James and Fiona’s Stolen Week in Amsterdam Ch. 04

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Author’s note: This story does not continue from the previous one – it’s just a short one-off story. Although…I might take the two forfeits part somewhere in future.


I woke to the feel of a raspy face nuzzling the side of my head and a voice in my ear. “I need to fuck that ass again.”

Sleepily, contentedly, wickedly willing, I raised my ass and wiggled it slightly and got several firm spanks to different parts of my ass cheeks.

“I have something just a little different in mind,” James informed me.

I flipped over on my back and eyed him with interest. “Different how?” I asked.

“This isn’t 20 questions. You’ll like it, but I’m not spoiling it, so get that ass out bed and follow me into the bathroom.”

I watched James’ pendant cock swinging as he turned and strode towards the bathroom. I stretched for a moment and indulged in a wicked grin and wondered just what little gift I would receive.

When I arrived in the bathroom, I found James placing one of the hotel’s ample supply of thick towels in the bottom of the large soaker tub. I stood in the doorway watching him move, more than just a little turned on already before the fun had even begun.

James walked over and offered me an absolutely carnal kiss and then pulled back just a little to stare straight into my eyes before quietly asking, “Where’s the lube?”

Feeling a little mushy, it took me a second to think. “In that little bag,” I said weakly gesturing. James leaned down to nuzzle my breasts and suck a pink rosebud nipple into his mouth to suck and bite a little.

“Oh god, that’s so good,” I moaned, my eyes tightly closed, lip gripped in my teeth. I ran my fingers lightly through his hair, not trying to hold or direct his head, just unable to keep from touching the part of him that was giving me pleasure. When James pulled back, my body involuntarily tried to follow his for a second.

My eyes opened slowly; I knew my lust and desire would be clearly visible for him to see. And judging by the smolder, see güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri it he did. I watched him grab the lube. Gesturing towards the broad, marbled covered stairs for the raised soaker tub, he told me to turn around, bend over, and show him that ass. Without a moment’s consideration, I did just that.

I gasped a little when I felt a tongue on my ass, just flickering and teasing the rosebud. Then I felt the blunt pressure of a finger pushing to gain entrance. I relaxed and let him corkscrew his finger a short way into my anal cavity before it was pulled away.

I made a little pouty sound at the loss of the good feeling back there and got a slap on my ass for it.

Then I felt a finger again, a very wet finger entering my rear chamber once again, then a second. Those wet fingers pulled this way and that on my anal opening, widening it up a bit for the cock that was to come.

“Now, get on your knees in that tub,” James instructed.

I did as he asked and settled myself down on the towel, turned on just a little bit more by his consideration for my knees, which bear the brunt of a hard fucking from behind.

I heard what I assumed was a condom package being opened and then felt James behind me. Anal sex is dirty and disease is too much of a risk, but I sure wished I could feel his cum spraying my insides when he came. Imagining it would have to do, I acknowledged wistfully.

I assisted as he adjusted my legs and ass to just the right height and then waited in anticipation for that big cock to impale me from behind. Lube helped, getting stretched a little helped, but it still hurt just a little when something large first pushed past that muscled opening. But it hurt so good and lasted no time at all before it felt fucking amazing to have my ass filled with hot, hard cock.

I breathed out as he pushed in and made like I was voiding and he slid in with relative ease. I must have made a little hiss or he just knew to give me a second before pushing forward. After a moment, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri the little hit of pain dissipated and I wiggled my ass – offering him a clear signal to proceed utterly without caution.

A large hand on either of my hips, James pulled me back and thrust forward at the same time, fully impaling me on that big, uncut cock. A cry of ecstasy ripped from my throat. “So good,” I muttered, “You feel so fucking good in my ass, James.”

Then the ass fucking began in earnest. James pulled almost all the way out of my ass, leaving just the crown buried within me before slamming back all the way until his balls slapped against me. On the next outward stroke, I tightly gripped his cock using the strong muscles in my ass.

“Fuck. Oh Fi, that feels awesome,” he ground out and this time, it was his turn to let out a moan. His rhythm increased. I met him stroke for stroke, giving him little squeezes and rotating my hips just a little to create additional friction.

I was getting well and truly worked up when I felt James pull his cock right out of my ass. I made incoherent noises that made my acutely frustrated displeasure well understood.

I expected a slap on my ass, but I got a kiss and a caress. “I know what I’m about here,” James assured me. “Just let me do this.”

I sighed and wiggled. “If you don’t put that cock back in my ass this second,” I warned him petulantly, “I’m going to walk out of this room and find the first man and I have no doubt he will fuck my ass for me.”

James chuckled and then gave me a good couple of slaps. “No you won’t. Nice visual though. But you want this cock.”

On the word ‘this,’ the cock in question drove back into my ass, pushing right through that muscle and slamming all the way in.

“Oh fuck James. Yeah. Do that again! Do that again!”

Once again, he pulled right out of my ass. I got another slap and another chuckle and was told that I owed him a forfeit for not trusting him. “Do you agree?” he asked, a challenge güvenilir bahis şirketleri in his voice. “This cock is not going back in there unless you agree.”

I was grinding my ass in circles and working my clit over with my fingers. “Oh fuck, James. I agree, I fucking well agree. Just get that cock back in my ass!”

Apparently satisfied, he did as I demanded. “Fuck that ass is tight,” he said gruffly behind me. “So tight. Yeah, just like that. Milk it Fi, milk my cock. Fuck that is so fucking good.”

The dirty talk took over and the pounding continued. One or the other of us instituted little rhythm changes here and there just to keep it interesting. My ass felt amazing. My clit was tingling like crazy as those long-extending clitoral nerve endings surrounding my pussy and ass were all feeling alive and just about ready to give me a screaming good orgasm.

“Fuck, I’m close,” I told him. “Fuckity fuck, that feels so good. I love that cock. I really do. I love it up my ass. Fuck James you do it so good” and felt his hips begin to piston into me. The increased friction did it for me and I felt the pleasure rip through my being and I let loose with an ecstatic cry, my muscles both in my ass and in my cunt clenching spasmodically.

I heard James grunt and offer a slightly keening moan and knew he had cum just after me. I wished again that I could feel his cum, wondering exactly how that might feel in my bowels. Then I felt him pull out and whimpered a little, I was still coming down and I wanted that cock to remain in my ass for just a little longer.

“Trust me. And spread that ass wide and keep it spread. Your hole is still open, Fi, open and ready.

Ready for what, I wondered vaguely. A moment later I felt the tip of his cock pressing against the hole and then felt hot liquid spraying into my anal chamber. With the barest touch to my clit I roared and came again while trying to hold his hot wet piss up my ass as long as I could. When I could no longer keep it in, I flipped over and plunked my ass on the towel and sank weakly back against the tub wall. James had done the same at the other end of the tub.

“You pissed up my ass.”

“I did at that.”

“Felt awesome.”

“I’m glad.”

I used my red tipped toes to stroke the hair on his leg. “Fuck that was so good, I’ll give you two forfeits.”

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