Hot for Teacher Ch. 12

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It had been almost a week since Michelle had been brought to Lisa’s for training on how to be the perfect lesbian lover and while the young school teacher had been forced to have non-consensual sex: drugged, blackmailed, and dominated by other women, she now embraced this transition in her life. It was almost as if the Michelle who existed before last Friday was gone and a new version simply took her place.

Michelle would never be able to adequately convey the new feelings she had or share with others the profound change in her life, but she knew it was as if a light were shown for the very first time that removed any darkness. Her life had become clear and she knew exactly what she really wanted – not what others had told her she should expect and be content with.

She had tasted of the fruit and now she wanted to devour and savor its essence. Kim had shared with Chel that neither she nor Lisa had ever drugged another woman before. Lisa much preferred the art of seduction but that time demanded it and they knew Chel would be resistant to embracing the change she needed in her life.

Michelle wondered if Lisa and Kim had not taken such drastic measures with her, would she have spent her whole life never knowing the true joys that she now enjoyed. Discovering that she was truly drawn to women was just one of the many changes she had discovered about herself. While she was comfortable in the classroom speaking to children, she had always been a bit less outgoing socially.

She loved to dance and eventually warmed up to those around her, but there was no question she had always been inhibited and perhaps submissive when it came to sex. While she had only had three male lovers, they always took the lead when it came to initiating their lovemaking.

Now she found she enjoyed the chase and actually relished the thought of seducing a young woman, perhaps a straight woman like she had been, and helping her discover a side of herself she had never known existed. She had enjoyed taking the lead with Karen, the waitress from the wine bar and Taylor, the young coed.

Over the last couple of days she had spread her wings a little more when Kim introduced her to a client from a photo shoot and before the session was over, Michelle had asked for the woman’s number and had followed up by calling her and spending the afternoon making love to her. Michelle had a new sense of confidence and was totally at ease now playing the role of seductress.

When she arrived back at Lisa’s on Thursday afternoon, her mistress met her at the door. “Kim said you two went shopping today. Is she not with you?” Lisa asked.

“No, she headed to Susan’s for the evening. She thought maybe we could join them for dinner,” Michelle replied.

“I have something else in mind. First, I want you to undress,” Lisa directed. Michelle who thought nothing of her instructions as Lisa routinely kept her nude, displaying her gorgeous body. “I have a gift for you. You have exceeded my expectations and your training is almost at an end.”

Lisa took the teacher’s hand in hers as they walked back toward Lisa’s bedroom. The room that had begun the whole episode in her life almost a week ago. “I mentioned to you that your gift to me for introducing you to the joys you have found is to seduce a young woman. Someone close to you, a friend, another teacher at school… someone you could share what you have found. I believe you had in mind your friend Denise,” she concluded.

“Yes mistress. Denise is my best friend and I want to show her what it’s like. How things can be,” Michelle replied, a sparkle in her eye as she shared her enthusiasm with her mentor.

“And you want Denise to be a lesbian too? More than just a lesbian, you want her as your lover don’t you pet?” Lisa inquired as they stopped in the hall talking.

“Oh, yes mistress, more than anything. I know I can win her love, show her how awesome it is to be with another woman, to be with me,” Michelle said back, excitement now filling her voice.

“I know you will baby. But first, there is one more task for you. I have a girl here, much like you were last week. Unlike you, she wasn’t drugged but she needs to be brought in to our sisterhood. I have talked with her and she is at ease but she’s unsure of it all. I want you to initiate her pet. Show her how wonderful it can be with another woman. But you are not to say anything until I direct you. Do you understand?” Lisa commanded

“Yes mistress,” Michelle replied.

“I have her tied to my bed… blindfolded. I want you to devour her. She is to become one of us. She is my gift to you and you both will be a gift back to me,” Lisa smiled.

As Lisa opened the door, Michelle could not believe her eyes. Even blindfolded, she recognized immediately the light blonde hair of her friend Denise. Her arms were outstretched, fastened to the post of the bed by the wrist restraints which had held her fast throughout much of the week. Likewise her bursa escort feet were drawn to the post at the other end.

A blue blindfold, likely the one Lisa had used on her last Friday, was positioned on her face covering her dark brown eyes. As the door opened, the rustling of feet on the carpet, Denise lifted her head off the pillow and seemed to focus on someone walking into the room.

Michelle gazed over Denise’s naked form. She was much smaller than Michelle and much lighter as well. Michelle had a dark completion and Denise, while tanned in the summer, contrasted with a much lighter skin. Her little pink nipples were already erect against the pale mounds of her small breasts which heaved up and down.

Michelle could tell her friend was extremely nervous and she anxiously wanted to put her at ease as well as take advantage of the opportunity she had thought about for days.

The young teacher crawled up on the bed, on her knees between Neecey’s thighs as she moved up the girl’s chest. Michelle’s large breasts hung down and gently rubbed over Denise’s flat belly, coming to rest against her own creamy tits.

Michelle’s nipples hardened at the thoughts which ran through her mind and she was sure Denise knew a woman was on top of her, moments from introducing her to the joys of Sapphic love.

When Michelle’s lips touched Denise’s, it was if an electric charge ran through her body. They had been friends since Denise started teaching fourth grade earlier that year. Denise was three years younger than Chel and less outgoing than her best friend. In all that time, Michelle had never really thought about Denise in a sexual sense. Now the young woman wanted her in the worse way.

Her lips pressed hard on the blonde’s as she let her body come to rest over her friend’s. If there was any hesitation, it was quickly dispelled as Michelle pried apart Neecey’s lips with her tongue and Denise allowed her to probe without obstruction. Denise yielded completely to this stranger and found herself sucking on Michelle’s tongue, even chasing it when it retreated from her mouth.

Michelle heard little whimpers emitting from her new lover and suspected it may have been some time since she was kissed as passionately as she was now. Michelle continued sliding her wet lips over the blonde’s, cradling her head with her hand as she sucked on her bottom lip, kissing her with a passion unmatched by any kiss with anyone else.

She would have liked nothing more than to kiss Denise all afternoon, but she wanted to explore the young woman’s body. To sample the treats she had seen on so many occasions, yet never thinking of them in the same way.

Lisa had taken up a position on the bed sitting beside the restrained woman. She reached out and tweaked the young girl’s nipple, using her fingers to trace the areola drawing a sigh from Denise as Michelle dropped her lips, planting soft kisses on her face, neck and chest before focusing on her pink nipple.

Denise groaned as Michelle sucked on her nub, drawing the warm flesh in, sucking, running her tongue on the tip, biting it lightly.

“You like that baby? You like her sucking on your titty?” Lisa inquired as she pinched the other nipple in her fingers. Denise only moaned as she turned her head, her face pressing against the satin pillow case.

Michelle held both of Denise’s breasts in her hands, rubbing them, caressing as she held the mounds of soft flesh. She loved sucking on her tit and knew this would be the first of what would be many, many occasions to suckle at her lover’s breasts.

Michelle licked all around Neecey’s tit before moving to the other, trying to squeeze as much of the breast as possible into her mouth, drawing the little nub in and biting, sucking on the tip. Chel could hear soft moans of appreciation from Denise and then shifted in the bed to gain access to her real prize.

Chel was delighted to see that Denise too shaved her mound bare. A blonde, she had really faint hair and her skin was satiny smooth against Chel’s advancing lips. She could smell her arousal, a slight, delicate, sweet smell. Denise had a really pretty pussy Chel thought.

Chel spread the girl’s lips, gazing for the first time her friend’s delectable pussy. As she parted the soft flesh, she looked in at the pink inner walls of her cunt, so pretty, as she touched her with her tongue and ran it down her slit.

“Oh fuck, oh my gawwwd,” Neecey moaned as Michelle began to feast on her treasure.

“That’s it baby. Let her taste you. Feels good doesn’t it. It feels wonderful having a woman eat your little pussy,” Lisa smiled.

Michelle scooped her hands under Denise’s ass and drove her face in as far as possible as she scooped up her juices with her tongue. She wanted Denise to enjoy this more than anything in her life. She wanted this moment to last. As she licked Neecey’s dripping box, the teacher thrashed her head back and forth. It wasn’t lost on Michelle that Denise loved what she bursa escort bayan was doing. She was confident this wouldn’t be the last time she pleased her best friend with her tongue.

Lisa in the meantime reached up and unbuckled the restraint that held her left hand before moving to the other side and doing the same with the right. Denise immediately brought both hands down to Michelle’s head and instead of pushing her away, seemed to guide her along her vagina, moving her from spot to spot as Chel continued to lick and probe with her soft tongue.

Moving to the foot of the bed, Lisa unbuckled her legs as well as Denise moved her lean legs up, wrapping them around Michelle’s. Lisa walked over to her vanity and took a strapon harness from a drawer. She selected a dildo and ran it into the opening, securing it in place and then coated the shaft with lube.

“Fuck her pet. Fuck her pretty pussy, make her yours,” Lisa instructed as she handed the harness to Michelle. Her young apprentice knelt on her knees as she stepped in and moved the strapon into place, securing it tight before she lay back between Neecey’s box, but not before placing one more delicate kiss on her soft pussy lips.

She guided the slippery head to the entrance of Denise’s opening and then sensing no resistance, moved it deeper and deeper until the whole shaft had disappeared between Denise’s warm thighs.

Michelle moved her hips, her ass rotating as she drove the cock in and out of her lover. She had come to emulate the movements of a “top” and felt she could use her cock as well if not better than any man. She lay back down, her full weight on Denise, their breasts pressing together as she took up again kissing the young teacher.

This time it was Denise who sought out her mouth and plunged her tongue deep into Michelle’s. Chel had ignited a passion in Neecey and she sought her lips, kissing her deeply as she grabbed at Chel’s ass with her hands, pulling her deeper into her pussy.

“Fuck me, oh fuck me. That feels so good. Fill my pussy,” Denise chanted encouraging Chel on as she moved her hips back and forth. Lisa looked on approvingly. Michelle had learned well and she admired the young woman’s ass as it moved up and down, pushing the cock deeper and deeper into Denise.

She hadn’t created just another little lesbian. Watching Michelle take Denise, she knew she had trained a skilled and dedicated dyke.

“Take her blindfold off. Take it off of her,” Lisa instructed Michelle. Chel wondered what Neecey’s reaction would be when she saw it was her. Regardless, she knew both women had come too far to turn back as she pushed the fabric up, sliding it to the crown of the girl’s head exposing her soft brown eyes.

Their eyes locked. It was a moment frozen in time as Denise’s eyes teared slightly before she closed them and kissed Michelle again on the lips, softly, and then more forcefully.

Michelle reached down and took both of Neecey’s hands in hers as they locked fingers and Michelle moved her friend’s arms over her head.

“Fuck me Michelle, please fuck me, take me,” Denise encouraged as Lisa looked on. The older woman backed out of the room, shutting the door behind her, allowing the two young lovers their moment together.

The two women moved their bodies in unison. Chel continued to kiss her new lover. Her hands releasing Neecey’s as they coiled around her young charge and cradled her softly. Denise’s legs wrapped around Chel’s anchoring her in as Chel bent up allowing her breast to move to Neecey’s face. The young girl raised her head slightly and sucked in Chel’s nipple as she suckled on her tit.

“Ooom, that feels so good. Suck me Neecey, suck on my titty,” Chel hissed as her hips continued to move up and down, driving the cock into Denise’s wet pussy.

Denise licked all around Chel’s breast, sucking on the hard nipple, biting it lightly drawing appreciative groans from her lover. Chel twisted allowing the other breast to sway at Neecey’s face which she instantly drew into her hot mouth.

“Fuck that feels so good. I love your pussy, I love fucking your pussy,” Michelle groaned.

“I love you,” Denise said back softly. Even in the throes of passion, the words were unmistakable as Michelle almost froze in place. Her heart thumped loudly in her chest as she scooted back down and closed on Denise’s lips. “I love you too. I love you so much,” Chel said as she wrapped her arms around Denise, squeezing her as tight as possible.

As Michelle looked down, she could see tears rolling down the sides of Denise’s face. She did love Denise. She knew it. Denise was her best friend. Now she was her lover and much more.

Michelle felt Denise’s legs clamp tightly around hers and though she had never heard her friend climax, she knew it was imminent as Neecey wrapped her arms around Chel squeezing with all her might. Her hungry lips sought our Chel’s and she kissed her with passion.

“I love you, I love you so much,” escort bursa Denise chanted as she thrust back at Michelle and then crying out, “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck.” Her orgasm was intense as Michelle drove hard as Denise rubbed Michelle’s legs with her own.

The two came to a slow halt as their lips found each other. Chel kissed Neecey on her forehead, beads of sweet sweat pooling on her brow. They lay in each other’s arms, silent, as Chel stroked Neecey’s arm.

“Did you mean what you said a while ago?” Neecey inquired as she kissed Chel’s soft shoulder as the older girl lay on top of her.

Michelle withdrew the cock slowly from Neecey’s wet box as she slid to her side. “Yes, I did. I love you. I can’t believe you’re here but I’m so glad you are. I need to tell you something,” Michelle sighed.

“I need to tell you something first,” Denise said looking away.

Michelle could sense the anxiety in her voice, a tension that seemed to be welling up.

“What is it? What’s wrong” Michelle asked.

“I did all this. It’s been me. Everything you’ve been going though. I’m the reason,” Denise said, her voice cracking.

“What are you talking about?” Michelle inquired, totally lost in Denise’s rambling statement.

“Do you know what it’s been like to love someone. Love them so much, only they don’t know it, don’t return it?” Neecey asked her eyes filled with tears.

“I’ve loved you from the first moment we met,” Denise went on as Michelle looked on startled, trying to understand what her friend was talking about.

“For more than a year, I wanted to tell you. I tried actually. But you never seemed to get the hint and I was so afraid, so afraid of losing you. If I told you, you might get freaked out or something,” Neecey went on.

“You mean, you’ve always felt this way?” Michelle seemed to grasp Denise’s anxiety.

“Always! All the times you came to me with problems you and Kyle might have, I wanted to tell you how much I loved you, how much I wanted you. But you always went right back. The night you guys had a fight, remember? Remember the night you came over and we were watching TV and drinking wine and you were sharing how unhappy you were?” Neecey asked, searching Michelle’s face.

“Yea, I remember. We drank way too much… I remember that night!” Michelle laughed.

“Well, I went in the bathroom and I decided that was going to be the night – the night I told you, showed you how much I loved you. I stripped off all my clothes and I was going back in the den and tell you once and for all I loved you, I wanted you. Then I heard you call out you were leaving. Before I could get to the door, you had walked out of my apartment. I ran to the window and saw you get in your car,” Denise explained.

“Shit, you’re kidding,” Michelle shot back.

“No, I’m not. I went to bed that night and cried so hard,” Denise said looking up at Michelle.

“So, what’s that got to do with what you were talking about. You did what?” Chel pressed.

Denise seemed to be reflecting on her choice of words. There was an awkward silence. “Lisa is my aunt.”

“Your aunt!” Michelle exclaimed. “She’s your aunt?”

“Yea,” she said back searching Michelle’s face. “I told her how I felt about you. I’ve been ‘out’ since high school. I’ve known since then what I was, who I was, only my family didn’t take it so well. I knew Aunt Lisa was a lesbian and confided to her and she’s been there for me ever since. Mom and I rarely talk but Lisa’s there. When I told her about us, well, she said she’d take care of it. She’d help me.”

“So what you’re telling me is you and Lisa set all this up? Michelle asked.

Denise was afraid. She looked for some answer as to what Michelle was thinking. “Yes, we did. I did. I wanted you so much. I thought if only you were, I don’t know, bi or something. If only you were on a level playing field, not repulsed at my advances, maybe you might come to love me too.”

Michelle saw the tears as they streaked down Denise’s face. She knew how hard this was for her. There was a moment she felt angry she had been deceived. As she stared into Denise’s eyes, her soft brown eyes, her friend looked so vulnerable.

As much as she was angry with the deception, she reflected to on what she had told Lisa – that she would seduce Denise! That was when she thought her best friend was a straight woman. It seemed almost comical now that a woman she had planned to turn into a lesbian was already a lesbian.

A smile appeared on Michelle’s face as she bent down and kissed Denise’s soft lips. Denise was so relieved as she kissed her back. “So now that you have me, what are you going to do with me?” Chel inquired.

“Love you. I’m going to love you like no one has ever loved you. I love you so very much,” Neecey responded.

“Show me,” Michelle dared.

Denise looked at Michelle for just a second before she crawled on top of Michelle and attacked her with her lips. She kissed her long and hard before moving down Michelle’s body, covering her breasts, chest, nipples, and stomach with soft kisses. In moments Denise had settled between Michelle’s legs where she would spend countless hours in the future.


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