Just a Little Scrap of Fabric

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“That’s all it is sweetheart.” she intoned again in that honey-dripping voice. “Just a little scrap of fabric. All that’s between me and you.” My pussy quivered a pulse a bolt of all the possibilities of what she could do to me ran through my head at once, in an instant.

She looked at me over the dinner table. We were closer than two diners should be to eat. Face to face. Her hand on my thigh. My breath hard to catch. Her finger tips pressing into my leg, eager, mere inches from my wetness.

“I…” I began, but she silenced me before another word could escape with the most dazzling kiss I’d ever had. Away fell the world. The people. The Diner. Just her and me in a moment of bliss.

All good things… I hadn’t noticed, but she’d broken the kiss and moved back. I unclenched my toes, opened my eyes and lost myself in hers. Not sure I wanted to swim out again.

She withdrew her hand from my skirt. Nails scratching gently but purposely down my warm flesh.

“Kassy, if you want to come and play, like the submissive I know you are, then come and play. I’ll make sure you’re first time doesn’t scare you away for good. Deal?” The words took a second to make sense and for just a heartbeat I leapt. She was beautiful. Serine, austere. 10 years my senior and my boss, a fashion house VP at that. Green eyes pierced me, her tight, cream top with the impossibly deep v neck for breasts that gorgeous flashed a promise to match the words as I glimpsed hard nipples piercing the silk. “Think carefully now. We could go back to how things were, see each other on Monday like this never happen. I want you, Kassy, your stunning, and I want to eat you whole, but this is a dance for two. Come along and I’ll show you how deep my rabbit hole goes.”

And with that she got up from the table, edged out from the booth and without a second glance striked heel after heel towards the hostess and the exit beyond. Kassandra’s head was spinning and not from the half glass of champagne Miss Harrington insisted on. Was she crazy? Could she do this? 4 weeks ago she thought she was straight. But now, now after the flirting and the ball gag she secretly discovered in her bosses desk and then the fantasies of Her… She swallowed. casino şirketleri Grabbed her purse and followed. Her eyes down in case anyone could read her blushed face and know what was happening.

Kassandra caught up to her at the lobby. Some doorman holding the double doors as she strode out into the crisp December air. She was within touching distant, though Miss Harrington must know she was there from the clatter of her own heels speeding to catch up, and yet she did not turn to acknowledge her. She just walked over to the nearest car and opened the door and held it, without looking back at her.

“In, little rabbit.”

The momentum of the promise propelled her inside. Her naked thighs on the leather, the short skirt bunched up as she slid over to let Miss H in. Door slam made her jolt back to reality. The hard, heavy metallic clunk breaking the spell.

“London and 5th”.

“Yes Miss Harrington.”

“And mind the bumps, my friend isn’t feeling so great.”

“Yes Miss Harrington. Of course.”

“Rest your head in my lap Kassy. It’ll help.”

Kassandra was once again a little disorientated. How did the cab driver know her? She wasn’t ill, wait, was she? I am feeling a little dizzy. Her hand came up to Kassy’s hair at the back and went deep. Fingers sprawled sending sparks of pleasure from them. ‘She smells amazing’ Kassandra thought and went unresisting with the hand as it led her down.

Fingers toyed in and around, up and over her scalp. The feelings were delicious and everywhere. This wasn’t what she expected, not at all, but she kept her eyes closed and face to the leather skirt as this domineering woman, her unexpected crush, showed an idle but specific care. She felt loved and safe but excited and in unknown waters. Her own nipples now were hard and grazing the fabric with every subtle jostle.

They swept around some hard corner and she felt the pull slide her away from this safe nest so pushed a foot out to stop her moving. The hand at her head swapped and the other landed at her thigh, very high. Her brace had caused her skirt to ride very far up indeed as tender fingers now stroked the exposed skin. Up and down, just a little, but always right to casino firmaları her crotch and never leaving her leg. She was wetter than she could remember in a long while.

Delirious from the overload of simple pleasure she mewled in wanton need and opened her legs, exposing the scrap of pink lace covering her pussy to… to Whatever! Kassandra wanted to reach down there and push it aside to allow access to her needy wetness but with her arms where they were she was pinned, lest she move and break the moment.

The stroking continued. Hair and thigh. Incessant and teasing. A low level pleasure on a constant hum. A flush came to her face again and she turned into the skirt to hide it, even in the darkness.

“Please… please touch me..” she whimpered out. Her erotic ache ran through her and she thrust her covered pussy out again. ‘Something more. PLEASE, anything more’ she silently begged, needing that next turn of the crank.

Miss Harrington was a maestro and silently proud of how quickly she had turned this quiet, cute young woman into an instrument she could pluck. She smiled, the ideas of where to take this next danced around her, but she hadn’t worn this skirt for nothing. It was a simple line of straps hanging downwards rather than a single piece of fabric.

She spread her legs. Kassandra was held my a suddenly firm hand in her hair.

“Rabbit. Hole.” was all she spoke and just like that Kassandra became aware of both Her smell and what was desired. Inside her a little something drove her to want to please.

The thought of kissing her first pussy and while that hand was firmly guiding her was sending thrills up and down her. From clit to toes to nipples to hair.

Her need for more physical touch now replaced, and in the darkness she delved. Miss Harrington taking a moment to pull aside the couple of leather straps to reveal her own heated cunt.

Kassandra tried to see, but it was too dark, and so she moved slowly forwards until she was able to kiss mons. And kiss she did. The heady fragrance of Her now impossible to resist nor did she want to. She tentatively reached out with her tongue. Finding and exploring all the places she thought would drive her own pussy güvenilir casino wild. Yet then, even in the midst’s of heaven Kassandra was propelled to a new place of worship. She lapped at the font of Her juices as if tasting heaven. She surprised herself at how much she loved the taste. Miss moaned and the fingers of both hands rand over her scalp, owning it. Positioning her.

The pleasure she caused drove the fire deep in her own desire and she again, awkwardly, thrust herself forwards, grinding a little against nothing. ‘Oh god, this is like fantasy’ she realized and squeezed her thighs together in hope of some relief.

She continued her feast, lapping at the goddess. Resting and then suddenly tightening hands letting her know when she was doing it right. The journey seemed endless. She didn’t care. She wanted to make her cum, here, now. Twisted in the back of a cab with hair and skirt and tongue and pussy all a mess.

She felt a hand leave her head and pull at her skirt hem. Higher and higher, here and there. Until her skirt was a belt and her ass was pointed up. Nails suddenly dug into flesh and she gasped, pain rattled through her like a fire and yet, not pain. A welcome pain. She moved up to where the little bead of pleasure was and went into overdrive.

Nails dug deeper into head and ass. Breathing heavy and the air was charged as with an almighty pot hole Miss H began to orgasm hard. Pulling Kassy’s head tight, every lick a torture and a heaven. She screamed then. One long, guttural, wordless, leg shaking moan and grunt as the orgasm ran through and over and down and done.

Kassy’s head was released from the iron grip, and fingers held loosely against her.

Kassandra beamed like a thousand suns in the darkness. She’d done it. A satisfaction of its own ran through her and she felt tingly at that. She’d done good.

“We’re here Miss Harrington. Have a good night.” The driver didn’t even turn around.

“Come on rabbit. Home time.” She said. and with a disentangling they exited the car on Her side.

Kassandra didn’t really take in the surroundings of where they were. It was dark. But in this pool of light was someone she wanted. Someone offering to show her a new place. She followed the click clacks along the path and beyond the heavy door.

Silent here. Warm. They we’re alone.

With all the tenderness and yet dominance and electricity in the world. They kissed, and Kassy’s world exploded.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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