Kelly and Brooke Ch. 03

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This is the third Chapter in the series. Read the previous chapters for a better appreciation of the story.

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Brooke heard another knock on the front door from her bedroom as she was getting ready. Kelly had invited a bunch of friends over for drinks and then they were all going out. Having not met any of Kelly’s friends yet, Brooke was extremely nervous and really wanted to make a good impression.

More than nervous, she was also incredibly horny. She hadn’t been with Kelly in a week; in fact, they had barely seen each other at all because of their busy work schedules. She was excited and looking forward to finally seeing the sexy blonde. Brooke smiled to herself at the thought of having Kelly all to herself at the end of the night; it would be well worth the wait.

She heard Kelly laugh as she greeted her friends and Brooke couldn’t help but smile at the sound of her voice. In the short time they had known each other, Kelly had become far more than her best friend. They connected on so many levels and the blonde was the best lover Brooke had ever been with. She had done things she never in a million years thought she would do; but they were things that felt so natural with Kelly.

Brooke had never had such strong feelings for anyone so fast, let alone for another woman. It scared her to death how hard she was falling for Kelly. But then again, who could blame her; Kelly was amazing. She was fun and smart and one of the kindest people Brooke had ever met. Not to mention the fact that she was an absolute knockout.

While being with the gorgeous blonde made Brooke feel happier and more loved than she had ever felt, she still wasn’t sure what to make of their new relationship, whatever it was.

She really wanted to just talk to Kelly about what was going on between them but at the same time she didn’t want to ruin things by pushing the blonde for answers. Her instincts told her that Kelly really cared for her and that she shouldn’t waste time worrying.

Bringing her thoughts back to the present, Brooke walked over to her closet in hopes of finding something sexy to wear. She wanted to drive Kelly crazy tonight so she chose a very short, tight white halter dress that showed off her long tan legs and made her breasts look great. Her long dark hair was down, falling to her breasts in perfect waves.

After finishing applying her mascara, she touched up her smoky eyes and stood back to look in the mirror. She hoped Kelly liked how she looked and her stomach fluttered at the thought of seeing the sexy blonde wearing something equally as tight and revealing. After putting on her heels, she took a deep breath and left her room.

Kelly looked around the condo and was happy to see that everyone appeared to be having a good time. Some of the guys were watching a basketball game in the living room; some girls were huddled together laughing and drinking while others were out on the balcony.

She wondered what was taking Brooke so long. Having barely seen her roommate all week Kelly missed her like crazy. Whenever they were apart Kelly missed her and found herself counting down until the next time they would see each other. Her feelings for Brooke were far stronger than anyone else she had ever been with. She felt such a strong bond with the pretty brunette and found that Brooke was constantly on her mind.

Kelly had been thinking a lot about their relationship lately. She realized she had no idea what she meant to Brooke or if Brooke knew just how much Kelly cared about her. Did Brooke feel the same way? Or was this all just experimenting while she was young?

Lost in her thoughts, Kelly felt a hand on her arm and turned around to see one of her good friends from college offer her a drink.

“Hey Jason, thanks,” she beamed at him.

Jason was really good looking in an all American way; six foot three, sandy blonde hair and a great body. He played basketball in college and Kelly could tell he was still in great shape. They had been on a few dates in college but realized early that they were better off as friends and Kelly was glad they were able to keep in touch.

“Hey Kel, I’m so glad you planned this night out. I definitely needed it,” he grinned back.

Jason asked her about her paintings and mentioned that he was interested in buying a few of her pieces. As he was starting to explain how he needed some art in his apartment, Kelly saw the guys on the couch turn from watching the game and stare, open mouthed, at something. She followed their gaze and her breath caught in her throat.

Brooke had finally emerged from her room and was standing looking around the room. She looked drop dead gorgeous. Her hair was perfect and her smoky makeup made her blue eyes sparkle even across the room. Brooke’s long, tan legs looked amazing in her short dress and in those heels, they seemed to go on forever. Her dress hugged her like casino şirketleri a glove, showing off her incredible body.

Time seemed to stop when their eyes finally met across the room. They just stared at each other, neither one breathing for what felt like an hour.

Kelly could feel the sexual tension from across the room and it took all her willpower not to walk across the room and take Brooke right then. She was broken out of her daze when she heard Jason say, “Wow, is that your roommate?”

She couldn’t find her voice so Kelly just nodded.

When Brooke saw Kelly across the room her knees nearly buckled. She had never seen Kelly look so hot. The blonde was wearing an equally short and tight, black tube dress which showed off the elegant lines of her collarbone and her feminine chest. Her long blonde hair fell softly over her breasts and her makeup was done perfectly. Her legs were long and tan and Brooke shivered as she thought about kissing a trail up the smooth skin.

Brooke felt that familiar tingling in her pussy as she looked over Kelly’s body. She couldn’t deny the strength of her attraction to Kelly. Feeling several eyes on her, she turned to see a bunch of guys in the living room staring at her. Suddenly, feeling very self conscious, she gave them a small smile and went to make herself a drink.

She saw a tall, good looking guy approaching her and took a long sip of her strong drink, hoping the alcohol would help calm her nerves.

“Hi, I’m Jason,” he said and extended his hand.

“Brooke,” she replied with a smile and shook his hand.

Kelly watched as Jason hit on Brooke. While she was slightly jealous, she figured every guy who saw Brooke tonight would be hitting on her so she might as well get used to it. Plus, she was confident Brooke would never cheat on her anyways.

Kelly wished she could fast forward to the end of the night because all she wanted to do was be alone with Brooke. Excitement shot through her at the thought of what they would hopefully be doing at the end of the night and her pussy dampened instantly. She wasn’t entirely sure she could wait until then to be with Brooke.

Pulling herself out of her daydream, she called everyone inside and made introductions since Brooke hadn’t met her friends yet. They played some drinking games and mingled and every time Kelly caught Brooke’s eye she felt that familiar flutter in her stomach.

At one point, Kelly saw Brooke go into the kitchen for something and, knowing the brunette would be alone, got an idea. She was going crazy seeing Brooke in that dress and not being able to do anything. She followed Brooke and quietly crept up behind her. When she caught Brooke’s arm, Kelly turned her around and pressed her body up against Brooke’s, pinning her to the counter.

Brooke gasped as Kelly spun her around. “Kel, someone might see,” she said as she nervously bit her bottom lip.

Kelly started slowly moving her hips, rubbing her mound against Brooke’s. “I can’t help it Brooke. God you look so hot tonight, I’m so horny for you,” she responded as she continued to rub erotically against Brooke’s body.

Kelly looked at Brooke’s mouth, her glossy lips were parted as she took deep breathes; it looked too good to resist. She needed to feel Brooke’s lips on hers. Leaning in, Kelly brought her mouth to Brooke’s. She sucked on the brunettes bottom lip and felt her body tingle when she heard Brooke release a moan. Her tongue eagerly pushed into Brooke’s hot mouth, wanting to taste more.

Brooke found it extremely exciting knowing that someone could walk in on them any minute. Her pulse was racing and she was so turned on by everything Kelly was doing that she couldn’t have moved if she wanted too.

They kissed passionately for several minutes until Kelly pulled back. She quickly walked to the doorway and looked out. It seemed no one was looking for her so she turned and walked back over to Brooke. The brunette was still leaning against the counter for support, panting slightly, her lips swollen from their kiss. Kelly wanted to eat her up.

She leaned next to Brooke and brought her hand up to caress her cheek.

“Brooke, you’re so gorgeous,” she said with adoration in her voice. Then she leaned in and kissed Brooke ever so lightly.

Brooke reached up into Kelly’s long, silky hair and pulled her mouth closer. Her tongue came out and gently licked Kelly’s lips, almost asking for permission to enter. When Kelly opened her mouth Brooke’s tongue slipped sensuously into it.

When she felt Kelly’s hand slowly gliding down her stomach to the bottom of her short dress, Brooke found herself spreading her legs slightly and trembling in anticipation. Her pussy was aching and needed some attention soon.

“Oh God Kelly!!” Brooke groaned, a little too loudly, when she felt Kelly’s hand press between her legs.

“Shhhhh, baby,” Kelly whispered into her ear. “Does that feel good?”

Instead of answering, casino firmaları Brooke pulled Kelly’s mouth back to hers and kissed her hungrily. Kelly rubbed her hand between Brooke’s legs and felt a patch of wetness form on Brooke’s tiny thong.

She pulled back from their kiss and whispered into Brooke’s ear, “Mmmm you’re wet sweetie.”

She then pulled Brooke’s thong to the side and slipped her finger right up into Brooke.

“Ahhhhhhhh,” Brooke groaned quietly.

Kelly kept her finger unmoving inside Brooke, marvelling at how tight and hot her pussy felt as it gripped Kelly’s finger.

“I just want a little taste,” she whispered as she slowly withdrew her wet finger.

Brooke whined in frustration as she watched Kelly suck her finger clean.

Kelly fixed Brooke’s thong and felt the brunette tremble when she leaned in and lightly licked her ear. “I can’t wait to lick that sweet pussy when we get home,” she said sensuously and gave the brunette’s nipple a quick pinch before she left the kitchen to join everyone else.

Brooke groaned, wishing she could just drag Kelly back to her room and have her way with her. ‘This is going to be a looong night,’ she thought to herself.

Despite the fact that Brooke had to fend off several of the guy’s advances during the night, she found herself getting along great with all of Kelly’s friends. They were all just as outgoing and friendly as Kelly and they treated Brooke like a long time friend.

Everyone was having a great time and the only bad part of the night for Brooke was having to watch the constant barrage of guy’s hitting on Kelly. She couldn’t help but feel slightly jealous. They had been constantly coming up to Kelly all night and all Brooke could do was watch. Not that she could blame them though; Kelly looked like a wet dream. But a smile would still cross her face every time she watched Kelly turn a guy away.

She remembered what Kelly had said to her before they left and shivered. Her pussy had been wet ever since she had first laid eyes on her blonde lover and by now she was more than ready to leave and have some fun with her.

She saw Kelly look over at her and smile. She said something to the guy who was talking to her, and started approaching. Brooke immediately took Kelly’s hand and brought her to an isolated corner which was somewhat dark and offered a bit of privacy.

Brooke must have looked annoyed because right away Kelly asked with concern, “What’s wrong Brooke?”

Brooke ducked her head and blushed, not wanting to admit her jealously; it felt so juvenile.

But Kelly lifted the brunettes chin back up and asked with a sly smile, “Are you jealous sweetie?”

Brooke was relieved to see Kelly smiling. Feeling playful, she smiled coyly and answered, “Maybe,” and ducked her head again.

Placing her hands softly on Brooke’s waist, Kelly leaned in and whispered into her ear, “You’re adorable when you’re jealous.” Then she pulled her head back and slipped her tongue sensuously into Brooke’s mouth.

Brooke could taste the alcohol on Kelly’s tongue and moaned into her mouth. Reaching her hands back into Kelly’s silky hair, Brooke pulled her mouth closer. The kiss was warm and wet and passionate as their tongues rubbed together affectionately.

Brooke was already so turned on and feeling Kelly’s tongue in her mouth was sending tremors right to her pussy. She felt herself leaking onto her tiny thong as her tongue followed into Kelly’s mouth. As they started kissing with more passion and urgency, Brooke reached down to rub Kelly’s braless breast through her thin dress. She felt the hard nipple against her palm and gripped harder, causing Kelly to gasp into her mouth.

Realizing they were in a very public place, Brooke pulled back and looking at Kelly’s face, saw her eyes clouded over with lust.

Before she could even say anything, Kelly grabbed her hand and said, “Let’s get out of here.”

Kelly dragged the brunette across the club and quickly said goodbye to her friends. She was beside herself with lust and felt her soaking wet pussy lips rubbing together as she walked. Grabbing Brooke’s hand again they went outside to get a cab.

Brooke heard several guys whistling at them and Kelly turned and winked at her. As soon as they got in the cab and gave the driver directions Kelly moved to kiss Brooke again but Brooke pushed her back and made her sit still.

Brooke wanted to torture Kelly just like she had done to her before they left for the club. She wanted the blonde dripping wet and begging for it. So she went to the opposite side of the cab, right behind the driver’s seat, and leaned against the door. Keeping her eyes locked with Kelly’s, she slowly reached up behind her neck and untied her dress.

Kelly couldn’t believe what Brooke was about to do. She held her breath, not wanting to break the spell. Brooke was slowly lowering the top of her dress and after what felt like an eternity, güvenilir casino finally pulled it off her breasts.

Kelly gasped when she saw Brooke’s chest and how hard and long her nipples were. Her smooth breasts looked mouth-watering in the dim light and while Kelly so badly wanted to reach out and touch them, she knew she had to wait.

As if Brooke were reading her mind she reached up and started rubbing her own naked breasts, rolling the taut nipples between her fingers. Her eyes closed and her glossy lips parted in a silent moan.

Kelly swallowed hard and licked her lips. Brooke looked so hot like that, Kelly could feel her pussy dripping and squeezed her thighs together to try and ease the ache between her legs. Brooke looked up with a smirk, casually tied her dress back up and sat back as if nothing happened. Kelly looked outside and prayed the driver would hurry up.

Once they finally got into their condo, Kelly pinned Brooke against the door and kissed her hungrily. She ground her pussy into Brooke’s and they both moaned at the contact. Kelly’s hands were all over Brooke’s tight body, running up her flat stomach and stopping to massage her breasts. She brought her lips down and sucked Brooke’s neck. She couldn’t get enough of the sexy brunette.

“God Brooke…seeing you in the cab like that…you looked…so fucking sexy,” she panted into her neck. “I want you so bad.”

Brooke smiled to herself. She wasn’t used to taking charge in these situations but she was so overcome with lust for Kelly she couldn’t help it. Pushing her blonde lover back, she spun her around and forcefully pulled Kelly’s dress down over her large breasts. Brooke grabbed them roughly and pinched her nipples hard.

Kelly gasped when she felt Brooke pull her dress down and start playing with her tits. She had never seen Brooke this aggressive and moaned her approval.

Brooke started kissing and nibbling Kelly’s neck while she walked her over to the couch. She licked a trail up to Kelly’s ear and whispered seductively, “Bend over sweetie.”

“Oh God Brooke,” Kelly groaned loudly as she bent over the arm of the couch.

Brooke pulled Kelly’s dress up over her tight ass and ran her hands over the smooth tan skin.

“No panties, you’re such a bad girl,” Brooke taunted as she brought her hand down and slapped Kelly’s ass.

She quickly bent down and kissed the red spot she had made. Brooke knew she was acting very out of character, but she was so turned on by Kelly and she got such a rush of excitement from being so aggressive.

At this point Kelly was moaning and spreading her legs, delirious with lust. She felt so exposed and the anticipation for what she hoped was going to happen was turning her on like nothing else ever had.

Brooke stood back and admired how hot Kelly looked bent over the sofa with her ass in the air. She still had her heels on and she looked good enough to eat. Brooke got on her knees and could instantly smell Kelly’s arousal.

She inhaled deeply and moaned, “Oh wow Kel, you smell so good baby. I can’t wait to taste you’re sweet pussy.”

Kelly was whimpering like crazy and Brooke watched as she spread her legs wider. She could see Kelly’s wet pussy lips glistening from between her long legs. Brooke couldn’t wait any longer. Placing both hands gently on the back of Kelly’s legs she leaned in and started tonguing Kelly and sucking the sexy blonde’s pussy with abandon. She tasted so amazing, Brooke couldn’t get enough.

“Oh Brooke…oh you’re so good sweetie…ahhhh ughhhhh, just like that.. ohhh yes….you know how to lick me baby, oh god I’m so close already.”

Kelly was right on the edge of an amazing orgasm when Brooke suddenly pulled away. She moaned in frustration and was about to complain. She wasn’t sure her body could take anymore teasing.

Brooke stared up at the small tight hole between Kelly’s smooth, tan cheeks. ‘Can I do it?’ Brooke silently asked herself, hesitating. Thinking about how good it felt to have her own ass played with and how much she wanted to please Kelly, she instantly knew the answer.

She slipped a finger into Kelly’s slit and rubbed up and down, getting her finger nice and wet. Then she gently brought her wet finger to Kelly’s asshole and ran it all along the edge of her tight ring.

“Does that feel good baby?” Brooke asked innocently as she heard Kelly’s quick intake of breath. She loved when her boyfriends had done this to her and hoped Kelly enjoyed it as well.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!! Oh my God Brooke..holy shit yessss…you’re so bad. I love it. Oh sweetie, stick it in me, Please. Finger my ass!”

Kelly felt Brooke start to slowly insert her finger into her ass and withdraw it.

“UGHHHHH!!! Brooke! That feels…. so…fucking…good,” Kelly managed to pant. She felt herself stretching to accommodate Brooke’s finger.

Brooke slowly started inserting more of her finger into Kelly and started pumping it in and out of her ass until she was slowly fucking the tight little hole. She felt Kelly’s walls gripping her finger and she felt so naughty. She would have never imagined having herself doing something like this, but it was really turning her on.

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