Her Scholarly Agenda

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The professional meetings were nothing short of painful… hours of enduring long-winded dinosaurs ferociously guarding the ancient rituals of higher education from their pedestals in nondescript two-star hotels’ conference rooms. You couldn’t blame a woman for her mind wandering under these conditions!

Perhaps it was the taboo of him being a married man, or the inappropriateness of having lusty thoughts about her colleague, or maybe it was just because he was so damn attractive – physically and intellectually – but every single time she was at these meetings, all she could think about was him… in lots of compromising ways. During the gaps between meetings she could easily (and very rationally) put him out of her mind and fool herself into thinking the passing fancy had passed, but then they were thrust together again at one of the meetings and then rational thought failed her and she realized she was intensely (and irrationally) attracted to him.

She had a heightened awareness of him when they were in the sane building. She could feel him when he came into the room, sense when he was looking at her. Trying to ignore him only resulted in her thinking more about him. Her thoughts started out innocently enough… maybe he’ll text me or we’ll say a brief “hi” in passing… but those thoughts quickly took a deeply erotic turn. In the midst of the dinosaurs’ mournful bleating, she found her wandering mind analyzing his ass (was it his actual ass that looked so good or just really well-cut pants working some magic?) which led to thoughts of taking off his pants to get to the bottom of that question… which led to thoughts of his cock. Once she began thinking of his cock, she might as well have locked herself away in her hotel room for the rest of the meeting because her mind – and pussy – flooded with fantasies that were totally distracting and she’d have little to contribute to the meeting’s agenda items as a result. Her lusty internal reactions happened without even talking to him, so she knew it would be best to keep her distance.

She was a smart gal, but sometimes smart people do stupid things. So even though she knew that she should keep her distance, instead she plotted for a way for them to get closer without their closeness being suspicious. In the past, there had been close calls with colleagues nearby – absent too long together during a meeting, chatting together with disregard the group conversation that was underway, him grabbing her ass or breast in the hall while demanding kisses from her as his cock swelled. It was evident a cover story was needed for them to be able to connect more privately so they could explore their attraction. She wanted to spend time with him, and she needed that time to be uninterrupted.

Then she realized: they could publish together! On what, exactly, it didn’t really matter, but becoming writing partners was a totally legitimate reason for them to connect in their professional world. There were enough phases to escort ataşehir the research and writing process that there’d be cover stories for many meetings to come. She pitched this idea to him over text, and he seemed nonplussed. However, when they next saw each other and she leaned in say hello and to ask him if he’d reconsidered writing together, he saw the rosy flush of her lips as she smiled at him, caught a glimpse of her cleavage, and smelled the perfume of her that he’d noticed the first time they met – and suddenly scholarship with her seemed like a fantastic idea.

Their open access pass to playing out all their fantasies under professional pretenses whenever they met had just been issued.

The first time they met to talk about their research project, there was – of course – zero talking about the research project. As soon as she entered his room, he rushed at her and pulled her to his mouth. They kissed passionately for a few minutes, with hands wandering over each other’s bodies, until she pulled back and started unbuttoning his shirt. He tried to pull her back to him to kiss her again, but she was too busy working to free him of his clothes to stop for kisses – no matter how good they were. She was impatient with herself for not undressing him faster, but found that she was also getting a lot of pleasure out of exploring his body with her eyes, hands, and tongue as she peeled away his clothes.

He was impatient with her too. As good as this felt, his cock was throbbing for more. She was already on her knees in front of him because of stripping him, so it was easy for him to grab her by her long brown hair and pull her mouth to his cock. She looked up at him – hazel eyes locked with hazel eyes – and she smirked a bit as she took him in. He moaned at the sensation that bolted through his cock as her warm, wet mouth wrapped around him. He closed his eyes as he felt every movement she made… mouth sliding up and down his length, tongue swirling around his tip, feeling him growing and quivering as she sucked him nearly to climax. She didn’t want him too cum in her mouth this time – not because she didn’t enjoy giving him that release, but because she was so turned on by his reaction to her going down on her that she desperately needed him to touch her.

She moved away from him, grabbed his hand, and sat him in the desk chair. She stood in front of him, and looked like she was about to do a strip tease for him. He had no interest in any further teasing, and he took control. He grabbed her wrist as she dropped her blazer to the ground and pulled him toward her. He hiked up her skirt so he could strip off her panties for her but was surprised to find she wasn’t wearing any. His cock jumped with this realization and he pulled her to him to straddle his lap. He pulled her hips into him and could feel how wet going down on him had made her. He moaned again and his cock throbbed, needing release.

Although he had taken charge kadıköy escort when he pulled her onto him, she decided to have a little fun with him in her new position. She began to slowly grind herself into him, hoping the moans would turn to groans. As a low groan escaped his throat, she became even more turned on and began running her hands over her breasts in time with her hips rubbing into him. That was too much. He once again grabbed her wrists, stilled her hands with one of his, and popped all the buttons of her silk shirt off as he ripped her shirt open with his other hand. It wasn’t hard to free her sizable breasts as they had been straining against her shirt – and distracting him throughout the meeting. The lacy bra that was now revealed left very little to the imagination, and he used his teeth to pull back the lace so he could take her hard nipples into his mouth. He momentarily fondled the soft mounds of flesh he had cupped in his hands, and then hungrily brought them into his mouth and began playing with her large, rosy nipples until her arousal was evident.

She was totally turned on by the sensation of his mouth on her tits, the pulsing of his cock so close to her pussy, and the lusty passion that drove them both. She needed release – but they had rules and, although she wanted him buried deep with her, she knew her release needed to be found another way. She had three choices left – grind on him like a horny teenager until she came, rub and finger herself, or ask him to go down on her.

Before she could decide, he growled to himself and then growled again at her to direct her onto the bed. As she obeyed, he stripped her bra from her but told her to leave her skirt on. When she got to the bed, he eased her onto it by kissing her her back into the bed and then proceeded to trail hot kisses down her neck, breasts, stomach, and lifted her hips and raised her skirt as he moved lower down to her pussy. She realized his intention and could feel herself getting even wetter. He had never gone down on her, but she’d fantasized about it a lot. She wondered if he’d be any good at it and hoped he was – because bad oral sex would be doubly disappointing if she’d had to wait for it so long and then it turned out not be amazing.

From the first pass of his tongue, she knew it wouldn’t be bad and she wouldn’t be disappointed. He had settled in between her legs and teased her with lips as he moved to her wet, waiting pussy. He had worked his way across her tattoo and over her freshly waxed and trimmed triangle of pubic hair. He paused at the tip of that triangle, taking in the sight of what it pointed to… he saw her aroused clit glistening in the wetness he’d induced. He bent his head toward her, and ran his tongue slowly over her clit with the perfect amount of pressure to send her back arching and legs trembling. He grabbed her ass as she arched her pussy into his mouth, grabbed on to her, and played with her clit until she was moaning for him maltepe escort bayan as he’d been moaning for her earlier in the night. She grabbed his head, pulled him closer to her pussy, and begged him not to stop. Her response to him had kept his cock rock-hard and throbbing the whole time he was going down on her, and now her begging was about to put him over the edge. He knew that they both needed to cum soon and that they both longed to know what sex – deep, penetrating, thrusting sex – would feel like with each other, but that wasn’t allowed by the rules.

The next best plan, he thought, would be to 69 so they could both cum together. He quickly pulled himself up from her pussy, turned his body around and lowered his cock into her eager mouth. She began to suck on his throbbing cock again with a low moan of appreciation rumbling in her throat, making his cock harder than either of them could’ve believed possible. Her excitement in having him in her mouth almost made him cum, but he held back so he could bring her to climax with him. While she worked his cock deeper and deeper into her throat, he once again started teasing her clit until it was quivering and her hips bucked underneath him. It was good – very good – but she thought it could be better.

She pulled her head back and playfully nipped his inner thigh with her teeth. Not hard, but enough for him to know that things were about to change. She reached down toward her pussy where moments earlier he’d been bringing her such pleasure, but before her hand got to his face she unexpectedly grabbed his nipple roughly between two fingers that were wet from their foreplay, and pulled him over by his nipple so he was on his back. He looked amazing lying there naked – and very obviously aroused. There was no way to hide how much he liked this sudden, more assertive turn of events.

Saying she took advantage of him then isn’t quite right because they were both very willing participants in this moment, but she surely took advantage of his hot, throbbing cock and his skillful tongue as she repositioned herself so they could try 69ing again – this time with her on top. While she enjoyed making him harder and moan in pleasure, she really enjoyed using this position to bring herself pleasure. She was able to tip her hips so his tongue hit her at just the right angle, and she could control the pressure (and pleasure) he gave her by how much she decided to grind her pussy into the delightful punishment his mouth was inflicting on her. She also had better control of how she pleasured him from this position, and she was able to slow and soften her mouth on his cock to delay him climaxing or deepening and intensifying his sensations by taking more and more of him into her throat. They both became so lost in the intense pleasure their mouths were giving each other that eventually they couldn’t control pull themselves back from climaxing and they were exploding into each other in a hot rush of release.

They looked at each other after they finished, with a mischievous gleam reflected in each others’ eyes, as the same thought ran through their minds: it was time to schedule a follow-up session for their research project! There were so many more ideas that they needed to explore…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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