Innocence in the Office Ch. 01

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“Only one more appointment, Mr Westgate! ” Rosie sang in her nasal sing-song voice. She grabbed at her bag haphazardly, kicking her chair under the desk. “I’ve got to go and finish the cannelloni for my Alfonso!”

Patrick Westgate sighed, running his large hands over his shaved head to massage his temples. He knew a migraine was on the way. Rosie was his secretary- and not a particularly good one. She spent half of her day flicking through gossip magazines and the other half supporting the telecommunication industry by calling what seemed like every other middle-aged woman in the Melbourne Italian community.

However annoying her voice and general persona was, Rosie was family. She was the first person he had hired when he founded Westgate Creative almost sixteen years ago, and Patrick knew he’d never get rid of her.

Family or not- he especially hated when she made client appointments at 5.30pm on a Friday afternoon.

“PATTY!” a familiar voice boomed through the glass doors. “You old bastard!”

Patrick’s face broke into a grin as all signs of the migraine dissipated. Being such a tall man, it only took three strides to reach his office door.

Patrick took in the sight of his old friend. Vic, short for Victor, had always been a tiny man. Standing at a very slight 5’2, Vic made Patrick feel like an absolute giant at his 6’1. Vic was looking rougher than the last time they had met at the school reunion- his grey short sleeved shirt was scruffy and unironed and he was wearing khaki cargo shorts that would be better suited to a camping trip.

Patrick slapped Vic on the back. ‘You Vic, are the only one who gets away with calling me that nowadays.” He smiled, motioning towards the trendy clear acrylic office chairs Rosie had insisted were professional looking. “Take a seat.”

Vic lowered himself onto the chair uneasily. “What’s the deal with the chairs?” he laughed, leaning forward. He turned his head towards the heavy black frame on Patrick’s desk. “Shit Patty- is that the boys?!”

Patrick beamed inwardly, but didn’t want to rub it in to Vic. He knew that Vic had always wanted a son, but it didn’t seem to work out that way for him. “Yeah,” he said proudly, unable to hide the warmth in his voice. “Scotty’s almost 18, and Evans 12.” He traced his fingers over the glass, knowing they would be waiting for him at home to start dinner.

Grinning, Vic took the frame from Patricks hands and studied it closely. “Robin has certainly stood the test of time, eh? I can’t believe she actually married you!” He laughed heartily, teasing his friend.

Neither could Patrick. His wife was truly beautiful- in a natural, clean kind of way. Her soft brown curls cascaded down her neck in the photo, and her kind, bright-blue eyes were only slightly creased at the sides. She had looked after herself over the years- eating organically years before it was trendy and walking Huxtable, the family’s Pug every night had worked wonders.

Vic smirked. “She obviously didn’t realise you were such a slut back then!” Vic laughed, but barely contained his obvious envy.

Patrick chuckled. “That was a long time ago now, mate. We had some good times though, didn’t we?” Nevertheless, he let his mind leisurely wander through the memory bank he only recalled upon now when he was in the shower alone. His mind always went to the same memory- Debbie, the nursing student. Debbie had been an absolute knockout- a slender, leggy redhead who had a penchant for white lacy knickers and playing the naughty nurse. The particular time Patrick routinely reminisced about was when Debbie invited another nursing student around for study and as it turns out, a threesome. Patrick never knew that second girls name but fucking hell, she could suck like you wouldn’t believe.

Patrick felt his thick cock stir and begin to harden in his grey suit pants. He shifted in his high-backed leather executive chair and cleared his throat.

“So Vic, what can I do for you today?” Patrick said firmly, breaking the silence.

Vic placed his hands on his knees.

“It’s my kid, Elodie. Remember her?” Vic asked, cocking his head to the side.

Patrick couldn’t, but he nodded anyway. He knew he had a daughter about the same age as his son Scotty, but hadn’t met her.

“Ever since Leah up and left me she’s been real quiet- moody. Just finished high school and now she says she wants to go to art school in Sydney.” Vic scrunched up his weathered face, like he was trying to work out why anyone would even think about going to art school. “I’m not the most lovey Dad, but I don’t want the kid in a completely different state. She’s only 18 for Chrissakes- too young to be in the city alone.” Vic said sadly, sounding defeated.

Patrick sympathised with Vic as a father, but struggled to see what this had to do with him. Before he could ask, Vic continued.

“I’ve been trying to convince her that art school alone isn’t the most practical option for a future career, and that she should stick around for a bit casino şirketleri to get some practical work experience here in Melbourne….” Vic trailed off, meeting Patrick’s eye.

Patrick instantly knew what Vic wanted, and sighed heavily. He could feel that migraine coming on again.

“Come on Patty- she won’t get in your way, like I said, she’s a quiet kid.” Vic said quickly, studying Patricks pained expression. ” If she was at all interested in engineering I’d have her in my office, but she really doesn’t give a shit about her old man building bridges.” He was begging now.

“And so,” Patrick started slowly, “You thought that the creative department in my advertising agency would be a good fit?”

Vic shrugged. “Mate- you know I don’t even really get what you do. I had to offer her something remotely creative, the kid was so determined to leave for that art school. You know what teenagers can be like.”

Fuck. Patrick knew he could’ve told his friend that he couldn’t help, but how hard would it be to have one kid around for a month or so watching the design process? He didn’t want to upset Vic and have him tell the whole sorry, sordid story of his messy divorce again. It took him an hour to get through it last time and ended in a beer mug full of tears. Patrick wasn’t going through that again, it was awkward enough the first time.

Vic looked into Patrick’s almost black, intense eyes. He knew Patrick could be a stubborn prick when he wanted to. “Come on Patty”, he pleaded.

“Yeah, Ok. Get her to come in on Monday.” Patrick relented, pushing back on his chair. “But now get out of my office, unless you want me to change my mind.” He grinned, extending his strong forearm to Vic and gripping his hand firmly.

He smiled at Vic as he left, but cursed himself inwardly. He hated having work experience students- even his own kid, Scotty, was a pain in the ass just hanging around the office. They pissed Rosie off too, asking her for work and interrupting her personal phone calls about Maria Anzanetti who is having an affair with Andreo Baccio and makes horrible biscotti and never sends a thankyou card after a visit.

Perfect. He’d get this Elodie girl to be Rosie’s assistant- she’d be out of his hair, and Rosie might do some actual work for once.

What kind of name was Elodie, anyway?


Patrick stepped off the elevator and then dead in his tracks.

That ass.

Bending over the printer fifteen metres away was a truly amazing ass. Perfectly heart-shaped, it came from a tiny waist and extended to deliciously full and rounded cheeks. Covered tightly in a black, high waisted skirt, the owner of this ass had to know it would get attention.

He let his eyes wander hungrily down to the very slim but shapely calves, and was mesmerised as one shiny patent stiletto slowly rubbed the calf of the other perfect leg.

Patrick instantly wanted to reach out and grab at it.

He loved it when there was a sales rep nearby. The software, stationary and printer companies always sent out the hottest little things to flirt and get Patrick to increase the spend on his account. For the most part they were pretty little distractions, but never disarming. Patrick never changed his orders, but would be lying if he said he didn’t enjoy the flirtation.

They’d upped their game, he thought to himself. They really do want my business.

Patrick went straight into his office- as hot as the sales rep was, she was still a sales rep. Any salutation would quickly turn into a conversation about his printing needs and an assurance that an increase in their order would solve all problems.

He shut the office door behind him, and sank into his leather chair. His mind was still lingering on the ass that was bent over so ready for him, that he could have taken it from behind right there on the printer. He felt himself stiffen at the thought. His hardened cock twitched against his hands folded in his lap, and ached to be stroked to the thought of the ass that reminded him of sexy 50’s pinup girls.

I didn’t start my own company to sit here with my dick in my hand, he admonished himself. Have some self-control and do some work.

It seemed for the rest of the day his office door was revolving- Rosie barged in multiple times, once to tell him about an appointment, once to complain about how cold the air-conditioning was, once to say she knew an air-conditioner service man in the Italian community who could come out and have a look at it, and once to thank-him for recognising her hard work and dedication by hiring her an assistant.

He’d forgotten about Elodie coming in, but was glad she had showed up for her father’s sake. He hadn’t met her yet, but the fact Rosie wasn’t complaining spoke volumes for the girl, because Rosie could complain about anything.

‘ROSIE!’ Patrick called out from his office to his secretary, ‘Why did you accept the appointment tomorrow with the Groves when you know I don’t do lunch casino firmaları meetings?” He sighed exasperatingly.

He hated lunch meetings. Always such a wank-fest with clients, taking them out to lunch and plying them with alcohol, all to say yes to an advertising proposal they had most likely decided to accept before the meeting. He was far too straightforward for that.

Patrick preferred to use the weights in his office during his lunchbreak- pushing himself physically cleared the haze in his mind from the mornings work, and feeling the familiar tension in his muscles made him feel like a powerful man, in control.

Patrick had introduced Scotty to weights too- at almost 18, Scotty was a tall and well-built kid that needed something to focus his energy on. Despite his athletic frame, he didn’t yet have much confidence and was generally awkward around girls. Patricks rationale was that he could put all the excess energy and hormones back into weights and hopefully gain some confidence at the same time. He didn’t know what else to do- he himself had always been accused of arrogance, never a lack of confidence. He must be more like his mother.

There was no answer from Rosie. Bloody hell.

He sprang from his chair, ready to be firm with Rosie. He’d told her a million times about the lunch meetings, and a million times she had said it wouldn’t happen again and then ignored him.

He stood over where Rosie should have been, but stopped when he noticed there was no one there.

“She’s gone. She said she had to make the minestrone for her Alfonso.” Said a soft, feminine voice from his right.

Patrick turned to face the voice.

Perched gracefully on the swivel chair was an exquisite woman. Her shiny natural blonde hair fell in soft waves around the tender skin of her face- she was the palest person he had ever seen. She almost glowed- the bare skin of her collarbones looked lit from within. Her startling green eyes peered at him curiously through impossibly long lashes as she rose to greet him.

Patrick saw a glimpse of black, glossy stilettos as she straightened.

‘Patty? I’m Elodie. Hi” she said quietly, nervously. “I’m Vic’s daughter?”

Patrick blinked.

That was why no sales rep had bothered him today. That ass…it belonged to Elodie? The best ass he had seen in a long time, the one he pictured taking over the printer and pounding into, the ass he knew he’d think about later on tonight, belonged to Vic’s 18 year old daughter?

He was going to hell.

He didn’t want her to think he was a dirty old perv. ‘Elodie, I’m Mr Westgate. Your father calls me Patty at home, but I’d appreciate it if at work you could respect that I am referred to as Mr Westgate.”

Her skin flushed bright red. He watched the blush work its way from the apples of her cheeks, down her neck, and all the way to her chest. He wished he could see it creep over the rest of her body…

No. Patrick shook his head, trying to drown out his inappropriate yet entirely enjoyable thoughts.

‘I’m s-sorry Mr Westgate. I should have been more professional.” She didn’t even look at him as she apologised. He’d really admonished her.

Patrick noticed she was biting her full, pink lower lip. As her teeth grazed the pillowy lip, it was almost as she had a line directly to his now hard cock. Was she trying to stop herself from crying?

He turned without saying a word of comfort to the girl, and retreated into his office.

He had never felt such an ache, such a yearning to touch someone he didn’t know so intensely.


‘Rosie! Where are the design folios?’ Patrick called out from his office. ‘I need them for the lunch meeting.’

For once, Rosie was at her desk. ‘Hmmm Mr Westgate…the stationary room. Yes, the stationary room!’ she sang back, not in the slightest of opinions she should probably retrieve them for him as she continued to paint her nails. ‘Don’t forget it’s Scotty’s birthday next week!’

The stationary room wasn’t really a room- more like a large cupboard. It wasn’t even big enough to have a light, and it was a pain to rummage through.

Patrick stomped past Rosie’s desk as she smiled at him obliviously.

He flung the door open and stepped inside rather forcefully, slamming the door behind him and knocking into something warm.

‘Oh!’ said a startled voice, and he knew it was her.

He knew he should say something- do something. Open the door. Apologise for barging in. But he didn’t.

Patrick could see a faint outline of her standing directly in front of him. Their bodies were separated by less than an inch, and he could feel the heat of her body on his.

She froze in fear, but didn’t step backwards despite there being just enough room. Elodie felt a shiver work it’s way up her spine, and spread slowly across her pale skin, as the downy hairs on her arms stood out.

“Sorry Mr Westgate. I just heard Rosie say you needed those design folios, and thought I would get them güvenilir casino for you.” She spoke quickly, too quickly, and Patrick knew she was still nervous around him.

Patrick knew he should have thanked her and stepped out of the cupboard, but he was concentrating on the feeling of his hard cock pressing against his belt buckle. Had she felt him instantly harden when he knocked into her?

He cleared his throat. ‘No, Elodie, it’s Ok. Thank-you, for showing your initiative.’ He spoke in a lower tone than normal, not wanting to frighten the girl again. Just being so close to her was dizzying, and even though he knew it was wrong, he didn’t want it to stop.

Patrick breathed in her scent- she smelled sweet…almost fruity. Strawberries, that was it. It was such a simple scent, but as he exhaled deeply Patrick had never smelt anything so tempting.

Most women wore a more sophisticated scent, expensive perfumes.

The reality came crashing down around him. That’s because she isn’t a woman, she’s only a kid.


And here he was standing in a cupboard with an impressionable teenage girl who technically was in his care as his employee. That there was sexual harassment suit waiting to happen. He started to lean closer to the cupboard door, ready to go back to his office.

Elodie was all of a sudden exceptionally conscious of her breathing patterns. She knew she shouldn’t be standing so close to her new boss- and more to the point her father’s friend. But she was so curious after what she had read about Mr Westgate last night…

She felt the muscles below her stomach clench as the warm heat rose through her stomach, and spread throughout her loins.

Elodie ached to be touched by the muscular, olive-skinned powerful man in front of her with the large, sexy hands. She had been watching those hands all morning- when he spoke he waved them around to animatedly.

The need in her pulsated, as she daringly leant forward to reach the folios that were next to Mr Westgate’s shoulder. She had absolutely no experience with men, not even boys her age, and didn’t know exactly what she wanted but for one thing: Mr Westgate to touch her, even briefly.

Just as her fingers found the folders, her round, firm young breasts made contact with Mr Westgate’s shirt and the delicious contact against her now hard young nipples almost hurt, like an electric shock.

“Got them.” She smiled triumphantly.

Patrick breathed raggedly. “Yes..well. Good work, thanks.” He said gruffly, as he opened the door and left without looking behind him.

Safely back in his office, Patrick buried his head in his hands. Fucking hell!

Here was this…girl, with a body that screamed of a woman- a sexy, strong woman who flaunted her curves and knew how to work them to her advantage. But Elodie wasn’t any of those things. She was Vic’s daughter, his employee, and a naïve little girl who just happened to be fucking irresistible.

Patrick grimaced. She was so innocent, she didn’t even know the affect she had had on him when her ample, impossibly perky breasts crushed against his chest. She didn’t know that Patricks eyes almost rolled into the back of his head as he felt the weight of them against him, whilst he fought from pushing back up against her and letting her feel his massive, unrelenting erection.

The things he would do to her if she was older and he wasn’t married.

The water ran down his back, as he slowly ran the loofah over the sprinkling of hairs on his hard chest. Patrick had felt the tension in his body building ever since the cupboard incident, and he had known all day what was going to happen when he got home.

Normally Patrick found his wife in the kitchen and kissed her on the neck, sometimes with a cheeky grab on the bottom. He then would find the boys in the yard and ask them about their days, and make sure they were looking after their Mum.

Not tonight.

Tonight Patrick drove home more aggressively than normal, flipping the bird at the sports car the cut out in front of him. On any other night this would have mildly annoyed him, but tonight it was a major offence.

He pulled in the driveway and went straight to the bedroom, kicking his shoes off haphazardly and flinging his briefcase on the bedroom floor. He was normally so measured, so controlled.

Patricks cock had been semi hard for hours. He needed relief, he needed it ASAP.

He had told himself in his car he was allowed this one, just one. It was fucking wrong to think of his mate’s 18 year old daughter in this way, someone who was almost the same age as his son! He was a happily married man. He was old enough to be her father…

But fuck it, he wasn’t her father. And that ass!

Patrick lowered his strong hand down to his cock. As he ran his wide thumb over the tight skin of his knob, he let out a soft groan.

His forearm muscles flexed as he raised his hand up his shaft slowly, before bringing it down again. This time he felt the drop of pre-cum spread over his knob- he began to move his hand up and down quicker.

Patrick thought about how close Elodie was to his throbbing member only hours earlier, and how much he had wanted her to feel how hard he was for her.

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