Jane’s Happy Endings Ch. 04

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It was Monday morning. Jane wondered if everything would go back to normal. She was nervous to see what life would be like once she went back to work. She had no idea how things would be with Veronica, after giving her three sexy massages the past weekend.

Jane arrived at work, before any of the other girls, and took a seat at her desk. The Asian intern started setting up her computer and organizing her desk. She nervously waited, not knowing what else to do before her coworkers arrived.

Two of the other girls, Ashley and Monica, finally arrived while having a conversation with each other. Jane, being the shy intern, attempted to greet them by saying “Good morning,” but Ashley and Monica continued their conversation, ignoring her. Jane became sad and discouraged. “I guess things are back to normal,” she thought to herself. “I bet Veronica is going to go back to ignoring me when she gets around her friends.”

Ashley finally looked at Jane. “Hey intern, get me some water,” she ordered.

After having such a good weekend with Veronica, Jane had almost forgotten how it felt to be mistreated by her co-workers. “Okay,” said the Asian intern as she got to her feet.

Right before Jane walked to the break room, the door to the office opened and Veronica walked in, wearing a sexy black dress. “Oh my God,” Jane thought to herself. “She looks beautiful!” Jane’s heart was beating fast and she was nervous to see Veronica again. But how would Veronica react to her around her coworkers? Jane almost assumed she wouldn’t even talk to her.

“Hola Jane!” Veronica immediately shouted.

Jane was shocked and excited! “Oh my God, she’s actually talking to me!” She then composed herself and finally responded, “Oh, hey Veronica!”

Veronica quickly approached the Asian intern and gave her a big hug. “How are you, mami?” she asked.

As Jane hugged her Latina co-worker back, she looked into her eyes and responded, “I’m good. What did you call me?”

“Mami,” responded Veronica. “It’s just a term of endearment. Do you not like it?”

“I like it,” Jane responded, as she blushed and smiled.

“Where are you going?” asked Veronica.

“Oh, I was just going to grab a cup of water,” responded Jane.

Veronica politely guided Jane back to her seat. “Don’t worry mami, I’ll get it for you,” she said. “Does anyone else want some water?” she asked.

Ashley and Monica looked at Veronica with complete confusion. “Ummm, yes,” Ashley answered.

Jane sat back in her seat. Ashley and Monica looked at her with confusion, but she didn’t know what to say. As Veronica walked back in, she handed cups of water to all three girls, making sure to hand Jane her cup first.

“How’s everyone doing?” asked Veronica, as she took a seat at her desk.

After a moment, Ashley broke the dead silence by asking, “So, your friends with the intern now?”

“Did I miss something?” Monica added.

Jane became nervous once again. “What is she going to say?” she thought to herself.

“With Jane?” Veronica asked. “Yes, I am. And don’t call her the intern. You know her name.”

Jane’s heart jumped as she tried to contain her happiness.

“What?” asked Monica. “When did you guys become friends?”

“I ran into her this weekend,” Veronica answered. “And we spent time together.”

“And you’re calling her mami now?” asked Ashley, as she folded her arms.

“Yes, she’s amazing,” responded Veronica. “Is there a problem?” she asked.

“No,” responded Ashley. “I just didn’t know you were friends with the Asian all of a sudden.”

Veronica snapped. “Her name isn’t Asian, and her name isn’t intern. Her name is Jane. You can call her Jane, or you can call her mami. Got it?” she said, with an attitude.

Ashley and Monica stunned. “Okay, sorry,” Monica finally responded.

“If you say she’s cool then I believe you,” Ashley said.

It was turning out to be the best workday of Jane’s life. She truly had a friend at work in Veronica. And Veronica wasn’t going to let her friends be disrespectful to Jane either.

Later in the day, around noon, Jane sat down in the break room to eat lunch. Suddenly she heard a voice say, “Hello?” She looked up to see none other than Veronica.

“Hey!” Jane replied, with excitement.

“What are you doing in the break room, all by yourself?” Veronica asked.

“Oh, I was just about to eat my lunch?” Jane answered.

“What did you bring for lunch?” Veronica asked.

“Just a couple of sandwiches,” Jane said, almost ashamed.

“The girls and I are going out for lunch. You should join us,” Veronica proposed.

Jane wanted to get excited, but she couldn’t. “That sounds great, but I’m trying to save money right now,” she sadly answered.

“Don’t worry about it,” Veronica responded. “I’ll pay for you. Just come on!”

A big smile came to Jane’s face. “Are you sure?” she asked.

“Yes!” answered Veronica, casino şirketleri reassuring the younger intern. She then walked towards Jane, picked her bag up for her, and grabbed her hand as she led her out of the break room. It was decided right there that Jane was having lunch with Veronica and the girls.

At the restaurant, Jane felt a bit awkward around the other girls. But having Veronica there made her feel happy and comfortable enough to have a good time. Ashley and Monica, however, were beginning to get jealous of the new bond between the intern and their Latina co-worker.

“So, just exactly where did you guys meet again?” asked Ashley, in a bitchy voice.

Veronica answered, “Jane can tell you if she wants to,” wanting to empower her by giving her the option of answering if she wanted to.

“Yeah, where did you guys meet, Jane?” asked Monica, with a bit of an attitude.

Jane took a deep breath before answering. “Well, I work at a massage parlor to help make ends meet. It’s just part time but hopefully I can quit once I get a full-time job.”

A big look of shock came to the faces of Ashley and Monica. “And here come the Asian jokes,” Jane thought to herself.

The girls continued to look stunned, not knowing exactly what to say. “And, and, and, you got a massage from her?” Ashley asked Veronica.

“I came in for a massage,” Veronica answered. “I didn’t know she worked there, but I randomly got her as my masseuse. She was really, really, really, good. You know how I have lower back problems? Well, he made my back feel so much better. And then she was so nice, she gave me a free massage when I came back.” Ashley and Monica continued to look shocked as Jane feared the worst.

“That’s a little weird that she gives massages on the side,” said Ashley, breaking the silence.

As Jane’s anxiety began to rise, Veronica was there to defend her. “No, she’s really good. And I’m really grateful to her.”

“If you say so,” replied Ashley, with a giggle.

Veronica snapped. “Look, you’re going to have to respect her if you want to continue hanging out with me.”

“Okay, fine,” responded Ashley.

“Yeah, we were just kidding around,” said Monica.

The rest of the lunch date went smoothly. There was no more questioning Veronica’s relationship with Jane. The girls respected their bond, and that was that.

As the ladies returned from the restaurant, Jane stopped Veronica outside their work entrance. “Thank you,” she said, whole heartedly.

“Oh, for lunch? No problem at all,” Veronica responded.

“I meant for defending me,” Jane said. “That was really nice.”

Veronica just smiled at her. “No problem mami,” she said, as she gave Jane a hug.

“I’ll pay you back for lunch when I get my next paycheck,” Jane suggested.

“No, don’t worry about it at all,” Veronica responded. “It was my treat.”

“Thank you,” Jane said, with a big smile.

“Can I offer one piece of advice?” asked Veronica.

“Yeah?” responded the shy Asian girl.

“Don’t take any disrespect from those two girls,” said the Latina. “I’ve known them for a long time. Ashley can be pretty stuck up. And Monica can be too. Be assertive with them. Stand up for yourself.”

Jane smiled again. “I’ll try,” she answered.

“Ashley acts tough, but she’s all bark and no bite,” Veronica said, jokingly.

Jane laughed before giving Veronica another hug. For the first time since becoming an intern, she was happy to be at work. There was no need for her to dread the work week anymore. Now Jane could look forward to it.

The rest of the workday went well for Jane. All the girls treated her with respect, and she no longer felt the insecurities that plagued her for so long. And if Jane ever had any doubts, she had the beautiful Veronica sitting across from her for reassurance.

As Monday came to an end, Veronica walked out the door with Jane. “Thanks for everything today,” said the shy intern.

“No problem,” responded Veronica. “Hey, but I just thought of something,” she said.

“What is it?” responded Jane.

“I thought of a way you could repay me, since you really wanted to repay me for lunch,” said the Latina, half-jokingly.

“Oh yeah?!” said Jane. “Anything!”

“Well, I was hoping to get another massage,” said Veronica.

“Of course,” answered Jane. “You know I got you!”

“But I don’t know if I can wait until the weekend,” responded Veronica. “Is there any way I can get one earlier?”

“Well, all the rooms are already claimed by other people on the weekdays,” answered Jane. “I only have a room there on the weekends. I’m sorry.”

Veronica folded her arms as she went into deep thought. “Hmmm, that sucks,” she said. Then a smile came her face as an idea came to mind. “What if you came over to my apartment?!” she asked with excitement.

“Oh, your place?” asked Jane.

“Yeah, how about tomorrow casino firmaları night, after work?” Veronica asked.

“Oh, I think I can do that,” Jane answered, with a nervous temperament.

“You look nervous,” said Veronica. “If you’re uncomfortable then I understand. How about you think about it and give me an answer when you’re ready?”

Jane took a deep breath. “No, it’s okay. I’ll come over tomorrow, after work.”

“Are you sure?” asked Veronica.

“Yes, I’m sure,” Jane answered with a smile.

The two ladies hugged and exchanged goodbyes. But Jane was nervous about the plans they just made. As much as she enjoyed massaging and spending time with her sexy coworker, she wasn’t sure if she was ready to go to Veronica’s apartment.

As she sat in her car, Jane thought about the possibilities that were going to happen when she went to Veronica’s place. “It’s just a massage,” she thought to herself. “I’ve massaged her plenty of times and she loves it.”

Jane began driving home as her mind raced a million miles per hour. “It’s nothing more than a massage. But she likes it when I spice up the massages. She finds it sexy. But it’s just a massage. I can do this.” She took a deep breath, but her was no calming her brain. “She was so nice to me today. I should do something special for her. It’s just a massage, but she really liked seeing me in my thong. I can wear a thong for her. Yeah, it’s just a massage but I can wear something sexy for her.”

As the cute Asian girl drove home, she passed the mall and a new thought popped into her head. “I can stop by the mall and buy some lingerie. I can pick out a sexy thong to wear for her. She might like that.” Jane turned the car into the parking lot and entered the mall. It was a rash decision, which was not like her, but being spontaneous worked well for her lately.

When she arrived at the lingerie store, Jane was nervous as she looked through all the sexy bra and panty sets. “None of this looks good on me,” she thought to herself. “But she would like it.” Jane picked out a sexy black lace bra and a black lace thong. She then picked out a black high waisted garter and long black stockings. “Oh my God, this isn’t like me.” Despite her doubts, she proceeded towards the checkout counter.

Jane was nervous to buy sexy lingerie. She was even nervous for a stranger to see her buying the sexy outfit. Jane wished that she could hide her face, but she had to face the cashier despite any judgement that might come.

As she approached the checkout counter, a cute cashier greeted her. “Hi, I’m Tanya,” said the cashier. “Did you find everything alright?”

Jane was nervous to engage in a conversation while buying lingerie. “Yes, thank you,” she said while blushing.

The cute cashier began scanning the items before saying, “This is such a cute outfit!”

“Oh, thank you,” Jane responded, taking a sigh of relief.

“Are you going to wear this?” asked Tanya.

The cute Asian’s face became red as she answered, “Yes.”

“You will look so hot in this!” said the cashier.

Jane felt good about herself after hearing that. “You think so?” she asked with excitement.

“Definitely!” answered Tanya. “Whoever you wear this for will think you’re so hot!”

“Aw, thanks!” said Jane. To be complimented by a complete stranger did wonders for her confidence.

“I just have one question,” said Tanya. “What shoes do you plan on wearing with this?”

“Um, I haven’t really thought about it,” Jane answered.

“You have to wear high heels with this!” exclaimed the cashier. “You should wear high heels, and a silk robe over this.”

“That’s a great idea!” said Jane. “Thank you for all of your help.”

Jane then proceeded to buy the lingerie, along with a small, black silk robe. She had a pair of black high heels at home that she planned on wearing. “I have my outfit for tomorrow night, and the confidence to wear it!” she declared as she left the mall.

That night, the cute Asian girl hardly got any sleep with all the nerves and excitement going through her mind. Tuesday was going to be a big day for her. After spending too much time looking at her outfit, Jane decided to finally close her eyes and get some sleep.

Similarly, on the other side of town, Veronica could hardly sleep as she anxiously awaited Tuesday. But unlike Jane, she already had plenty of sexy outfits to choose from. She had a sexy red bra and a tiny red G-string already picked out for her big night.

The next day at work, things began smoothly for both Jane and Veronica. They greeted each other as they walked in and continued being friendly towards each other. Ashley and Monica were respectful to Jane and treated her as an equal instead of an intern. The four girls had lunch together and Veronica paid for Jane, once again. Everything was pretty much normal, aside from the strong sexual tension between the Asian and Latina.

At the güvenilir casino conclusion of the workday, Veronica and Jane exited the building together. As they reached the parking lot, Veronica stopped Jane and asked, “So are we still on for tonight?”

Jane replied, “Yes.”

“Great!” said the Latina. “Do you want to follow me to my place? Or do you need to stop by your place first?”

“I have everything I need,” answered the Asian. “I can just follow you straight there. But can I change and freshen up when we get to your place?”

“Great! Yes, I’ll need to freshen up as well,” Veronica responded.

Jane followed Veronica to a nice part of the city. As the co-workers pulled up to Veronica’s luxury apartment, Jane gasped at how nice the complex was. As the girls parked, Jane grabbed her bag and followed Veronica up the stairs to her third-floor apartment.

“Wow!” said Jane, as the Latina let her in. “I love your place!”

“Thank you,” said Veronica. “I’ve done a lot of decorating.”

“You have such great taste,” said Jane.

“I’m glad you like it! Here, how about you use my guest bathroom to freshen up?”

“Okay,” said Jane, as she followed her host. As they approached the guest bathroom, Veronica said, “Here, you can freshen up in here. I’ll be in my bedroom at the end of this hall, freshening up myself.”

Jane thanked her once again before entering the restroom. She touched up on her makeup and brushed her long black hair. Then she changed into her new black lace bra and matching thong. As Jane put her high waisted garter on, the self-doubts started up again. “What am I doing here?” Jane slipped her long black stockings all the way up to her thighs. “Am I really putting this sexy outfit on for a private massage?” After Jane clipped her garter straps to her stockings, she glanced at the mirror to look at herself for the first time in her new outfit. “This doesn’t look good on me. I don’t think I can do this.”

As the self-doubts continued to creep in, she covered herself with the silk robe. “I’m not taking this robe off until I get home,” she said to herself. “I don’t even know what I’m doing. I’m just here to massage Veronica, not have sex with her!” She was suddenly confused about the whole situation. “Veronica has been giving me strong sexual hints. But I don’t think she’s even a lesbian. I don’t think I’m even a lesbian! Was this all a mistake? What am I doing here?!”

After frantically deliberating, Jane finally came up with a tentative plan. “I don’t think I can do this. I’m just going to go in there and tell Veronica I misinterpreted things. Then I’ll just give her a professional massage, nothing more. I’m not going to try to have sex with her.”

Jane took a deep breath before opening the door. But before she could grab the handle, she heard a knock. Her mind finally stopped racing for a moment.

“Um, yes?” she answered.

“Hola mami,” Veronica said from the other side of the door.

The sound of the hot Latina calling Jane mami turned her on, which helped her forget about her insecurities. “Hey Veronica, I’m almost done,” she answered.

“Okay, no rush mami,” the Latina responded, turning Jane on once again. “Take your time. I just got something for you, and I wanted to give it to you right now.”

“Oh, yeah?” Jane asked.

“Yeah, here I’ll just crack the door and leave it in here for you,” said Veronica.

Suddenly Jane could see a vase full of flowers being pushed into the restroom. They were beautiful. There was a good variety of roses, daisies and lilies in a pearl white vase. The beautiful sight and pleasant smell stunned her.

“You’ve been so great to me, I just wanted to give you some flowers,” said Veronica. “Take your time mami, I’ll be in my room whenever you’re ready.”

Jane lifted the vase of flowers carefully and placed it on the counter. She stared at the flowers appreciating their beauty, as well as the sweet gesture. A tear fell down her cheek. She had never been given flowers before. The young Asian girl took another moment to just stare into the bouquet peacefully and quietly. Suddenly, there was only one thought in Jane’s mind.

“I am going to fuck Veronica.”

The now determined Jane immediately walked in her high heels towards Veronica’s room. Without hesitation, she pushed the door wide open. Veronica turned to look at Jane while she stood by her king-sized bed. She was wearing the red lace bra and G-string she picked out. But Veronica was shocked to see Jane enter her room so aggressively.

“Veronica!” Jane called.

“Yes mami?” Veronica answered, with a surprised face.

Jane aggressively took off her silky robe off and threw it to the corner of the room. She stood there confidently, wearing her sexy lingerie.

Veronica blushed extremely hard. “Oh my God! That outfit!” She was so turned on that she was frozen in place, waiting for Jane to say something to her.

Jane closed the door with intensity. She then walked straight towards the Latina, like a predator stalking her prey. As Jane approached Veronica, she stared into her eyes and said,

“I am going to fuck you so hard!”

To be continued…

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