approaching perfection. I had never really considered going down on another woman before, but this one was inviting me in. I wanted to touch her with my fingers, my lips and my tongue. I wanted to taste her juices and feast on their source.

Kelly interrupted my musing. “Ah, güvenilir casino Kim, I do appreciate that gleam in your eye over my shaved pussy, but aren’t you forgetting your original assignment? My feet still ache.”

“Oh, damn. I’m sorry, Kelly. I forgot.”

“Don’t worry. I distracted you on purpose. Just get to work.” I loved the way she smiled at me. I was still in a kneeling position, so I sat back to rest on my legs in order to be more comfortable. I started the massage by wrapping both hands around her right foot and rubbing the sole with my thumbs. Kelly responded almost immediately. “Umm. You do that very well, my dear. I will give you two hours to quit; well, maybe only an hour. I do have other plans for you.”

A minute later, she raised her left foot and rubbed her toe against my right nipple. I slapped the intruder lightly and said, “Cut it out, girl. How do you expect me to concentrate on your foot when you are doing that?”

“Damn, I thought you computer nerds could multi-task and do nearly anything without being distracted.” she teased.

“Ooh, that was low. Besides, I am not a nerd. They’re the programmers and hardware people,” I replied laughing.

“You know, Kim, I changed my mind. I want you to remove my socks.”

“Would you do a favor for me first?”

“That all depends on what you want, Kim,” she said with a grin.

I was a little embarrassed to explain. “Well, you mentioned that you have a sock fetish and then had me walk around for you. I think I feel sexier wearing nothing but my white socks than I would if I were completely naked. Maybe I have the same fetish,” I laughed. “Would you walk around the room so I can see how sexy you look wearing nothing but socks?”

“I can do that for you, dear. Especially since you asked so nicely.” She leaned down, kissed me and then did her own strut. She was right. A girl wearing nothing but white socks is very sexy. I cannot believe I did not notice her physique before this, though. Maybe my mind was over-occupied. She was a striking woman. Without any sag, her conical breasts pointed straight out from her chest. Her upper body tapered to a narrow waist. Tight muscles in her arms and thighs indicated, to me, that she probably worked out every day. Her back and a firm, muscular ass emphasized that point. I can honestly say that I was lusting over her body as she walked around the room, I was a little disappointed when she sat down again. My hands shook as I removed the socks and admired her body some more. I do not know which of the Fates brought me together with this Venus de Milo, but I thanked them all, just to be sure.

Kelly turned and pulled another item from her leather bag. It was a toe ring. “Here, put this on my second toe. I love it but usually don’t wear it with shoes.”

I spent about ten minutes massaging each foot and loved every second. She continued teasing my nipples with the toes of her free foot, and I didn’t complain any more. When I finished, Kelly said, “You do that like an expert, Kim. Maybe I will keep you as my slave. Oh darn, that wouldn’t work, though. As my slave, you’d be required to wash my feet with your tongue, and that’s something you couldn’t possibly do, right?”

I stared at the beautiful smile on her face for several seconds, before lifting her foot again. “My Mistresses’ smallest wish shall be Her slave’s command.”

If, twenty-four hours before, anyone had told me that I would do something this kinky, I would have called them so many profane names that I would have embarrassed myself. Yet here I was, naked, kneeling in front of a naked woman, enjoying myself by licking her feet. I started with long wet strokes the length of the sole. I decided to leave her toes until last and tongue-washed the tops of her feet up to her ankles.

Kelly complimented me when I ran my tongue between each of her toes. I loved the sensation this small act created on my tongue. Then I had a great idea. One by one, I sucked her toes into my mouth. I treated each one like a miniature cock and tried to make it cum. I paid special attention, for some unknown reason, to the toe with the ring. Task completed, I held her foot in my hand and said, “Does my Mistress feel that Her slave did a satisfactory job?”

“It was fantastic you slut. You learn fast for one so sexually naïve.”

“Does my Mistress wish for me to get a pan of water and actually wash her feet now?”

Spreading her legs wide, she asked, “Oh, I think we can save that service for another day. Is there anything else that you might want to lick with that tongue, my dear slave?”

“Oh, yes, there is, Mistress, but may I first make a suggestion?”

“Quickly please. I need some relief.”

“As I was making love to your toes, I noticed that some of your polish is a little, shall I say, less than perfect. I am sure that is simply because you have been too busy to redo it. Since you now have your slave kneeling before you, she would consider it a privilege if you would permit her to correct that problem.”

“You little bitch! You just want to make me wait to feel that mouth on my pussy. However, I cannot refuse such a wonderful offer. The polish and remover are in the bathroom cabinet. Get your ass moving, girl.”

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