I Slept with Another Girl

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Glamour mag June 03:

I slept with another girl.

Shelly D########, 19 care assistant – a pretty slim blonde girl with a cool beauty.

‘I met Mel on a new job. There wasn’t much to do and we spent quite a lot of time sitting around together, having a laugh. After work one day we had a few drinks and she just kissed me – I’ve no idea how it happened, I was so surprised! I had always thought that kind of thing pretty gross. Despite being shocked I went along with it because actually it felt quite good. Things just led on from there. I didn’t think that I had it in me and I had certainly never imagined that I would sleep with another girl.

We met up a week later and just hung out together. We had a giggle about what we’d done and she said that she was up for it again, but nothing happened because at the time I had a boyfriend. Mel has moved away now and we are not in touch any more, I don’t regret sleeping with her. I guess you can’t knock something until you have tried it, in fact I could see it happening again.

Shelley is a 19 year old care assistant, she is a slim pretty girl with shoulder length blonde hair and brown eyes, she has a nice smile.

I was working as a care assistant in a nursing home, contracted through an agency, that was where I met Melanie. She was blonde too, but lighter than me and she had these big round eyes and a toothy white smile. Mel and I hit it off straight away, she was smart, and fun too, often there wasn’t much to do and it could get boring so it was nice to have someone to talk to who I got on with, we had a laugh. We started to go out socially after work and one evening after a few drinks and with not much happening we went back to her little flat.

Mel opened a bottle of wine and we sat on her sofa chatting and laughing and watched some TV. I wasn’t that drunk and I don’t know how it happened really- but suddenly she just turned and kissed me on the lips! I was so surprised! I had never been with a girl before, hardly even given it a thought and to be truthful I had always thought of girls kissing each other as kind of gross, urgh!

But despite my shock I didn’t pull away, I began to go along with it. I felt Mel press closer to me, her soft mouth harder on my lips as our kiss deepened, I was surprised, it actually felt rather nice kissing her. Our lips parted and our tongues met, hers was so small and it twirled around mine. Her arms wrapped around me and I embraced her too, pulling her round boobs against my more pointy ones, feeling her nipples poking hard through the material of her little vesty-type cotton top.

We broke the kiss and pulled back and I just looked into her eyes and felt a wave of pure electric lust pass between us and I decided to myself then and there that whatever happened next I was going to go through with it, I was up for this.

We smiled at each other and kissed again, even more passionately, I ran my fingers through her soft long hair, it was so different to kissing a man, so much softer, so much more erotic, or maybe it just seemed that way because I was feeling so instantly turned on and wet down below. We broke again and Mel smiled at me and took my hand. She got up off of the sofa and led me through to her little bedroom. I followed willingly, my mind spinning, wondering how far would this all go?

Her bed was littered with clothes and hair brushes and stuff, but we pushed them aside and climbed on. Kneeling on the mattress facing each other we began to kiss again, her mouth was so soft and warm, our kisses so tender, it was very sexy if a little strange. Mel had her arms around my waist and mine were around her shoulders, I began to drop them until I was holding her soft boobs in my hands, Mel didn’t stop me. We were still kissing as I held her soft round breasts in my hands, they felt so nice and firm, I liked touching them. I caressed them through the material of her top and her bra, feeling their plump weight.

Mel pulled back and smiled at me as I held her breasts in my hands, feeling her up. Mel’s hand slipped down between us and I felt it push up between my thighs under my little denim skirt. I pushed my knees out a little wider allowing her easier access as her hand moved to cup my pussy through my knickers and gently begin to rub at it. I was very excited to have a girl touch me down there, much more that I had ever thought I might be, the situation was so charged and erotic.

I pushed the straps of Mel’s red vest top and her bra off of her shoulders and pulled her top down along with her bra cups to expose her breasts. They were beautiful, nice and round but not big or floppy, her nipples had large light-brown areole around them. I clasped her right one in my hand and moved my head down. I traced my tongue around that dark circle, brushing her nipple. I kissed it softly and then took it in my mouth. Mel sighed and stroked my hair.

‘That is so nice’ she whispered in my ear as I sucked on it.

She stroked my hair as I felt her nipple, all hard in my mouth. bahis firmaları I sucked on it and took as much of her breast in as I could. It was lovely sucking at her like that, I liked doing it to her. I released her breast and kissed it again before Mel pulled me up and kissed me on the lips. I grabbed hold of her top and pulled it up and off over her head, she lifting her arms to help me and then Mel pulled me over onto her as she lay back on the bed. I lay on top of her kissing her and felt her hand slide down me to touch my bum. She pushed up my short skirt and began to fell around my bum, rubbing her hand over my cheeks and brushing across my lacy blue knickers.

Although I was kissing her all my concentration was on following her hand, willing it to explore me further. Her left hand stayed on my bum as her right hand came up and cupped my breast, it felt so good to have her touching me too. She pulled down my embroidered green cotton top and my bra cup too and caressed me like I had her, it was so nice.

Mel then rolled me over so that she was lying beside me. She took the hem of my top and pulled it off and threw it on the floor and then our naked breasts pushed together as we carried on kissing. I felt our nipples push into each others breasts, that felt nice to me. Mel slipped her hand down between my legs again as I lay on my back and I felt her stroking the crotch of my knickers again, tracing the line of my slit up the middle with her finger, I sighed with pleasure at the feeling and pushed my hips up to her exploring hand. She rubbed up and down my crotch while I played with her tit, caressing it and catching her nipple between my fingers to lightly squeeze it, we kissed and smiled and looked in each others eyes, just grinning away. I was just willing her on, wanting her to do whatever she wanted to, I was going to let her.

Mel pulled back from kissing and looked me in the eye as I felt her hand brush across my tummy and slip inside the elastic of my knickers. I felt her hand on my pussy as it curled around to cup my mound. I just lay there and looked up at her in wonder, it felt so good to have her delicate fingers finally touch me down there, I was so eager for it by then. Mel pushed her middle finger between my pussy lips and I felt it ease inside me.

‘Oh my God!’ I thought.

Mel smiled as she pulled it out again after a moment of exploring and drew it up to her face and inches from my eyes I watched her put that glistening wet finger into her mouth and taste me, sucking off my juices, it was so erotic to see her do that. Then she slipped her hand back down into my knickers. Mel’s fingers stroked up and down my slit, pushing between my pussy lips and brushing over my clit, it felt so good! I softly moaned with pleasure as she fingered me. I kissed her as her hand delved inside my knickers, she must have known how much this was turning me on by how wet I was down there. Mel pulled her hand out again and I watched her suck it clean of my glistening pussy juice with a little giggle.

Now I wanted my go, I wanted to explore her too. I sat up and reached for the button of her green cargo pants and unfastened it. Mel leaned forward onto her hands and knees as I pulled the pants down and off of her legs, she kicking them away onto the clothes-strewn floor of her little room. Mel then turned and helped me out of my short denim skirt. Now we were both down to just our bras and panties.

We came back together on our knees and kissed, I reached forward and with my palm facing her tummy I slipped it past the waistband and down inside her little white cotton knickers, I was shaking with excitement as I did it. I felt lower, my fingers brushed her mound feeling short bristly hair on it and then I was touching her sex! I had my hand on another girl’s pussy for the first time! My goodness it was so hot and so soft to touch, strange to find softness down there instead of hardness like with a boy?

Her pussy felt fleshy, her lips puffy, I stroked them, my fingers finding their way between them. Mel moaned and lowered her head as she pulled down my bra cup and gently took my nipple into her mouth to lick and suck at it. I love having my breasts sucked and I really loved the way that Mel was doing it to me. Feeling very turned on and more daring I pushed my finger and felt it enter her, sink into that warm wet little pocket of hers. It was so silky and so wet in there, I felt all around inside her exploring her vaginal passage, it was so nice to do, I was so turned on to be touching her so intimately.

Mel reached around and undid my bra and I pulled my hand out of her knickers for a moment and shrugged it off and then took hers off of her too. Mel pulled me to her and our naked breasts pushed together as Mel leaned back to lay on the bed, me on top again. We kissed for a moment but now that I had touched her pussy it wasn’t enough, I wanted to see it as well.

I began to move slowly down her body, I kissed the mound of each breast several times switching between kaçak iddaa the two, taking little sucks on her stiff nipples, I loved her tits, I could have kissed them for hours, but I had a stronger urge at the moment. I kissed my way down her tummy looking back up her body towards her as Mel looked down at me smiling. I moved down the bed between Mel’s thighs and kissed her mound softly through the material of her knickers, I could see her eyes willing me on as she clasped both of her breasts in her hands and tweaked at her nipples. My hands took hold of the sides of her knickers and she lifted her hips as I slowly began to ease her white cotton knickers down over her thighs.

There it was for me to see now, Mel’s pussy. Her upper mound was covered with a very short growth of golden hair, it looked like she had shaved all of her hair off but it was just now growing back on top at least – either side of her pussy though, her plump outer lips were shaved smooth and bare. My eyes though were drawn to the pink slit bisecting those lips, her fleshy inner pussy labia protruding from her mound, so beautiful!

I pulled her knickers the rest of the way off and threw them aside and leaned forward between Mel’s legs as she pulled them up and opened them for me to see and have access to her. I needed no prompting, I got right down there. I stared at her pussy, mere inches from my face. I planted little kisses on the inside of her thighs either side, tantalizing both her and myself as I moved closer to my object of desire and fascination. I rubbed my cheek against her mound feeling the spiky growth rasp roughly against my face, I breathed in through my nose to get her scent, I wanted to smell her pussy. I found it was musky and sexy, it tantalized me to taste her too – dare I do it? Dare I lick another girl down there? I had no doubt at all that that was what I wanted, but I still wanted to take it slow and savour my most erotic experience ever.

I kissed her mound softly on one side of her protruding pink lips, a gentle lingering kiss. Then just above her slit, before the beginning of her clitoral hood, and then the other side too, all the time my eyes locked looking at her slit, those inviting puffy pink lips of Mel’s. I turned my head slightly side ways and poked out my tongue, I moved closer and put the tip right between those protruding lips and gently licked up and down the length, breathing in her scent and tasting her too. I had been worried whether or not I could take the taste of her pussy or would I find it revolting? I had of course tasted myself, and I thought that it tasted nice, but another girl’s pussy? The taste was only faint on the tip of my tongue, but I found it nice, not horrible at all, in fact it made me want more of her honey.

I straightened up my head and lapped up and down between Mel’s pussy lips, pushing my tongue deeper between them with each pass.

‘Oh, Shelly’, moaned Mel softly.

I glanced up to see her eyes closed and a look of real pleasure on her face as she squeezed her breasts in her hands, I was glad that she liked what I was doing to her, I hoped that it was alright.

After a few moments of me licking her down there I felt Mel’s hands run through my hair and felt her pulling me away and up her body. I followed as Mel sat up and smiling took my head in her hands and we kissed, I felt her tongue all over my mouth as she licked the taste of herself off of me, our tongues entwined and we shared her pussy taste, it was really sexy.

Smiling Mel pushed me back and lay on top of me as we kissed. This was what I really enjoyed about my first experience of girl – girl sex, the slow tantalizing sharing, the mutual exploration it was so exciting and drawn out.

Mel took my left nipple in her mouth and sucked on it, pulling on it gently with her lips, I moaned with pleasure. Her left hand moved down my body and I felt her palm cup my mound and stroke it up and down before she searched with her fingers between my pussy lips and pushed two up inside, moving them around to explore inside my little love cavern. Mel released my breast and whispered,

‘I’m going to lick you now, do you want me to do that?’

All I could do was smile and nod at her, I wanted it so much, I wanted my pussy licked by a girl.

Mel slid down the bed and I opened out my thighs a little to let her see me. She positioned herself off to my left and pushed them wider grinning at me. My pubic hair is a dark blonde colour, I shave either side of my lips but keep a short trimmed growth on my mound. I know that my pussy lips are a lot slimmer than Mel’s, they hardly stick out at all, even when I am really hot as I was right now.

I felt Mel touching me down there now, her fingers delicate and careful, so inquisitive as she examined me, and examine is the right word! I felt her fingers carefully pull back on my clitoral hood so that she could see my clitty. She pulled back my outer mound lips so that she could see my labia before she pulled first one and then the other apart kaçak bahis to see inside. I was so excited by her looking at me so intimately and lovingly, but I was longing for her touch, longing for her to enter or lick and suck me, I knew that it was going to be so very good when she did.

Mel explored my pussy for ages, pulling and stretching my lips, spreading me in all ways, looking at my clit as she pushed back the hood, I have never been looked at like that before. Then she spread my mound at the top and exposed my clitty hood and I felt her hair brush my thigh as she moved closer and it happened, her hot tongue touched me on my pussy and I gasped as she did it. Mel giggled for a moment as she savored the effect she was having on me and then she set about pleasing me in a heavenly manner.

Her tongue traced up either side of my clitty hood, carefully skirting around it in slow circles, driving me wild with anticipation. I could feel just the tip going round and round, every now and then going lower to approach my clit up over my inner lips. Then Mel took my clit between her lips and sucked on it and I thought that I would explode, but she did it so carefully and gently keeping me on edge, tantalizing me. She sucked and lapped at my clit and although it was wonderful I wanted something inside of me, up my hole.

I reached down with my left hand and pulled my self open. Mel took the hint and pulled back for a moment. She pried my pussy on the other side stretching me wide open and pushed her middle finger into my love hole. I moaned with pleasure.

‘That is so nice Mel, fuck me with your finger.’ I urged her.

Mel pushed her finger right the way into me, it felt so good in there and when she returned to sucking and licking my clit as well it was just so wonderful. Her finger easing in and out of my pussy tunnel, curling up to stroke the roof where the G-spot is, I had never been touched like this before. Mel stopped licking me and began to use the fingers of her other hand to rub my clit, circling it and stroking it while she now pushed two fingers in and out of my cunt, harder and faster – she was going to make me cum and I was more than ready.

I began to pant and writhe as the feeling built, pushing my hips up from the bed to meet her plunging fingers, wet fucking noises sounded as her slippery fingers delved in to my cunt, in and out. I gasped as my orgasm hit and my hands pulled Mel’s head to my crotch and I felt her mouth replace her fingers on my clitty as I came, it was such a strong cum I must have near broke her fingers the way that my pussy spasmed and squeezed.

I lay there for a moment all weak and spent and then opened my eyes to look down at Mel who smiled up at me from between my legs, her mouth glistening wet with my juices.

‘Oh, Mel. That was wonderful.’ I told her as I pulled her up to kiss her and taste myself so strongly on her lips.

Now it was my turn and I was eager to both please and to explore her some more. I pushed Mel away from me as I sat up. She was now on the bed on all fours so I slipped off of it and knelt on the floor beside the bed. I grabbed her leg and pulled to me and positioned her so that her knees were right on the edge of the bed and her lovely round bum right in front of my face. Mel leaned forward onto her arms as I closed in on her, I was going to do the same to her as she had done to me.

I looked at her cunt, the lips so pink and puffy, I put my fingers between them (they were already a little open) and pushed them further apart. The skin stretched soft and smooth. I could see her vaginal opening, a ruffled pink ring down inside the little valley. I put my finger tip against it, circled around it stroking it and then pushed at the entrance, my face right up close watching. I pushed my finger into her, it was so wet and soft inside, my finger eased in. A dribble of her juices came out as I pulled my finger back so I took my finger out and licked the milky white cream off of it and got the real strong taste of her cunt, I still liked it, I wanted more but I was going to wait and build the pleasure for both of us.

‘Mmm, you taste so nice.’ I told her, feeling so kinky saying this to another girl about her pussy.

Now I played with her pussy, her lips were much bigger than mine, they pushed right out from between her mound in fleshy pink folds, like flower petals. I was fascinated by them and pulled and stretched them all the ways that I could. I pulled them apart, spreading her open and gazed at her cunt hole, seeing inside that too.

I stroked my fingers up and down between her pussy lips, smearing her juices all over them. I turned my palm up and rubbed over her clitty, Mel moaned and rocked her bum in time to my strokes, she looked so sexy doing that. I spread her open and pushed my middle finger up and into her, pushing it as far as it would go feeling her silky walls coat it with her wetness. I fucked it in and out of her slowly, watching how it moved her flesh, seeing my finger disappear time and again into her. Now I added another finger and with them pushed just into her I pushed them apart and spread her vaginal tunnel open wide for me to look inside ,I moved in close to really look.

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