Julia Loves Anal Play

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Julia opens the door to her home and sees a trail of rose petals leading through the kitchen and down the hallway. She smiles and knows that Jack, her husband, is at the end of the trail. She follows the petals upstairs and begins to hear the faint strains of romantic music. As she gets closer to the end of the trail, the music becomes clearer and the light becomes dimmer. She rounds the corner to their huge master bedroom and sees candles lit and her handsome hubby, Jack, uncorking a champagne bottle.

Jack smiles at her and says, “I’m glad you’re home.”

“You are?” She replies with teasing lilt in her voice.

He pours two glasses of champagne, walks to her and inhales the intoxicating scent that accompanies her wherever she goes. He knows this scent well, in fact, he practically lives for it. His beautiful wife smells even more luscious than she looks – and she’s a good looker, too! She’s a Cadillac of a woman, with poise, elegance, manners, and sophistication. He reaches around her head and feels her long, soft curls entwine themselves around his fingers and he feels his member stiffen.

“Um-hum,” he replies and takes a sip of champagne. “I have a present.”

“What is it?”

He saunters over to the dresser and pulls out a beautifully wrapped package with a huge red bow. Looking at Julia as if he could eat her with a spoon, he hands her the package.

“Is this a present for you or for me?” She asks.

“It’s a present for us.” He replies.

She places the package on the bed and slowly begins unwrapping it. Truly, she has no idea what may be in the box and her heart is beating a little faster with anticipation.

As the top comes off the package, Julia slightly gasps with shock. She looks at Jack and says, “You bad boy,” then, proceeds to lift the garment out of the box. He has bought her an expensive, beautifully crafted, one piece, open-crotch compression garment and silk stockings.

“What’s this!” She says with shock. She doesn’t seem mad or particularly happy, just stunned.

“Keep peeling back the tissue paper. There’s more.” Jack says.

Julia removes the tissue paper and in the very bottom of the box, she sees a set of graduating butt plugs and a harness. She cuts her eyes at Jack and he wraps his arms around her, acts as if he’s going to bite her neck, and whispers, “This will be fun. Trust me.”

She replies by kissing him hard and deep.

While kissing, he pulls her pelvis into him tightly, then he begins to inch her skirt up so that he can run his hands in between her buttocks and tease her back side. Julia moans and pushes her pelvis into his hands as if signifying more. They passionately kiss while he continues to squeeze and taunt her buttocks, then he grabs both cheeks and pulls outward.

Julia feels her vagina beginning to moisten. Her husband knows she’s aroused anally and he’s going to tantalize her. She’s not sure how this will proceed, but she has no doubt it will be fun.

“Baby, you’ll trust me, because you know I’ll never hurt you,” Jack whispers.

She replies by melting into his arms and pressing her body against his. She does love this man and she trusts him completely. During their kisses, they take brief moments to undress each other and Jack inches their bodies toward the bed. He pulls his head back from her beautiful face and looks into her eyes with the dilated look of excitement.

“What are you going to do to me?” Julia whispers.

“Lie down, on your back. Raise your knees and put your feet flat on the bed.” He puts his hands on her knees and parts her legs. Next, he opens the bed side table drawer and takes out a tube of KY Jelly. He puts a large dollop of jelly on his fingers then says in a doctor-like manner, “I’m going to check you manually, so, you’ll feel my fingers.”

She feels him smear cold jelly around her vagina (although she was already moist enough), then feels two fingers push inside her. She slightly winces. It would have been better if he started with one finger then added another.

“I’ll try to be as gentle as I can, but you may experience some discomfort.” He tells her, still sounding like a doctor. He places another hand on her lower abdomen, just above her pubic hair, and begins to palpate her belly. At the same time he pushes down on her stomach, he pulls up with the fingers inside her vagina. He feels all around her lower abdomen and his fingers inside follow suit with the hand on her stomach. He is purposefully a little rough. He wants to make her uncomfortable; he wants to see her wince. Every now and then, he rotates his fingers and separates them inside her and he also turns his fingers down and presses toward her rectum. From palpating, he notices her rectum is not full.

Julia occasionally winces and begins to grind her hips into the bed. Her loving husband has butter fingers from God and can use them to work her into a frenzy, but right now, he’s using them in a clinical fashion. She would hate to say bahis firmaları it out loud, but she likes this too. As long as there isn’t pain involved, she loves being dominated by Jack.

As Jack pushes into her lower stomach, he watches her expressions with intensity. “Good.” He declares in an official capacity. “Now, I need you to lie on your left side and pull your right knee up toward your stomach.”

Julia does as instructed and she feels Jack put his hands on her buttocks. He parts her cheeks to get a good look at her anus. She loves the sensation and she loves anal play. Truthfully, she’s a little nervous about the butt plugs because she’s never had anything larger than two fingers in her ass before. Her mind is running wild thinking of all the good things that could be coming.

Jack explains, “You’re going to feel me give you a suppository. It’s a little larger than you’re used to.”

Julia feels the cold, molded substance being pushed into her anus and she soars to heaven. Suppositories are uncomfortable and she doesn’t use them if she has to go in public, but privately, she finds them particularly erotic. Jack enjoys it too. A lot of times, Jack will tell her that he’s going to give her a suppository. Just the words are enough to make Julia wet.

She can feel her anus stretch around the intruder and she realizes it’s about twice the size of a normal suppository. It isn’t hurting, but it is intense. As the suppository is pushed almost all the way inside, Jack pulls her buttocks even further apart, then quickly pinches them shut.

“Ah.” Julia says as she feels her anal sphincter propel the suppository deep into her rectum.

“Delicious, isn’t it?” Jack says while leaning over to give her a peck on the jaw.

Julia, rolls onto her back, looks deeply into Jack’s eyes, wraps her arms around his neck and draws his mouth to hers. She kisses him passionately and deeply and at the same time, Jack glides his hand up her inner thigh and squeezes a little when he reaches her crotch.

Breaking away from Jack’s lips, Julia says, “Jack, it’s stinging.”

“I know, baby.” Jack replies with an evil grin.

Julia reaches down as if she’s going to touch her crotch and Jack grabs her wrist. “Don’t. No touching. Tonight, you are mine to do with as I please. I will pleasure you when I’m ready.” Then, Jack puts his hot lips directly on her ear and whispers, “You’re going to love this, baby, trust me.” Then, he gently bites her ear lobe.

Jack returns to a standing position beside his wife and again presses his hands into her stomach. He can feel her trying to move her pelvis and he growls at her raspily, “I know you’re uncomfortable, but just feel. That’s all. Savor every sensation. I made the suppository for you. It’s coco butter and peppermint. The peppermint is why it’s stinging and the coco butter is to make things slick. You can take it. I know you love it.” He says as he looks at her with an expression like he’s going to devour her whole.

Jack backs up from the bed and Julia can see how stiff his member has become. She knows he’s enjoying himself and he’s correct, she is loving this. Jack instructs her, “Stand up.” Julia stands and Jack gets the compression garment and he begins putting it on her. He’s given much thought to the type of garment he’d buy. He bought a garment that could be completely opened, wrapped around the wearer, then manually tightened as severe as one wishes to make it. Julia doesn’t have to step into the garment; he can do all the work. All she has to do is stand still. The top of the garment is a brazier and the stiff material continuously extends down to about five inches below her crotch. Around the base are dangling clips where stockings can be fastened. Jack gets the garment secured around her then begins to tighten the buckles. He begins at the top and works his way down and as he tightens each buckle, Julia can feel the rigid material molding her body and straightening her posture. Her breasts are cinched up, her waist is pulled in, and her hips and upper thighs have just enough room to allow for walking. After Jack has her body imprisoned, he moves to her front to assess the view.

His eyes gleam with erotic excitement and he says, “Baby, come with me to the mirror. You’re stunning!” Jack takes his wife’s hand and slowly leads her to a full length mirror hanging on the back of the bedroom door. She marvels at her reflection. Her silhouette is shrouded in soft candlelight and her figure looks like something out of a magazine. She’s never seen her body look like this and she’s actually quite amazed. Jack stands behind her and wraps his arms around her abdomen, then kisses her neck. She can feel his member, stiff as a board, poking her in the backside. She moans softly at the slight stimuli so close to the stinging suppository buried in her rectum. Her head leans back onto Jack’s shoulder and he puts his hands on the lower part of her stomach and pulls her tightly into him.

“Ah,” kaçak iddaa is all she offers as a response. Jack’s hands begin to caress the entire front of her body and her mind becomes dizzy with excitement.

Jack releases his hold, retrieves their champagne flutes, and offers Julia her glass. Then he says, “Sit.”

She stares at him a moment wondering if he is serious.

He again says, “Sit.”

“I can’t.”

“Yes you can.”

“I’m wet. I’ll make a mess.”

“Baby, don’t worry. If this garment can’t be cleaned, I’ll buy you another one.”

She daintily walks over to a small seating area in their massive bedroom. With trepidation, she begins to lower herself onto a love seat and she can feel the peppermint in the melting suppository stinging her backside. Jacks eyes glare intensely at her looking for signs of erotic pleasure.

She sits gently and, as she lets her entire weight rest on her buttocks, she feels the peppermint sting even more intensely than just a few moments before. Normally, if something like this were to happen, she would move or shift her muscles to try and release some of the tension. But right now, Jack’s bound her tight enough that she isn’t able to contract her muscles much, if at all. She must endure the stinging sensation of the peppermint while her tissue is compressed against the offending invader.

Jack sits in a chair opposite Julia and the two of them stare at each other and occasionally sip champagne. Jack is finding this adult playtime with Julia so hot that it’s hard for him not to touch his penis. But, he won’t! He won’t touch himself and he certainly won’t let her touch herself. He wants the two of them to climax together so he will practice self-control!

Julia sits straight as an arrow. The compression garment isn’t considered a corset, but it is certainly stiff enough to make her body subscribe to good posture. That also means, all of her body weight is perched on top of her rectum. She’s trying very hard not to show signs of distress, but the stinging is too great and she begins to slightly grind her hips.

Jack’s penis jumps with excitement when he notices Julia’s hips grind. He stands, refills their champagne flutes and stands beside her so closely that he can feel her body heat. He whispers, “Drink.”

She looks into his eyes and sincerely asks, “Am I going to need to drink?”

He shakes his head no and whispers, “Beautiful lady, cross your legs.”

She does as she’s told and Jack takes a few steps back, downs his champagne, and intensely watches her, soaking in her beauty. After a few moments, he comes back to her side, sets her champagne flute down, takes her hand and caresses her hand and arm. She realizes, he’s adoring her; he’s exalting her and she thinks how very much she loves this man. After a minute, he breaks the silence and whispers, “Stand and come with me.”

“Finally,” she thinks. She’s finding this torment particularly hard to bear. The two of them have occasionally talked about what it would feel like to be compressed and she’s told him she thought she would like it, but she had no idea exactly how erotic she’d find it. She loves feeling compressed and she’s about to burst with arousal!

Jack takes her hands, she stands, and he leads her to the bed. Then, he instructs, “Lean forward and put your hands on the side of the bed.”

She does as she’s told and then she feels him slide a hand up her inner thigh. He’s never felt her so wet! She is dripping and there is a large wet spot on the back of the garment where she was sitting. Jack’s overjoyed because he’s enjoying dominating her this way and now he knows that she’s enjoying it too.

His fingers fondle her compressed crack and make their way to her anus. She moans and pushes her buttocks into his hand. Then, she feels him slide a finger into her rectum and deliberately move it rather harshly. She becomes so weak in the knees that she loses control of her weight and beings to drop. Luckily, Jack catches her and stops her fall. He feels her entire body shutter with pleasure and he knows she’s ready.

To give himself a little room to maneuver, he uncinches the lowest buckle on the garment. Then, he tells her to lie on the bed, just like before with her knees up and her feet flat. It takes her a bit of maneuvering to get on the bed in the correct position but he is patient and enjoys watching the way her body moves while being compressed. What he’d really like to do is suck the wetness from her vagina and lap until his heart’s content but he doesn’t want to waste the moment since her ass is slick with coco butter.

Without Julia realizing it, he moves the butt plugs where he can quickly reach them. His hands seize her buttocks and he pulls them apart, separating her crack. The cool air on her hot anus makes her gasp and she wants him to push his member into her vagina so badly she’s about to cry. But, she knows he has a plan and he’s in control so she focuses on breathing and feeling kaçak bahis what his hands are doing.

He pushes his middle finger into her rectum and makes a come hither motion. As he curls his finger inside, Julia grinds her hips into the bed and moans loudly. He continues to make the come hither motion and twists his hand inside her so that all sides of her rectum receive attention. He places his other hand on her outer labia and uses his thumb to make a small circular motion on her clitoris.

Julia’s attention hones in on the clitoral stimulation and he uses this moment to surprise her by pushing another finger into her rectum. Julia’s pelvis begins to buck and he knows if he continues, she’ll climax. He’s not ready for this, so he immediately removes his thumb from her clitoris and ceases all movement in her rectum.

The sudden stop of stimuli makes Julia’s body try to coil but the compression garment is holding her straight. She whimpers from the restraint prohibiting her body from doing what it innately feels but she is simultaneously aroused by the whole experience. She can feel her ass muscles gripping her husband’s fingers and is frustrated that he is not moving in tandem with her.

Then, Jack removes his fingers from her ass. Julia cries out in disbelief that he isn’t going to let her climax. Before she can lament too long, she feels a cold object pressing on her anus. She immediately stiffens with dread because she knows Jack’s got a butt plug poised to be inserted.

Jack puts his thumb back on her clitoris and begins massaging and Julia groans and her back tries to arch but it’s restricted. Her eyes roll back in her head and Jack can tell she’s enjoying herself.

“Baby, I want you to breathe. If you can take my fingers, you can take this. Remember, I won’t hurt you.”

She reaches down and finds his hand lying on top of her pubic hair and squeezes, then she gives a very slight nod indicating yes.

He teases her rectum. He gently inserts the tip of the plug then pulls it back. Inserts, then pulls out. When he gets the first part of the tip inserted, he twists it and Julia groans with pleasure. He continues fondling her clitoris with his thumb but no longer uses a pattern of movement. Using a pattern will cause her to climax and he’s not ready for that. He wants to keep her mind off any discomfort in her rectum and that is all. He feels her fingers gripping his hand as he swipes his thumb across her clitoris, then pushes the butt plug half way inside her.

Julia moans. Her rectal muscles are fighting the plug and he’s holding it steady against her body’s instinct to expel. To help her, he circles his thumb on her clitoris about five times and he can see her pelvis begin to rock in tandem with his thumb. He pushes the plug a little further and looks at her pretty pink rose bud stretching, accepting his intrusion. Changing the sensation on her clitoris, he flicks his thumb over it and tells her, “Breathe.”

She inhales deeply, then upon the exhale, he pushes the plug all the way inside and she exclaims, “That’s all I can do!”

He smiles at her lovely face and says, “You’ve taken it all, baby.”

“It’s all inside?”

“Yes.” He says while still having his hand on the base of the plug.

“Can I come?”

He shakes his head no and removes his hand from her grip. He reaches down, grabs the harness and begins to secure it on his wife’s pelvis.

“More?” She asks.

“More for me.” He replies. Once he has the harness secure, he takes a step back, assesses her pelvis, then says, “Stand up.”


He looks at his wife as if he’s going to devour her and whispers, “Stand up.”

Because of the restriction in her abdomen, she isn’t able to get up the way she normally would. So, she rolls to her side then scoots herself down until her feet reach the floor. She stands and Jack comes closer. She’s unsure what he’s going to do next, then she feels him grab the loosened buckle on the compression garment. He stares deeply into her eyes and, with one quick yank, cinches the buckle tightly.

Julia blinks slowly and looks as if she’s trying to blink away the sensation. But, really she’s not; she’s savoring it. Jack kisses her passionately and she melts into his heat, then tries to fondle his penis. He grabs her wrist and says, “Not yet.” He leads her to the full length mirror and stands behind her, looking at their reflections. Both of them have flushed skin and it’s obvious they are both intensely aroused. Jack puts his hand on the base of the butt plug and pushed it into Julia’s tissue. Her eyes pinch shut, her head falls back upon his shoulder, and she groans.

“What does this feel like?” Jack asks.


“Good. And?”

“Everything is so tight! My ass is tight, my stomach is tight… “

He moves his hand from the butt plug and wraps his arms around her, then pulls her into his body and kisses the side of her face. He runs his hands over her body, feeling her and savoring this new experience. He whispers, “Do you like it?”

She whispers back, “Yes.”

“Sit down, baby.”

She looks at his reflection in the mirror with an expression of trepidation.

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