Janis , Anjie

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This is part of the continuing Janis stories. It would be helpful, to understand the characters, to read Janis and her son.

* * * * *

Janis was laying in bed, thinking about her son, Jayson. He was coming home from college tomorrow. She was ecstatic, after all she hadn’t seen him in almost three months, not since his second semester of college started; which meant, she hadn’t fucked him in over three months. He was twenty-one now and they had been having a sexual relationship for over three years. She wasn’t sure why she desired or craved him as much as she did. She wondered, why is sex with him so much better than with any other of her male lovers? Maybe it was because she loved him more than any other person she had ever known. But, most mothers love their son very much; they just don’t go around jumping his bones every time he come home from college.

Janis became aware that she was playing with her pussy; she didn’t even know how long she was masturbating herself. Do I have it bad, she thought? I think of Jayson and I play with myself automatically. She realized she was wet, very wet and horny. She could see this was going to be a vibrator night. Janis wondered how many mothers masturbate to visions of their sons. Why did she need him so bad? Could it be because he’s her son and that is one of the biggest taboos of society – sex with your offspring? She always got turned on by things that good girls didn’t do. That’s why she enjoys and embraces her bi side; again society believes it’s wrong. Well what ever it was, she had very strong desires and urges for Jayson. She should feel guilty, but she didn’t.

She was snapped back into the real world by the ringing of the phone. Janis answered it and found out it was Jayson. “Hi honey, I was just lying in bed thinking of you,” said Janis.

“I’ll bet your hand is between your legs now, isn’t it mother?” Jayson asked.

“You do know your own mother. Why, yes it was,” replied Janis. “Don’t you masturbate, when you think of me?”

“All the time, mother,” he said.

“Well, we won’t have to masturbate much longer, you’re coming home tomorrow and I’ll have you all to myself. Plus, we’re spending your spring break on the Gulf, just you and me. I hope we get out of our room long enough to get a tan,” said a very happy Janis.

“Mother, that’s what I called about,” said a rather sober Jayson. “I won’t be coming alone, Anjie will be with me. Now before you yell, hear me out. It’s really getting serious between Anjie and me; she could be the one for me.”

Janis said teasingly, “I thought I was the one for you?”

“Mother, you’ll always be the one for me, Anjie or no Anjie, that won’t change. However, I would like you to get to know her better and I thought this vacation would be the perfect time. Jayson continued, “Mother, we have been talking about my relationships, both with woman and with men. You always said you wouldn’t stand in my way, but that you would like to be included in them, if possible. I thought this might be a good time to see if that’s possible. We’ll be together in one room in a motel for a week, anything can happen; at least I hope it can. What do you say mother? Shall we try to bring Anjie into our relationship? She is sexy.”

“Do you think it would work Jayson? I’ve always found her attractive, I’d love to see you fuck her or have her eat my pussy. Does she seam receptive to it?” asked an excited Janis.

“I don’t know mother? When we watch porno flicks, she doesn’t get disgusted when there it is girl-girl sex. She’s even wondered out what it would be like to have a woman eating her pussy instead of a man,” answered Jayson. “Maybe you can come up with a plan that may increase our chances of having a threesome.”

“I’ll do my best,” said an excited Janis. “I’m still disappointed, we won’t be able to fuck as soon as you come home, but it may be well worth the wait. Luv ya honey, see you tomorrow.”

Janis lay in bed, thinking about her son’s suggestion of a possible threesome with Anjie. The more she thought about it, the wetter she got. She reached over and opened the draw of her nightstand. She looked at the three dildos and two vibrators lying in the draw, which one did she feel like? As wet and as horny as she was, she selected the largest one. She needed a big dick and this would do.

She fantasized about a possible threesome, while she fucked herself with the dildo. She imagined Anjie eating her out, or better yet, Anjie and her in sixty-nine position with Jayson watching and talking dirty. Yes, that’s it thought Janis as she shoved the dildo in and out of her pussy. In her fantasy, Jayson is yelling things like; “eat her pussy, make my mother come. And lick her clit mother, suck her pussy, put your tongue into the hole I fucked this morning.” Janis was working that big dildo in and out of her pussy much faster now, as she got more and more excited thinking about the possibilities.

She imagined a different casino şirketleri scene, this one with Jayson on his back and Anjie and her sharing his cock. She and Anjie are taking turns licking and sucking his dick. Every so often, while they both are licking his cock; their tongues meet and they shared a deep French kiss. While Janis is fucking herself with her dildo, her other hand reaches down to her pussy, finds her clit and rubs it. She goes back into her fantasy. She visualizes Annie’s hand reaching across her body and playing with her tits and nipples. Janis moves her hand up to her breast and plays with it the way she imagines Anjie would touch her. There Janis was, lying on her bed, dildo buried deep in her pussy, her fingers at her clit and the other hand pinching her nipple. She was working up to a good come. Back in her fantasy, Jayson is jerking off as she and Anjie continue their French kiss. Jayson’s cock explodes, sending hot come right at Janis and Angie. She can almost feel the hot come droplets hit her face and neck. She can feel Anjie’s tongue touch her cheek and neck as she licks the come off of Janis’s face. Janis’s body shuttered as the orgasm hits her; it was a nice one, but not the big one she had been working hard to get, however it still felt good.

Her mind visualized another scene, one that had Jayson on his back with Anjie sitting on his face and Janis riding his hard cock. Janis moved the dildo in and out of her pussy while in her mind she could see herself moving up and down on her son’s cock. She looked over at Anjie, watched her beautiful firm young breasts move up and down as Anjie ground her pussy into Jayson’s face. Janis visualized her son’s tongue probing deep into his girlfriend’s pussy. One of Anjie’s hands went to Janis’s pussy to play with her clit; the other hand went to one of Janis’s tit and began to squeeze and massage it. Janis’s own hand went to her clit to mimic her fantasy. She pinched, rubbed, and squeezed her clit. In her fantasy, she was bouncing up and down on her son’s cock while Anjie tried to hold on to her tit and clit. Janis’s began shoving her dildo in and out of her pussy very rapidly; she could feel the big one getting ready to rack her body. She pushed her fingers together, trapping her clit inside of them. Then, while her dildo was hitting places inside of her, where no cock had touched, she pinched her clit almost as hard as she could. That did it, her body went into spasms, she screamed and moaned, her hand was drenched in pussy juices and she blacked out for a few seconds.

When her orgasm subsided, Janis thought, I hope we can get Anjie to go a long with a threesome. If it’s half as good as my fantasies, we’ll need a vacation from the week’s vacation of fucking at the Gulf. Janis smiled at that thought, as she went to the bathroom to clean up. Just before she went to sleep, she came up with a plan on how to get into Anjie’s panties.

Janis woke up after a good night’s sleep. It’s amazing how a powerful orgasm will help you sleep like a baby, she thought. She took a shower, got dressed and drove to airport to pick up Anjie and Jayson. She didn’t have to wait very long before their plane landed and she saw them by the baggage area. When Jayson greeted her, she expected a little hug and a peck on the check, but he surprised her by giving her a rather passionate kiss on the lips in front of Anjie. Anjie gave her a hug and followed Jayson’s lead and a kiss on the lips although it wasn’t as passionate.

It took them about thirty minutes to get home from the airport. Jayson and Angie deposited their suitcases in his room and then they went out. Jayson wanted to take Anjie to meet a few of his friends. It was late when they got back and Janis had already gone to bed.

The next morning Jayson was up and out of the house early. He had made arrangements with friends to go golfing long before Anjie was scheduled to come along on his vacation. That would allow Anjie and Janis a chance to get to know each other. They decided to do what women like to do, go shopping. They both could use a new swimming suit and some casual clothes for the vacation on the Gulf.

As they were walking through the mall, Janis stopped in front of a store that had big sale signs pasted all over the window. “Anjie, lets go in here, I buy a lot of my work clothes and everything is fifty per cent off” Most of the clothes in the store were upscale, catering to the businesswoman. Janis and Anjie walked over to racks of dresses. As they were looking through the rack, a rather attractive sales clerk approached them.

“Are you looking for anything in particular?” the woman asked.

“No, just some dresses or suits for the office. I saw you had a big sale so we came in,” replied Janis.

“Why yes, everything is fifty per cent off. It’s our spring clearance sale,” explained the woman. “You’re a size ten, aren’t you,” she asked Janis. Janis nodded in agreement. The woman went through the rack and picked casino firmaları out three dresses. “Here, these three should look good on you. One was a black dress, one a blue and the last one a red dress. “They’re all different styles, but they should look very good on you, accenting your dark hair and attractive figure,” the woman said, with a warm smile directed at Janis. “Why don’t you try them on? Right this way.” she said to Janis. She took Janis by the arm and led her to the dressing rooms, while Anjie followed. She opened the door of one room, hung up the dresses on the hook and allowed Janis to enter and shut the door. I’ll be waiting out here, if you need any help, anything at all,” she told Janis as she closed the door. The saleswoman turned to Anjie, “Is that your mother?”

“No,” replied Anjie, “she’s my boyfriends mother.”

“Oh, so you two are out shopping while the men are out doing what men do.”

“No, it’s just my boyfriend. He’s out golfing,” said Anjie.

Suddenly the door opened and Janis stuck her head out. “Anjie, could you help me and hook me up in the back?”

Before Anjie could answer, the saleswoman said, “Here, let me help you,” She hooked Janis up, however she took her time and her fingers lightly brushed Janis’s skin. “Come on out and see how you look. There a big, full-length mirror out here.”

Anjie watched the saleswoman’s face as Janis came out of the dressing room. She appeared to be checking Janis out. In fact, Anjie thought the woman had been friendlier then was needed to make a sales and a commission. Anjie watched the woman check Janis out, looking first at her face and then as Janis turned around she stared at her ass. If the clerk had been a man, it would look like he was interested in Janis sexually, but she was a woman. Then it hit Anjie; the saleswoman must be a lessie. She decided to watch her more closely. As she watched, the saleswoman made every excuse to touch Janis. Yes, Anjie was convinced, the woman was definitely hitting on Janis, but what surprised Anjie was that Janis appeared to be flirting back. Janis bought one dress and at the checkout counter the saleswoman had Janis fill out a card that would enable information of sales events at the store to be sent to Janis’s house. Anjie thought, I’ll bet that’s not the only reason the woman wants Janis’s address and phone number.

As they were leaving the store, Anjie was going to say something to Janis about the saleswoman’s behavior, but she never got a chance. Two stores down was a swimming suit store and again everything was on sale. “Come on Anjie,” said Janis, “we have to find that perfect suit.”

Both Anjie and Janis began looking for suits both for themselves and for each other. Every so often, one would hold up a suit and the other would nod if they liked it or not. As Anjie was looking through the rack, she found the perfect suit, or so she thought, for Janis. It was a red bikini and Anjie took it over to Janis. At first Janis liked it, but then she saw the bikini bottom very brief, it was not quite a thong but close to it. The front had a small triangle that barely covered her pubic area and the back of the suit showed more ass than it covered.

“Anjie, I can’t wear that, it’s too skimpy for a woman my age,” said Janis.

“Janis,” replied Anjie, “you have a great body especially for a woman in her forties. You have a nice figure, why don’t you show it off. Jayson is always saying telling me how sexy and young you look. He tells me people mistake him for your boyfriend and not your son when you guys go out to eat. Try it on, you’ll look awesome.”

“OK, I’ll try that on, if you try this one on.” Janis held an even skimpier suit, the top looked like it would allow more of her tits to be hanging out than covered. The bottom was a thong, with only a small triangle of material in front that would just cover her pussy. “Come on, you have a much better body than I do, you would be so sexy in this suit, men would go wild. Jayson always tells me, when you guys go out together, men are always checking you out. It makes Jayson feel proud that his girl is the one that other men desire. What do you say, we’ll both become daring this vacation.

So they went to the changing rooms and got adjoining dressing rooms. Janis got finished first; she looked at herself in the small mirror in the dressing room. She looked good, damn good, she thought. The top accentuated her breasts, even gave her some cleavage, even though she didn’t have a whole lot on top. The bottoms were awesome, totally awesome. They showed off her long legs and her tight ass. Yes, as Janis looked at herself in the mirror this was the suit. She knocked on Anjie’s door. “Come on out, what’s taking you so long,” asked Janis.

” I can’t come out in this,” replied Anjie.

“Oh, Anjie you have a fantastic body. I would kill to have what you have. If I had your tits and ass, I’d wear that suit in a minute. Come on out and let me see it.”

“Janis, güvenilir casino I can’t.” Anjie opened the door and stepped back into the room. Janis looked at Anjie and saw the problem. The bottom was so small that there was hair sticking out from the suit. “See. I can’t go out like this.”

Janis replied, “So you have to shave when we get home, big deal.”

“No, Janis I don’t shave myself, even my legs. Give me a razor and get ready to call the medics. I’ll have more cuts than you can imagine and things like Nair give me a rash. The only thing I can do is get it waxed and I don’t know if I could get it done, since we’re leaving tomorrow morning.”

“Anjie, that suit is great, turn around. OH MY GOD, you ass is absolutely gorgeous.” Said a very excited Janis. Anjie blushed a little. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to embarrass you, but that suit is you. I’ll tell you what; we’ll get these suits and go home. I’ll call the woman who waxes me and see if she can fit you in. If she can’t, maybe Jayson can help you.”

“Are you kidding,” laughed Anjie. “Jayson is even worse than at shaving than I am. Didn’t you see he has an electric razor? I got him that for Valentine’s Day. He always had cuts and scabs on his face. It looked stupid.”

“OK, I could shave you if you would let me. I’m very good at it and I haven’t had any complaints.”

“I guess that would be OK, I really want to wear this suit.” As Anjie changed back into her clothes, she thought that comment, about not getting any complaints was kind of strange. Did Janis shave other women, and if she did, why? Maybe she would ask Janis about the comment later.

As they were walking to the register, Janis took Anjie suit and said “my treat.” She reached into her purse to get her wallet out. She handed Anjie the money to pay for the suits. “Here Anjie, pay for the suit, I’m going to run back to the last store to pick up my dress.” Noticing the length of the line at the register,” Janis said, “I should be back before you pay for the suits.” Saying that, Janis hurried out of the store.

As soon as Janis left, they opened another register and she was the first person in line. She paid for the suits and walked back to the other store to find Janis. She walked in the store and quickly looked around; she didn’t see Janis. Anjie walked to the back of the store, where the dressing rooms were located. As she looked toward them, one door opened and Janis came out of the room. That’s strange thought Anjie. She was about to get Janis’s attention, when out of the same changing room came their saleswoman. They both looked around to see if anyone was watching. Anjie ducked behind a rack. She observed Janis and the woman embrace and kiss each other on the lips, it was a quick kiss, but still it looked passionate. Anjie hurried out the store before Janis saw her. When Janis got into the mall, Anjie was just coming out of the swimming suit store.

“I’m sorry I took so long,” said Janis as she met Anjie coming out of the swimming suit store. “Theresa wanted to show me another dress she found in my size. I had to try it on, it was nice, but I didn’t buy it.”

It’s Theresa now, thought Anjie.

“Let’s go home and see if I can get you an appointment to get waxed,” said Janis. “They’re usually busy, but I’ll bet for me, they’ll squeeze you in. I’ve been going there for over ten years, ever since it opened, I’m one of their oldest customers.”

On the ride home, Janis small talk, about the Gulf, the suits, Jayson and a lot of other stuff. Anjie only half paid attention, she was thinking about what she saw in the store. Was Janis a lesbian, she wondered? She had been married, but they got divorced, that could have been the reason for the divorce, thought Anjie. No, Jayson has talked about his mother dating men, even the noise that comes out of her room, when she’s entertaining her date. Maybe Janis is bi, thought Anjie. That must be it; Janis is bi that would explain what Anjie saw. That didn’t upset her; Anjie had some bi friends. In fact, at a sorority party, one of her bi friends made a pass at her. They kissed and hugged before another person entered the room and the two girls stopped. It felt good and Anjie really didn’t know how far she would have gone if they hadn’t been interrupted. She knew Jayson wouldn’t be home until later, that would give her time to talk to Janis, that is if she dared.

As soon as they got into the house Janis ran to the phone to call and get Anjie a waxing appointment. Anjie heard the end of the conversation and the way it sounded, Janis couldn’t get an appointment. Janis confirmed that fact when she came into the family room where Anjie was seated watching TV.

“I couldn’t get you an appointment, they’re short a girl so they can’t squeeze you in.” Janis told Angie. “I guess you have a few choices, one you could wait until we got to the Gulf and see if you could get someone to do it there.

“I don’t like that option,” replied Anjie, “You don’t know how clean the place is or anything about it. Plus, they may be booked, too.”

“I agree with you,” said Janis. “That brings us to the second option, you wear the old bathing suit and not the new one.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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