Kelly , Haley’s Summer Ch. 03

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The weekend had gone slowly for both girls, it had also been extremely different. Kelly followed the orders of her mistresses, each time she masturbated or took a piss she did so without pulling down her panties. Each time she did, she could felt the presence of Haley looking down upon her. Haley’s weekend was one of preparation for the coming week, she had to prepare herself both mentally and materially, of which both turned out to be highly pleasurable. Both girls dreamed of each other, one dreamed of new ways to use her slave, how to torment her, how to take pleasure from her, the other dreamed how best to receive her torment and please her mistresses in the hope she would receive a reward.

Haley’s most rewarding experience of the weekend came when she made a trip into the city to supply herself. Dressed conservatively, her face masked by sunglasses and baseball cap she made her way down to the seedy part of town. As she walked along the streets of Soho Underworld pounding out of her Walkman, she saw signs advertising sex of all kinds, straight, homosexual, lesbian, transsexual, dominatrex and humiliation. She saw young working girls walking the streets with less clothes then she wore to bed. She passed stores with all kinds of strange and fascinating magazines, books, and videos, all offering the hardest most explicit action, from Amsterdam, Sweden, Mexico, to Russia and the rest of the world.

Eventually Haley found her destination the Lesbian Store of Sin it proudly boasted, as it was a advertised in her father’s magazines. A lesbian girls toy shop of dreams. There was a bewildering array of dildo’s, strap-on’s and vibrators of differing, lengths, colours, girths, and textures. There were videos and magazines providing for all kinds of lesbian love making, from girls who lick cunts to girls who fist, girls who dominate to girls who fuck with strap on’s. There were whips, paddles, chains, leather costumes, latex costumes to harnesses. Haley’s head span as she examined each item, she came up with new ways to use them on herself and her new plaything. Haley could have spent millions, instead she only spent a couple of hundred, blowing her savings account and her 18th birthday money that she had received only a month ago.

It was Monday at last the longest weekend that either girl could remember was over, they would be reunited at last, mistresses and slave. The door bell rang at eleven on the dot, as Haley ran to answer the door she could imagine Kelly’s scent. As Kelly came in, she blow away Haley’s expectations, her scent was incredible. The smell of Fridays piss still lingered on her, but now it was joined by a richer small of sweat, and pussy juice. A whole weekend of not bathing, two long jogs and not being able to remove her panties when she pissed or masturbated gave Kelly a truly intoxicating aroma.

Haley was also pleased to see her slave in a skirt and flimsy tank top, that left little to the imagination. The tank top was tightly stretched across Kelly’s large full breast’s, Haley could also see that Kelly’s nipples were starting to harden. The combo also meant Kelly’s wonderful scent was free to spread outwards, not being imprisoned in a jumper or trousers. Kelly was pleased to she her mistress was only wearing a plane white T-shirt with no bra, which meant her small pert young breasts were clearly visible. Although Kelly was surprised to she her mistresses in a pair of jeans, with a strange bulge at her crouch.

‘Well cunt slave judging by your smell, I can tell you’ve followed my orders’, Haley said with a wicked small etched across her face.

‘Yes Mistress’, although Kelly had hoped that she might find fault and punish her.

Haley circled around Kelly breathing deeply in, as she did, letting her fingers trail across Kelly young breasts, gently rubbing her nipples trough the light fabric of Kelly’s tank top and bra. ‘Very good slut, I like your smell, but I think we should add to it’.

‘Yes, Mistress’. Kelly replied enthusiastically, hoping for another golden shower.

‘Take you cloths off whore, let me see your filthy underwear’. Kelly slipped the tank top off and unbuttoned her skit letting them fall off down to the floor. ‘What a beautiful sight’. Haley said as she bent down for a closer look and smell. Kelly’s previously light grey cotton panties and bra had now turned a much darker shade, her panties were practically black, encrusted as they were piss and pussy juice stains. ‘You have done well slave, I like this new scent of yours’.

‘Thank you’. Kelly knew instinctively what she had done

‘Thank you mistress, Whore. Never forget that, I am your mistresses and you are my slave, fit only to do as I command’. Haley said springing to her feet her face awash with anger. ‘You will be harshly punished for this transgression, Whore’. Kelly was thrilled, she would be punished just as she had fantasised about all weekend.

‘Your punishment will come later, but first I want your scent to be stronger bitch, go to the kitchen and fetch me three bottles of water’.

‘Yes casino şirketleri mistresses, Kelly was thrilled a golden shower and punishment. ‘Good, now drink up Bitch, two for you one for me’. Kelly stood, her hair lank with dirt, sweat and urine, gulping back the four litres of water carefully, so as not to damage her wonderful scent. Her nipples were already swelling and longing to be touched, her panties grow wetter by the second, while her clitoris filled with blood becoming increasingly sensitive. Haley sipped her own water down, admiring the view that she had created, as she stood she could feel her nipples beginning to protrude from her tight whiter T-shirt, her light blue jeans were no-longer hiding the growing dampness of her pussy as the thought of the filth to come, especially the waterworks, now that they had doubled the quantities of water from the last time.

‘Good, now Whore go up to my room put on the two track-suits I’ve laid out for you, green one first and leave your underwear on’

‘Yes, Mistress’. As Kelly made her way slowly up stairs to the room were she had become Haley’s slave, she wondered at what new ordeal Haley had planned for her. When she returned down stairs, enwrapped within two track-suits she received her answer. Haley was proudly standing next to a exercises bike.

‘You haven’t exercised today, jump on whore, time to work up a sweat’.

Kelly began to peddle, and almost instantly she began to sweat, the two track-suits acted like a green house trapping all the heat, at the same time the first track-suit had a plastic layer that didn’t allow any sweat to escape.

‘Faster bitch, I want you to work up a real sweat’. Haley went over to the CD player and put her new favourite CD in, The Teachings of Peaches.

‘Yes Mistress,’, Kelly said as she increased her speed, yet going nowhere fast.

Haley moved directly in front of Kelly and pulled her T-shirt off to reveal her pert a-cup breasts and their puffy nipples. ‘You love my tits don’t you, whore, you love to lick them and suck my nipples don’t you’, Haley said as she tightly squeezed her breasts in the direction of Kelly.

‘Yes mistresses, I think their perfect, like you’. Kelly said as she peddled harder, sweat dripping from her brow.

‘Suck them slut’. Haley said pushing her breasts into the face of the sweating Kelly, who dutifully obliged. In her dreams over the weekend Kelly had fantasised about sucking on her mistress youthful breasts, now her dreams had come true. She loved sucking them, practically swallowing Haley’s whole breast into her willing mouth, as she did this she licked and gently bit at Haley’s puffy nipples, which grow in her mouth. As Kelly sucked on her breasts Haley moved her hand down underneath her jeans to her partially covered pussy. Haley felt like she had put her hand into a fish tank, such was the wetness of pussy, but her access was obstructed she could only lightly rub the folds of her drenched pussy. Haley moved back pulling her reddened breast from Kelly’s mouth, to which she inserted her hand, covered in pussy juice, which Kelly dutifully liked off.

Haley could feel the growing pressure on her bladder as she stood admiring Kelly exercising, she knew it must have been torture for Kelly on the bike. Haley moved behind her slave and took a hold of her large breasts, which even tough tightly imprisoned behind two track-suits and her bra she could still fill her hard nipples. ‘Bitch, today I’m going to rip open your Hymen’, Haley said whispering into Kelly’s ear. ‘It will be a pain unlike any other you have ever felt, worse then your spanking, but you like pain don’t you Whore’.

‘Yes Mistress’, Kelly answered breathlessly, her pussy growing wet with anticipation, of what was to come.

‘I’m glad, because I’ m going to fuck your tight little virgin arsehole as well as your tight virgin cunt’. Haley said and then began to lick and bite Kelly’s ear.

‘Thank you Mistress’, Kelly said as she continued to work up her sweat.

Haley was almost taken aback, she knew that Kelly had enjoyed her spanking, but her she was being told she would be fucked in the arsehole for the first time and she was thanking her would be violator.

‘Well done Bitch, you’ve exercised enough for today’

‘Thank you Mistress, please may I pee now’. Kelly said eager to taste Haley’s golden piss. The pressure had been growing in both girls bladders, but Haley had more tasks for her slave to perform.

‘Not yet Slut, first I need a little cum’, Kelly’s eyes light up at the thought of going down on her Mistress. ‘On your knees bitch and pull my jeans down’, which by now had clear damp patches running down the length of her inner leg. Kelly quickly did as she was told, to finally discover the true reason for the bulge at Haley’s crouch.

‘Do, you like it Whore, you are my cunt slave but now your my cock slave as well’. Kelly was greeted by a truly wondrous sight, a nine inch long rubber cock was strapped to the area were on Friday she had licked her mistresses to casino firmaları orgasm. As she looked closely at this new sight, Kelly could see that the cock was kept in place by a elastic strap that stretched around Haley’s waist and underneath her pussy to meet in a triangle at the small of her back. Kelly could also see that there was another devise being held in place by the strapping, pushing into Haley’s hairless pussy.

‘Now bitch suck my cock’. I ordered, my slave pushing her head forward so meet my new body part. As she slide her head forward it caused the vibrator within my cunt to shudder, I reached behind me and switched the dial to its quickest setting, sending vibrations throughout my pussy. This was the first time that I had the opportunity to use my new toys and it was certainly worth the price so far. As Kelly moved her head back she made the fabric rub against my by now super sensitise clit. The pleasure was immense, I had penetration from the vibrator, coupled with its movement plus my clit was being stimulated as the fabric rubbed against me. This was coupled by the sight of my slave giving me a blow job. I couldn’t wait to fuck and be fucked by my delightful new tool of pleasure.

‘That’s it Bitch, suck my cock, make me cum’. I pushed her head down my shaft hard, pleasure shot trough me, I was close to cumming and Kelly had only given me two quick strokes. As she pulled back, I wanted her to take my cock in deeper then this, in the films I had seen, girls could easily take the whole cock, some times even bigger then this, down. As Kelly went to push back down I stopped her.

‘This time let it slip down your throat’, she gave me no audible answer as my cock was buried inside her mouth, but she gave a slight nod. Slowly she pushed down, once again taking about four inches in, she stopped and repositioned herself. She began to push down again, but stopped without moving much further and began to gag, I waited for a couple of seconds and forced her head back down. It must have worked because I soon felt Kelly’s nose pressing against my stomach. The friction of the fabric of my cock as Kelly deep throated me was fantastic, coupled beautifully as it was with the vibrator stuffed up my cunt. As my orgasm came nearer my cunt became wetter, soaking my cock’s strapping, and running down my legs. I came hard with my cock buried down Kelly’s throat, this was the quickest that it had ever taken me to cum, I wanted to push on to cum again and again, but I had other even more filthy games to play with my slave.

Kelly pulled away and let the rubber cock in her throat slip out, she wanted to cum badly now, her clit was as hard as it had ever been.

‘Now Bitch you must be punished’, Haley said with a scornful look on her face. Do you like it when I punish you’.

‘Yes Mistress’.

‘Do you like it when I slap your ass’.

‘Yes Mistress’.

‘Do you like it when I make you scream in pain’

‘Yes, please, Mistress’, Kelly said with a look of total subordination.

‘That’s a good little cunt slave, now take of your bra and panties’ Kelly did as she was told and removed her sweat drenched clothes. As Kelly did this Haley removed the strap on and pulled out the vibrator from her pussy. ‘Well have to do something about that hairy little cunt of yours later. Put your hands behind your back and stretch them out’. Haley then used the bra to tie Kelly’s hands together as tightly as she could. ‘Now open your mouth wide’. Haley stuffed Kelly’s soaked panties into her mouth, Kelly could now taste her panties a wonderful mixture of sweat, piss and juice. ‘Ha, Ha, look at you slut all tied up and at my complete control, I could do anything to you and there’s no way for you to stop me’. Kelly felt wonderful now under the complete control of her teen Mistress.

Haley lead her obedient slave up to her room ready to punish her, her pussy was again flooding with juice at the thought of this, as was Kelly’s.

Haley reached into her bedside draw and pulled out a wooden paddle covered in black leather with shinny metal stud’s and waved it in front of Kelly.

‘Bitch this is what I’m going to spank you with’. Kelly’s eyes light up and the thought of the hard paddle hitting her soft velvety arse, if she could speak she would have begged for her spanking. ‘Now bend over and show me that gorgeous white arse’. Kelly clambered onto the bed and pushed her backside into the air. Haley ran her finger down the slit of Kelly’s pussy, she would have screamed out for release if the gag in her wanton mouth would have let her.

Haley pulled her right arm back and took aim, then let go with a moderate blow to Kelly’s backside, which resulted in a loud thwacking sound and large red mark. Haley repeated her action, this time slightly lower, then again lower and again even lower. The next blow would hit Kelly directly on her pussy, this time Haley increased the power hitting Kelly as hard as she could. This resulted in more muffled screams of pleasure and pain and a increase in out pouring of juice from her güvenilir casino pussy.

‘You liked that didn’t you Whore. Your a filthy dirty little slut. Did you fantasise about this, about me spanking your arse red raw. You make me fucking sick Whore’. Haley spat down on to Kelly’s exposed backside and rubbed it in roughly.

Muffled behind Kelly’s gag she was screaming in pleasure and pain for more. Now Haley began to rain down blows on Kelly’s vulnerable and exposed pussy and buttocks, each one harder and harder. Kelly loved this to be under her Mistress control and to be punished by her, to feel the paddle hitting her harder and harder. Haley plunged three fingers into her own pussy as her blows became quicker and Kelly’s backside became redder. She noticed that Kelly’s pussy was flooding with juice and had began to spasm as her orgasm approached. Haley stopped the punishment, the cruellest aspect of which had been that she hadn’t allowed her slave to cum. Kelly was now at her peak she wasn’t permitted to find her orgasmic escape that she wanted so badly. She tried to beg for this but the gag of her own panties stopped her.

‘Now bitch stay where you are I have more punishments planned for you’. Haley reached into her draw and pulled out a couple of black candles and her Zippo. They nearly slipped out her hand due to the opus quantities of her own pussy juice. ‘Now Whore do you know what I’m going to do with these’. Kelly shock her head her eyes widened in fear and excitement. ‘Ha, Ha, let’s just say you’ll be my wax collector’.

Haley moved back behind Kelly and light the first candle with her Zippo, then tipping it upwards she let the burning hot wax land on the now crimson red buttocks in front of her. Kelly’s head shot blot upright as the wax burned into her, hardening instantly. ‘Did that hurt Slut, ha , ha, but that’s what you like don’t you. Pain and pleasure are just the flip-side of the same coin for you’. Kelly let out a muffled yes, which Haley just caught as she began to rub her own swollen clitoris. She held the burning candles over Kelly’s backside letting the wax fall over her, each drop being met by muffled screams of pain and pleasure. As the screams became louder so to Haley’s rubbing became more frenetic. Kelly’s backside soon looked like a cheques board a expanse of red covered in black dots, Haley was extremely pleased with her handy work not only the pain she was causing but the enjoyment that she was bringing to herself and her salve. Haley let the candles wax hit Kelly on her swollen pussy lips which resulted in more muffled screams of pleasure from Kelly and also brought Haley her orgasm, drenching her hand in pussy juice. She smeared this across Kelly’s burring hot buttocks, pushing away some of the old wax leaving dark red spots behind. Kelly was again at the point of orgasm, Haley being the tease she was let her fingers rub Kelly’s abused and swollen pussy but didn’t let her cum.

‘Flip over slave lets burn some pleasure into those big tit’s of yours’. Kelly did as she was ordered and revealed her young full breasts and her diamond hard clit to her mistress. Haley could now look down on her slaves face as she punished her. This time she put two candles into each hand struggling to grip those in her left lubricated as her hand was by her own juices. This time the wax fell like a rain shower onto Kelly soft white body, Haley kept her promise and covered Kelly’s breast in hot black wax. The wax reached such large preparations that it began to run off her breasts and slid down her body, bringing with it burring pleasure.

Tears of pain and joy streamed from Kelly’s eyes, her body covered now in sweat her skin turning redder as her orgasm approached again for the umpteenth time. ‘Look at your nipples bitch, there so hard they broke the wax’. Haley put the candles down for a second and pulled Kelly’s nipples back as hard as she could.

‘Now I think you pussy needs a waxing. Perhaps it’ll remove some of that ugly hair’. Haley concentrated her attack now on Kelly’s swollen pussy watching in ore and wonder as it turned form a bright red to a dark black. Kelly’s’ screams of pleasure became louder still threatening to exceed the guitars and drums of the Charlatans in the stereo. The tears were now flooding out of Kelly’s eyes her face in a beautiful connotation of pleasure and pain. ‘Are you cumming Slave, do you want me to go down on you’, Kelly nodded frantically in reply. Haley moved her face towards Kelly’s inflamed pussy then stopped. ‘Not yet, not with all that ugly hair’.

Haley reached under her bed and pulled a thin willow cane and held it in front of Kelly’s reddened eyes. ‘Have you been punished enough Whore or do you need more’. Kelly nodded instinctively for more, wondering what kind of pain and pleasure this new instrument of punishment would bring. ‘Good little cunt Slave, you know what you mistress wants’. Haley stood by the bed and pulled her arm back, she hit Kelly as hard as she could across the belly, realising now there was no point in building up to a maximum. The cane whistled trough the air and cracked down on Kelly skin, leaving a long beautiful red mark across her soft white belly. ‘Did it hurt whore, did you enjoy it, do you want more’, Kelly nodded frantically, shouting yes trough her gag.

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