Her Nasty Side

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Just before she arrived, he lit a few candles to give the room a soft glow; one was vanilla scented. He turned the music on and laid out the evenings toys. He wanted to push her a bit closer to the edge tonight and made sure the preparations would help him succeed. He stepped out of the room and got out of sight.

He returned, opened the door and she was standing in the middle of the room, waiting patiently; feet together, chin down, hands behind her back. The black dress he requested accented her body perfectly and the white pearls looked radiant against her tan skin. Her hair was up and she was the picture of elegance and class; exactly what he wanted. Because of this dichotomy, making her do nasty things tonight would be so satisfying. Good girl turned bad; demure librarian made to be slutty; it was delicious, self-indulgent and lusty.

“Good evening Miss Sophia, you look lovely tonight.” Taking his time, he walked slowly around her and let his index finger lightly traced a horizontal line around her waist. When he got to middle of her back, he brought his hand up to the zipper and lowered it slightly. With a deft touch his finger stroked her bare skin and continued further up; just below her ear.

“Hello Sir, I’m so glad you’re here. I missed you this week and thought of you often.” He loved her tender voice, her sultry tone. Her submissiveness to him was visually obvious, she wore whatever he selected and made sure she looked the part; tonight he wanted poise and grace. But it was always more than that; it was her ability to be his; to give to him completely. Sophia was his to take and that is what she did best for Sir. His heart raced escort ataşehir and he could feel the tightness in his pants; he enjoyed her obedience. He enjoyed taking what he wanted.

“Unfasten the pearls and hold one side.” She reached behind her neck and undid the strand, the loose end slid across the top of her chest and slipped down between her breasts. She waited for his direction; “let the pearls drop between your tits.” She let go and they snaked their way inside her dress and eventually fell to the floor. The sight of the pearls on her feet was gratifying.

As he pulled up a chair in front of her, he spoke in a tone that was just discernable above the music. “Turn your head toward the bed and tell me what you see.” He sat down and waited for her to respond.

“There’s a harness of some sort, a blindfold, a choker, some lube and my plug.” The expressions on her face were a mix of delight, embarrassment and wonder. “Are those for me tonight, Sir?” He didn’t answer.

“Turn around and face away from me please.’ Sophia rotated deliberately. “Beautiful, now unzip your dress, slowly.” One hand reached for the base of the zipper and the other found the tab; she pulled the zipper down little by little, making sure not to go too fast. The top of her panties was visible from the opening and the curve of her smooth back looked gorgeous. He slipped his finger between the fabric of her panties and small of her back; ran it back and forth, enjoying the smoothness of her skin.

“Undo your hair, slip the dress off your shoulders and let it fall to the floor; then put your hands behind your back.” Without hesitation, kadıköy escort she removed the clip from her hair and gently shook her head; her hair fell to her shoulders. Her fingers slid the straps off and she let the dress fall to the floor. The sight of her body was magnificent and he took his time to soak in her beauty. Her womanly shape was accentuated by her hands clasped at the small of her back and her subservient mind-set; she stood still for his pleasure. He was enjoying this intimacy and soaked in her splendor.

The thought of placing a choker on her was divine. The image of it confining her sleek feminine neck, combined with the symbolic control aspect of the device brought him immense pleasure. “Sophia, please bring me the choker. Lean over and reach for it; do not kneel on the bed.” He watched her as she bent over the foot of the bed, her body stretched out to retrieve the collar. It was placed there purposefully, just so he could admire her bum. As she bent over, her panties rode up between her legs and he could see the outline of her pussy. He wanted to fuck her right then but his plans called for a bit more playfulness before that happened.

With the choker in hand, she returned. “Kneel in front of me please.” Sir had placed a pillow on the floor. She knelt down and looked up at him, willing and dutiful. “I believe we’ve talked about the choker before. Should we put this on you now?” He watched her reaction, waited to see the desire in her eyes. Sophia did not disappoint. Her appreciation of his dominance was displayed in her expression and it was intoxicating. Her ability to show complete and utter surrender told him maltepe escort bayan their connection was valid and mutual.

“Yes Sir, would you please put it on me.”

He undid the fastener on the choker and started to capture her neck when he abruptly paused. “Not so fast Miss Sophia; I believe you may have forgotten something. Where are your hands, my dear?” In an instant, her expression turned when she realized that she was not following protocol. Sir has a strict rule when she is kneeling; her hands will be between her legs and she will be playing with his pussy. Watching her being a bad girl for him is quite gratifying. Her head lowered in disappointment for not following his desires.

“Move to the foot of the bed, now.” His voice was demanding and calculated and she hasten herself into position. “Spread your legs.” As she complied, his arm wrapped around her waist and forced her chest to the mattress; “don’t move.” He walked around the bed, retrieved the blind fold and put it over her eyes. Within seconds her breathing increase dramatically and her excitement rose. Watching her anticipation and her reaction was blissful. The next experience would be more intense with her visually oblivious.

The bed posts had restraints affixed to them and he wasted no time securing her limbs. On the night stand was a bucket filled with ice water and inside was a pair of stainless scissors. Stirring the ice with the scissors made a distinctive sound and he made sure she heard it. With the scissors close to her ear, he cycled them; snip, snip, snip. The stainless steel touched the side of her thigh and he made sure she felt the coldness. Sliding the scissors up her leg and under her panties, he made a horizontally slit across the back. The cut was made low enough to fold the top portion of her panties up, making it look like a small flip and fuck skirt. Exposed and bound, he smiled and voiced his pleasure; “Oh my!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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