Jill’s Passion

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As she stood silently watching Lori undress, Jill marveled at how beautiful this young girl was. “My God, she’s so sleek and soft,” she thought as she continued to stare at the young woman’s thin, firm body.

“Come on, slowpoke!” Lori teased. “I want to see some of your sexy body too.”

Jill began fumbling with the buttons on her blouse. She was nervous, terribly nervous. She had never been with another woman and at age 50, she was feeling like a schoolgirl on her first date. Lori was half her age. So young, yet at the moment, so much more experienced than Jill.

“Here, let me help.” Lori said as she bounced across the bed toward Jill. She unbuttoned Jill’s blouse and slipped it off of her. Jill reached behind and unsnapped her bra, letting it fall to the floor. Lori held her hands and whispered softly, “It’s OK. You’re beautiful and I’m beautiful and we both have wanted this for a long time. It’s not wrong.’

Jill pulled her close, softly embracing her young friend. The sensation of their breasts together sent a wave of excitement through her body. “I know, I know.” she answered. “I’m not feeling guilty. Jim would understand. It’s just…Well, you’re so much younger. I mean you’re my daughter’s age and I’ve never even touched another woman in this way. What can…

Lori placed her finger on Jill’s lips and pulled down onto the bed. They lay next to each other, silently staring into each other’s eyes. Lori brought her lips to Jill’s. Jill felt her body tense up. As Lori’s tongue began to caress her lips and tongue, Jill’s casino şirketleri breath grew short and she pulled the young woman’s body tight against her. She returned her kiss with a passion she had not felt before.

“Oh God, I want you.” Jill cried. “I have wanted you since first smiled at me at work.. I dream about you. I watch your every move at the club. I lay awake at night, touching myself, thinking of you.”

Lori rested her head on the pillow and smiled at Jill. She had wanted this beautiful woman, too. She had been with many women, girls really. But Jill was different. She was sensual in a way no girl could be. Her breasts were soft and round, her hips and ass firm but giving. She moved and spoke with class and dignity. Lori knew that having her would be like nothing she had ever experienced. She was treasuring this moment.

“Let me show you how much I’ve wanted you.” Lori answered.

She lowered her mouth onto Jill’s breast and began to swirl her tongue around the stiff, erect nipple. Jill’s back arched as Lori began to pull the nipple gently between her teeth. She let her fingertips softly caress Jill’s inner thighs.

Jill pulled her firmly to her, rubbing her shaved mound against the young woman’s soft thighs. She felt a wave of electricity flow through her body as her clit began to throb. It was as if the words came from some unknown place as Jill moaned, “Eat me! Please lick me!” She had never talked dirty in bed before and she knew she was losing control, but somehow didn’t care.

Lori let her tongue slide casino firmaları down slowly toward her desire. She kissed and licked her thighs teasingly until Jill could take it no more. She grabbed Lori’s hair and pulled her face into her dripping pussy. Lori sank her tongue deep into Jill’s wet pussy, licking her juices back into her mouth. She sucked on her swollen lips, letting her nose rub against the hard clit protruding from its hood. As she let her tongue flick the hard clit, Jill’s thighs squeezed against her head, trapping her firmly in place.

“Lick it! I’m cuming! Suck it! My God!!!!” Jill felt her body ignite. Wave after wave spread out from her clit sending pleasure throughout her body. She pulled Lori’s face away from her drenched pussy, her clit too sensitive to touch.

“Oh my God, Oh my God…” was all she could mutter as she looked down at Lori’s beautiful smile, glistening with her cum.

Lori slid her tongue up Jill’s stomach, swirling around her nipples and finally kissing her deeply, allowing Jill to taste her own juices.

Jill could barely breath. She had never had a problem with orgasms, but never had she one this intense. “Is it always like this with women?” she asked.

Lori laughed, “Only when you are with someone you desire.”

She pulled her older lover’s head to her breast and let her have her first taste of a woman. Lori moaned as Jill’s passion was directed to her hard nipples. She kissed, licked and sucked them with an intensity Lori had never experienced before. She could feel her own juices güvenilir casino beginning to flow and quickly straddled over her lover’s eager mouth.

Jill took a tentative lick at the dripping pussy above her face. She wasn’t sure that she would be able to do this, but the scent and the sweetness of Lori’s wetness overwhelmed her. She suddenly found herself sucking on her pussy; wanting every drop in her mouth. She sunk her tongue deep in her, reaming her young lovers cunt. Jill heard Lori moaning as off in a distance. She felt her shutter as she came, the sweet juices exploding into her mouth. But she could not stop. She wanted more. Jill attacked Lori’s clit. It was very large, much larger than hers. She pulled it into her mouth and sucked it like she was sucking her husband’s cock. Her hands grabbed Lori’s firm, thin ass and pulled her tighter to her waiting mouth.

Jill was in another world. Sight and sound disappeared, leaving her only this beautiful pussy and the sweetness she could smell and taste. Lori’s juices seemed endless. She came over and over again pushing her pussy down onto Jill’s eager tongue. She knew Jill would be a sensual lover but the level of her passion was putting Lori over the top.

A feeling was building within her that she had never felt before. It was as if her whole being was being pulled through her swollen clit into Jill’s body. It released with an explosion as all her fluids released at once onto Jill.

Jill felt the warmth of cum and pee wash into her mouth and over her face. She wanted it to wash over her forever. Time had lost all meaning long ago. The stream of warmth engulfed her in an eternity. She wanted her lover right here, like this, forever. But there were other pleasures awaiting her she could not imagine at the moment.

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