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It has been a long time my digital diary. I have some exciting news to tell you. I love anal! Yes. Me. I love anal. Who would have thought it? I never did. I mean it was not that long ago that I thought anal was gross. Well, to be honest a lot has happened in the past 6 months that has changed what I thought.

But if you remember Chet, my secret lover and my boyfriend’s best friend, gave me an anal plug after one of our sessions. It was erotic that first time and I used it a bit that first week. But then I left it in the drawer for a while and forgot about it. Well Chet and Megan, my first lesbian lover, got me back into it and gave me a dildo as well.

I am so excited to tell you about how I came to realize I love anal. So here goes…

It was actually a busy couple weeks leading up to the events. Wait is it one event or multiple events? It was one event with multiple occasions. Yes. I think that is it. It was a busy couple weeks leading up to the event.

You see I had not seen Chet in a few weeks when Megan came up to see me. My boyfriend Daniel was at school for hours on end like usual. So Megan and I spent a couple hours licking each other’s pussies and cumming non-stop. Then she pulls out a dildo and says she wants to fuck each other. So we do. It was amazing. I had a few more orgasms. But then she says she wants to fuck my ass with the dildo.

I was not so sure. I had not even messed with the buttplug for some time. She talks me into trying some things. We go into the bathroom and take a shower and she cleans out my ass with a water enema. “Very important”, she said.

Then she asks me to go get the buttplug. She goes down on me again, this time tonguing my butthole as well. Then she started pushing the buttplug in and out of my ass while she sucked on my clit. Within a few minutes I had a powerful orgasm.

So then she says she wants to do my ass with a dildo. I was hesitant, but I figured we went through the trouble of getting me cleaned out. Why not?

It took some time for my ass to get comfortable with something that big in it. I mean, I had barely messed with a dildo in my ass before and had mixed results. Anyway once we got going and she loosened me up some, I loved it. It was especially satisfying when one of us would play with my pussy while the dildo was going in and out of my ass. I had to have had a half dozen more orgasms.

Anyway fast forward a few days. Daniel had a big breakthrough at school. He passed a huge milestone or something. He wanted to celebrate. So we went out and danced and then found ourselves at a frat party so we started drinking. We made it home around 2 am.

Now Daniel wasn’t drunk but he was definitely more friendly than usual. I was hoping to get laid. So I went down on him and brought his manhood to life. I ignored most of his protests after I tasted his precum. I kept going and he came in my mouth. I swished it around getting a good sense of it before I swallowed it down. I thought it was a good experience, even though he was not as tasty as Chet.

For several days leading up to the weekend and the event in question, I started wearing a buttplug almost every day and sliding the dildo in and out of my ass a few times a day trying to ready myself. I had planned on letting Chet fuck my ass next time I saw him.

So one weekend, when Daniel told me he was going to be in the library all weekend, I decided to go home to see my parents. Ha! Okay I told Daniel I was going to see my parents, and I did, for a couple hours. I was really going to home to see Chet.

I begged him not to have anyone else at home during the time I was going to drop by. That has happened too many times. I’ve ended up fucking his younger brother a couple times, his friend Alex a couple times, and Megan. It took me a long time to bahis firmaları get comfortable fucking my boyfriend’s best friend. I’m not sure I will ever get comfortable fucking anyone else, should it ever happen again. I hope not. Well, maybe with Megan. That’s not really cheating is it?

Anyway… I get to his house around 10 am and there is no one else there thank goodness. I practically attack him because I have not seen him or enjoyed his gorgeous cock in many weeks. We start making out and taking clothes off. Once his big cock is free, I go down on it. I had been daydreaming about having him in my mouth and sucking and swallowing his yummy cum.

He did not disappoint. I blew him for only a few minutes before he exploded with a huge load of jizz in my mouth. I tried to swallow it all, but there was so much it came flowing out of the sides of my mouth. I tracked down all the runaway cum and licked it up and swallowed it down as well. I was getting my fix.

So after I clean him up, he reaches down and starts playing with my pussy and I started moaning. He goes down on me and sees that I have a buttplug in. So he asks me what’s up and I let him know I may be interested in letting him slip his cock in my ass today. This gave him a huge smile. I think he was so happy that he attacked my pussy with his mouth.

Chet licked up and down my tiny slit and flicked my clit with his tongue. I started moaning really loudly and jerking my body around. I felt a huge orgasm building. Him finally playing with the buttplug in my ass put me over the top. I came hard. I was so horny and excited.

I noticed that his cock was hard again. So I got on my hands and knees and presented him my body for fucking. He walked over to his nightstand and grabbed a small tube of lube and brought it back over to the bed. He pulled out the buttplug and set it on the bed next to us. I thought he was going to go straight for my ass but he didn’t. Instead he knelt down and started tonguing my ass. It was erotic. His tongue was more forceful and bigger than Megan’s. He was really rimming the inside of my ass. I was glad that I cleaned myself out before coming over. I felt another orgasm building just as he pulled away. I thought it was time, but it wasn’t yet.

He lined himself up to me and slid the head of his cock up and down my wet pussy. Then he pushed himself in. I moaned. His big cock fills me up so nicely. He pushed in and out until he was almost balls deep. I arched my back and laid my head on the bed. It was then that it started to happen. The step that needed to be next.

He dropped a few drops of lube on my asshole and slid a finger in two digits deep. After having a buttplug in, there was no discomfort. Then he slid a second in and increased the pace of his cock in and out of my pussy. He developed a rhythm with his fingers and his cock and I loved it. I wanted more.

A few minutes later he pulled his fingers out. He reached down and lubed up the buttplug and pushed it in my ass. I groaned as it felt very big sliding in next to his cock that was still in my pussy. I started massaging my pussy with my hand. For the next several minutes, he fucked me with his cock and moved the buttplug in and around my ass. It was an insane sensation to be penetrated in both holes at the same time. I was on the verge of an orgasm when he stopped.

Chet pulled his cock out and then pulled the buttplug out. I was left empty and wanting. I turned my head to see him walk over to his nightstand again and pull out a dildo. He brought it back over to where I was still presented doggystyle. He lubed it up and slid it into my ass a couple inches. I moaned, as it was bigger than the buttplug. I went back to friggin my pussy. For the next several minutes he worked my ass with the lubed up dildo until finally I had relaxed. I was kaçak iddaa caught between trying to breath like Megan taught me while feeling the building orgasm take the breath away from me.

Then he pulled it out. I thought I knew what was coming next. I was right. He grabbed the lube again and oiled up his erection. I was lost in anticipation. I was a little afraid because he has a big cock and part of me thought he was going to rip me in half. The other part of me remembered preparing for this, remembered how much I enjoyed my experience with Megan, and how I came over here for this very reason.

Chet lined the head of his cock up to my tiny anal opening and asked, “Are you ready?”

I told him I was. He reminded me to stay relaxed. He pushed the head of his cock in and when it popped through a huge sensation darted through my body and out the ends of my fingers and toes. He asked me if I was okay. I told him I was.

Chet slowly pushed a little more of his cock inside me. He felt huge, but it did not hurt as much as I thought. I could feel small sensations of pleasure fighting to get through. He pulled himself out a little and pushed in again. I felt the rim of my ass loosen to accommodate him. A big surge of pleasure rushed through my body. I felt my heart pounding. I started massaging my pussy again. In only a few minutes I had a powerful orgasm. I could feel the juices leak down my leg like a river.

Slowly over the next several minutes he pushed a little more into me. I had another small orgasm. He kept saying, “So good. So tight.”

I must have been good and tight because he only got in about halfway before he grunted and filled my ass with his load. I cannot describe to you digital diary what it felt like to have a man’s hard cock pulsing in my ass and feeling his cum splash the insides of my rectum.

Chet pulled his slimy cock out of my ass and suggested we take a shower and get cleaned up. During our shower he asked me how I liked my first anal experience. I told him it was intense and I had a powerful orgasm.

His response was delight as he bent me over in the shower and rubbed his nearly hard dick against my pussy before pushing it in. I moaned as his cock grew harder inside my pussy. I swear I could feel the veins of his cock sliding against my folds.

Chet fucked me nice and hard giving me an orgasm before he pulled out and lined himself up to my anal passage again. Slowly he slid his cock back in my ass. That now familiar sensation returned. I felt full and satisfied.

I started pushing my ass against him forcing more of him inside me. I moaned as his big cock kept getting deeper and deeper into my ass. He put his hands on my hips and started setting the pace. I’m not sure he ever made it all the way in, but he was definitely deep. I started friggin my pussy again and another orgasm found me quickly.

I think my orgasm caused me to squeeze his cock and he cursed, “Fuck, I can’t hold out when you do that.” I felt his cock pulse again and he filled my ass with another load. I asked him to stay inside me as I continued to work my clit. I came again in less than a minute.

Finally he pulled out his softening tool. We finished out shower soaping each other up. As we toweled off, Chet said he was going to go lie down on his bed. I quickly joined him. We laughed and giggled about what just happened and then fell asleep.

In my dream I kept imagining Chet fucking me in my ass and I was cumming over and over again, like it was the best thing ever. It was a short nap and when I woke up, Chet was still sleeping lightly.

I rolled over and started playing with his limp dick. It did not initially respond, so I put my mouth on him. A couple minutes later I saw his manhood coming to life and I felt his hands run through my hair.

Once he was kaçak bahis hard, I crawled on top of him and aimed his cock at my dripping pussy. I slid almost all the way down first try. I was so wet and horny. I leaned down and kissed him while I rode his cock. I felt an orgasm building right away.

As much as I was enjoying this and felt that orgasm approaching, I could not get anal out of my mind. So I climbed over to the edge of the bed where the lube was still located and brought it back. I pulled off of Chet’s cock and lubed him up.

I sat the lube on the side of the bed and raised myself above him. “Going for it again huh? Looks like you are a little anal whore now.” At first I did not like what he said to me, but it might have been true because I did want his cock back in my ass.

I aimed his cock at my opening and moved down on it. It impaled me deeply right away. I could not help but moan loudly. A huge pleasure sensation fired through my body. I moved up and down several times allowing more of his cock inside each time. The pleasure was maddening.

Finally it was too much and I just sat down on his cock and stayed there. Chet asked me if I was okay. I told him I needed to catch my breath and recover. I moved my legs up so I was on my feet instead of my knees. I leaned back on my arms and raised my hips up and down. This angle hit some spot because I almost came on the first pop.

I started moving up and down on his cock vigorously, slamming down hard each time. Chet reached out and started flicking my clit with his fingers. I was practically screaming it felt so good. Chet started moaning and mumbling obscenities. The orgasm to top all orgasms was making its way to the top.

I had to ask Chet what happened next because I just don’t remember and this was his explanation…

He said “You started screaming ‘Oh fuck’ over and over and then you slammed down on my cock one more time and yelled. I think you were having a big orgasm because you squirted pussy juice all over my chest and all over the bed. And then you passed out.”

So there you have it. What I remember is that his cock felt so good in my ass I could not get enough of it. I was pushing as much of it inside me as I could. Remember that orgasm I told you was coming up? It had to have hit. I did black out briefly. When I came back to I had stars in my vision and I was lying on my back with Chet hovering over me asking me if I was okay.

I was okay. I was so okay that I asked him to put his cock back in my ass. So he flipped me over and fucked me while I was on my stomach. I felt like he was going to drill me into the bed. It was amazing. Finally he came in my ass again and rolled off of me exhausted.

I think we both fell asleep briefly again. Someone called his phone and it woke us up. It was his brother letting him know that he and his dad were on the way home. Chet woke me up and told me to get dressed and that I needed to be out in the next 10 minutes or we would be caught.

I did not have time for a shower so I got dressed really fast. Chet handed me my buttplug to take with me. I am not sure what I would have done had I forgotten that. I kissed him goodbye and bailed. I think I saw his dad’s car coming up the street the other way as I was leaving.

As I drove back to my parent’s house, I tried to think through what just happened and what it meant. And I started thinking about how dirty of a girl I was driving to my parent’s house with three loads of cum in my ass.

I have had time to think about this for a few days before I wrote you my digital diary. I think I love anal. Don’t get me wrong my ass is still sore from the sex. But just thinking about the wild pleasurable sensations I had when his dick was in my ass. I even squirted and blacked out because I had such a powerful orgasm.

This is a whole new element to my life. The only downside you ask? Daniel will never do it. I will never convince my own boyfriend to fuck my ass. So I guess I will have to torture Chet then.

Until next time…

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