Home 02: Home Again

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She shifted behind the wheel of her car, rocking from side-to-side and stretching her legs. She took one hand off the wheel to rub the back of her neck and yawned. She shook her head and rolled down the window to let some of the cool February air into the vehicle. It hit her face and she blinked rapidly. The radio was playing loudly and she was singing along. The mountains were rising rapidly before her as she sped east. She glanced at the clock and cursed working a full shift even though she had not been able to leave Nashville any earlier.

Her cell phone, lying in the passenger’s seat, rang, startling her from almost falling asleep. She grabbed it and clicked the talk button. “Hey, you,” a soft voice said.

Raegan smiled at the sound of her lover’s voice. They had only been able to grab a couple of days together since Tara had surprised her New Year’s Eve. They had spent the snowy holiday under wraps, making love and making plans for their future. Work had kept them both busy for three weeks before Tara could grab another weekend. She’d brought Will and Rae had shown her new family her city. They had looked at a couple of neighborhoods and since that weekend, Rae had been talking to realtors and e-mailing pictures of houses to Tara.

The time was getting close when Tara and Will, Tara’s beautiful little boy, would be moving to Nashville to be with Rae full time. Rae had fallen as much in love with the little boy as she was with his mother. She was just as excited about them joining her as Will had been over his new bike on Christmas morning. “I’m glad you called,” she answered. “I was about to fall asleep.”

“Oh, baby. Be careful,” Tara replied with a hint of anxiousness in her voice. For a moment, Rae regretted telling her friend that she was struggling. Tara’s husband had died in a car wreck less than six months earlier. “Where are you?”

“I just drove through Knoxville. I’ll be there in less than an hour. Talk to me, honey,” Rae pleaded.

“I can’t wait for you to get here,” Tara responded, her voice dropping in volume to a husky whisper. Rae felt a shiver of anticipation race down her spine and she lowered her foot on the gas pedal, gaining speed as she hit the straight stretch of Interstate 40 between Knoxville and her hometown. “I’ve missed feeling your arms around me. I want to melt into you and taste your lips on mine. I want you to touch me.”

“Oh, yeah?” Rae asked with a teasing tone in her voice. She relaxed a little as she listened, driving the dark road without thinking about her actions. “Where do you want me to touch you?”

“All over. I want to feel your hands and lips on every part of my body. I want you to kiss my lips and hold my breasts in your hands. They seem to be getting fuller every day.”

Rae grinned, imaging a flush touching Tara’s cheeks as she flirted playfully over the phone. The first time they had made love, Tara had been timid and nervous. She’d been ashamed of her body. Rae had been patient and loving and assuring. When Tara and Will had visited in late January, Rae had been thrilled when Tara was the instigator in making love. Her body had not embarrassed her, even as it grew larger as the baby inside of her grew. “You know I don’t care how big your breasts are,” she said, her mouth dry as she pictured Tara’s body in her head.

“You seemed awfully fascinated by how much they had grown the last time we were together,” Tara responded, her volume so low that Rae had to strain to hear the seductive voice.

“I don’t recall you complaining,” Rae teased. “Where else do you want me to touch you?”

“I liked the picture of that last house you sent,” Tara answered. “Where was it located? Belmont?”

“Belle Meade, you little minx. Are your nipples still sensitive?”

“I don’t know that I liked it any better than the one in Franklin, though. How far is Franklin from your office?”

“Belle Meade is closer. Are you wearing that sexy peach nightgown with the lace trim? I bet that satin rubbing against your nipples feel good.”

“Where are the best schools?”

“Both areas have good schools, both public and private. We can afford private school, if you want to send Will to a private school. Beth’s daughter goes to Franklin Road Academy. Maybe you’re not wearing anything at all. Are you going to meet me at the door naked? That would be a nice Valentine’s Day present.”

“I believe you have a one track mind, my dear.”

“You started it, baby. Now you get to reap the consequences.”

“I fully intend to,” Tara answered again in a low, husky voice that gave Rae chills. “Baby’s got my hormones all aflutter. You may be disappointed after she comes and I’m not horny all the time.”

“You know that I’m not all about sex, don’t you, Tara,” Rae said, her mood changing. A serious tone crept into her voice as she spoke. “I love you, not your body . . . well, not just your body.”

“Of course I know, sweetheart. But I may wear you out by April,” Tara responded, attempting to regain the playfulness of a moment earlier. “Do you think you are up to the challenge?”

Rae casino şirketleri laughed, the sound filling the car. She was no longer in danger of falling asleep. Her conversation with Tara had energized her enough to finish the trip without dozing. “I’ll die trying, baby. I’ll see you in about thirty minutes.”

“Okay, honey. Be careful. I love you.”

“You, too,” Rae answered, clicking the off button on her cell phone and tossing it in the seat beside her. She settled comfortably into the driver’s seat, smiling as she drew closer to Tara. Her girlfriend gave her new life. They had found each other at the right time. Rae’s girlfriend of seven years had just moved away and they had drifted apart. Tara’s husband had died, leaving her broke and pregnant. Neither was looking to start a new relationship when they stumbled across each other on Thanksgiving Day, but the old friends were drawn to each other.

Rae smiled as she neared the exit for her hometown. This was the first time since moving away that she had been home without her parents knowing about her visit. She didn’t know what Tara had planned for the weekend so she didn’t know if she would find time to visit with her parents. Her mother knew that there was someone new in her life and knew that someone was from home, but Nora Hall did not know how serious the relationship was. Most of her family did not know she was gay. On New Year’s, Tara had announced that she would not be Rae’s little secret. They were going to be a family.

She tried not to think about telling people the truth very often. She was afraid their reaction might send Tara running away. Sometimes, Rae was afraid she had given away her heart much too soon, but Tara and Will had stolen it in a way that neither Jamie nor anyone else ever had. She just hoped that Tara was strong enough to deal with the heartache that would accompany being an alternative family.

She drove by the road leading to her childhood home and turned toward Tara’s neighborhood and the tiny apartment she shared with Will. Rae hated the place. She wanted to hate Billy for leaving Tara with so little that she could only afford the small room, but found she could not. Billy had loved Tara and he had helped create Will and the life growing inside Tara now. Fortunately, Tara and Will would not be stuck in the hovel much longer. Soon, they would be living in a large house with her.

That thought buoyed Rae as she gathered her duffel bag and headed up the steps to the two-room apartment. She took the steps two at a time, her eyes resting on the door to Tara’s home. Her exhaustion began to fade as she drew nearer her new family. Her heart raced with exhilaration as she reached the landing. The door opened just before she lifted her fist to rap her knuckles on the paneling. Before she could say hello, arms circled her neck. She felt a supple body pressed against her. Her lips, parted in surprise, were covered with a soft kiss. Rae grunted softly, wrapping her arms around Tara’s body and returning the kiss. Her tongue darted out, meeting the invader and tasting her lover. A soft groan escaped her throat as she leaned down to deepen the kiss.

Tara broke the kiss before they got breathless, but she did not pull away immediately. She pressed her body closer, her cheek resting on Rae’s shoulder as she tightened her grip. Rae’s hands moved over Tara’s back as she kissed the crown of her lover’s head and inhaled deeply the fragrance of her shampoo. “Honey,” Rae finally said after what seemed a sweet eternity in the embrace, “You are letting the cold air in.”

Tara snuggled deeper against Rae and made a soft, pleasant sound in her throat. “I’m warm,” she murmured.

Rae sighed softly, a contented sound filling Tara’s ears as her lover adjusted her arms into a comfortable hold. They remained locked in the embrace until the cold air did begin to penetrate Tara’s fingers. She stepped back slightly, sliding her hands down Rae’s arms and taking both of the woman’s hands to tug her into the toasty apartment. Their eyes remained locked as Tara slipped Rae’s duffel bag off her shoulder, sitting it on the floor. Rae placed her free hands on Tara’s round stomach, splaying her fingers over the hard swell. Tara placed her hands on Rae’s forearms, sliding her fingertips beneath her lover’s shirt to touch her skin. She lifted her face to Rae’s bowed head, their temples touching. She stretched up to touch her lips briefly to Rae’s. “We’re fine.”

“I don’t like you being so far away,” Rae answered. “It would take me too long to get here if something were to happen.”

“I wouldn’t be alone, honey,” Tara assured, her hands moving up to caress Rae’s upper arms and shoulders.

“I know, but I wouldn’t be with you,” she sighed, kissed Tara’s lips again, and stepped away to remove her jacket. Her eyes moved about the room as she laid it across a chair. There were a few boxes stacked in one corner, evidence that Tara was starting to prepare for the move to Nashville. Her eyes continued their journey as Tara moved toward the kitchenette. A Disney movie was playing casino firmaları silently on the television and Will was curled up on the couch. “What’s he doing in here?” Rae asked with a fond smile as she crossed toward the couch.

“He begged to wait up for you. I knew he wouldn’t make it, but I left him there so you could see him. Are you hungry, sweetheart?”

Rae sat down on the edge of the couch and combed her fingers through Will’s bangs. “A little.” Her voice dropped to the tender tone she always used with Tara’s four-year-old son. “Hey Champ.”

He twisted and did not wake up, so Rae slid her arms beneath him. She lifted him close to her face and gently kissed his cheek as she stood with him and carried him to the apartment’s only bedroom. She tucked him into his racecar bed, bending to kiss his forehead and brush his hair back. He mumbled softly but did not wake. Rae pulled the blankets to his chin and tiptoed out of the room.

Tara was in the process of pulling out the foldaway bed in the couch where she slept every night. For the first time since arriving, Rae took the time to study her lover. She was wearing flannel pajama bottoms and a t-shirt that Rae recognized as one of her own. Rae moved stealthily to her girlfriend, sliding her hands from behind to cup Tara’s heavy breasts. She kissed the back of Tara’s neck. “When did you steal this shirt?”

Tara turned to her lover, pressing close as she slid her arms around Rae’s neck again. “I snuck about three into my suitcase when we visited,” she laughed. “If I can’t sleep with you, I can sleep in your clothes.” She planted a kiss on Rae’s lips. “I made you a sandwich.”

“You’re going to spoil me,” Rae smiled, breaking the embrace to find the sandwich while Tara finished preparing the bed. The foldout bed was another motivation for Rae wanting to get Tara to Nashville as soon as possible. The thin mattress couldn’t be comfortable with the baby.

“That’s my intent,” Tara answered as she fluffed the pillows and pulled back the blankets. She made her way to Rae leaning against the kitchen counter. She positioned herself between Rae’s legs and leaned slightly against her lover’s body. A teasing smile lit her face as she touched her lips to Rae’s throat. Rae tilted her head, trying to finish her sandwich as Tara’s lips and teeth scraped lightly on her neck. While she nibbled, Tara’s hands began working free the buttons of Rae’s shirt. Her mouth dipped down as the shirt parted, her tongue moving against the soft flesh peeking above Rae’s bra. She placed her mouth over her lover’s breast, her tongue rubbing against the nipple through the satin bra.

Rae finished her sandwich and leaned back, gripping the counter with her hands as Tara’s mouth continued working down her stomach. Rae exhaled slowly as Tara’s tongue dragged on her flat tummy. Tara worked open the fly of Rae’s jeans, her fingers moving against her lover’s waist, slipping into her jeans, and covering her bottom.

“What happened to the shy girl who was afraid she wasn’t doing things right?” Rae teased as Tara’s mouth worked its way back to her neck. Rae tilted her head backward, giving her lover full access.

“Who cares if I’m doing it right,” Tara answered huskily, breaking contact with her girlfriend. She took Rae’s hands and began walking backward toward the bed. “As long as I’m getting to touch you, as long as it feels good, then I’m obviously doing it right.”

Tara sat down on the edge of the bed, sliding her hands up Rae’s ribcage to her shoulders. She pushed the shirt off Rae’s shoulders before working to free the music executive’s large breasts from the restraints of the satin bra. She sat back and grinned as she looked at her lover’s body. “I may have to take some naughty pictures of you for when we are apart.”

Rae laughed softly as Tara’s mouth closed over her breast again. “You are such a pervert,” she teased. She moaned softly as Tara’s tongue teased her nipples to attention. She glided her hands over Tara’s smooth shoulders. She leaned forward slightly, pushing more of her breast into Tara’s warm mouth. She gripped the t-shirt and pulled it up, revealing the blonde’s pale back. Her fingernails scratched along the delicate surface as Tara leaned back just enough to allow Rae to remove the shirt. Rae’s fingers then glided over the full, sensitive breasts of her partner, circling her nipples teasingly. To demonstrate her pleasure, Tara bit down lightly on Rae’s nipple.

Without breaking her mouth’s contact, Tara pushed the denim over Rae’s hips. The jeans slid down and Rae stepped out of them. Free of her clothing, Rae pushed Tara back on the bed, following until she lay stretched out beside her. Her hand lifted Tara’s full breast to her mouth, her tongue lapping against the tender nipple. Tara groaned softly, her body shuddering as the sensation radiated through her body. “What about Will?” Rae managed to ask.

“Shhh,” Tara whispered, caressing Rae’s cheek and guiding her mouth back to her breast. “Will’s our son. We shouldn’t be embarrassed to be touching each other, making love to each güvenilir casino other, with him nearby. He’ll know we love each other.”

Rae pulled back and grinned softly. “Our son?”

“Mmhmm,” Tara answered, taking advantage of Rae’s distraction to inch her way down her lover’s body. “I’ve already talked to a lawyer about our options. I want my children to belong to you.” She wedged her shoulders between Rae’s legs and danced her tongue along the slit, tasting the salt of her lover’s arousal. “Do you want my children?”

Rae had to struggle to form a coherent thought as Tara’s teasing tongue pushed deeper. “Of course.” The tip of Tara’s tongue flicked against Rae’s clit and Rae groaned softly, her body melting at her lover’s touch. Rae quivered as Tara increased her pace, her tongue moving back and forth against the swollen, wet button. She delved deeper, closing her lips around it. She scraped her teeth against the nub and sucked softly. Rae struggled for a moment, unable to believe the timid woman who had hesitantly invited her into bed on Christmas Eve was the same vixen with her now.

Her thoughts didn’t surface for long. Tara’s fingers joined her dancing tongue, slipping between the slick, bare lips to find her depths. She added another finger and began moving in and out as her body started upward again. Her fingers did not stop as she licked each of Rae’s nipples before landing on her lips. Rae tried to return the kiss, but Tara’s rapid fingers pushing deeper with every thrust were making it difficult for her to concentrate on anything.

They shifted to their sides and Rae glided her hand down Tara’s back, into the waistband of the flannel pants. She teased her fingers along Tara’s crack before moving over her lover’s hip to find her opening. Their kisses deepened, their tongues dueling, thrusting back and forth from one mouth to the next. Their tongues twined and tasted as their fingers teased. Rae pinched Tara’s clit, tugging on it before sliding her fingers back and forth across it. Tara shifted her thumb to Rae’s nub, massaging it as her fingers moved in and out.

Rae rolled slightly, pinning Tara beneath her as her free hand rolled responsive nipples. Tara began whimpering immediately and Rae intensified her attack, leaving Tara’s mouth to massage her full breast with her tongue. Tara responded immediately, bucking up to meet Rae’s insistent thrusts. Rae’s hips were rocking on Tara’s hand, allowing her lover to concentrate all her effort on the pleasure racing through her body.

Rae removed her mouth from Tara’s breast in order to look at the woman who held her heart. She moved quicker, her dark eyes watching as Tara threw her head back. She bit her lip, her whole body tense as Rae pushed her higher. She opened her mouth as she crested and Rae covered her mouth with her own, smothering her cry of pleasure. Tara screamed into Rae’s mouth as Rae followed her girlfriend over the precipice.

They eased onto the bed, Rae pulling Tara close with her arm. Tara snuggled close, a dreamy smile on her face. “I love you,” Rae whispered, covering Tara’s face with little kisses as her hand cupped one of her lover’s breasts.

“I love you, too,” Tara answered softly, rubbing her cheek on the pillow of Rae’s chest. “I think I’ll ask my mother to keep Will tomorrow night so we can be alone,” she mumbled as their arms wrapped around each other. They pulled the blankets up, their bodies a tangled knot. As Rae drifted to sleep, she couldn’t tell where she ended and Tara began. Their bodies mirrored their hearts. They were part of one another. One heart didn’t beat without the other; one didn’t draw breath without breathing in the other. Snuggled beneath the blankets of the foldout bed, they were one. They were complete.

“Mommy! Mommy! It’s cartoon time!” an excited voice squealed, jerking Rae from a deep sleep. She sat up quickly, her heart pounding against her breast. She barely had time to adjust to her surroundings before Will leaped into the bed between them. He was gripping the remote control in his hand as he climbed over his mother’s reclining form. He dropped the remote and threw his tiny arms around Rae’s neck. “Hi, Aunt Rae! Are you going to watch cartoons with Mommy and me?”

He didn’t wait for her answer as he snuggled between them and began flipping through channels until he found Mickey Mouse. Rae leaned against the back of the couch and scooted toward Tara, putting Will on her lap. “Good morning,” she mouthed, bending to kiss her lover softly. Tara smiled warmly and laid her cheek against Rae’s bare thigh. Rae lightly brushed her fingers through Tara’s hair as they enjoyed the morning together.

Tara broke the bond nearly and hour later. Rae watched her walk across the room, adoring the way her lover’s body moved. She disappeared in the bathroom and in a minute, she heard the shower water running. Rae bit back a groan as she imagined the hot water sluicing over Tara’s skin. If Will had not been settled comfortably on her lap, she would have joined the small pregnant woman in the bathtub. “Know what, Aunt Rae?” Will said suddenly, distracting her from the direction her thoughts had taken. She was grateful that he was there to settle her hormones. She turned her attention to him, stroking his hair and waiting for him to continue. “Mommy and I miss you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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