Jacking Jills

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The door to her room was slightly ajar as I walked in front of it. I started to pass by, but then I heard what sounded like moaning coming from the room. I knew I shouldn’t be spying on my roommate, but curiosity got the better of me so I knelt down on the floor and peeked inside the crack in the door to see what was going on. Inside the room, I saw my roommate sitting on her bed totally naked with her hand massaging her pussy, which looked red and puffy. She had her other hand cupped around her breast and her eyes were shut.

Her mouth was partially open and she was moaning out while she played with herself. Normally I would’ve just stood up and walked away and let her finish her business in private, but, for some strange reason, I felt compelled to sit there and watch my roommate get it on with herself. I used to think I wasn’t into girls sexually, but now I wasn’t so sure. My breathing became heavier as I watched my roommate finger her moistened clit, which looked hard enough to cut diamonds. She pinched at her nipple, which was just as erect as her clit, as she slid her finger back and forth over her clit, eventually sliding her finger down over her wet pussy lips. I can’t explain why, but I was mesmerized by the sight of her pussy. It was pink and juicy and looked good enough to eat!

My own pussy started to become casino şirketleri wet as I continued watching my roommate diddle herself with her talented hand. I couldn’t take it anymore when I saw her slip her finger inside her quim. As quietly as I could, I slid my hand into my pants and down inside my soaking panties as I began to finger my twat. My roommate was sliding her finger in and out of her pussy hole while I did the same. She jammed a second finger into her cunt, and, again, I did the same. She inserted her third and fourth fingers into her gash and I copied her every move and every stroke of her hand. Before long, we both had our hands in our cunts nearly buried to the wrists. Even our thumbs were inside our bodies as my roommate and I were frantically fucking ourselves.

Eventually, during her masturbation session, my roommate reached under her ass with her other hand and slid a finger deep in her pink rosebud of an asshole then she slid in a second finger. She was now fucking her cunt and her asshole simultaneously. I picked up the pace of my own fisting as I gripped the door and started moaning along with her, no longer caring whether or not she heard or saw me. Her head was thrown back and her eyes were closed as she was loudly wailing out like she had become completely oblivious to the fact that I was in casino firmaları the house and only cared about her own pleasure. She opened her mouth wide as her wails turned into near-screams and I knew she was about to come just like I was. Then we came. Our hands became drenched with our fluids as we kept fisting ourselves until we were completely spent. I had stopped watching my roommate and was now just focusing on getting myself off.

All of a sudden the door flew open and there stood my roommate right in front of me. I gazed up at her not knowing how she’d react to me watching her getting herself off. But, much to my surprise (and lustful delight), she smiled at me as she bent over and picked me up by my arms and led me into her bedroom. Without uttering a single word to me, she got down on her knees and, using both hands, she started fingering my sopping wet clam. I jumped up a little when I felt her fingers exploring my swollen folds. She pulled on my pussy lips, making me wet and horny again. I dropped my arms, and my guard, down and let my roommate do whatever she wanted to me. And that’s just what she did as she crammed the first two fingers of her right hand all the way into my engorged cunny and finger-fucked me while she frantically rubbed the thumb of her other hand back and forth over my hardened clit. I was shrieking güvenilir casino as I felt myself on the verge of another orgasm, this one I knew would be more intense than the first one. My roommate fingered me harder until I came all over her hand screaming.

I looked down at her, trying to catch my breath, and watched as she took out her fingers that were glistening with girl come, both hers and mine, and licked them. She stood up and shoved her fingers into my mouth. I grabbed her hand and hungrily licked off what was left on them, tasting our sweet juices and swallowing every drop. When she took her fingers out of my mouth, she grabbed my hand and licked my fingers clean of my spunk. The second she took my fingers out of her mouth, I wrapped my arms around her nude, sweaty body and planted a deep, passionate kiss right smack on her lips.

I drew my head back away from hers and, after gazing lustfully into her eyes for a moment, I grabbed her by her shoulders and pushed her down on the bed. I tore off my clothes and jumped into bed with her. I got on top of her and rammed my knee into her cunt. She rammed her knee into my cunt and we humped the shit out of each other like dogs until we both had a wailing orgasm, her second and my third. I collapsed in a sweaty heap on top of her as she held me in her arms. My roommate and I laid there in bed with our arms wrapped around each other listening to the sound of each other’s tired, heavy breathing until we eventually passed out together. Yes, I think this roommate will work out fine.

Just fine indeed!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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