Jane’s Unexpected Evening

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This is not a true story. It is based on a partial description from a friend, with names change to protect the innocent. While the story did not take place, “Jane” confided in me that if she had not been working early and had been able to drink to her heart’s content at the wedding here, she might have been drunk enough to make this story a reality. I was captivated by the thought, and this is the result.

This is also my first actual submission of a story of any kind outside of a classroom. Thoughts and comments are appreciated.


My name is Jane, and this is the story of my only lesbian encounter to date. It began with meeting a friend of a friend at a wedding and getting just drunk enough to make a strange decision.

The wedding was a decent one, as far as these things go. The bride and groom were lovely, nobody ran off at the altar, there was plenty of dancing and even an open bar. I was in a pretty red dress, nothing too fancy but enough to show off a little, even though my 33C bust size doesn’t have too much to show. The dress accentuated my other assets, like my butt and my legs, and still let me dance even when I was kind of drunk. This is kind of related to the open bar.

See, since I didn’t have work until the next night, I felt comfortable drinking however much I wanted during the reception. Other people at my table felt the same way, including a girl named Angela. She and I had met before, and since our friend was getting married we were naturally at the same table. Where I made my dress look good, her little black dress made her look absolutely delicious. I’m (mostly) straight, and I could barely keep my eyes away from her cleavage while I was sober. I didn’t realize how much I was staring until we were both a few drinks in. Then she was staring at me, and I was starting to blush.

“Like what you see?” she chuckled, pushing her chest out a bit. We weren’t alone at the table, but everyone else was involved in their own conversations. She moved closer to my seat anyways, and that startled me enough to start thinking.

Angela is a lesbian, something that I knew before the wedding but that hadn’t exactly been relevant. Now, though, she was starting to hit on me, and I could tell pretty quick that my blush wasn’t just because of the alcohol. I definitely did like what I saw, but I was still pretty sure I was straight. I didn’t want to say anything to make her think I was into her, but I swear her boobs were hypnotic. They kept drawing me back in.

“I think I need another drink!” I chirped, blushing even more at the high-pitched noise, and carefully walked away. The wedges weren’t too hard to balance on normally, but they were becoming more and more difficult now that I was nervous and tipsy. I happened to glance over to see her looking at my butt as I walked away, before she caught my eye and smiled.

“Get me one too!” she called, “I’m going to go dance!”

She and I had both been drinking mostly Corona, mostly because I knew it took a lot of Corona to get me drunk. I’d also taken a couple of shots though, and I decided that I had better go back to beer for now. If she was affecting me this much after this much, I could only imagine what it might be like if we drank more. I grabbed two Coronas from the bartender, smiling brightly and puffing out my chest like Angela had a few minutes ago. He wasn’t very cute compared to Angela, or even to some of my coworkers, but he was being kept busy. Maybe my cleavage would help make his night a little better.

I headed over towards the dance floor, where Angela was dancing with a girl I didn’t know. I didn’t think the girl was a lesbian any more than I was, but the two of them were still close. I was at a loss, for a second; should I go back to our table and leave the beer for her there, or wait for the dance to finish? Fortunately, the mystery girl settled that question quickly when a boy came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. She turned around and started making out with him on the floor! Angela chuckled and walked over towards me, grabbing the beer in one hand and running her other hand up my back.

“Come on, let’s get to the table,” she laughed. “I think that’s enough dancing for now.” She kept her hand on my back until we sat down again, where she put her hand on my leg. “You’re very pretty, Jane,” she said with a smile. “Do you think I’m pretty?”

I had no idea how to respond at first, so I gulped and took a long swallow from my beer. When I set it down, naturally my eyes were drawn right back to her cleavage. Almost without consciously considering, I told her “Well, I definitely like your boobs!”

Angela laughed loud enough to draw stares from two tables away. “I can tell! With the way you’ve been looking at them all night, it’s like you’re looking right through my dress!” She leaned in closer and whispered, “If you want to see what they really look like, all you need to do is ask.” With that, she relaxed casino şirketleri back in her seat while I lowered my head and blushed. When I looked back up, she was tilting her head back and downing a healthy amount of her beer. This pushed her chest closer to my face, and she glanced down from her drink to catch me staring again. She set her beer down and winked at me.

“I think we might need another shot,” she grinned. “Then we can dance!”

“I don’t know,” I stumbled, “I’m not walking too steady as it is.”

“Pft, don’t worry,” Angela replied. “We’ll balance each other out out there!” Before I could argue, she had stood up and grabbed my hand. “Come on!” she told me with a smile, “I want to get to know you better!”

“We’ve been talking all night,” I started to protest as we moved towards the bar.

“Yeah, but I haven’t gotten to really know you, you know?”

“I think?” I replied. I had a fleeting thought that I might have been more drunk than I expected, but it was driven out by Angela shoving the shot into my hand. It was bright blue with a few hints of orange, and I eyed it suspiciously at first. In response, Angela pouted at me, pushing her elbows under her breasts.

“C’mon, Jane, I want to dance with you!” I let out a nervous chuckle as she drank hers, and then threw mine back. When I brought my head back down, she was suddenly very close and was planting a kiss on my lips. I didn’t have time to react before she pulled away, laughing and grasping my hand as she walked towards the dance floor.

I was still in shock, practically moving on reflex as she pulled me along. I didn’t know how to react to the kiss, and she wasn’t giving me time to react; Angela finished pulling me on to the dance floor, keeping her hands on me while we danced but never going anywhere inappropriate. After a minute, I decided that this wasn’t too bad. I tried to close my eyes and focus on the song, one of my favorites from Tove Lo, and tried not to think about the fact that a pretty girl had kissed me just a few seconds ago. I wasn’t able to focus very well on dancing or the song; my mind was flooded with thoughts of kissing her back. And not just kissing her; I pictured her sliding out of her dress and embracing me, imagined her body pressing against mine. I opened my eyes to her see her dancing in front of me, her little black dress drawing my eyes to her chest, to her waist, before I finally dared look her in the eye.

Her deep brown eyes practically radiated lust, and when she smiled at me my heart practically skipped a beat. She pulled me close and kissed me again, this time deeply, and I kissed her back hard. After a few seconds of passionate kissing, she pulled back and took us off the floor. We found a quiet corner, and Angela kissed me again. I could feel her smile as we made out, and couldn’t help smiling back into her lips. Her lips were soft and warm against mine, her tongue gently pushing into my mouth while her hand made its way up my back and into my hair. She pulled me close, pushing her tongue deep into my mouth, then gently sank her teeth into my lip and pulled back. At the slight pain, I moaned softly, and she stepped back.

“Jane,” she whispered, “Would you like to come home with me?”

All I could do was nod, and we stepped outside.

Angela took her phone out long enough to call Uber before kissing me again. We stood by the curb trading touches and pecks and smiles before the car pulled up. The drive flew by, and she excitedly pulled me into her apartment. We barely made it through the door before she had me pressed against the wall, kissing me and running her hands all over my body. I could only moan into her mouth as she squeezed my butt, making pleased noises of her own as she continued to grope me. She took one hand off and ran it up my spine, her nails scratching through my dress and making me whimper. When her hand reached the top of my dress, she gently pulled the zipper down and reached inside the fabric, brushing over my skin. I moaned again, but before I could do anything about it she stepped back and grabbed my hand, pulling me towards her room.

Once inside, she pushed me towards the bed while she closed the door. I stumbled a little, but landed softly on the blankets and turned towards her with a smile. She faced me with a grin, her brown eyes practically devouring me. “Oh, I can’t wait any longer,” she groaned. Her hands moved quickly behind her back, and the black dress fell to the floor in a puddle. A bra wouldn’t have fit under her dress, and I gaped openly at the vision standing before me in nothing but a black thong and flats. “Take off your dress,” she panted, pulling her shoes off. Almost unconsciously, I raised my hands, undoing the knot at my neck and pulling the zipper the rest of the way down. I stood up long enough to drop the outfit on her floor when she crossed the room and pressed her lips against mine. Her long nails had been taken off, and her regular fingers scratched up casino firmaları my sides. Giggles almost escaped, but she was pressing hard enough to leave marks; instead I gasped into her mouth.

Her fingers moved behind me, and deftly undid my bra. That garment joined the red dress on the floor, and our breasts mashed together as we kissed hard and deep. I felt her hands reach down and grab my own, gently raising them until I could feel her soft breast beneath my touch. “Do you want to touch them more?” she purred, kissing along my cheek.

“Uh huh,” I breathed, running my palms around her breasts and seizing her nipples in my fingers. She groaned and pressed deeper into my hands, and I marvelled at how different they felt from mine. Hers were larger, softer, and welcomed my grasp. One of Angela’s hands came up and squeezed my breast, then pinched my nipple between her thumb and forefinger. Her other hand slid under my panties, and I felt overdressed. Where Angela’s lacy thong left almost nothing to the imagination, my red lace underwear covered me fairly thoroughly.

Before I could offer to do anything else, Angela dug her nails into my butt. I started to yelp, but her kisses had moved down to my shoulder and she sank her teeth between my neck and my collarbone. My yelp turned into a low moan, and I melted forward while my hands kept mechanically massaging her chest. She kissed and bit her way up my neck, and when she reached my ear she paused to nibble around my earring.

“Take my panties off, now,” she told me. Her tone left no room for debate, and I looked into her eyes to see excitement shining in them. I had a brief moment of surprise, but she nipped at my ear again and I gently moved down. My hands slid from her breast down her stomach, seizing the thin fabric.

I stopped for a quick detour, though. Her breasts had been staring at me all night, and I needed to do more than just touch them now. I kissed her left breast gently, tracing around the areola and lapping my tongue against the tip. I was rewarded with a groan of pleasure, and her hand moved from my right breast to hers, squeezing the soft flesh and flicking against her nipple. I gave her left side on long, last lick and moved over to kiss her right breast over her hand. Her fingers teased around my lips, opening my mouth more and shoving more of her flesh into my mouth. “Bite it,” she whispered, and I dug my teeth into her breast. I kept licking at her nipple, staring up at her face as she whimpered with pleasure and pain. She finally opened her eyes and locked her gaze with mine, smiling broadly.

“That’s enough for now,” she murmured. “Didn’t I give you an order?”

I let her nipple out of my mouth with a loud “pop” and giggled. “Yes, you did,” I replied, moving my hands down and taking the tiny piece of fabric with them. To my surprise, she kept pushing me down, and I found myself staring directly at her drooling pussy lips. She pivoted, forcing my shoulders to turn, and sat down on her bed. Her lips were swollen and puffy, and her bright red clit stood out from under its hood. I knelt before her, staring at the sex that was so familiar and yet so alien to me. Angela’s hands ran along my face, then moved up and wove into my hair.

I felt my head get pulled closer to her pussy, even as I heard her moan, “Eat me, Jane.”

I may not have had any idea of what I was doing, but I knew what I liked. I’d had boys eat me out before, and I started out by running my tongue up her slit, not quite reaching her clitoris. Her taste was tangy and slightly salty; I wasn’t sure if I liked it, but I was again being pressed further in before I could react. I kept licking between her lips, forcing the swollen tissue to open and let me in. My nostrils and mouth were filled with her scent and taste while her hands pulled at my hair, and after a few minutes of licking and her and pressing my tongue into her opening, she started cursing quietly under her breath.

“Oh my god Jane that feels so good oh fuck yes I’m facefucking you, stick your tongue up my cunt you good little pussy licker,” she panted, and I was again briefly in shock. “Lick my clit you teasing little bitch,” she snarled before I could pull away, and her hands in my hair pulled my face up and my tongue pressed against her button. “Oh fuck, that’s it, that’s it,” she panted, adding after a few moments “Where are your hands? Put a finger in me, or two, oh fuck yes,” she added as I raised my left hand and dug them into her opening. I started thrusting my hand into her, and she quickly reacted, crying “Oh yes, get up in there, you know where it is, OH!” she cried as I curled my fingers up to press into the spongy g-spot. “Don’t stop, don’t stop, oh god don’t stop,” she whimpered, and I had no choice but to keep licking at her clit while her legs wrapped around my head. “Oh, FUCK,” she yelled, her pussy clamping down on my fingers as I sucked on her clit, bringing her over the edge.

After a few seconds of intense güvenilir casino pressure, she lowered her legs and untangled her fingers from my hair, running them along my face. “You look good covered with me,” she purred. I blushed, having no idea what to do now. Angela clearly had some ideas though, as she laughed and threw her legs away from me. “Get on the bed,” she told me with a smile, “And take those panties off for me.”

Still blushing, I complied, adding the red underwear to the pile on the floor. I then laid down on her blankets, wearing only my wedges, and wondered if I should be covering up anything. I licked my lips and realized that I was, in fact, covered with Angela’s pussy juice. I could still smell her, even; covering up anything after that would be kind of pointless. I instead turned to look at the naked woman whose room I was in.

She looked just as stunning out of her clothes as she had in them. Her beautiful boobs hung down and away from her body as she leaned over a dresser drawer, the dark pink nipple still standing hard after her orgasm. Her butt wiggled softly as she dug around, and I could see her pussy still leaking a little. I smiled at the sight, then my eyes widened as she turned around holding a dildo. “You’re going to use that on me?” I exclaimed.

“Matt here is barely six inches, don’t worry,” she replied. “And I’ll make sure you’re good and wet for him. But I want to fuck you, Jane. So lie back for me and let me do you right.”

For a moment, I considered getting my clothes and just walking out. Angela was already walking towards me though, and even though she’d already cum she looked every bit as horny and determined as she had before I’d eaten her out. And I was horny, too. I hadn’t exactly been planning this, but it had been a long time since I’d been laid, and Angela was doing things to me. With a whimper, I did as she said and laid back on her bed.

Surprisingly, she set “Matt” the dildo down next to me first. It was barely settled before she crawled on top of me, kissing me and pushing her tongue deep into my mouth. Her knee was between my legs, pressing against my slit and occasionally rubbing against my clitoris while she made out with me. I moaned into her mouth and shifted my position, opening my pussy lips and pushing my clit directly against her leg. I could feel my juices building up, a sticky surface between my legs, when she pulled away and kissed down my neck. She was on the other side from where she had bitten me earlier, and her teeth dug deep between my collarbone and neck. I let out a long, deep groan as she sucked and bit that hyper-sensitive spot, then whimpered as she left that spot free and moved down to my breasts. Still she was not content to just lick, nipping and biting at the soft tissue and the hard nipple until I was gasping for breath.

“Please,” I whispered.

“Hm? Please, what?” she replied back, gently nibbling at my right nipple and grinning.

“Please fuck me,” I pleaded.

“You want me to fuck you here?” she asked, running a hand down to my pussy and stroking my lips.

“Yes,” I whispered.

“You want me to eat your pussy and fuck your dripping wet cunt with Little Matt?”

“Yes,” I replied again, gazing down at her.

“Then say it. Tell me what you want me to do.”

I would have blushed, but my cheeks and my pussy were already burning. “I want you to eat my pussy and fuck my cunt with Little Matt,” I whispered.

“Since you were such a good little pussy licker, I think I’ll go ahead,” she told me with a smile. She nibbled her way down my stomach, then made sure to kiss over my hair. I never shaved entirely, but she seemed to have no problem with it. She raised her head, deliberately dodging my clit, and pulled my lips apart with her teeth. She ran her tongue over my opening, then began to gently lap at my pussy. I could feel her tongue probing at my entrance, and could feel my juices running over her tongue and onto her chin as she pushed her face deeper and deeper into my pussy. Her tongue formed a point, driving deep inside me, and as she probed at me I tried to put my fingers in her hair to pull her closer. Angela just raised her hands, grasping mine and pulling them down to my side. She was taking her time, plunging as deep into me as she could before moving on to my clit. When I was about ready to run my fingers over my clitoris with or without her approval, she let go of my hand and moved her head up. I gasped as her tongue hit my clit once, twice, three times, and then felt a pressure on my pussy.

On four, “Matt” entered me, and I let out a loud gasp again. On five, she pushed him further in, and I groaned loudly. On six, I was totally filled by the dildo, and could do nothing more than whimper. When she licked me a seventh time, she pulled him out, and I howled for her to put it back. The eighth lick set up a pattern; two licks thrusting in, one pulling out, repeat. Soon I was writhing on her bed, brought to the brink by her expert hands, begging her to make me come.

“Angela, I’m so close, oh god please let me come, please let me come, this feels so good just finish me please,” I pleaded, locking eyes with her.

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