He’s My Brother-in-Law Ch. 02

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This story has gay incest themes.


After I hung up with dad and called Sue to tell her the plan, I looked down to where my brother in law now had my stiff dick in his mouth and was bobbing his head up and down.

“We need to find you something to wear.” I told him. “Dinner with Sue and the folks.”

“I’m already working on the first course.” he replied, looking up at me.

“You’re going to have to take a rain check, we don’t have time.” I said, moving away from his hot mouth and fingers.

We both jumped into the shower again and I put some clothes that I thought would fit on my bed for Thad. He came up from the downstairs shower with a towel draped across his shoulders and his big cock swinging in the breeze.

“My ass hole is still throbbing from the work out you gave it. A good throbbing.” he said.

“They’ll be here any minute, get dressed.” I replied. I had already slipped into my clean clothes and so I got to watch Thad dress. He picked up the pair of briefs I’d laid out for him and made a real show of putting them on, turning to bend over so that his ass opened for me, pulling them up and making sure that I watched his cock and balls disappear into them.

“I’m going to have a hard on all night, thinking about the cock and balls and ass that are usually inside of these.” he said.

I heard a horn beep outside and I jumped up and brushed past him.

“Get dressed and outside.” I said. “I don’t want them wondering what’s taking so long.”

I ran downstairs and out the front door to where my parents waited at the curb.

“Thad will be right out.” I said. “He was picky about what to borrow. How was your day?”

“Your mother dragged me in and out of every antique and junk shop in the county.” dad replied.

“We didn’t even make a dent in them.” mom said. “I bet we could go every weekend for a month and not cover them all.”

“Well, don’t plan on me going, I’ve developed an allergy to junk.” dad replied.

Thad came out of the house then and was soon seated beside me. My shorts and tee shirt had never looked that sexy on me, I thought.

“Did you two get everything done?” dad asked him.

“I honestly think we accomplished everything I’d planned and then some.” Thad said.

On the way to the restaurant, we kept side eying each other and I couldn’t resist an occasional smirk. My dad must have noticed us in the rear view mirror because he finally asked, “What are you two up to back there?”

“Nothing.” I said. “We both just had a real work out today and I think we’re both kind of slap happy and silly. We had a good time, is all.”

“Well, good. Now I won’t worry about asking the two of you to repeat the whole process whenever needed.” dad said.

“I’m ready anytime.” Thad said with that damned grin of his.

When we pulled into the restaurant lot, Sue was waiting. Dad had picked an all-you-can-eat buffet place that we all liked and I was looking forward to a good meal. Dad got out and led the way, Sue and mom behind him chattering and then Thad and I.

Dad held the door for us all and as I passed, I heard him inhale and then he asked, “Did you take a shower today?”

“God, what kind of question is that?” I asked.

“You just smell a little funky or something.” he replied. I noticed that as Thad walked by, he sniffed the air in the same way.

We found a table and waited while mom and Sue served themselves, then dad, Thad and I stepped up to the steam tables. Dad was looking at me funny, sort of quizzically and so I said, “I’ll shower again when I get home. You’re making me self conscious.”

He took his plate back to the table and Thad stepped up beside me.

“I bet your old man can smell the cum leaking out of our holes.” he said.

“Oh, gross before dinner.” I replied. I thought about how my dad had looked that morning in his boxers and then I said, “Anyway, he’s not so old.”

Thad looked over at the table for a moment and then said, “I guess not. Actually, he’s kind of hot.”

When we returned to the table, my mom was regaling my sister with stories of all of the things she’d seen today. There were items she wanted to take a second look at.

“I already told you, count me out. I’ve looked at enough of other people’s junk to last me a lifetime.” dad said.

“I’ll go with you, Mom.” Sue said. “I’d love to get away and spend some time together.”

“Good. Go next weekend, you can take the van and fill it with junk. I’ll stay home and clean the garage.” dad said.

“I’m not going.” Thad said.

“No one invited you.” Sue replied. “Since you’re so eager to do yard work, you can stay home and do ours.”

Thad smiled and glanced at me and I said, “I’ll come over and help. It’s only fair; after all you did for me today.”

“I was hoping you’d say that.” Thad replied.

I was aware that dad was looking from one to the other of us with a puzzled look. After eating for awhile, I got up to get seconds and dad followed me. Thad followed him. When we were all at the steam tables, dad asked, “Are you two high?”

“No, lord, why would you ask that?” casino şirketleri I said.

“You’re both acting weird. I’ve told you, no smoking dope in my house.” dad said. Then, giving us both a sly grin he said, “At least, not unless you’re willing to share.” With that, he turned and went back to the table. I could feel my mouth hanging open.

“What was that?” I asked Thad.

“I don’t know but your dad is a lot cooler than I ever thought.” he replied.

We finally finished our meal even though I was no longer aware of what I ate. Between the day with Thad and my father talking about smoking dope, I was out of it. I didn’t have much to say and when we got up and were walking to our cars, mom said, “Don’t forget Wednesday.”

“We have supper every week, mom, how could I forget?” Sue replied.

Thad turned away from mom, dad and Sue so that only I could see him and exaggeratedly licked his lips, sending a surge of warmth through my cock.

‘I’ll get your clothes back to you this week.” he said. “Unless you want me to take them off now.”

“Good God, not after I just ate.” Sue said.

We left the restaurant in our separate cars. Back home, mom went upstairs and dad and I watched TV for a couple of hours. Finally, I decided to turn in, too. I wasn’t able to concentrate enough to follow the shows so I thought I’d go upstairs and think.

I’d taken up dad’s custom of sleeping in a pair of boxers and it was so hot I just skipped a tee shirt. I lay down on the bed but sleep wouldn’t come so I turned the light back on and stared at the ceiling. After I don’t know how long, I heard a noise and looked up to see dad standing in my doorway. He’d changed into his boxers and shirt and was holding a beer in each hand.

“So you can’t sleep either?” he asked.

“Just too wound up for some reason.” I replied.

“I saw your light. I thought maybe a beer would help.”

I propped myself up on one elbow and he came in and handed me the beer. Then, he sat down on the edge of the bed.

“I feel like I should apologize for that crap about you smelling earlier.” he said. “I sort of forgot that kids your age always smell sort of like a used jock strap. This whole room smells like a gym locker, actually.”

“This room smells like an afternoon of hot butt sex.” I thought to myself but didn’t say.

“You know, I’ll be 20 soon.” I said to dad. “I’m not a kid anymore.”

He looked puzzled for a moment, and then he looked up and down at my body.

“You’re right, you’re a man. It’s just hard for me to think of you as anything other than my kid. I’ll try to keep it in mind.”

I was acutely aware of his almost nude body so close to mine.

I take after my mother’s side of the family. I’m just over 6 feet and very slim. My body is almost hairless, just under my arms and a pubic patch and I’m pretty pale skinned. Dad is just the opposite. He’s olive skinned and has a hairy chest. He’s naturally muscular, especially his arms, shoulders and chest and he’s built broad. Even after he’s just shaved he still has 5 o’clock shadow.

“I can’t believe how grown up you are.” he said. “Just promise me one thing, that you won’t get some girl pregnant and bring her home.”

“I’m not going to get anyone pregnant.”

“Good. Always use a condom unless you’re absolutely sure about who you’re fucking with. And don’t get married to the first girl you fall for. Stay single and play around, take your time and have some fun. God knows, I have no complaint about my life but if I were your age again, I’d do everything and try everything and grab life by the balls instead of playing by the rules all of my life and winding up an old fart.”

“You’re hardly an old fart, dad. Thad was just saying earlier that he thinks you’re a really cool guy.”

Dad smiled, obviously pleased and said, “Did he really? I always liked him. Sometimes better than Sue but don’t tell her that. Most guys hate their father-in-law just on general principle, I’m glad he’s not like that.”

He drained his beer and said; “Don’t stay up all night.” then rose from the bed. Bending over me, he kissed me on the forehead and then said, “You may be a stinky kid but you’re my favorite stinky kid. Even if you aren’t a kid anymore.”

The next couple of days passed quickly. I jerked off so much I thought my dick would break but it didn’t. I was suddenly hyper aware of other guys, the mailman bending over to get something out of his bag gave me an instant hard on. Dad must have felt me watching him, too, because a couple of times he gave me a puzzled look back. After a whole life without sex, now my body was craving it every instant.

Wednesday came and with it, Thad and Sue for dinner. I was curious to see how he would react to me after having time to mull over what had happened. I shouldn’t have worried. He waited until he was last in line to the dining room with me in front of him and immediately grabbed my ass. After kneading me through my shorts, he wormed his fingers into my ass crack.

“Damn, it’s really hot tonight, isn’t it?” he said to the group at large, all the while fingering casino firmaları my ass.

Apparently, he had no regrets.

Mom and Sue, as usual, spent the whole evening talking to each other. Dad was more talkative than usual and I felt like he was making a real effort to be more cordial to Thad. We were so involved in our own conversation that we barely noticed when Sue and mom went to sit outdoors.

I had been paying less attention to the conversation than I should have but my ears perked up when I heard dad say, “Marriage is never easy, it seems to just get harder as time goes by.”

“They never tell you what you’re getting into beforehand.” Thad said. He saw me looking at him and then he said, “Let that be a lesson to you, Brent. If you decide to get married, just know that it isn’t all peaches and cream.”

“Amen to that.” dad said.

“I doubt I’ll ever get married.” I said.

“I’m going to hold you to that.” dad replied.

Thad was smirking his trademark grin and, catching my eye, he glanced down at his lap. I could see the outline of his half hard cock through the fabric of his shorts; the big head nestled against his leg. He cut his eyes over to dad, motioning for me to look at him. Dad’s dick was plainly outlined, too. Even soft it was more than impressive. I looked back at Thad and he licked his lips.

Sue came outdoors just then and said, “Time for us to go home, I’ve got things to do.”

“It isn’t even dark, yet.” Thad said. “Maybe I’ll drop you off and make a trip to Home Depot.”

“Sure, just drop me off first. And Brent, I’m holding you to your promise to help with the yard work on Saturday.”

“Don’t worry; I’m kind of looking forward to it.” I said. I could see Thad smirking at me again.

They took their leave and mom said she was going upstairs to her bedroom to watch TV. Dad and I crashed on the sofa downstairs and started watching a movie. Every so often, I couldn’t help glancing at dad’s crotch. I’d never noticed what a big dick he obviously had quite so much before.

After a short time, my phone buzzed that I had a text. I drew it out of my pocket and looked at the screen.

It was from Thad and it read, “Meet me at the park, Gilbey Road lot. ASAP.”

“Who was that?” dad asked as I returned the phone to my pocket.

“I forgot, I was supposed to drop a book off that I borrowed. Apparently it’s needed. I’ll run it over and drop it off and be back soon.”

“Don’t get talking and stay out too late.” dad said, going back to his movie.

I ran upstairs and grabbed the first book I saw in my bedroom, then hurried downstairs and jumped in the car. When I got to the park minutes later, Thad was already there and standing against the side of his car. Otherwise, the lot was deserted.

“What’s so important?” I asked as I walked up to him.

“Your cock.” he replied. “I need it in my ass. I was going crazy all evening needing for you to fuck me. I scouted this place out earlier this week. There’s a trail over there that leads into the woods and I intend to make use of it. And your dick, too.”

Hearing him talk so blatantly about me fucking him had the obvious effect. My cock was fully hard before he finished what he’d been saying and I could see his dick stiff down his shorts leg.

“Lead the way.” I said.

As we walked over to the trail, Thad said, “You’ve been teasing me all night with that big fucker. You knew I needed it again.”

I didn’t reply. It kind of surprised me that someone his age was just as horny as me. We reached a bend in the trail and he led me to the side. There was a large tree, bigger around than my waist, which had grown at a slant out of the ground. When we reached it, Thad practically tore my shorts off, they were around my ankles and my cock was standing straight up in the breeze.

He wrapped his hand around the shaft and stroked it, and then he said, “My ass is already lubed up; I did it before I came.”

He loosened his own shorts so that they fell to the ground, and then kicked them off of his ankles. He walked over to the slanting tree and straddled it, then walked forward until he could bend forward and lay his chest against the truck. His ass was spread open and waiting for my dick.

“Come on, baby.” he said. “The sooner you get that dick up me, the longer we’ll have to fuck.”

I followed him, my cock waving, to the tree and straddled it behind him. My breath was literally taken away by the beauty of his ass. His meaty ass cheeks were in front of me, spread and waiting. I could see the wiry hairs of his crack flattened and stuck to his flesh with the lube he’d used on his hole. In the middle of the deep crack, his tiny puckered ass hole pulsed in anticipation of being opened.

“Did you fall asleep back there?” Thad asked as I gazed.

“I was just looking at your ass, it’s really hot.” I replied.

“It’s even hotter inside. Now, stick your dick in it and find out.”

I think I’ve said before that I think I have a really pretty dick. Looking down at it as I held it by the base and pressed the head against Thad’s hungry hole, it looked güvenilir casino even better.

I pressed forward with my hips and his hole opened almost immediately. My fat cock head disappeared inside his ass ring and the rest of my cock followed. In only a few seconds, all I could see was the root of my cock between his plump cheeks and my pubic hair grazing against his crack.

“Oh, fuck yeah. All I’ve thought about for the last few days is how good you fucked me last time.” Thad said. He reached back and put a hand on each of his ass cheeks to spread them wider and backed against my cock. He rotated his hips to feel my cock head brush his ass walls.

His ass chute felt even hotter and tighter than I remembered. His pucker was stretched around the base of my dick, making it even harder with the blood trapped inside it.

I leaned forward and rested my chest against his back and slowly began to fuck him, drawing my cock almost all of the way out of his ass and then slowly sliding it deep back inside. He reached over his shoulder and caressed my cheek and neck while he said, “That ass belongs to you, baby. Nobody has ever made it feel so good.”

I closed my eyes and concentrated on giving him a fuck to remember. I wasn’t in any hurry; I didn’t feel any great need to cum since I’d already beat off twice that day. I just luxuriated in the feeling of his ass around my cock and listened to the little moans and sighs that I was able to draw out of him.

I could have been fucking him for 5 minutes or half an hour, I’m not even sure, I was so into it. But suddenly I had some sixth sense kick in and I opened my eyes. On the path that we had come down, only six or seven feet from us, a man stood watching. He was middle aged, just an average looking guy with a little dachshund on a leash.

I made to stand up and draw my cock out of Thad’s ass but he said, “No, don’t stop!”

Thad’s eyes sprung open, he looked at the intruder and then at me over his shoulder.

“Don’t stop, keep fucking.” the stranger said. He reached down, unzipped his fly and brought out a rock hard cock. It was a nice piece of meat, a good seven inches and uncut. He had a nice set of balls hanging below it. Looking at us, he began to stroke his cock. His little dog curled up on his side and seemed to fall asleep.

I looked at Thad and made a slight nod. That was all I needed to know, it turned me on to think we were giving some stranger a show.

I began to ass fuck Thad again, slow strokes so that the stranger could see my cock shaft sliding in and out between Thad’s ass cheeks. His eyes were glued to my cock and he actually bent a little to one side to get a better view.

Thad had his eyes closed again. My cock slid in and out of him and the stranger, all the while, stroked his stiff dick. It had a fat red head under the foreskin and I liked watching it go in and out of sight in its hood and the clear juice leaking out of the piss slit.

“Do you guys just meet in the park?” the strange finally asked, breathless.

“We’re brothers-in-law.” I replied.

To which he replied, “Oh, fuck!”

I guess that was too exciting to think about because his piss hole opened and thick ribbons of cum started blasting out of it. His pearly juice shot at least 3 feet before splashing to the ground and he just kept pounding the stiff meat in his hand. At least 6 big loads flew out of his balls and arced in front of him before he let go of his cock. It was already starting to soften and he drew the foreskin back and shook it like he’d just finished a piss before tucking it and his empty balls back into his pants.

“Thanks, guys, that was hotter than fuck.” he said and walked back up the path, his reluctant dog trailing along behind.

After a moment, Thad said, “I liked having someone see me getting fucked by you.”

I’d paused, my cock buried balls deep inside of him.

“I liked it myself.” I said. “Maybe we should put on shows and charge admission.”

“I do feel sorry for that little dog, though.” Thad said. “You know that fucker is going to be dragging it up and down this path 10 times a day now, hoping to get another show.”

I think we were both even more excited after being caught fucking. I went back to plowing Thad’s willing hole but kept my eyes open this time. Thad couldn’t seem to get enough of my cock, his ass hole relaxed and he started thrusting his hips back to meet me.

“I want you to cum inside of me so I can take it home with me.” he said. “Last time, my hole throbbed all night from the working over you gave it and I kept sliding my finger up my ass to feel your juice.”

Hearing that, my balls began to twitch. I upped my tempo and began to fuck him faster and harder. He arched his back, making his ass open even more to my dick. I watched the stiff meat thrusting in and out and wished I had a recording to play back later.

In a few minutes, I couldn’t hold back and my load started to blast out of my cock head. Whether because I’d been fucking him for so long or because I was so excited or because I’d had to work that load out of the bottom of my balls, it was one of the most intense orgasms I’d ever experienced and for a moment I actually thought that I was going to pass out. I collapsed against his back and fucked him with short strokes to stuff my cock deeper into him each time I shot a load.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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