Her First ‘True’ Love

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Becky had spent the whole morning showering, shaving and exfoliating herself, as she “prepared” to meet Sandra that evening. She was happy, excited and terrified, all at the same time. She was happy because she had recently met Sandra, a sensual lesbian woman who had managed to give a whole new meaning to her life. She was excited because they had planned a meeting that night and she knew it was going to be something different and she was terrified, as it was the first time she had been on a ‘date’ with another woman.

Only a few short weeks ago she was a depressed student teetering on the brink of a nervous breakdown after her boyfriend had dumped her for one of her housemates!! That made it really tricky as she kept apologising all the time and it made her sick. She needed to move on and find alternative experiences. It was difficult as Simon was the first ‘real’ boyfriend Becky had had since those silly relationships at school and she really liked him. She had even given him her virginity. How she regretted that now! After that experience she had become totally ‘anti’ all men, and yet still had the feeling that something was missing from her life. However, as she thought about the past she realised she was trembling with the thought that that night she was going out with a woman, Sandra, for the very first time alone and she actually started to wonder what it would be like to be in bed together.

This was the first time she had ever been ‘courted’ by another woman. She realised that she desperately wanted to be seduced by Sandra and was prepared to do anything to make that happen. The last time she had felt this very same feeling of nervousness and fear, mixed with the thrill of being courted and seduced, was just before her School Graduation Ball. She was considered one of the prettiest girls in her class and had been invited by the hottest hunk in the school, which now brought about this sense of deja vu.

Running the scenario through in her mind, she knew exactly what a guy wanted but was clueless when it came to deciding what another woman would look for in a sexual relationship. Knowing that it could be very different with Sandra, she didn’t want to do anything that would put off this lovely creature.

Sandra was gorgeous and had many admirers in the local lesbian community and Becky had been worrying the whole week about what dress to wear, what makeup, what jewellery. What would Sandra like, what would excite her, what would put her off? These, and many other questions were running around in her head and she just didn’t have the answers.

It’s so easy with guys, especially if you are good looking or sexy, or both. If you are really good looking the guys will inevitably chase you, and then parade you around with them, bragging about their latest acquisition. You’ll get the full royal treatment, flowers, chocolates, dinner, etc., at least until they find somebody prettier or sexier or just get bored with you. Even if you’re not that pretty, you only have to play easy to get and you will almost always get a guy into bed with you if that’s what you want. Guys are just so predicable!

What’s really interesting is that at that stage, most of the time it’s not even real sex, it’s more like he’s just masturbating inside your pussy. They don’t care what you want in a relationship nor your likes and dislikes. As a rule of thumb, guys only want you to be ready to drop your knickers for them whenever they have an erect cock! If they enjoy it that’s all that matters, they never ask you for your opinion and I guess they don’t even care most of the time. They certainly hardly ever try to find out which of your ‘buttons’ to press, or what turns you on. As far as they are concerned you are just supposed to lie back and enjoy the experience!

However, it was now Saturday morning and Becky still hadn’t made-up her mind what to wear. The most difficult decision seemed to be to decide what to wear underneath. She realised that she would be undressing for a woman for the first time in her life and wasn’t at all sure what would titillate and tease a woman.

It’s 11.00 a.m. and she decides to call Karen, a much older friend and comforter in chief since her break-up with Simon. It was Karen who had persuaded Becky to forget men for a while and seek a lesbian relationship as a way of getting her out of a deepening depression. At this stage, Becky felt that she hated men and she was even considering making friends with pills and the bottle. As an ex-alcoholic, Karen knew just where Becky was heading if something wasn’t done soon. Karen had been in the same position a couple of years earlier, after losing her husband to a younger woman. However, that was before she had found love and happiness in the arms of Michelle, a nurse she met at the local chapter of alcoholics anonymous.

It was Michelle who introduced Becky to Sandra. Once Karen & Michelle were sure that Sandra & Becky liked casino şirketleri each other, they organised many “events” to which both of them were invited such as dinner parties, theatre trips, etc. They carefully plotted to sneak away and leave the two of them alone as soon as they got into conversation.

Once such plot had resulted in their first kiss. It happened at a local ‘gay’ bar, where Karen & Michelle frequently organised their “events”. Karen and Michelle had given Becky a lift to the bar, but had slipped away without saying, conveniently allowing Sandra to take Becky home. The two of them had touched, cuddled and held hands throughout the evening and once Sandra discovered that Becky’s friends had deserted her, she offered to rescue her from her plight, like the proverbial white knight, and take her home.

Sandra’s reward for taking her home was a kiss, which then led to many more kisses, and then eventually to that long, French kiss in the foyer. For her part, Sandra wasn’t in any hurry, she really wanted to seduce this good looking “lesbian virgin” without her realising that she was being seduced.

They had caught a cab and Becky was soon in Sandra’s arms. As the bored and sleepy cabby drove them home, Sandra slowly caressed Becky’s breasts through the thin silky dress, which just made her sink further into her arms. As the cab eased to the kerbside outside Becky’s apartment, Sandra took her hand and whispered “Will you go out with me next week – just you and me alone? I promise to make it something special for you”

Becky’s life has been turned upside down since that night. She made that long neglected trip to the beautician, put new batteries in her vibrator, bought some sexy silk lingerie, rented X-rated lesbian video tapes and then masturbated whilst watching the tapes and thinking of Sandra, just to get herself into the ‘mood’ for this experience.

Becky now dialled Karen’s number and the line connected, it rang for a few minutes before the sleepy voice of Michelle came through. “Hi Michelle”, said Becky “is Karen in”? “Morning, Becky what time is it”? Michelle mumbled sleepily. “It’s 11 in the morning, you girls still in bed”? asked Becky. “Oh last night was really heavy, Karen was worse than a bull moose on heat,” said Michelle giggling. “Don’t listen to her Becky darling, what’s up, you ready for your big night”? said Karen, taking the telephone from Michelle. “I don’t know Karen, I’m not sure of anything just now, how should I look, what should I wear? I just haven’t got a clue”.

“Like I said before Becky, wear something thin and sexy outside as well as underneath, wear light makeup, light hair do and a mild perfume” Michelle who was also listening added “Don’t panic honey, be calm, have some wine before you go, let it happen and enjoy the ride”.

Putting the telephone down, Becky realised that the call to Karen hadn’t been much help, but at least it had convinced her to dress simply. She selected a short dark blue silk dress and decided on black lace underwear and a pair of fishnet, self-support stockings.

Later that evening, Becky was checking herself in the mirror for the hundredth time when she heard Sandra’s car honking in her driveway. With a deep breath, she picked up her bag and opened the front door slowly closing it behind her she walked to the waiting car. She was trying to look as normal and casual as possible, but she noticed that Sandra had the interior light on probably to reassure her all was OK.

“Hi Becky” said Sandra cheerfully, as Becky slid into the passenger seat and pulled the door shut. “Hi Sandra” Becky managed to blurt out as Sandra reached up to switch off the interior light. “Mmmmmmmmmmm, you look gorgeous in that dress,” Sandra said as she killed the light, “it certainly doesn’t hide much” she said with a knowing smile.

Sandra then leaned across towards Becky until their lips touched lightly. She felt Sandra’s warm lips wrap around her upper lip and was paralysed as she experienced a strange feeling of joy mixed with fear and anticipation engulfing her body. She started to feel the heat building up between her legs, as Sandra’s left hand gently brushed over her breasts under the thin silky material. The bliss was suddenly broken by the headlamps of an oncoming car, so Sandra eased back into her seat, started the engine and backed out onto the road.

Sandra had chosen a quiet, gay-friendly restaurant close to the beach. The food was great and the wine was nice and light, they chatted for ages learning more and more about each other. By the time they were ready to leave, Becky was sure she was in love with Sandra, and the choice of wine had helped her to fight off the butterflies in her tummy.

After the meal they left the restaurant and walked slowly up the beach hand in hand. Sandra carefully led Becky to a secluded area and picked up from where she had left off outside Becky’s home, kissing casino firmaları her deeply and sliding her hands over her body. Becky overcame her shyness and the kisses became more passionate as they explored and savoured each others mouths.

Becky was just fondling Sandra’s ripe breasts when she felt Sandra’s slender fingers lifting her skirt up and squeezing the cheeks of her bottom. She quivered with excitement and quickly looked around to see if they were alone. She was very wet now and hoped Sandra wouldn’t stop. She wasn’t disappointed as she felt Sandra’s fingers slip under the top of her panties and slide around to the mound of her pussy.

She moaned softly as she felt Sandra’s middle finger part the moist lips and enter her vagina. This was heaven she thought, at last she had forgotten all about men and was just letting this feeling of pleasure and fulfilment wash over her. Becky cradled her head on Sandra’s left shoulder and kept massaging Sandra’s breasts with her right hand, as her new love played with her pussy, she was now moving two fingers in and out of her and Becky didn’t want it to stop.

Sandra slid her fingers out of Becky’s pussy and started tracing them over her face and lips so that Becky could taste her own juices on them. “Would you like to come home with me darling?” Sandra whispered in Becky’s ear as her tongue traced patterns on it. “would you like me to make love to you?” “Oh yes, I want you to take me” Becky moaned, as she continued to suck her own juices off Sandra’s fingers.

The wine and the heat made Becky feel a little ‘heady’, but Sandra held her close as they walked back to the car. Becky really didn’t remember, nor care, how she got to Sandra’s house as she was in a haze of passion. All she wanted now was to make love to this sweet woman, who had already been a better lover than any man she had ever met.

Sandra took Becky into the house and led her over to a large sofa. “Make yourself comfortable baby, I’ll be back in a minute with something to drink” Sandra said as she disappeared towards the back of the house. “Wine OK or would you prefer a long drink?”

“Wine would be nice,” said Becky looking around and seeing a neatly kept room with everything in its place. It was so obviously ‘girly’ with lots of soft furnishings, cushions, pictures and flowers.

Coming back into the room Sandra said “I remembered that I received a nice bottle of champagne as a gift from a friend a while ago and I was just waiting for a special occasion to open it, I can’t think of a better occasion than this” Sandra said as she sat down beside Becky with two full glasses in her hands. The comfy sofa sank slightly with Sandra’s weight and seemed to move them together almost imperceptibly. Becky shivered a little with excitement and smiled at Sandra as she sipped from her glass.

They drank quietly, just looking at each other but deep down each wishing the other would make a move. Sandra was the first to react as she dropped her hand onto the smooth thighs of her new lover. Becky closed her eyes and lay back against the sofa as Sandra’s cool fingers traced patterns up and down her thighs and onto the bare flesh at the top of her stockings. She could feel Sandra’s fingers moving along the edges of her panties and teasing her pussy through the thin lacy covering. Becky’s hands moved onto Sandra’s breasts and her lips parted expecting attention from Sandra. However, instead of kissing her, Sandra whispered into Becky’s ear, “lets not waste time here, let’s go to the bedroom”.

Standing up, Sandra took Becky’s hand and led her through to the bedroom. It was a spacious room with a large bed in the centre, already illuminated by two scented candles on either side of the headboard. Sandra sat down on the bed and beckoned Becky to her. “Please show me your beautiful body… Let me help you undress”. Reaching up, Sandra slipped off the straps of Becky’s dress and slid it down to the floor revealing her smooth white flesh enhanced by the black lace lingerie. As Becky stood displaying her body, Sandra slid off the bed and down into a kneeling position facing Becky’s stomach. Becky felt her knees weaken as Sandra leant forward and started to kiss and nuzzle her panty-covered pussy while her fingers played with the cheeks of her bottom. Sensing Becky’s pleasure weakened body, Sandra slowly stood up and gently laid Becky back onto the bed.

Lying on the bed with her legs still hanging over the side, Becky unhooked her bra as she felt Sandra slowly slide off her panties. Standing over her, Sandra slipped out of her own outfit and then reached around and unhooked her own bra releasing her full, firm breasts. Becky couldn’t take her eyes off them, as they seemed to be reaching out to her with their firm, erect nipples. Having never really looked at a woman’s body before, Becky was quite surprised at how it made her feel. After slowly removing her panties Sandra gently güvenilir casino lowered herself down onto Becky and she closed her eyes as Sandra’s luscious lips covered her mouth again and they kissed each other passionately.

Sandra lay on her for what seemed like ages, breasts on breasts, pussy on pussy, kissing, sucking and devouring each other’s lips, neck and ears, their tongues exploring every mound and crevice they could find. Now moving slowly down Becky’s body Sandra let her lips play with Becky’s hardened nipples before continuing on downwards, over her belly and into her mound of pubic hair. Becky moaned and arched her back as she felt Sandra’s tongue flicking out onto the wet lips of her pussy.

Becky stroked Sandra’s soft blond hair, urging her to go deeper as she felt her tongue pushing into her vagina. She was moaning in sheer ecstasy now as she felt Sandra’s tongue moving in and out of her, circling around her clit and then up and down the soft wet lips. She felt Sandra pushing her legs wider open so that she could get her head between her thighs and her tongue even deeper inside. Becky’s love juices were now flowing freely as she jerked and arched her back, sensing an orgasm slowly building up within her.

Sandra sensed Becky’s passion and her own heat was now building up and swamping her own shaved pussy in juices. She turned around and extended her long legs towards Becky’s face. Lifting her arms, Becky instinctively guided Sandra’s thighs over her and let her lips rest on her wet pussy. She knew that her lover wanted the same attention that she was giving her and before long they were both in total ecstasy, their moans of pleasure only muffled by the fact that their lips were busy sucking at each other’s pussy.

Sandra’s tongue was exploring now and found Becky’s tight ass. With a little push she forced her tongue in and this was just too much for Becky to bear. She couldn’t hold on any longer and with a huge sigh she started to shiver as the first orgasm overwhelmed her. She went delirious with pleasure as she climaxed into Sandra’s face. She passed through the sensation by sucking hard on Sandra’s engorged clit, whilst moving two fingers in and out of her hot, wet pussy. Within a couple of minutes she felt Sandra climax as the sweet, creamy juices flowed over her face. Becky drank as much as possible but Sandra’s flow was just too much to contain and it flowed down her chin and onto her neck and she reached down and rubbed it onto her own breasts.

They lay for a few moments as they enjoyed the surreal afterglow, spent of their energies and intoxicated with each other’s juices. Sandra sat up and turned around to face her new love, kissed her sweetly and stroked her hair. Becky buried her face between the breasts of her newfound queen; adoring and caressing the still erect nipples. They lost track of time in their bliss, as they cuddled together, and soon fell fast asleep in each other’s arms.

Becky suddenly woke up to the sensation of a hot tongue working hard on her labia. As her eyes adjusted to the soft light of the candles in the room, she saw Sandra, head between her thighs again. “Aaahhhhh” Becky moaned as she reached out and stroked the soft hair of this lovely woman who was lovingly kissing and caressing her nectar filled folds. The bedside clock chimed 3.00 a.m. Becky whispered, “I love you Sandra, mmmmmmmmmmmm please don’t stop” as she felt the soft kisses and sensual caresses slowly building up her second orgasm of the night. Becky widened her legs and lifted her knees to give her lover more access to her treasure and was soon rewarded for her decision as she felt Sandra’s tongue snaking towards her tight ass and back, slowly exploring both openings. Becky couldn’t hold out any longer as, sensing the approaching climax, Sandra started to quicken her pace and her tongue pushed ever deeper into each hole in turn. Becky suddenly erupted in a massive orgasm, rewarding Sandra with her precious nectar, which Sandra licked greedily until Becky was completely spent.

Now Becky reversed the roles and performed the same ritual on Sandra, exploring the heavenly folds of Sandra’s pussy and giving the same level of attention to Sandra as she had received herself. As her tongue flicked against Sandra’s tight ass Becky felt quite strange as it was the first time she had done this to anyone and the pleasure it gave her made her spine tingle. She pushed her tongue deep inside and was quite surprised at just how tight it was and could feel Sandra stiffen each time she forced it into her. Moving back to Sandra’s pussy she started to suck hard on her clit whilst her wet fingers explored both her pussy and her ass. Soon her new love was experiencing the same pleasures that she had enjoyed only a short while earlier and she was soon rewarded with her second serving that night of Sandra’s sweet creamy secretions.

After licking her clean, they both cuddled up together and drifted off into a blissful sleep, knowing that this was only the start of a wonderful adventure of lovemaking that each of them would enjoy for a long time to come.

At last Becky had put Simon completely out of her mind!

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