He Brought Wine

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I was standing in the bathroom, in front of the huge mirror, brushing my hair. I had taken a bath earlier and now that my hair was dry, I was brushing it for it’s usual five minutes. I love to stand in front of the mirror watching my reflection, admiring the woman looking back at me. She had the brush in her hand, smiling wistfully her long silky hair covering her shoulders. Her small face with it’s smiling eyes, had a look of perpetual happiness. She stood before me in an old Bon Jovi T-shirt, faded and torn, and about three sizes too big.

I was just finishing when I heard a knock at the door. Wondering who it could possibly be at ten thirty in the evening, I was pleasantly surprised to find Adam McCallister at my door. Adam and I had quite the history together going back five or six years. He had been my friend Beth’s boyfriend for a couple of those years, and when they broke up, he would come by my house with a bottle of JD to talk and get drunk. I’m a great listener, and he’s just a great guy, what a pair we made. We stayed friends, both of us figuring it was better this way, even though we would occasionally have casual sex, it was just a mutual release kind of thing, and we were usually too drunk to remember much afterwards.

So, here’s Adam at my door, bottle of wine in his hand, looking sexy, sounding sexy, and just, out and out sexy.

“Hey, I was in the neighborhood…” He said, not too convincingly.

“Yeah, right, like you were just passing through, way out here in the boonies” I giggled

“Okay, so I went a little out of my way,” he joined me in laughing, “And I brought some wine.”

“Actually,” sounding persuasive, he purred, “I’ve really been wanting to see you.”

I couldn’t help laughing as I let him in. “You mean you’re horny.”

“Now I didn’t say that,” again he tried to be convincing, but he just wasn’t a good actor.

“Kat, I just wanted to be here, with you tonight….”

“Well, why didn’t you say that?” I asked as I turned to him, putting my hands up to his chest. He had a button down shirt on and my fingers started to undo them one by one, without thought.

With his free hand, he took my chin in his and lifted, his eyes found mine and held them. He leaned forward and licked my lips. Ah, I just loved it when he did this, now being no exception.

Still unbuttoning the shirt, my eyes locked with his and I could read his thoughts, knowing that they were my thoughts as well, I smiled. Finishing with the shirt, I decided to be bold, and started on his jeans…one button at a time.

Adam threw the wine bottle onto the couch next to us and grabbed ataşehir escort both of my hands, stopping the undressing process. lifting them to his mouth, he kissed the back of each of them, on the knuckles. I closed my eyes and sighed, little goose bumps appeared on my arms. He let my hands go free and I felt his on the bottom of my shirt, then as he lifted it over my head.

“Hmm, all ready for me, I see,” he said, seeing my nakedness which was hidden under the Tee. I had no time to reply as his lips met mine in the softest, most gentlest kiss ever.

He had me wondering just what had gotten into him. I never figured him for the gentle type, yet I couldn’t quite recall anytime when we had sex, that I wasn’t plastered.

I pressed up against him, loving the feel of his body on mine, the hair on his chest pressed so closely to me.

Adam ran his hands down my back, slowly, feeling every curve, every texture along the way. His hands stopped at my bottom, and gently cupped each cheek in his big, warm hands. His lips made their way down my neck, stopping halfway to suck delicately, lingering. I tilted my head back giving him easier access, accommodating his tender mouth, loving this tenderness immensely.

My hands found their way to his hair, burying themselves in it. I loved his thick hair so much, and found that to be a desirable quality in others as well. I stroked his hair, running my fingers through it slowly, mesmerizingly.

I nearly cried aloud as his warm lips brushed across my breast, teasing me, taunting my nipples, making them harder. My hands, insistent in his hair, told him what I wanted, and could he please hurry.

He pulled away from me and quickly finished undressing, his desire written plainly on his face and conveyed upon his body. He grabbed my throw blanket off of the couch and threw it on the floor, instructing me to lie on it, face down. Wondering what delicious treats he had in mind, I did as instructed, anticipating.

It wasn’t long before I was rewarded, as he started kissing my back, along my backbone. I had to shiver, his lips creating a sensation beyond belief along the crevice down my back. I could feel his tongue making its way down through the channel, and then back up to my shoulders. Adam ceased his tantalizing torture and I almost cried out, but hearing him laughing softly above me, reinforced my belief in how in tune each of us was with the other.

I heard a small pop, and was curious as to the sound when I suddenly felt a dribbling sensation along my upper back. I started to move, to turn to see what Adam was up to, and was stilled by his big kadıköy escort bayan hand gently holding me in place. Again I was rewarded immensely by his sensuous mouth kissing and sucking along my back where I had just felt the wetness. His tongue was creating a very pleasant sensation along my shoulder blades, finding a spot and teasing that spot magnificently, making me squirm about uncontrollably.

A rather sweet odor assaulted my nostrils as I finally comprehended what Adam was doing. I felt him again stopping his careful ministrations and again felt the dribbling, this time down the middle of my back. He was pouring the wine onto my back, and how wonderful it was making me feel. I love my back toyed with, having it touched, tickled, kissed…it was one great big pleasure spot, and what Adam was doing to me was so inexplicably delightful.

His mouth was setting my back on fire, creating a warm throbbing feeling deep inside of my body. I could feel his tongue finding the wine in the pool of my back and lapping it up, diligent in the care he was taking with the wine.

More wine being poured, causing an involuntary shiver form my aching body. This time I could feel Adams fingers trailing through the wine, feeling him as he leaned around and offered his finger to me, placing it to my lips. I passionately licked his finger, tasting the wine, wanting more, but not getting it.

He returned to his job of pleasuring my back, his mission to bring me to the edge of desire, the liquid affecting my sensitive back as if it were drinking the exotic flavorful fluid.

My sighs were the only sound in the room, and they were quite plentiful, being released from me without contention. Adam, so slowly, deliberately, licked up the length of my spine, sending more chills from deep within. This time I could feel the wine being dribbled plentifully on the small of my back, causing me to stir in anticipation, the phenomenon being almost unbearable to my perceptive flesh. I gasped loudly, conveying to Adam my desire fully.

I could feel his whole face on my back, sipping up the wine, his lips leaving hot imprints wherever they touched. I felt so unbearably impassioned, my heart thumping so unmercifully in my chest, I didn’t really know how much more of this torturous pleasure I could stand.

Just when I thought I could handle this extraordinary marvel, Adam decided to really pour the juice on, so to speak. I felt drops of wine hitting my rounded ass, running down the crack. He poured it strongly, a river of sweet pink ran between my legs and onto the blanket, causing a massive shudder from deep in my escort maltepe soul.

His tongue darted around my soft cheeks, finding the wine, and absorbing it. His mouth made quiet slurping sounds as he swallowed up the wine a little at a time, prolonging my desire. Adams tongue made its way down through the crevice between my cheeks, slowly and with deliberation, tasting and licking his way.

I nearly came unglued as his hot tongue found my puckered little rosebud, and continued to catch the wine as it dripped down through my sensitive channel. I could feel his mouth sucking, his tongue probing, then traveling lower, following the river of nectar.

Adam carefully spread my legs, gaining access to my very moist pussy still dripping with the sweet wine. I sighed loudly as his tongue found a pool of fluid lying at the entrance of my warm opening. The tongue, acting with a mind of it’s own, started to explore, delving into my moist depths, eliciting from me a moan so loud it was near deafening. I could barely hold myself still, the pleasure was so beautiful, so stunning, and frenetic. Adam, his tongue so masterful, had his hands on my hips, holding me tight to him, as if sensing my anxiety. His mouth found my hard little bud waiting expectantly for some attention of it’s own, and he complied, sucking it into his mouth, french kissing it, nibbling it. I could feel his fingers massaging my ass, gently manipulating the flesh.

My desire was overriding everything else that was shooting through my brain, and soon I was caught up in a joyride so furious, so intense, that I didn’t want it to end. I nearly screamed from the ecstasy as his exploring fingers found their way between my cheeks probing their way one at a time into me. First one slowly easing into me, then another, slowly, gently, making it’s way into my ass.

Biting my lip hard, and thrashing about I started an orgasm so explosively exquisite that I had trouble maintaining any sense of being at all. This time I did scream just knowing that the neighbors were calling the cops, but not giving it another thought. Adam, two fingers and a tongue inside of me, still had one hand on my hip trying his best to hold me in place long enough to finish. He continued his onslaught on my pussy, refusing to come up for air until he was sure that my climax was over.

I rode out the waves of euphoria, riding them through every surge, holding on to it until the last little ebb was over.

I let out a big sigh as Adam, sensing the conclusion of my mind blowing orgasm, extracted himself from my body, fingers first, then with one final lingering kiss, came up for air.

He laid down next to me smiling. Looking into my eyes he reached out and smoothed a strand of my hair back into place.

“My turn now, babe,” he whispered, his face reflecting a deep desire for the nights events, past and present. How could I not return the favor?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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