Hot Backseat Anal Session

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Jake and Amy have been taking the same class on criminology for almost a year now. They have known each over for almost a decade and just at the age of 25, they have actually known each other for most of their lives. Jack was the reserved kind of guy, who would take up a challenge and was always determined. Amy was always the beautiful one, kind to others and tried to be nice to everyone she could. Both of them have had some beautiful but unsuccessful affairs in the past, but at the moment, they were both single. Jake was working for a prestigious law enforcement agency in the country and Amy used to work for a private company. Their lives were good.

The inevitable happened few months into starting of the course. They would see each other every weekend, and undoubtedly, for both of them, it was their favorite part of the week. They were always excited to see each other, which lead into going out after classes and one day, they found themselves kissing in the elevator. They didn’t have enough time until the door opened, so they found themselves kissing each other like crazy by her house in the car later on that day.

The incident we are focusing on today took place a few months after this date. They have had a number of hot encounters by then, and they were actually crazily madly in love. She was a virgin, who wanted to keep it like that till her marriage and he respected that. Despite, for him, she was adorable in every possible way, and from her mouth to all the way to her vagina to ass, he has so much to explore. Nevertheless, he was a bit of an assman, and she liked it as well.

This was a Sunday. He, like always, dressed up smartly in a shirt and jeans to see her at the class wearing shoes, demin pants and a flowery top. The class took forever and he was longing desperately till the class ended to get her in his car and rush towards their favourite spot: the car park of his office. It was a basement car park, which was not properly lit and on top of everything, it was a weekend and there were no people! She would climb to the back of the car as he passes through security, and then he would look for a safe spot, park it and would move tuzla escort to the back.

He starts kissing her twisting his tongue inside her pinky lips, while putting the hand under her top feeling the tenderness of her skin. She is also a wild one, she would twist her tongue inside his mouth and bite his tongue which drives him crazy. She was 32D and these were a pair to die for. But this day, he didn’t go to unhook them, instead hardly managed to slide his hand under the bra to feel them.

Then she would make him sit in the backseat, and sit on his lap and start grinding her beautifully fleshy ass over the cloths on his crotch, building his hardness slowly, while asking if he is enjoying it. He would lick the back of her neck making the whole area wet and smell like his saliva and then lightly bite her shoulder feeling her soft flesh.

The car is a hatchback, where you can fold the seat upwards giving a perfect flat roomy surface in the back for their activities. He folds the seats, make her kneel down facing towards the door in doggy style, still in full clothes and start dry humping her with his already aching penis. He is now in full heat. He puts his arms across her waist and undoes her demin pants button and gently slides them down to her thighs to unveil her cotton full white panty with purple spots underneath. She has a hot collection of thongs, but today is one of those days she would have never expected to go this far. But this doesn’t discourage him, and also he can hardly see due to the absence of light.

He removes the panties down till her jeans and they go down being rolled down. Oh! What a view it was. He puts his finger in his vagina to feel the slipperiness in it. She has been so wet. This drives him crazy, but he way too nasty to dive straight in that wetness. He takes both his hands and spreads her ass cheeks wide apart and points his tongue straight in her asshole. Her eyes widens to this. “Ohh, Fuck!!” she utters. He would kiss her ass, lick it and tries to reach deep down with his tongue. While his mouth is tightly in her ass, he takes her hand and tickles her vagina. It is dripping wet. And the musky smell mixed with tuzla escort bayan sex is driving him crazy.

He tries to finger her vagina while still eating her asshole, trying all the strength of his tongue to penetrate her ass, and she puts her hand on his trying to stop it. She looks back and says, “Be careful with this!” implying he could actually damage her hymen with this violence! He understands it, and reluctantly moves his mouth from her ass to vagina. He violently tornadoes his tongue across it, ticking her g-spot. “OHhhhhhhh!!” She could only utter this, and she puts her hand back and grabs his hair pulling him towards her wetness! He does it so hardly his jaws start to hurt, but boy he won’t stop!

But nothing is ever enough for him, he moves his mouth out of her vagina, only to spit on her asshole! His fingers are dripping with her juices at this point, and he puts one finger on the tip of her asshole! She looks at him and given a dirty smile, and he pushes it in systematically. Her anal ring shows some resistance, but with all that juices and saliva, it goes all the way in without much resistance. “Ohhh my goddddd!!” She utters while he continues to shove his finger up her ass back and forth and moves his mouth back into her vagina.

He continues to do this for over a minute, then, soaked in lust, takes the finger out of her ass and immediately replaces it with the tip of his tongue. This time, it goes in easily. The whole atmosphere smells like dirty lusty sex at this point. He stands up, focuses on her ass and takes two fingers and inserts into the ass! And spits on it to lubricate it! This was a totally unprepared moment, and therefore the only lube to help is saliva!

The vagina is so wet at this point and she starts to moan! What more catalyst does a man need! His adrenaline rushes through the veins and he tells her, “I want to fuck you right now!!” and her without even asking which hole, tells him to go ahead!

His member, still in the prison of his pants and underwear, jumps out to freedom! He takes some spit into his hand, applies in his penis, which is oozing precum adding to the lubrication. He keeps the escort tuzla tip of the penis on the opening of her ass and pushes in! “POP!” sounds her ass!! “Fuckkkkkkk!!” Utters her mouth! He continues to thrust her deep, and so wildly not even worrying if anyone could see the car shake! He just wouldn’t care! As there is no lube, the fucking of her ass needs continuous lubrication! He looks down and spits on it and continues to thrust like a wild animal! He puts his hands under her t-shirt and slips her boobs free. They jump out, not worrying about the discomfort of still unhooked bra rolled up, at this heat, and he grabs them hard from both hands while continues to fuck her ass.

Amy not in her wildest dreams imagined this would happen to her, and hence she had no preparation. He stops his thrust, takes his rock hard penis out and moves his mouth towards the opening. He widens her ass cheeks again with both his hands and spits deep into her asshole! He looks at her and asks if he should stop now, and she tells “Fuck me harder, fuck hard and come inside my dirty asshole!” He needs no further permission. He slides the penis back in her anal opening, and this time it slides in easier than the first time. He continues to fuck her in long full thrusts and bends down to bite her back below shoulder super hard! Shouldn’t the t-shirt and the bra straps were there; he would have ripped her back apart.

He continues to fuck her like a mad animal and then feels the penis growing in size! He grabs her by her shoulders and fucks even harder with full thrust as he ejects a huge load inside her ass! He thrusts her ass for one last time and takes his penis out of her ass! Both of them are soaked in sweat! He turns her around and kisses her passionately.

She takes paper towels and cleans his penis first, then her ass, then rolls up her underwear followed by jeans. He does the same, and by this time, due to non-running of AC, the car windows are covered in mist of their breath. They climb to the front seat, start the car, felling the breeze of cold air on their faces and start moving. “Let’s stop by the mall” (where the washrooms are) she says. Hearing this, knowing what is inside her bowels now, and where his freshly wiped still sticky penis has been, his member starts to harden again, with so many dirty intentions rushing into his mind.

Next episode continues…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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