Hema – Vivacious Beauty Ch. 07

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The Corporate Fuck happens at the Ceremony.

Hema was in Chennai to attend and participate in her sister’s marriage and already the would be brother in law Ram took her in the house elaborately and luxuriously.

Finally the day arrived and it was Sneha’s Ceremony.

Hema was surprised to find that she could barely look her sister in the face. She was afraid it was written all over her own features: He fucked me. The guy you’re going to live all your life with whose baby you are within your womb, Sneha, he fucked me, last night. Not once, but twice.

And during the second time he caught me like an animal on the floor and fucked me from behind! And I loved it, Sneha, each time. Hema could feel her pulse quickening even as the words appeared in her head. She tried to avoid her sister during the minutes leading up to the ceremony. At the same time, she tried to avoid Ram and her brother Danush too. So she was sitting in the main hall, leafing through a magazine, when a very handsome guy in a Silk Angavastaram poked his head in the door.

“Whoops, I guess this isn’t it,” he said. “I’m looking for Ram Subbu. I’m his Friend.” Hema smiled, intrigued by the good-looking man. She was almost sorry to be wearing a formal traditional South Indian dress, which covered up the lines and sex of her body. But she squirmed in her chair and crossed her legs, watching his eyes linger on her shapely calves.

“I’m Hema,” she said. “I’m Sneha’s sister.”

He grinned and came over to her. He sat in the chair next to hers. Hema realized that these were the chairs couples sat in to be taken through the ‘Pooja’ ceremony planned during the day. The thought made her giggle softly. “I’m sorry, I know it’s rare and odd to be wearing an Angavastaram,” the man said, winking.

“Oh, no, I wasn’t laughing about that.”

“I’m Biswananth Arjun,” he said, extending a hand. “Well, I guess I should be finding Ram.”

“Oh, don’t go yet. Are you by any chance working with Traction Motors?”

“Yes, I work for them as the Regional Manager for South India, how you know that?” he was certainly sounding curious. Little did he know about the conversation between Balu and this damsel?

Hema felt embarrassed. How to tell him about the conversation which she had with Balu and also, somehow thinking again about Ram and Danush had gotten her aroused. And Arjun made her feel even more excited for the reason which we all know, he was her next victim from a Corporate Whore angle and she had to tell him who she was. She knew it was silly, but she didn’t want him to leave just yet.

“Did you have something else in mind?” he asked, looking down over her dress. Hema’s young tits swelled under the frilly fabric of her dress. She uncrossed and crossed her legs again. Then she looked around the room, as if desperate to see if they could lock it or something.

“I am Hema, work for Company”, and she saw Arjun beaming and leering at her after that. She understood the reason.

And she also realized that he was equally wild to fuck her.

“Oh, did Balu just-talk to you about me” she said nervously. Arjun’s eyes continued to linger on the neckline of her dress. Just a soft hint of the valley between her two firm jutting tits was visible. He couldn’t stop looking at it.

“You’re very beautiful, Hema, I can’t believe it; yes Balu spoke to me that you will come with the Proposal, but cannot wait till such time. I cannot wait to meet you, you are so lovely.” he said under his breath.

He put his hand out, as if he wanted to touch her, but couldn’t let himself do it. Hema took his hand in her own and drew it forward until it rested on the very spot he was glaring at, the ‘V’ between her tits. His fingers on the bare skin of her chest felt warm and dangerous. She leaned forward, her lips wet and parted. Two of Arjun’s fingers slipped beneath her neckline. Hema could feel her pussy getting wet.

“Did you ever feel like you and ataşehir escort bayan someone else just had to-” But before she could finish, Arjun’s mouth found hers. His tongue slipped inside and stabbed hers. His fingers dug into her flesh, trying to slip under the tight bra she wore.

“Wait a second! This is audacious. I am not so cheap that you just pounce on me like this” she panted and feigned annoyance softly. But this was an opportunity to be capitalized. She wound up taking his hands in hers and looked at the fingers silently, “You want them to do something? Do you have to talk here?” he quipped.

She realized that they were sitting right out in public, where anyone could pop in on them without warning. She looked into his eyes and made a simple statement. “Listen, Arjun, I need the Order from you, if you can call your office and get it ready, I promise you fun here today.”

“Wow, how the hell was I to be prepared for it, I do not work today. And nobody in my office is aware of it. The Purchase guy will ask me 100 Qs.” He showed his exasperation.

But she couldn’t stop herself. She reached behind her back and undid the top buttons of her dress. Then she unfastened the clasp of her bra.

“Even now, it is not possible.” She shook him out of his senses, he did not expect her to be such a brazen slut and it caused a tremor in his crotch.

Immediately Arjun plunged his hand under the cup of her bra and grasped her firm round tit. He squeezed it, and then pinched her thick swollen nipple, kissing her at the same time. Hema felt her cunt flood with juice.

“Oh God, yes!” she gasped into his ear. “I want you to suck it but the Order first; I need that right away, at least a mail confirmation to Balu from your Blackberry and the actual PO can follow. We will treat your mail as a LoI, and then am all yours!” She rearranged the blouse and hooked her bra back.

“Here, from here, I do not have my Black berry, do you have an internet connection?” he was amazed at her perseverance to get the work done for her company before he is allowed to fuck her.

“What if I do it –and you do not yield” he had a valid question.

Quickly she glanced around. Behind the hall and near the corner was a door, partially open, which led to a small bathroom. Hema stood up and pulled Arjun toward it.” In here,” she murmured, drawing him inside and locking the door behind them. “This is where I will fuck you and you can enjoy my body. Do you need any more evidence?”

The room was so small that there was barely enough room for the two of them. Without saying another word, Arjun started kissing her heatedly. Hema leaned against the small wash basin and coiled her searching tongue around his passionately. While he kissed her, Arjun tried to unfasten the blouse with the clips on the back of her dress. She held him, “I can feel your Mobile — send a message to Balu and I will give you your treat.”

He slipped out of the bathroom, and was away for a while. After 10 minutes, She got a call from Balu, “Hey my Queen, give him a nice time, he has just confirmed the order, and sent us a mail copying the Purchase guy. Treat him well. He wants you for the next two days, he has taken off and was supposed to go to Coimbatore but will like to spend it wit you at his house.”

Just when the call got over, the lover returned and this time, closed the bathroom door himself and tore her dress off her shoulders. The dress fell to her feet. Her bra straps slid down her arms. Arjun could hardly wait for her to shed the bra before he filled his hands with her springy tits. Hema pulled his head down to them with both hands.

“Suck me!” she pleaded. She wanted him badly and he was extremely turned on by the silver anklets cling clang sound on the ankles and the lovely diamond stud on her nose ring.

“Suck me! Ohhhh, do it hard!”

He held one of her firm tits in both hands and sucked her throbbing escort kadıköy nipple deep into his mouth and once in a while kissed her nose especially on the diamond stud. And every time he did that, Hema mewed like a cat and bit her lip. She almost fainted with pleasure. Finally, he tongued and sucked her nipple until it was stiff and rubbery, then turned to the other one. “Ohhhh!” Hema moaned, pushing her aching tit into his mouth. “It feels so good! Yes, suck hard! Unggghhh!” she was breathless with lust.

While he busied himself sucking her nipples, Hema got his belt buckle open. Then she undid the angavastaram role and she could feel the hot, coiled power of his thick cock through the cotton of his underwear. Her tits tingled and pulsed with fire under his working lips. He held them both in his hands, squeezing them roughly, devouring her pointy nipples again and again.

“Hema, what beautiful tits you’ve got!” he panted. “I’ve never seen any so lovely as these!”

“Really?” she whimpered, feeling her pussy melt with juice and throb with need. “God, Arjun, I want you to fuck me but please ensure Balu gets the order!”

“Here, I mean you want me to fuck you here? By the way, the Order is taken care” he asked and said, as if echoing his earlier question.

“No, here,” Hema said in a sultry voice, taking one of his hands from her naked tits and pulling it down to her panties. He could feel the wetness of her cunt through the fabric. Seconds later, Hema slid her hand under his shorts and grasped his cock. She pinched the swollen prick head lightly with her fingers, and Arjun gasped.

“Don’t you want to?” she asked, kissing his neck and stroking his thick hard cock.

“Of course I want to. But … what if somebody comes in?” he was worried.

“I locked it.”

“The ceremony is starting any minute.”

“If you don’t fuck me now, you’ll never get another chance and I do not care of the Order you need to give Balu!” Hema whispered, sticking her tongue into his ear.

That was enough for Arjun. He pulled her panties down her legs with both hands. Hema kicked them off her ankles. She stood with her back against the tiny bathroom wall, opposite the toilet, and spread her thighs. Arjun was taller than she was. He had to stoop, bending his knees and guiding the long rigid shaft of his cock between her cunt lips.

“An ngggh!” Hema groaned as it fucked into her.

He kissed her neck and grabbed both of her tits in his hands. When he stood straight up, his cock lifted her off the floor. On the hard edge of it rubbed against her erect clit and made Hema whimper with intense pleasure. “Oh, shit, yes, I’m so close!” she moaned. “God, just fuck me fast! Unh, unh!”

He started fucking her, thrusting his hard cock up into her streaming pussy, making her clit jangle wildly. Each upward thrust made her gasp and wince as incredible pleasure streamed through her quivering body. She clung to his shoulder, mashing her tits into his squeezing hands.

“Ohhhhh! Oh!” she gasped, reeling as he lifted her whole body up off the floor with each powerful thrust of his cock. But suddenly they heard voices on the other side of the door, in the minister’s office. Arjun stopped in mid-thrust. Both of them were panting so heavily that Hema didn’t know how the people on the other side of the door could possibly not hear them.

“Oh GOd!” she whispered.


Straining her ears, she could just hear the priest talking to someone. Then she heard the holy bell ringing and the voices murmured some more. Then she heard him punching the buttons on the cell phone.

“God, aren’t they ever going away?” Hema asked softly.

“What if he wants to use the bathroom?” Arjun asked.

“Oh shit!” while she said that, at the same time, she felt wildly excited by the danger they were in. Arjun’s long hard cock didn’t show any sign of wilting. His hands fell to her ass and he caressed and gently maltepe escort squeezed the smooth round moons while they waited. Hema could feel herself on the verge of coming just from the thrill of the moment.

“If you do that, I’m going to come,” she said to him in a whisper. “Ohhhhh, I’m not joking.”

“Shhhh, listen. I think they may be gone.”

“What if they’re just not talking?”

Arjun began to fuck his long prick up and down inside her pussy again. Hema felt her whole body shiver with hot tremors of pleasure. His fingers dug into the flesh of her naked ass, making her whimper with need.

“Ohhhh, God, I don’t care if they are still there!” she moaned against his neck. “Just fuck me, please! Yesss!”

She hoped the priest and his companion were really gone, because she knew there was no way to stop her and Arjun from a blistering finish to their fuck now. He fucked his cock up into her steaming cunt, making her mewl with frantic need. Hema clung to him, her body tense with lust, moaning and sighing softly.

“Ohhhhnnnn, Arjun, I’m going to come!” she murmured into his neck.

“Me too!” he panted.

He pushed Hema’s ass back into the tiled wall and fucked her splashing pussy wildly. Hema felt the orgasm wrench her with a sharp impact. Hot fuck juice poured suddenly from her shuddering cunt.

“Unnggghhhheee!” she squealed, burying her face in the shoulder of his jacket to muffle her screams.

“Unnnggg!” Arjun grunted as his stabbing cock began squirting cum into her. Paralyzed by the bliss of her climax, Hema felt her knees sag. She nearly fell to the floor, but Arjun caught and held her. They were locked together for several moments before the intensity of pleasure waned.

“Ohhhhh, God!” Hema gasped, finally getting control of herself again. “I hope nobody heard me! I really couldn’t help it!”

Arjun was busy kissing and sucking her tits again. He didn’t seem to be able to get enough of her. His hard cock was still throbbing inside her cunt.

“Don’t you think we should show up for the Seemantham?” Hema asked him.

“To hell with it,” he said. “I just want to go on.”

“Mmmm, me too, but they might miss us.”

Reluctantly, they disentangled and pulled on their clothes again. Luckily no one was in the open Hall when they came out of the bathroom. Arjun grabbed her before they left the place.

“I hope this won’t be the last time, you need the Order and I need your lovely pussy” he whispered.

“Me too, I agree, please call me over, my cell phone is xxxxxxxxxx!” Hema smiled at him.

It was hard to go through the ceremony without looking at Arjun. So she looked down at her bouquet instead. It was also hard for Hema not to look at Ram. He stood stone-faced beside her sister Sneha, but once she caught his eye. She looked around the hall, trying to get her mind off Ram. But that was also a mistake, because her eyes lit on her brother Danush’s face.

She couldn’t keep her darting glance away from his crotch. She thought she could detect the outline of his enormous cock through his pants. Hema could still hardly believe it. To think that he’d been living under the same roof with her and here that enormous prick was hanging between his thighs. She could still recall the sensations of the huge rigid cock fucking up and down inside her cunt as she sat on it the night before.

Danush saw her looking at him, and at his crotch. He smiled, and she saw his prick actually swelling under his pants. That made her wet, and she felt her pulse racing. At the same time, the priest was speaking to Sneha and Ram about some ‘mantras’.

God, this can’t be happening to me! Hema thought it so odd, listening to Sneha getting to be a mother and wanting her husband and my own brother both to fuck me? How awful!

And her desire to have them fuck her somehow became twisted into a fantasy of both of them, Ram and Danush, fucking her at the same time. She glimpsed in her mind her naked body struggling and writhing between them while they fucked her. But soon, the ceremony was over. Ram and Sneha went down the Hall, and she followed them, hanging onto Arjun’s arm.

Outside the Temple, they all posed for the Family picture.

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