Katie Gets Over It By Britt’s Help

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I stared at her, my hands were sweating and my heart felt as if it was going to implode. We just stood there, no talking, no introductions, no nothing. . .Just stared, and waited for the other one to make a movie, or some form of acknowledgment.

After a week of being introduced through a friend, we finally made plans to meet. We only talked on the phone for a week or so, but thats all we did, was talk on the phone…ALL DAY. It didn’t matter to me, I enjoyed talking to this extraordinary girl standing in front of me. For both of us only being 17, we were both very observant and intelligent, and basically we understood each other alot, thats what made it difficult for me to be her friend.

Because on day one I started to fall in love with her. Yeah yeah, girl meets girl, it happens everyday, but FOR ME, to actually let someone in and see ‘me’ is something no one is really ‘privileged’ to do, another reason I was petrified.

I smiled, finally…

‘Hi, It’s nice to finally meet you Katie. . .’

I laughed uneasily, adjusting my posture and leaning against the brick building. I withdrew a pack of cigarettes from my pocket and pulled two out, handing her one.

‘I recall you telling me you haven’t had a cigarette in a couple of days, would you like one?’

She nodded and took the cigarette from me.

‘I appreciate you coming to meet me Britt.’

She laughed nervously, while taking the lighter from my out stretched hand.

Good, I wasn’t the only one nervous.

‘So…I see you convinced your mom to let you come, and to actually allow you to be dropped off by a complete ‘stranger”

I chuckled, placing my cigarette between my lips, I looked at her and puffed on it.

‘Have you decided on what movie you wanted to watch?’

She shifted her wait, to scoot farther away from me. I guess she didn’t expect me to notice it, but I did, and it made me uncomfortable, and triggered me to shift away from her too.

‘Y-yeah I guess ‘Mall Cop’ seems pretty funny’

She gave me a smile and took a long hit off of her cigarette before throwing it down and stubbing it out with her shoe. She gave me a moment to see if I would flick mine aswell, before turning away from me and walking into the mall entrance.

I stood there, watching her walk away from me. See, I wasn’t the type of person girls walk away from. So it kinda, well, it really took my by surprise.

‘Hey, wait up Katie!’

I flicked my cigarette and started jogging after her. I caught up beside her and smiled,

‘Mall cop seems funny, but would you like to catch something to eat before we watch the movie?’

I stuck my hands in my pocket, restraining them from grabbing hers.

She shrugged, not looking at me.

‘I just wanted to watch a movie, I’m not hungry’

With that she walked up to the movie clerk and asked for a ticket.

‘Two please…’

I cut the clerk off, grinning slightly I took my wallet out of my pocket and handled him the money.

‘So, are you nervous or, what?… You seem very out of it… I can take you home if you’d like.’

She turned to me and forced a smile.

‘No, it’s fine. Let’s go get the good seats before others get them first’

She turned and continued walking through the movie door and down the rows of seats.

I followed behind her, practically like a lost puppy.

‘I thought we talked about sitting in the.. back.. row?’

I slowed my roll once I saw her settle herself in the very front row, in the middle.

I laughed, stunned, she was becoming very irritating.

‘Nah, My eyes have been bothering me, I’m sorry.. ‘

She looked up at me and grinned, a evil, seductive grin.

I shrugged poker oyna and settle beside her. I tried to grab her hand multiple times but she ‘casually’ moved it, or scratched somewhere, or adjusted herself. Talk about completely confused!

Finally when the movie ended, I stood up with the other crowed, but she stayed put.

‘Well, let’s go, I don’t want your mom to kill me on our first. . . Ehh. . ‘encounter”

I hesitated on the word ‘date’ cause this was not at all a ‘date.’ No eye contact, no touching, no talking, what the hell?


She stuttered, it was cute, she always stuttered when she talked to me, but giving the circumstances, she wasn’t even talking to me, so this little stutter on a word caught me completely by surprise.


I sat right back down beside her and looked at her.

‘Can we go now?’

She looked down at her feet and blushed. I was so lost.

‘Sure, I was getting up to take you home…’

I laughed and held my hand out, she actually grabbed it and stood up! I smiled and tugged her hand gently and began to walk out of the theater. Once out of the movies I reached behind me ear and pulled out a cigarette and lit it. After a couple of puffs I passed it to her, but she was concentrated on something…So I put it back into my mouth and walked towards my car.

‘So, Where did you say you lived again?’

‘Off of roadel road..’

Her voice was barely audible, but I could tell what she said.


I pulled out my keys and unlocked my door. Hitting my unlock button she climbed in and closed the door, before I was even in my seat! By now, I was so lost I was just concentrating on not saying anything that would make me look like a complete ass. I settled in and flicked my cigarette out of the window and closed my door, started up the car and was about to put it in reverse…..When my music started blaring. It scared the living hell out of me that I jammed my foot in the gas peddle and revved my 96′ mustang.

‘Oops, haha, sorry…’

I blushed and turned the music down and looked at her. She was staring back at me, with something different about her, it was in her eyes and body language.

‘Whats wro-‘

She cut me off with a rough kiss, grabbing the sides of my face with her hands and forcing her lips against mine, crushing me into my door. She bit my top lip and groaned against my lips, sighing against them she ran her hand down my neck and down my chest. I stared into her eyes, I knew that look, she was in lust, a crazed yearning for sex. She continued running her hand down my stomach and between my legs, I shifted slightly and she reached under my seat and slid my seat back. In one quick movement she straddled my hips and wrapped her arms around my neck while grinding against my hips.

Me, on the other hand was completely stunned. . . MILLIONS of thoughts were racing through me head. I grabbed her waist and pushed my hips roughly against hers, which caused her to groan and make me shiver in response. Some Latino music came on, which she adored and started to dance on my lap, which drove me wild. I forced her lips open with my tongue and playfully prodded hers with mine. . .I didn’t care if we WERE in the movie parking lot, I was hott, and so was she. . .And I needed release. My pussy throbbed and I could feel her wetness seap threw her underwear and pants, through my pants. I pulled away from her and panted slightly, she was doing the same, but her breathing was more heavier.

‘S-s-so is this why you was acting weird?’


She squealed, slowly moving her hips forward and backwards against mine.

‘Do you think we can go to your place?’

She canlı poker oyna grinned and bit her lip, closing the space between out face’s she licked my lipreading and tugged on it gently.


I unwrapped my arms around her waist and picked her up off of my lap and set her into the seat. I smiled at her and kicked my car into reverse and speed out of the parking lot.

‘It will take close to five minutes to get to my apartment. . .’

I jumped slightly, causing us to jerk forward at a stop light. I looked down to see her head on my lap, and biting at my inner thigh.

‘Ah, K-katie, easy Im driving babe. . .’

I gripped her hair slightly and closed my eyes, she knew exactly how to make me crazy.

She giggled and bit further up my thigh. She wrapped her arms around my waist and rocked her body against mine.

I gasped slightly and opened my eyes. I looked beside us and saw this two in a car staring at me with wide eyes. I grinned and winked at them and speed off when the light turned green, trying to concentrate on my hands on the wheel.


Once inside my apartment, I layed my keys down and closed the door behind her. When the door made its familiar click when It locked, she came up in front of me and pushed me against the wall. I groaned and stared at her.

‘Oi, I’m suppose to be the dominant one. . .’

She ran her hands up and under my hoodie and shirt and gripped my ribs while she pushed her body against mine.

‘So. . .Whatcha’ gonna do about it?’

Her tits were huge, well to me. 42 D, and mine, I don’t even know. I always wore a sports bra, but I knew I had small tits. I switched the tables and pinned her against my wall, pushed my hips roughly against hers and bit her neck roughly.

‘You should know not to tease me Katie..’

‘But you’re fun to tease Brit..’

She wrapped her legs around my waist and wrapped her arms around my neck. She kissed my forehead and nuzzled her way to my ear.

‘Why don’t we go somewhere, where you can get more leverage?’

I laughed slightly and wrapped my arms around her waist, puling her away from the wall she kissed my neck as I carried her to my room. Once there I kicked my door shut and threw her on the bed.

‘Since I know you’re a screamer, Must I put on music?’

She licked her lips and nodded.

I walked over to my stereo and turned on the radio. I unzipped my hoodie and let it fall to the floor, she unzipped hers and threw it down. I grinned and unbuckled my pants. She smiled and unzipped hers.

‘God, You’re so hott. . .’

I unzipped mine and unbuttoned them, letting them fall I stood in my shirt and briefs.

She sat up on the bed and reached for me.

I walked towards her and she wrapped her arms around my waist and lifted up my shirt with her teeth. I placed my hand on her head and watched her.

She kissed my stomach and bit the band to my briefs and slid them down my ass and down to the floor.

I stepped out of them and layed beside her.

‘You’re pretty worked up ain’t you?’

She grinned and crawled over me and placed her hands under my shirt and lifted my shirt up as she dragged her hands up towards my chest.

I layed my head back and shifted slightly, I was unbearably horny and soaked. I could smell my scent and it turned me on even more cause I could see her wetness and smells her with mine.

She lifted my sports bra and took my nipple into her mouth and rolled her tongue around. She slid her other hand down my stomach and under my briefs. Her other hand was busy squeezing my tit that wasn’t occupied by her mouth. She slid her finger along my slit and prodded my sensitive clit.

I internet casino gasped and quickly grasped her hand with mine and moaned.

She moaned in response and slid her hand down my cunt and slipped two fingers into my soaked pussy and worked them in a rhythm.

I rocked against her hand and closed my eyes.

She let her mouth go of my tit and kissed my lips roughly, sliding her tongue into my mouth she kissed me passionately. She stopped kissing me and smiled. She removed her fingers and brought them to my lips and I greedily sucked them in, tasting my own juices. She giggled in approval and moved down between my legs and pulled off my briefs and went to sucking on my clit.

I bucked my hips and gripped the sheets tightly.

She ran her hands up my stomach and brought one down to my cunt and slid her fingers back inside me. Swirling her tongue around my clit I could feel myself on the verge of a orgasm.

‘K-Katie. . .’

She picked up her pace, both with her mouth and with her fingers, but fucked me harder and deeper everytime I gasped.

I could feel my climax reaching and I tossed my head back and forth, I rose my hips to her mouth and groaned heavily.

‘P-please don’t stop, UGH..’

With those words she sucked harder and I felt myself gush. My body spassmed and my pussy gushed.

She lapped at my cunt and kissed all the way toward my mouth, and I could taste myself.

I rolled over ontop of her and straddled her leg while rocking back and forth onto it and playing with her tits through her shirt.

She closed her eyes and rocked her body with mine.

I kissed her neck and sucked on it gently while may hands slipped under her shirt and bra and pinched her nipples. I stopped rocking and slid my hands from her breast and hooked my fingers in her thongs. I slipped them off and traced my hands up her thighs, brushing her pussy slightly and back up to her tits. BY now she was squirming and whimpering, which was fine by me.

‘Fuck me, Please…Please quit teasing me. . .’

She slid her own hand down to her cunt and started to rub her clit furiously. I grabbed her hand and placed it against my own cunt.

‘No. . .’

I kissed her inner thigh once her hand fell and spread her legs gently with my arms. I played with her cunt a few times, pinching her pussy lips and running my finger around her pussy hole and clit, only once to finally push two fingers into her cunt and wiggle them around some. I enjoyed watching her pant and stare at me with half closed eyes, because, she has never been fucked by a girl. I kissed her clit gently while working my fingers, and started to flick my tongue against her clit a couple of times after kissing her.

‘MMMmmmm Britt, god you’re so amaZING, UGH, yeah, mm’

She wiggled her hips against my mouth and watched me with both hands working her tits.

I placed my mouth against her clit, Already telling that she was close to a orgasm I sucked gently while flicking my tongue against her clit. She was bucking her hips against my mouth, and boy I was holding on for dear life.

‘BRITT, GOD IM ABOUT TO EXPLODE, GOD BABY, mmm, yeah that’s it’

Once I jammed three fingers into her tight cunt she exploded in my mouth and I gulped down each last drop. She was still rocking her hips against my mouth slowly, and I slowed my pace with my fingers , only having one still fuck her, I barely sucked on her clit until her tremors quit.


She pulled me by my head to her mouth and kissed me deeply for a few seconds until collapsing down onto my bed.

I grinned and crawled up against her body and wrapped my arms around her waist.

‘I know…’

I kissed her shoulders and neck for a few seconds before I knew she was on the brink of passing out.

‘Next time, I show you how good it feels to be fucked with a strap on.’

She laughed gently in my arms and I slid my hand back down her stomach.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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