Katie’s Shorts

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Katie was an 18 year old senior on her high school soccer team and she was always horny. She was about average height, but curves most girls would die for. She wasn’t “overly curved” at all with the workouts she was subjected to at practice finding any fat on her firm body was highly unlikely. At times she wished she weren’t so pale but it went well with her dark hair.

A few weeks ago her parents had decided to host an exchange student who was also 18 named Jackie, from England. Jackie would have to live in Katie’s room which was in the basement. The girls didn’t get along well in the beginning and Katie felt helpless because her parents always insisted she treat their guest with “a little more respect.”

So Katie found herself spying on Jackie to get back at her. That may sound odd, but for some reason it felt great to expose her new room mate. Every now and then she would stare from a half open door but her favorite time to spy on Jackie was in the morning.

Every morning Jackie woke up before Katie to shower and Katie would always pretend she was still asleep to catch a glimpse of her naked. Jackie would walk down the stairs into their room and begin looking through her things to find what she’d wear that day. Then she’d gracefully drop her towel and reveal her tall slender body. Tiny drops of water fall from her blonde hair onto her wonderfully casino şirketleri toned skin. Things usually went this way every morning except one particular morning.

One morning Katie had gotten out of bed a little earlier and when she heard Jackie coming downstairs she tried to get back into bed unnoticed. She did manage to get into bed but had no time to pull the blanket over her body as she lay on her stomach in nothing more than a pair of pink panties.

Jackie walked in and just stood there. She looked down the hall before closing the door and then gave a very evil smile. She dropped her towel and walked straight toward Katie. She poked her at first to see if she was awake, and getting no reaction let her hand gently glide over Katie’s soft firm round ass. This didn’t last long because Jessica knew her alarm would go off shortly. On that morning Katie wasn’t sure how to react but she began noticing other odd behavior while she spied on the exchange student.

A couple times that week Katie caught Jessica playing with the red nylon soccer shorts that Katie had worn to practice. First she would bring them to her face and sniff them, and then she’d roll them into a ball and rub them against her sex. The word “lesbian” never entered Katie’s mind, she wanted Jessica so bad, and she was going to have her.

It was a Friday night and Katie casino firmaları had just come home from a hard practice she went upstairs to shower but made sure she had the red nylon soccer shorts with her. When Katie got out of the shower she decided to only wear her shorts, and after further consideration decided to roll the top over a few times to make them even skimpier.

As she came to her room she peeked in to see Jessica had done the same with a shiny blue pair of Katie’s nylon soccer shorts, and was humping Katie’s pillow. Katie pushed the door open and walked right to her bed. Jessica looked a little ashamed but this excited Katie even more. She pushed her back on the bed and straddled her. “You’re going to enjoy this bitch,” she said as she rubbed her hand in-between their pussies.

All Jessica could do is moan as Katie crawled up her body and straddled her face. “You like that don’t you,” Katie asked as she began pushing her weight down on Jessica’s mouth. Jessica certainly did like the attention her mouth was getting but the fire between her legs was crying out for more. Katie could tell Jessica was becoming less content with sticking her nose into her crotch. So she decided it was time to fulfill the other half of Jessica’s fantasy.

Katie stood below Jackie picking up her feet and rubbed them against her breasts. After a few minutes güvenilir casino of this she pushed Jessica’s long legs up towards her head, fell to her knees, and began grind her pussy into Jessica’s. Instantly the feeling was amazing. Not only was the fact that their pussies were grinding having an affect but the tiny threads that made up the shorts were causing vibrations that drove both of them wild.

There was so much they wanted to do to each other but they couldn’t seem to pull away from this position. They began picking up the pace. Katie began to grunt while Jessica moaned. Their reaction grew louder and more intense as they bashed and rubbed their clits together harder and harder until they came to orgasm.

Katie had done most of the work and she laid back on the bed now to catch her breath. Her head was opposite Jessica’s. The shorts had become very wet and both girls decided it was time to take them off. Katie laid back and looked at the ceiling but it wasn’t long before she felt a toe trying to find its way into her. Shivers immediately went up her body into her erect nipples.

She decided to return the favor and began letting her big toe wonder Jessica’s vagina. Jessica eventually got up and said in the cutest British accent “Katie put that beautiful ass in the air for me.” Katie did and Jessica was soon licking her asshole, her clit, and everything in between. Shortly after Katie orgasmed again. She turned around and put her head between Jessica’s legs. Jessica was laying on her back panting as Katie licked her clit and fingered her hole. She orgasmed and they shared Katie’s bed that night.

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