Interview with a Happy Ending

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It was the late 1970s, I was 21 and had just graduated from university somewhat unexpectedly after the exam resits, so I was spared the usual ‘milk round’ of interviews and instead had to seek out a job on my own. I had landed an interview in a town which although reasonably nearby, still required two rail journeys. I arrived in good time as the buses were less frequent during the day and so had to sit in reception for a while. It was an old fashioned factory, even then; all metal framed panels to waist height and frosted glass above that to separate the offices.

Eventually, however, I was collected and taken in to the interview with the management. After a reasonable period of grilling, we took a break for the inevitable factory tour, accompanied by the most junior of the interviewers and then resumed conversation after a coffee and pastry. They informed me that they would be happy to offer me the job as long as my references checked out and so the only thing left to do was a fairly straightforward medical check. I thanked them all profusely and was led away by my tour guide.

We went back through the factory to the Occupational Health office where I was handed over to that receptionist who said to take a seat and wait for Mrs Brown to become free. My guide left and I sat perusing the various magazines and leaflets on the low table. After only a few minutes a man with a bandaged hand came down the corridor in front of me, from of a door at the far end. He spoke to the receptionist and then left by the door through which I had entered. A few moments later the same door at the end of the corridor opened and a lady in a white coat stepped out, she glanced at the notes in her hand and then looked up and said

“Mr Smith?”

I rose to my and feet and she continued,

“In here, please.”

As I walked the few yards down the corridor we were able to size each other up; I saw a perfectly average 5ft 8in lady, with short dark hair and wearing a white medical coat which was longer than the skirt I assumed she was wearing and over the top of the buttons I could see a plain white blouse with the top button only undone. She looked to be in her early forties and average build, not unattractive but not the seductress these sort of stories usually imagine, just a perfectly ordinary lady-next-door. She had a friendly air and seemed very pleasant to deal with. I don’t know what assessment she made, but I assume she saw the thin, 5ft 10in, 21 year old, with short black hair looking slightly uncomfortable in the dark blue, striped 3-piece suit, which passed for smart but fashionable at the time.

I reached the door, smiled nervously and she ushered me in, closing it behind me.

“So, you’ve been for an interview, then, have you?” she asked.

“Er, yes.” I muttered, for I was, in truth, a very shy youthful 21 year old.

While all my friends at uni had been out partying and having girlfriends, I had never really succeeded on that front. Although I had a few friends who were girls from the ski club, there were never any actual girlfriends.

“How did it go?” casino şirketleri She went on,

“Pretty well, I think. At least they said they would offer me the job.”

“Did they really? Well, we’d better not find anything wrong to upset that, had we?”

“Well, I hope not”

“I doubt it, you look pretty fit to me. Take a seat and we’ll get the paperwork sorted out.”

Then we ran through the usual sort of questions, Date of Birth, did I smoke, take regular exercise, any history of heart disease in the family, were my parents still alive, etc. All of which was filled into a large pink and white form. When she reached the back page, she folded it over and said,

“Just some measurements now. If you’d like to slip off your jacket and shoes and then roll your sleeve up.”

I bent over to undo my laces and pull my shoes off, then stood up to get the jacket off.

“Stand on the scales, please, and stand up straight.”

Waiting until the needle stopped, she said “10 stone almost exactly, is that about usual?”

“Yes”, I said, “Never varies much, no matter how much I eat of what.” I replied.

“Oh, enjoy that while it lasts, one day it’ll stop being like that that and you’ll have to either work at keeping it there or just accept getting fatter.”

“Right, back straight while we do the height”

She lowered the stick onto the top of my head.

“5ft 10in. A nice height for a young man.” She pulled it up again.

“Sit down and roll your left sleeve up so I can take your blood pressure.”

I retook my place on the small metal framed chair opposite her rather nicer padded one.

I watched as she pulled the cuff up my arm and manoeuvred it into position and noticed that she wasn’t wearing a wedding ring, and although there was a hint of a tan line, it wasn’t so white as to be a recent change. She put on the stethoscope and pumped away at the thing and it squeezed my arm and then gently released.

“A wee bit low. Miss lunch did you?” I nodded and she said,”Yes, that would do it. Nothing to worry though.”

“Phew.” I replied.

“OK, well you seem fine to me. Any questions or anything worrying you that you haven’t asked your doctor about?” she asked as she removed the sphygmomanometer.

“Well, it’s funny you should say that. but I have noticed something, er…unusual”

“Oh, yes, what’s that?”

“Well, it’s a bit embarrassing.”

“Of course,” she said “If it wasn’t you’d have asked someone about it before now. But there’s no need to worry, trust me, I’ve heard and seen it all before.”

“Err, well, I have a bit of a lump…on my, emm, balls”


She dragged it it out as though perhaps I was just saying that to try it on.

“No, really, just on one side.”

“Well, we’d better have a look, then hadn’t we? Stand up and take down your pants and trousers.”

I stood up, undid my belt and buttons and let my trousers slip down to my knees. I put my thumbs into the waistband of my briefs and with a quiet ‘what have I let myself into’ sigh pushed them casino firmaları down to join my trousers.

She tenderly took my balls in her hands and gently examined them, turning them this way and that and feeling here and there with her fingers.

“What you have their young man is a variocele. Nothing to worry about really. Occasionally it can affect fertility but as you’ve only got it on one side, there’s unlikely to be an issue.”

She let go of my balls and as I started to reach down towards my underwear, she said,

“Although, just to be on the safe side, we should redo some tests you probably had when you started secondary school, if you remember that?”

“Vaguely,” I lied.

If I’d thought about it I would have remembered the embarrassment of the 12 year olds lined up for the ‘does your foreskin retract properly’ test. God know what the circumcised did, but that’s another story.

“Just to make sure that none of the other functions are affected, if you’re OK with that?”

“Emm, OK, whatever you think best.”

And with that, she wrapped her hand right round my cock and slowly pulled it down towards my balls. Once the foreskin was fully pulled back, revealing the head, she just held it there, looking at it. Then, she slid her hand back up until the head was fully covered again and then she repeated the manouevre, back down slowly as far as it would go. My cock did what any cock would do: it responded by growing in response to the world’s slowest wanking. She carried on, up and down several times until my cock was probably as big as it was going to get, then, without looking up she said, more quietly than before,

“Have you any idea how long it is since I had a 21 year old cock in my hand?”

It was probably a rhetorical question, but still, I said,

“Probably since you were about 21 yourself?”

“Probably!” she said. “In fact it’s been several years since I had a cock of any age in my hand, but yours…yours looks gorgeous.”

All the while carrying out slowly wanking me. Then, as she gazed wistfully at it, she said

“Excuse me,” leaned forward in her chair and took the end of my knob in her mouth.

How I didn’t explode there and then, I really don’t know, shock I guess. Keeping me in her mouth, she removed her hand from my cock and placed both hands on my bum cheeks and pulled me forward, sliding my cock all the way into her mouth. She sucked and sucked and then drew her head back before sliding it down my cock, again and again she did this for what seemed liked minutes, but truthfully was probably only a matter of seconds. Eventually she released my bum and pulled herself off my cock.

“That was fantastic! It’s been far too long since I had a cock in my mouth. In fact it’s just been far too long…” her voice trailed off a bit before she looked me straight in the eye.

“Just sit down.” she said. “Don’t touch anything, especially your clothes,”

With that she pushed me gently in the chest. The backs of my legs hit the edge of the chair and I sat down, whether I had intended to or not. güvenilir casino

She got up and walked to the office door, where she turned the key in the lock and turned round towards me. I turned my head to look at her as she grabbed both lapels of her coat and pulled them apart with a popping sound as the fasteners gave way. She took two or three steps towards me before she stopped and reached down to the hem of her just above the knee length skirt. Her hands lifted the hem until I could see a pair of unsexy, mauve ‘M&S’ panties: she clearly had not set out this morning to be seductive.

She quickly pulled them down to her knees and with a little wiggle they hit the floor and she stepped out them. Her skirt dropped back into place and she was now standing right beside me. Without saying anything else she put her left hand on my right shoulder and slung her right leg over my seated body, pretty much as you would get onto a horse.

Before I could speak, her right hand vanished beneath the skirt and I felt my cock being grasped. As she moved it back and forth across her slit a couple of times, she bent her knees until I felt it force its way between her lips. Just as I felt the wetness of her pussy providing some lubrication, she took her hand away, placing it on my left shoulder, and dropped onto my lap, burying my cock fully into her pussy.

She just sat there for what felt like minutes, but which was probably only about 10 seconds. Then she started bobbing up and down, slowly at first, then building up speed. I gazed in surprise at her face and her eyes were closed the entire time as, I assume, she was lost in the pleasure of the moment.

As you might imagine, I didn’t last very long and was soon emptying my balls into her. Despite this I was obviously still hard enough for her to continue banging up and down on my cock until eventually she thumped down with an almighty groan of pleasure and just stayed there, unmoving for several long moments.

Finally she opened her eyes and looked into mine and then kissed me on the lips.

“Thank you,” she whispered. “That was fantastic, you have no idea how long it is since I’ve had a man.”

I was speechless.

She dismounted and reached down to collect her panties from the floor. They were quietly slipped into her coat pocket as she handed me a box of tissues from her her desk. As I cleaned myself up I heard the pop, pop, pop of her coat being refastened. I stood up and rearranged my clothing. She came over and kissed me again.

“That was wonderful, but, of, course, it never happened. You must never mention this to anyone.”

With that she unlocked the door and led me down the corridor. As we reached the reception desk, she said

“Well, Mr Smith, you’ve passed the medical, with flying colours, you might say. There’s nothing to worry about and I’m sure I’ll see you again when you start work. Can you find your may back to the main reception?”

I nodded dumbly, still wondering whether that really just happened or was I about to wake up from dream. “Good” she said, opening the door and I left.

I found my way back to the main reception. They thanked me for coming and said that the formal offer would be in the post tomorrow. With that, I left and still disbelieving, I wandered back to the train station and home.

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