Hypnotized to Try a Gloryhole

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This is a 100% true story I finally decided to write. I’m not much of a writer or story teller so this was meant to be more of a recollection of the first time I sucked a cock and the story behind it.

Although I consider myself straight, I’ve always been into eating my own cum. Like a lot of guys into this, the idea is a huge turn on but after blowing my load I completely lose interest. My favorite way is to lay on my back and roll my legs over my head. With my cock pointed at my face I can cum directly in my mouth. I don’t always go through with it and sometimes I even go through the trouble of spitting it out. This is how I got into CEI (cum eating instruction) videos. Seeing or hearing a woman instruct me helps me carry through for some reason. I’m not too into the material that has a degrading/sissy theme and tend to look for more encouragement type videos. A few months ago I came across an erotic hypnosis audio file. The description was something along the lines of this clip will put you in the trance and walk you through cumming on your own face and eating your own semen. This of course was very intriguing to me. I’ve never been hypnotized or was entirely sure I believed in it, but it sounded like a fun new way to jerk off.

The audio file instructed me to turn off the lights and get naked and comfortable. It was a bit over 30 minutes long and had a very relaxing background track. Much of the clip was about edging and building up a big load. At many points I was in a trance like state. I was very relaxed and was on autopilot when it came to following the commands. I was instructed to edge and continually eat my precum. Near the end I was instructed to get into “the position” and be ready to cum in my own mouth. I actually don’t really remember positioning myself. When I think back, it was sort of a drunken haze. Anyway, the last thing I remember was “waking up” with cum on my face and some left in my mouth. My heart was racing and it almost felt like casino şirketleri I blacked out.

Throughout that week I was turned on thinking about it. I also had random dreams about sucking body-less cocks and swallowing cum that seem to be reoccurring more frequently. I started to catch myself focusing on the cocks in porn and frequently looking at gloryhole porn. It became a huge turn on to watch girls slurp on a strangers cock and guzzle their cum. One night I was so horny I started browsing the casual encounters section of Craigslist. It seemed like most of the posts were made by men for men. It was a turn on to read about the posts and the scenarios people were coming up with. Then I came across a post about a private gloryhole. The description was to entice guys to drop by, get drained and leave satisfied. I was hard as a rock thinking about it. I put a search in for “gloryhole” and started looking at the other posts. I came across a post indicating the GH was only a few miles from me and was intrigued. I decided to send an email and inquire out of curiosity. The guy replied if I wanted to come by a certain time before his wife came home. Curiosity got the better of me and I replied yes which prompted his address and instructions.

It was a short but nerve wrecking drive. I parked on the street and slinked towards the address he gave me. The front door was unlocked and I proceeded into a very nice house. I followed his instructions and went down a few hallways until I came upon a sheet tied up in front of a doorway with a ~5 inch cutout hole in it. As I approached towards the hole a hand crept out and grabbed my crotch. It started rubbing my cock through my pants and I was hard in no time. I instinctively slid down my pants and exposed my hard cock and pointed it into the hole. I was quickly met with a warm wet mouth around my cock that swiftly engulfed my entire shaft to the base. It honestly felt more like a warm pussy than a mouth. The cocksucker on the casino firmaları other side worked my cock beautifully. He sucked me slowly and firmly and worked my spots thoroughly with the tip of his tongue. I’ve had my share of blowjobs from women but this was definitely the best of them. It felt so good I was close to cumming within minutes. I whispered “I’m going to cum” a few times which prompted the cocksucker to pull back and blow air on my cock.

He was edging my cock with his mouth perfectly and I wanted to explode so badly. He continued for what seemed like a 20 solid minutes and surprised me when instead of pulling back he deepthroated me and started swallowing with his throat on the head of my cock. The sensation felt unreal and I had the hardest orgasm I’ve ever had. I grunted out loud with every huge spasm and blast. It felt like he extracted a week’s worth of cum out of my balls. When he pulled off my cock I was bracing against the wall because my legs felt like floppy noodles. As I pulled up my pants and zipped up I looked up at the hole and a fairly large cock was sticking out of it. I did not expect to be reciprocating but there it was inches from my face. Usually I’d be spent after cumming and have no interest in anymore playing but I couldn’t resist. I grabbed the cock with my hand and started stroking it. It was probably 7.5-8 inches based on my own cock, but much thicker.

As I stroked it, a pearl of precum started to form on the tip. I couldn’t help but stick my tongue out and lick it up. It tasted sweeter than mine and the next thing I know I had my whole mouth on the cock. I’ve never given a blowjob before but I tried to emulate what I’ve seen and love. I used a lot of swirling and worked on the head while trying to take as much of the shaft as I could. To be honest, it was too big for me and I could only get about half down. But since it was completely anonymous and I wasn’t being watched I sucked on it enthusiastically like all the sluts güvenilir casino I’ve watched in porn. I could picture myself being a real cockslut at that moment but didn’t care. I seem to be doing a decent job judging from the moans on the other side. About 10 minutes in the guy told me he was about to cum.

I tried to pull back and edge him like he did me but he grunted “I’m cumming” so I swallowed the cock back down. I could feel his cock swell up up inside my mouth before the tension released and cum started flowing into my mouth. His ejaculation seemed different than mine. I usually had hard spurts and spasms but his cock seemed to be 1 prolonged release where semen gradually gushed out. It was a ton of cum as I could feel it filling most of my mouth. I had to take a big gulp to swallow all of it. The consistency was a lot thinner than mine but the taste was a bit sweeter and slightly salty. I continued to greedily suck on the head and lick up anything leftover my tongue could find. He eventually retracted his cock and said thanks as I straightened up and headed out.

As I drove off I felt a little ashamed. It seemed a bit risky in hindsight to suck and swallow a random stranger. But those thoughts quickly subsided when I started getting turned on again. I quickly pulled into the garage and sprinted upstairs and stripped naked. I started stroking my throbbing cock and within seconds I was ready to cum. I flipped my legs overhead and had another intense orgasm, spraying my face and mouth with hot cum. I swallowed and pushed the rest of cum into my mouth. This is something I could never do before. I was now a bit worried I’d just transformed into quite a cumslut. Over the next week I had the inkling to check that hypnosis recording again. This time however, I skipped to the ending and after the swallowing command I noticed she had some suggestions of going out and looking for another man’s cock to suck. I didn’t remember this at all and realized I was indeed in a trance and took the suggestions into my subconscious. I was a bit frightened at the realization of how powerful it turned out to be but in the back of my mind I was already thinking about finding another cock to drain… shit…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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