Jessica Ch. 04: The Condo

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When I got up to our apartment, the door was unlocked and I walked in expecting to see them sitting at the bar drinking margaritas but no one was around. I looked around, no one in the living room or out on the balcony. Hmm, maybe they had gone to Laura’s place to see her toy collection. I decided to go take a leak and started walking down the hallway to the bathroom and I noticed the door to our bedroom slightly ajar.

All at once I heard moaning coming from the bedroom and I decided to go see what the hell was happening. When I looked through the crack in the door, I saw one of the most erotic sights I had ever seen. Jessica was laying on her back on our king size bed with her eyes closed, legs spread apart and knees slightly bent. Laura had her back to the door and was kneeling on the bed, her ass hiked in the air and her face buried in Jessica’s pussy, going to town. I could see Laura’s cunt and asshole from behind with little wisps of hair surrounding her labia lips as she attacked Jessica’s cunt like a starved beast.

Jessica was moaning and writhing while Laura held onto to her hips as if to keep the pressure of her pussy on her face. I watched silently as she lifted Jessica’s legs in the air and ran her tongue from her clit down to the pink hole of her ass causing the moaning to pick up pace. My cock was rock hard and I untied my suit and let it drop to the floor causing it to spring out perpendicular to my body. I began stroking my dick slowly and could feel the slickness of the precum coming out of my mushroom head lubing my shaft.

As Laura continued to furiously eat out the woman I loved, I watched mesmerized as Jessica’s head started to whip from side to side as she started talking dirty to Laura.

“Yeah baby, lick my clit and taste my juices. Oh god, you got me so wet. Make me cum all over your face you nasty slut.”

Laura moaned into the pussy she was munching on as she continued to work on her box as her hands reached up and massaged Jessica’s tits and nipples which elicited even more moans out of her. I could tell Jessica was close to coming as her breaths picked up pace and her moaning got louder. With her leg in the air, Jessica grabbed the back of Laura’s head and her body started to convulse. As the first waves of her orgasm started to wash over her, Laura inserted her index finger deep into Jessica’s asshole which brought a deep groan from her.

“I’m cumming!” Jessica screamed, startling me as I momentarily stopped stroking my cock.

Jessica was shaking from the type of orgasm even I had never seen or experienced with her before. After her shaking and writhing subsided, Laura came up for air and moved up to kiss Jessica full on the lips. Her face was wet with Jessica’s pussy juices as they started French kissing, Jessica grabbing the back of Laura’s head as their lips and tongue ferociously explored each others. This sensual kissing went on for a few minutes when Jessica said it was her turn. This casino şirketleri was too much for me as I stood there in the darkness of the hallway stroking my meat whistle.

Laura crawled up further on the bed and lay down on her back as Jessica lay one leg over the top of hers and they resumed kissing. Jessica started making her way down to the pink zone, softly kissing Laura’s neck as her left hand wandered over her pert breasts, fingers brushing the hard nipples along the way. Laura’s lips were parted slightly, eyes closed when she began to breathe a little heavier as Jessica began gently running her expert tongue around her left nipple, pausing to take it in to suck harder, her hand simultaneously pinching the right one.

After sucking and licking her left breast she moved over to pay attention to the right one, leaving behind a wet erect nipple purple with anger. As she began licking the other nipple her left hand rubbed Laura’s taut stomach as it headed for the object of her desire. As Laura spread her legs in anticipation, I caught my first view of her cunt – she had a small landing strip but was otherwise clean shaven, her labia lips swollen and glistening with the expectation of what was about to happen.

I watched as Jessica’s hand brushed over her mound and then covered Laura’s pussy, her fingers gently parting the lips and running them up towards her clit, quickly getting wet from the copious juice now flowing. She ran her fingers around the outside of labia lips causing Laura to arch her pelvis, inviting, no begging Jessica to touch her there. Jessica was furiously sucking on Laura’s breast as her fingers made their way to her clit and she began rubbing it in a circular motion. This caused Laura to moan as Jessica expertly massaged her button, occasionally skimming her slit with her fingers but not yet entering her hole.

Laura’s labored breathing started to pick up pace as Jessica inserted one, then two fingers into her vagina seeking the g-spot. This caused Laura to gasp and jerk momentarily as the intruding digits violated her airspace. Jessica fingered her pussy, pushing her fingers in and out a few time eliciting grunts from Laura as she pulled out two sopping wet fingers and went back to rubbing her clit. She repeated this cycle two or three times, each time upping the orgasm ante for Laura. Jessica’s clit rubbing picked up pace as she lifted her head from Laura’s tit and watched as her cunt rose off the bed to meet her hand.

Laura was getting close to orgasm as the initial pre-shocks of orgasm began to wrack her body. Jessica sensed this as she rammed her fingers back into Laura’s cunt up to her third knuckles as her back arched and her body began shaking violently as the shock waves went through her beautiful body. I watched in awe, no longer stroking my cock as Jessica got her new friend off. I knew Jessica had been with other women before but I had never been witness to such eroticism.

I think I was casino firmaları in a slight state of shock watching Laura moaning as her orgasm peaked with Jessica’s hand buried deep in her sopping cunt. As her writhing subsided and the afterglow began, Jessica pulled her sticky glistening fingers from Laura’s tight pussy and brought them to her mouth. The pungent smell of orgasm permeated the room and made its way to the hallway. Jessica offered Laura her fingers and she eagerly took them in her mouth to taste the combination of Jessica’s saliva and her own juices as well.

But Jessica wasn’t done. She immediately went back down on Laura’s cunt, eagerly lapping up her juices as she took long swipes at her pussy. I could tell she was running her tongue from Laura’s hot asshole, collecting the juices that had drooled down her crack and then running her tongue up the length of her slit with a drive by of her clit. Laura’s orgasm had barely subsided but Jessica was not giving her a free pass. Jessica’s ass was in the air giving me a clear shot of her hairy cunt, glistening with juices that were seemingly inviting me to play.

My cock was pointing straight out from my body now and I could take no more of just standing idly by as this fantasy unfolded in front of me. I stepped out of the swim trunks and pushed open the door and walked towards that beautiful ass presenting itself to me in all its glory. Neither one noticed me as I’m sure both had their eyes closed as they writhed on the bed in front of me: Laura was already pretty far along towards her own orgasm and Jessica was tenaciously making sure that she reached her Nirvana.

I couldn’t help myself as I reached out for the sides of Jessica’s ass and rammed my own tongue into her cunt eliciting a startling gasp from her. God she was wet as my tongue poked at her hot hole, gathering as much of her love juice as my tongue could coax. I then went for her pink asshole love bud as I covered her crack with my tongue. My finger began playing her clit as she moved her hips backward forcing my tongue into her asshole. The tip of my tongue darted into her bud but she was so tight it failed to penetrate. She continued eating Laura’s cunt as I worked on her.

My index finger started to work her tight asshole as I stuck it in momentarily only to replace with my tongue when I pulled it out. I was rimming her hard and alternating sticking my finger deeper which caused her to moan deeply – matching Laura’s moans each time. Finally, I took my face from her ass and stood up, grabbing by cock and started rubbing it against her slit, getting the head wet as I slowly inserted my raging hard into her.

Jessica knew what was coming next but it still didn’t stop her from gasping and jerking when, after I was halfway in, I rammed it all the way to the hilt casing her to jump slightly. I withdrew slowly and then rammed my cock back into her as the head hit her g-spot each time. She had stopped eating Laura’s güvenilir casino pussy now as she concentrated on taking my manhood deep into her pussy.

Laura wanted more of a role in the action so she spun around on her back and now had her head positioned under Jessica’s cunt as I slammed into her. They were in a sixty-nine position and Jessica resumed munching on her box as Laura’s tongue reached up to start licking Jessica’s clit. She tried to tongue my cock shaft as I slid in and out of Jessica but without much luck. I withdrew it all the way and stuck it in Laura’s mouth.

She eagerly sucked Jessica’s sticky juices from my cock shaft and head and maniacally took me down her throat. I thought for sure she would gag on my cock but she took it all the way down until my balls were rubbing her nose. I pulled out of her mouth and rammed my cock back into Jessica’s gaping pussy as the cycle continued. I continued ramming her cunt as her hips moved back to catch each thrust which only served to magnify the violent ending as my head reached deep inside her.

I pulled out again and shoved it down Laura’s throat as she sucked on me like a crazed animal. I was getting close to cumming as I reinserted my cock back into that tight pussy and started pounding away some more. After about 8 more deep strokes, I felt my balls tighten and I cried out as the first spasm of my orgasm rocketed deep inside her cunt. I continued to pump as I shot another load into her gash.

Laura’s tongue was still lashing at Jessica’s slit, and my cock when she could reach it. After the second stream, I pulled out and aimed at her cunt and fired another shot of white hot cum that ricocheted off her swollen cunt lips and streamed down to Laura’s waiting mouth. I then aimed my cock towards her mouth and unloaded 2 more streams. She caught most of it but it streamed out of her mouth. As she tried in vain to catch each shot, I just stuck my cock down her throat and unloaded the remainder of my seed into her warm pipe.

My knees nearly buckled as I tried to stay standing as Laura grabbed my ass cheeks and forced my cock deeper into her mouth. She sucked the sticky white cum from my head and shaft and then went back to Jessica’s cunt to fish what remained from her pussy. I watched as Laura thoroughly cleaned the last vestiges of my semen from Jessica’s cunt. I wanted a taste for myself so I bent down and began lapping up the lingering juices coating her pussy lips, tasting my man juice and liking it. I stuck my tongue into her wet hole and was rewarded with a dollop of sperm that I held momentarily before letting it drip into Laura’s waiting mouth.

I then kissed her full on the mouth as we shared my spunk between us. Then Jessica lifted herself off of Laura and turned around to plant a deep kiss on Laura’s lips, their tongues exploring each other’s mouth yet again and no doubt sharing what remained of my jizz. At one point, Jessica ran her tongue on the outside of Laura’s mouth to clean up a couple of stray dibbles from her cheek and chin, only to share the bounty with her again.

Finally, without a word, I turned and left these two little sex vixens in bed as I went in search of a well-earned margarita.

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