Hawaiian Encounter Ch. 02

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“We had better get dressed,” Sheri said.

“I suppose you are right,” answered Linda somewhat reluctantly. “But, before we do…”

Sheri turned to look at the blonde. As she did, Linda’s lips met Sheri’s. The look of surprise quickly disappeared from the brunette’s face as she felt the soft mouth of Linda’s press against her own.

“Wow!” gasped Sheri as they pulled back and separated.

Linda grinned and jumped up. Sheri smiled broadly as she watched her friend’s breasts bounce a couple of times before settling down.

“You better get back to your room before the guys come back,” warned Linda.

Sheri nodded and slid off the bed.

“Tell Jerry that Dan and I will meet you downstairs for dinner at 5:00,” Sheri said as she pulled the sundress over her head.

“Will do,” replied Linda. “That will give me time to take a shower and get rid of the evidence!”

Both women laughed at the comment. Sheri gave the still-nude blonde a hug.

“See you at 5!” Sheri said as she opened the door, then left.


Chapter Two

“Did you girls find something to do this afternoon?” Jerry asked as they waited for the waiter to bring their dinner.

“Yes, honey. It was nice to sit and talk,” replied his wife.

“The sun got to me a bit,” commented Sheri as the waiter brought four large platters of Kailua pork to the table.

“Maybe we should stay in tonight,” offered Linda.

“Are you kidding?” Jerry responded. “We didn’t come thousands of miles to sit in our room and watch TV.”

“Why don’t you and Dan go out and I will keep Sheri company?” Linda asked as she lifted a glass containing a mai tai to her mouth.

Sheri felt her heart skip at Linda’s suggestion. She could barely refrain from breaking out into a wide grin.

“I’m with you Jerry!” Dan said.

“You two go enjoy yourselves,” Sheri said. “Linda and I still have some things to chat about.”

The two couples finished their meal, paid the bill, and walked to the front of the restaurant.

“We’ll only be gone an hour or so,” Jerry said. “Are you sure you can find something to do while we are gone?”

“I think so,” Linda said with a smile.

The guys kissed their wives on the cheek, turned and walked out of the restaurant. Sheri looked at Linda and smiled.

“My room!” she said.

Linda followed Sheri to the elevator. They both stood motionless as the elevator rose to the 16th floor. A short walk down the hallway and they were at Dan and Sheri’s room. Sheri slid the casino şirketleri plastic key through the lock and they walked in.

“I have something to show you,” Sheri said, her voice wavering slightly.

Linda sat on the edge of the king-sized bed.

“OMG!” gasped Linda as Sheri pulled a large purple dildo from the dresser drawer. “You have got to be kidding me!”

Sheri’s face broke into a wide grin.

“Do you like it?” she asked.

“I…I…don’t know what to say. I have never seen anything like it,” replied Linda.

“I call it Mr. Purple. It is for those times that Dan isn’t interested. I thought I’d bring it along just in case.”

“Does Dan know you brought this?” Linda asked in a somewhat hushed voice.

“God no!” came the quick reply. “I doubt he would understand. But, I thought you might.”

Linda got up and walked over to Sheri. The brunette held out her toy towards the older woman.

“Damn. It even has a suction cup on the bottom!” Linda gleefully noted.

“That’s in case you want to stick it on the wall!” laughed Sheri.

“Maybe later,” Linda said with a tinge of evil in her voice. “But for now, I want to see what you can do to your Mr. Purple.”

Sheri blushed slightly before answering “alright.”

Linda took the purple shaft from Sheri and watched as the brunette unbuttoned her ‘Sunday-go-to-meeting’ jeans, unzipped them, then lowered them down her legs. Sheri slid the denim pants over her boots, letting the jeans fall to the floor. Linda nodded approvingly at the brunette’s black panties.

Sheri climbed onto the bed and lay down. Linda reached over and slid her hands under the narrow bands of the panties. Her hands trembled slightly as she pulled the panties over Sheri’s hips, exposing a hairless mound rising from between the younger woman’s legs.

“Give me my buddy!” Sheri said in a somewhat commanding voice.

Linda held the purple dildo out and Sheri took it in her right hand. Linda stood and watched, her heart racing, as Sheri spread her legs apart and exposed the pink folds of her pussy. Sheri smiled at her friend, and then positioned Mr. Purple at the vertical entrance between her legs.

“Ready?” asked Sheri.

She could tell by the small beads of perspiration on Linda’s face that the blonde was indeed ready to watch the forthcoming show.

Sheri closed her eyes as she slid the tapered end of Mr. Purple past her labia and slowly pushed it deep into her pussy. She heard a gasp from Linda and opened her eyes. Linda casino firmaları had begun to unzip the back of her black dress. Sheri begin to move the purple dildo back and forth as Linda lowered the straps of the dress from her shoulders and let it fall to her feet. The blonde stepped out of the dress and kicked off her heels.

Mr. Purple continue to slide effortlessly in and out of Sheri’s opening as Linda pulled her black thong down her thighs, past her knees, then let them fall to the floor. Gooseflesh covered the older woman as her right hand dropped past a black triangle of pubic hair and onto her opening. Linda let out a soft moan as her right index finger pierced the slot and entered her pussy.

Sheri began moving the fake penis faster as Linda began to circle her own already engorged clitoris. The brunette kept her eyes fixed on the older woman. Linda stood only a couple of feet away, wearing only a tight black bra, and continued to move her index finger in a small circle over the small shaft inside her.

Sheri’s right index finger managed to find the button on the end of Mr. Purple, causing the shaft to begin to vibrate. The once-shy woman took her left hand and covered her right one. Both hands now held the throbbing shaft as she quickened the pace of the thrusts into her pussy.

Linda looked over at the prone woman. Sheri was close to being lost in her own world, but kept her eyes fixated on the blonde masturbating in front of her. Sheri felt a sudden wave build inside her. Her back arched as she held the vibrating shaft inside her. The quiet of the room was shattered with a loud “oh fuck” as Sheri felt a small jet shoot out from her pussy. The sudden explosion was followed by a wave of warmth filling her insides.

Linda’s knees buckled slightly as she watched her friend squirm on the bed in front of her. She moved her hand from between her legs. Her legs shaking, Linda dropped onto her knees at the edge of the bed. The blonde stared at the purple monster protruding from Sheri’s opening. Linda felt shivers of excitement run through her body as her right hand reached out and pried Sheri’s hands from around the end of the shaft.

“Oh My God!” cried Sheri as Linda began to slowly withdraw the fake cock out of her. “No, please!” she begged her friend.

“What do you want you fucking little bitch?” asked the older woman.

“Damn you! Don’t stop!” begged Sheri.

“You mean you want me to do this?” Linda asked as she pushed the shaft back into Sheri’s pussy.

The thrust was met güvenilir casino by a loud unintelligible scream. Linda began plunging Mr. Purple in and out of her friend’s slot. Sheri closed her eyes as her fingers clenched the bedspread.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” Sheri cried out as she began thrusting back against the thick dildo.

Linda held the shaft still and let the brunette fuck the purple dildo. She stared at her friend as Sheri continued to move her pelvis back and forth, engulfing the fake cock with each forward thrust.

“I can’t take it anymore!” Linda said as she pulled her arm back causing the slippery purple shaft to slide out of Sheri.

“Oh God! No!” Sheri howled as Linda placed Mr. Purple on the floor next to her.

“Shhh,” Linda whispered as her hand moved to Sheri’s knees.

Linda pushed outward on the woman’s knees, causing Sheri’s pussy to open even wider. Sheri opened her mouth to object to Mr. Purple’s departure, but before she could get any words out, Linda’s tongue pierced the hairless opening and was darting against Sheri’s swollen clitoris.

“FUCK!” screamed Sheri as the older woman’s tongue circled inside her.

Linda gave out a muffled moan as the wetness between Sheri’s legs began to spill into her mouth. It was all she could to keep her friend’s body from thrashing around. Linda’s hand’s slid down to the back of Sheri’s thighs. Her fingers dug into the soft flesh causing another screech of pleasure from Sheri.

“Oh, my….” Sheri’s voice trailed off as her body suddenly tensed and she felt yet another rush of warmth fill her pussy.

Linda’s tongue continued to lap at the brunette’s now bright red clitoris. Sheri moved her hips back and forth, causing her juices to spill onto Linda’s lips and nose. Sheri moved furiously, smearing her sopping pussy over her friend’s mouth. Linda pulled back. She began gasping for air. The evidence of Sheri’s orgasm shimmered on her mouth, nose, and cheeks. Sheri suddenly went still and tried to catch her breath and Linda sat back on her heels.

“Holy fuck!” panted Linda.

Sheri managed to rise up onto her elbows. A huge grin covered her face.

“That was fantastic!” Sheri said, still trying to catch her breath.

“You little bitch!” Linda said with a laugh. “Look what you have done to me.”

Sheri grinned as she stared at her friend. Linda mouth, cheeks, and nose glistened from the orgasmic juices that had spilled onto her face.

“You better go wash up,” Sheri advised the blonde.

“I think you are right,” responded Linda as she rose to her feet and turned towards the bathroom. “I probably look like a mess.”

Sheri looked at the floor and saw Mr. Purple. A somewhat evil grin covered her face.

“Don’t be long Linda.”

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