I Know Who You Did Last Summer Ch. 5

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This time I was the one sat on the toilet, with Mel stood up in front of me. Her PVC pencil skirt was in bunches around her waist, pushed up there by my furious hands as they searched frantically for her crotch. Her sodden black lace panties were around the ankles of her leather knee-high boots, quickly pulled down as my I sought out her clit.

Instantly I began to use my tongue against Mel’s clit, gently licking around her swollen bud before breaking away and teasing her by using the tip of my tongue to lick around her wet puffy lips. I used a hand to grip the dildo that I had insisted that Mel wear in her pussy before we left her house, and slowly thrust the whole length in an out of her pussy. A few times I ceased thrusting whilst the dildo was outside of Mel and gently teased her entrance with my slow tongue.

With each tease Mel would mutter through her moans how much of a tease I was, but her words only encouraged me to tease her even more. She was the one that wanted to orgasm and I was the one that was going to decide when she came.

After a few seconds of teasing I would thrust the slippery dildo hard into Mel’s pussy, and return my tongue to her clit.

A few cycles of this routine and I knew that the intensity of Mel’s orgasm must have been building up inside of her so I decided to let her cum, several times.

I concentrated my tongue on Mel’s clit and began to lick feverishly over and around her bud, sometimes softly, other times hard, and coupled with this increased thrusting of the dildo in my gloved hand. Soon afterwards I felt the dildo begin to slide in even easier as her pussy began to overflow with juices and I knew her orgasm was approaching. My own pussy was tightly clenching around the Chinese balls inside and was simply aching to be touched.

Mel’s breathing became irregular as she fed all her energy into cuming onto my tongue. I felt her hands on the back of my head gently forced my tongue onto her clit and her whole body began to thrust forward to meet my thrusts and licks. My hand and face were now covered in Mel’s sweet juices and this spurred me on even more.

Finally I felt Mel begin to cum, her whole body seeming to shake and spasm in front of me as my tongue drove her wild. Her juices flowed even more and yet I didn’t relent; I kept on licking and thrusting to keep Mel on the edge of more orgasms.

Rather than cease I was more determined and above me I could hear Mel’s breathing become frantic and her moans become so audible they must have been heard out in the bar. Mel’s orgasms seemed to be rolling into one long intense orgasm, and I thought she might pass out or her legs simply buckle underneath her. With my last few licks and thrusts of the dildo I hear her scream out loud and she was done. Her body fell back against the stall door and her breathing tried to gain some normality again.

I looked up at Mel and saw a torrent of juices running down the inside of her thighs, soaking her stockings nearly down to her knees. The smell of her sex hung so heavy in the confines of the stall but my god did they smell so good. I looked down at my hand, at the juices as they glistened on the dildo and eagerly plunged the dildo into my mouth, greedily licking it clean. As I did so I could see juices streaming down my black PVC gloves, almost to the elbow, and so when i’d finished with the dildo I licked the juices of my gloves, savouring the sweet taste.

By the time I’d finished Mel had begun to come down from her series of orgasms.

“Fucking hell Ellie, I told you to make me cum, not pass out!”

A smile appeared on my face. “Did you like?”

“You bet,” she replied, for the first time slipping her hand down to her crotch and feeling just how wet she was. She slid a finger across her clit and I could see the effect as body lurched to her electric touch.

Just before I stood up I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. Mel and I had frantically bahis firmaları stumbled into the second stall and somebody had been in the first stall watching the two of us, just like I had watched Caitlyn and Kelly. I just smiled at the eye that saw me and then gave the person a knowing wink. I’m sure that the performance that Mel and I had just done would have her cuming several times over!

I kissed Mel as she still stood by the stall door, letting her smell her own juices on my face. Without warning I brought the dildo in my hand up to her pussy and thrust it back inside one last time, before bending down and bringing Mel’s panties up to her crotch, trapping the dildo in her pussy again, and hopefully keeping her on the edge of torment. I straightened Mel’s black PVC pencil skirt back down into position, admiring the way that she looked once more and felt a rush of excitement through my pussy. If I could have I would have fucked her there and then with her strap-on, but for now I was content with the image of doing that when we returned to her place.

Mel turned and opened the door and began to head back out into the bar to get some more drinks. I was about to follow but my bladder reminded me of what I was going to do just before I had met Cait and Kel; Pee! I headed back to the second stall and hurriedly sat down before I peed myself. Half a minute later I heard the door to the first stall open, and whoever had been watching Mel and I emerge. I quickly finished up in the hope of seeing exactly who it was.

I think I surprised the girl as she stood at the wash basin, trying desperately to smooth down her clothes. I guessed that she had been playing with herself as she had been watching Mel and I. Before she noticed me I got a good look at her petite, well-trimmed body in the mirror, her straight blonde hair just reaching her shoulders before gently flicking outwards. Through the mirror my gaze fell immediately to her breasts, which were presented in a fantastic cleavage. She wore a short black PVC dress that clung to her every inch; the neck line running around the base of her neck; two arm holes cut to show off her shoulders. There was a deep U-shape that was cut in the front of the dress, from her neckline down to her cleavage. Two clips held the dress tight against her chest. I couldn’t help but stare as the shiny material traced across her breasts highlighting the lack of a bra, then down over her flat stomach and finished high on her thighs. My mind could just imagine the dress pushed up around her waist as she played with herself in the stall, her fingers dancing around her crotch as she peered through the hole at me and Mel. I wondered if she had any panties on underneath. As she looked up from her body she looked shocked to see me standing behind her. From her face I would have guessed that she looked around 18, but when I’d finished guessing her age, something clicked in my mind. In fact, in both our minds. For what seemed like an age, but was probably no more than a second we just stared deeply into each other’s eyes.

Could it be?

No, it couldn’t!!

I’m sure we both thought the same. And then I’m sure we both recognised each other at the same time too. I spoke first.


“Ellie!!!!” She responded

And then neither of us spoke. Standing there before me was Libby, a girl who was at the same school as me and a girl who’d been on the same swimming team as me and even in the same year as me, only in a different half. Any other place and this would have been normal, but here, in a lesbian bar, dressed like we were!

“Oh my God,” protested Libby, becoming a little flustered. “I would never have guessed, ever, that I would be here with a friend of mine.”

“I should be saying that too,” was all I could reply.

And then we both laughed, nervously. Had it been elsewhere we wouldn’t have stopped talking but here neither of us knew what to say. Within a minute though I kaçak iddaa was leading Libby through the bar and back to the booth where Mel was waiting with fresh drinks so we could talk. Mel went and got Libby a beer and by the time that she returned we were both about ready to explain.

Libby went first. “I guess you’re wondering what I’m doing here. I know I’m thinking that of you.” I didn’t get a chance to reply.

“I guess I should begin by telling you that I’m a lesbian, although I have slept with a boy before. It all started around three years ago one night on a sleep over. Me and a friend, Nicole, were laid up in bed and ended up talking about masturbation, and even masturbated in front of each other that night. It was such a fucking turn on! The following morning I didn’t know what would happen, whether we’d both be really embarrassed, but it was quite the opposite. Before we headed down for breakfast that morning we crept under the covers in her bed and helped each other masturbate. Things between us developed from there.”

“I hate to say it again but, Oh my god!” I was shocked, I must admit. I’d known Libby for several years and she’d always looked so innocent and all, but now she was a lesbian! It took a while to sink in as I listened to her speak the words. But then something struck me. “You said the name Nicole, that isn’t the Nicole that I know?”

I saw from Libby’s eyes that it was. The girl that Libby had masturbated with that first night was Nicole, the slightly younger sister of my best friend, Heather. Nicole had been in the same half of year at school as Libby, whereas Heather had been in my half of the year. The surprises continued to come that night.

“Nicole, another girl and I have been coming here for several months now, not really to meet anyone just so that we could kiss and touch each other in public without anyone caring. Also, we all get to dress up real kinky, just the way we like it. I had no idea about you though Ellie!”

“Me neither,” I replied. “I only had my first experience a few hours ago.” I looked across at Mel and she flashed me a smile, then looked across at Libby. I could tell in her face that she knew what I meant.

As I looked across at Libby I saw her eyes glance behind Mel and I, and seconds later Nicole was stood by our booth, a surprised look on her face as she saw who her lover was sitting with – Me! I had to admit that she looked fantastic as she stood there. My eyes gazed lustfully down her body, at her gorgeous looking breasts confined inside a turquoise, latex front lace-up top, black latex trousers, black high-heels and finished off with black latex gloves that came up her arms, finishing just above her elbows. Her long brunette hair was tonight tied up in a bun, making her look so stunning.

Her surprised look quickly faded and she took a seat next to Libby. Over the next ten minutes or so we both explained why we were there and our experiences, the both of us as curious as the other. As I sat there listening and watching Libby and Nicole fondling each other, and Mel and I doing the same, I felt more relaxed. It turned out that the other girl of their trio, Susie, was ill tonight, although she and Libby were a bit of an item, but still Nicole and Libby were happy to fondle each other. And there we stayed for a few hours, talking and flirting outrageously within our little booth, drinking some more. A few hours ago and it would have seemed unplausable to be flirting with my best friend’s sister, but it was different now. We were both now kinky dyke’s who loved nothing more than tasting pussy.

Soon enough it was two o’clock in the morning and Mel and I decided to head home. Rather than being tired I knew we were both so horny again and were desperate to fall into bed with each other.

“How do you fancy staying at our place?” asked Mel as we stood to leave, a glint in her eye that I had seen already a few times that night.

Libby and Nicole kaçak bahis just looked at each other and smiled. “Definitely,” replied Libby.

And so we all headed back to Mel’s. On the way home in Mel’s car I used the rear-view mirror to see in to the back, watching Libby and Nicole. I watched them as they began to kiss each other passionately, both of their hands running freely over the other’s bodies. Libby broke away and began to kiss her way down Nicole’s neck and onto her latex covered breasts. I watched closely as she let her tongue lick it’s way over the latex, around Nicole’s nipples until I could clearly see her erect nipples through the latex material.

Libby broke free and looked into the eyes of her lover, never breaking eye contact as she used a hand to untie the laces of Nicole’s top, eventually freeing her breasts. He mouth returned to her nipples and slowly began to tease them even more, nibbling on her sensitive nipples and playfully biting them. Nicole had her head strewn back against the seat, her eyes closed tightly and her latex-gloved hands running down Libby’s back and over her blonde hair. I could see on her face that Libby was driving her wild.

As I continued to watch the two of them I somehow managed to move my dress up around my waist so that I could run my fingers across my clit. Mel saw me out of the corner of her eye and quickly replaced my fingers with her own, leaving me free to reach across and under her skirt so that I could tease her clit as she drove.

Once again I looked into the back, seeing Nicole now fondling her own breasts with her latex clad hands. Libby had laid Nicole down in the back and had somehow peeled off her black, skin like, latex trousers so that she could concentrate her attention on Nicole’s pussy. Libby saw me as I looked, and her eyes seemed to smile at me, as her tongue slowly danced across Nicole’s clit. I could see a shimmer of juices on her face as she did so, and wished that it was me licking Nicole, my best friend’s sister. I wished that I could do that ever since I glanced up from out table at her as she stood there in the bar.

I so wanted to run my tongue across her clit and down to her entrance, to taste her and to tease her. To feel her hands on the back of my head, forcing me closer to her pussy. Then to use my fingers inside of her as I licked her towards orgasm, and feel her muscles grip tightly around them as she came intensely. Such images were getting me so very wet, I could feel Mel’s hand sliding effortlessly across my clit and it felt wonderful. The intensity of another orgasm was already beginning to well up inside of me and all I wanted now was for Mel to lick me like earlier that night. I wanted Mel to fuck me with her strap-on, to feel the warmth of our bodies as we writhed around together, and yet to feel the forcefulness of her as she plunge the strap-on into my pussy.

The intensity of that image and the action in the back of the car, plus the ceaseless fingers of Mel’s hand on my clit sent me over the edge. I clamped my legs together, trapping Mel’s hand and had no choice but to hold my breath as I orgasmed. “Aaaaaghhhhh,” I moaned when I was able to catch any kind of breath. It was probably the most intense orgasm of the night and it shook my whole body to the point of fainting.

I think I heard a series of long moans emanating from Nicole in the back but it was just a blur for me. The next thing I remember was being slumped back in the seat, my legs wide apart. I glanced over at Mel who was eagerly licking my juices off her hand and smiling over at me.

I mouthed the words “Thank you,” but couldn’t find the voice to say them. I was spent and spent the remainder of the journey home slumped in the seat, my fingers slowly caressing my breasts through the PVC dress and also my clit. I just wanted to get home to lick Mel to another orgasm. I glanced into the back several times and each time found Nicole and Libby kissing and caressing each other’s bodies, Nicole now fully dressed. I couldn’t wait to lick my way down her latex top and then peel off her latex trousers so I could taste her pussy and see how sweet she tastes.

To be continued…

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