Hungry for You

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The door opens and I can hear your shoes hit the entryway hardwood. Just the thought of seeing you make my heart race, I’m trying to stay focused on cleaning the last few dishes. My mind, however, is following your footsteps into our room, then back into the kitchen. Your strong arms wrap around my waist, as you pull me back into you. “Hello, handsome. Dinner will be ready it about thirty minutes if you want to go sit down for a little while.” I say, knowing full well that you have completely different ideas then sitting down in your chair. I can tell it from the strap-on you’re pressing into me as you pull me back closer into you, in your insistent kisses on my neck. “Do you want a beer while you wait? I made…” My words trail off as I can feel your warm breath again my ear.

Your words start with a soft growl, “I want you on the table.” Your hands gripping my hips, turning me to face you then pulling my hips hard into you, letting me feel yoir cock between us, to feel it pressing against me. A soft moan escapes my lips. I can’t resist wanting you, seeing how much you want me right now. I step back from you, walking slowly backwards so I don’t break our eye contact. Your eyes trail over my body, taking in my low cut dress and heels. My hair is pulled up off my neck and long earrings dangle. “Gadzooks, I love that you dress like this just to cook. You look so sexy for me, beautiful.” Your fingertips lightly trace the neckline of my dress, from collarbone to cleavage. I keep taking little steps back, letting you guide me with your other hand on my hip. I love when you wear a suit. Your shoulders in that jacket look incredible. The tie begs me to grab it and pull you in for a kiss, but not tonight. I have something a little different in mind. I’m a bit nervous how you’ll react but that’s only feeding into my desire, the unknown. I feel the edge of the table hit my ass, both your hands grab my ass and pull me against you making sure I feel the hardness pressing against me before setting me down on the edge of the table. Your hands push my thighs apart, roughly. Keeping them spread with your body, your hands on other side of my head guiding me into a kiss. I return your kiss for a few moments. I pull my torso back disengaging from you. I can see the confusion in your face, I usually match your intensity inch for inch. Today, however, I have an plan. “Is something wrong?”

“Nothing, baby.” bahis firmaları I say reassuring you. I lean forward to kiss you quickly then separate from you again. “I’m on the table. Next?”

“I want you to take off your panties so I can have you.” Your hands run up my thighs under my dress to the tops of my thigh high stockings “I love these. They can stay.”

“I don’t know,” my teeth gently biting my red bottom lip. “I’m willing to entertain the notion, though.”

Your hands move off my body. “Entertain the notion? Of taking off your panties? That’s fine. I’ll just push them out of my way.” I don’t think what I’m trying to play at has even entered your brain. Poor baby. Your hands start pushing my dress up over my thighs. The back of your hands trail up the inside of my thighs sending shivers up my spine. I grab your hands and set them back on the table.

“No. I meant I’m unwilling to fulfill your request at this time.” I can’t help but smirk at you.

“My request … to have you? But you…,” you sigh. I have never told you no before to anything. You step back from me, I can tell how disappointed and confused you are. “But you’re mine.” You surprise yourself more then me with that statement.

“I’m sorry, love. What was that? Did you say something?” I cross one leg over the other a subtile hint, reminding you what I denying you. There’s no way I’m gonna let that statement slide. It’s taken me so many little steps to open you up like this, to let you admit to yourself and me that there’s a possessive, dominate side to you. I’ve seen death glances from the looks you shoot the men and a few woman who stare at me. I’ve seen the way you are constantly touching me around your friends or out in public. It all serves as a reminder that I belong to you.

Your shoulders set, your voice is much surer this time around as you respond, “You belong to me.” Shivers run through my spine, but I’m trying my best not to show it. “You are mine.” You step back closer to me. Hands roughly pushing apart my thighs, your fingers digging into my thighs. Your hands then grasp on my panties and tear them off my body. “This are fucking soaked. Why are you trying to deny me when you need this so much?” Your words come out a tense growl. Your hands grasp my legs pulling me fast and rough right to the edge of the table. “Take it out. Now.” you spit your words out at me. I think about telling kaçak iddaa you no again but just the admittance that you know I belong to you is such a big step you deserve a reward. My hand reaches for you slowly, looking right into your eyes all the while. My hand touches your breast, my fingertips running over it lightly. “What your looking for is a bit lower.” Your eyebrow raises, your lips form a cocky little smirk. My fingers trail down your abs and I unzip your pants. Grasping it in my hand, pushing the wide base back into you. “Out. Now.” You’re so brisk it surprises me. I free the very girthy cock from your pants. I’m quite unsure what to do now so I just look at you for a moment. My neck snaps up as your fingers pull my the hair gathered at the nape of my neck. Your face is so close to mine now. “You know it don’t you? You are mine.” Your voice is low and deep. A soft whimper escapes my lips. You push my dress up over my hips. I can hear it tear. You start rubbing the tip against me, letting it tease my hot wet core. My moans getting louder with every little circle that hits my clit. I could cum just like this. I just need a little more friction. My hands pull gently at your shoulders trying to draw you into me. “Yes, yes baby. Oh god,” I gasp, my words faltering as waves of intense pleasure wash over me. You hold yourself back from me, stopping all contact with me. I have to catch myself before I fall off the edge of the table. “Oh please… I need you. Please baby? I need you so much. Please put it deep inside me? Give me what I need? Please baby?” It almost hurts, the needing consumes every cell of my body. I need the contact from you. I take my fingers and rub them over myself. My fingers rubbing my wet clit but the feeling is not even a portion as fulfilling as your touch. It’s a cruel mockery of what I really need. Your hand reaches down and grasps my wrist pulling my hand away from my clit. My whole body shivers at the simple contact. I move closer to kiss you and you turn your head away from my lips.

“Who?” You ask me. You gain eye contact with me again. “Who? Tell me. Who do you belong to?” Your voice is so quiet but deep.

“You. Mind, soul, and body. I belong to you. I need you. Please, please I need you. I need you inside me. Only you can give me what I need. Every part of me belongs to you. Please, I need you” I beg you. I can’t help it. I’d do anything at this point if you’d kaçak bahis just take me. You move your hips and thrust it right inside of me in one smooth motion. My body tenses around the shaft, pushing me right over the edge. You start to thrust inside of me, pulling my hips into you. Your body slamming into me. My fingernails are raking into your back and down your shoulders and arms. My legs wrap around your body, pulling you harder into me. I’m trying to talk to you but my words are a stuttering mess of pieces of words spaced out by gasps and screams as you bring me to another orgasm. You step back from me again, pulling completely out of me. The emptiness is maddening. You pull my legs to pull my ass right over the edge, catching me against you. Your strength always takes me by surprise, no matter how often you let me see it. You put me down on my feet, I move to kiss you. My hands on your lapels. Your lips answer mine this time, kissing me hard and demanding. Your hands pulling me firm against it, you let the wet, heavy weight hit my thigh. Reminding me of what just happened. “Oh god love. That was amazing. You work up an appetite?” My hands move to straighten my skirt, but you grasp them both.

“I’m still hungry,” you growl in my ear. Spinning me around and pushing me back over the table. My breasts pressed into the cool table, you push my skirt up so it’s bunched around my waist. “Please my dinner will burn.” My heart torn between desire and not wanting to let all my earlier efforts go to waste.

“I don’t care. I want you.” You retort.

You thrust back into me, only teasing me with about half the length. I put my hands flat on the table and push up in a effort to stand. Your hands encircle mine and trap them under my torso, trapping them there. “I’m gonna make you take every thick inch.” You keep pressing your hips closer into me, sliding farther inside of me. You continue the relentless thrust, despite my writhing body. Using your body weight to keep me just where you want me. When you are as far in as I thought possible, your feet push my legs farther apart and it goes even deeper into me. I’ve lost track at this point how many times I’ve cum, you often have that effect on me. Your thrusts are making my whole body slide on the slick table. I shatter again, screaming your name. You pull out of me, hands soothingly running down my back. I feel like I’m vibrating from head to toe, as you turn me and gather me up in your arms. Kissing me softly. “You ok love?” I’m still non-verbal at this point, so I just nod and kiss you. “Good. Go get your coat and we’ll go eat. I’m hungry.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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