Hard Workout

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They jogged past each other almost every day. Him traveling one way, her traveling the other. They would exchange a glance, a smile. Every now and then, he would wink at her. They would meet around the same place every lap, keeping up with each other’s pace. He would try to outrun her, and she would push to keep up with him.

The sky filled with angry black clouds, as they circled the gray path. She could hear his heavy breath behind her, his firm legs flexing with each step. He moved up beside her, and they ran in step for a few feet. He looked at her and smiled, and pulled ahead. She pushed herself forward, regaining the edge from him.

They went back and forth for nearly a lap, pushing each other along. As they rounded the turn, she felt the large wet drops falling on her face. Soon, it was pouring. Not breaking stride, she looked up into the black clouds, and heard the thunder in the distance.

Picking up the pace, she started running to the nearby picnic area, getting under the roof just as the worst of the storm was coming. The rain had soaked her completely, and she stood dripping under the roof. He had been right behind her, following her to safety. When he emerged from the rain, he was soaking wet, his face red with exertion. He leaned for a while on the brick wall that closed in one side of the building.

It was then she noticed the bulk of his frame, the fact that he towered over her. He took his water bottle from his jacket pocket and drank noisily. They stood by the picnic tables, catching their breath, staring out into the sheets of water falling from the roof. The drops, falling fat and heavy were already making puddles, escort kartal their rhythmic cadence pounding out on the roof.

He offered her the water bottle, and she happily accepted. When she handed it back, she felt his hand touching hers, his large fingers rubbing over her skin. He looked into her eyes, holding her gaze. She looked up at him, feeling the energy pulsing between them. With a boldness she never possessed before, she stepped towards him, backing him up to the wall. Resting her hands on his muscled chest, she pressed the length of her body to his. His arms enclosed around her, and she felt their weight in the small of her back. She reached up and pulled his head to her, kissing him firmly on the lips, tasting his salty flavor.

She felt his big hands push underneath her clammy shirt, as his tongue slid deeper into her mouth. The fabric of her wet sports bra was pushed aside, replaced by the rough softness of his thumbs sliding over her erect nipples. She reached her hand into his shorts, and felt his hard cock, pulsing gently as she squeezed his length. His hands fell away as she sank to her knees in front of him, pulling his shorts down his thighs. She looked up into his eyes before taking him deep into her throat.

He ran his hands through her hair, pulling her down onto his shaft. She slowed him down, teasing him with her tongue. She swirled it over the head, feeling it’s velvet smoothness between her lips. Running her hands along his muscular thighs, she felt his cock twitch and grow inside her mouth. Rewarding his patience, she pushed him all the way to the back of her throat. She felt his knees buckle maltepe escort slightly, as she eased up and down the full length of his cock.

Each time she pulled back, she let her lips slip over the sensitive ridge of the head, before sinking all the way to the base. He groaned, just as another round of thunder rang out above them. She looked up at him, licking the head of his cock, when he suddenly pulled her up to her feet, and pushed her back onto the picnic table.

He knelt in front of the table, pulling her shorts down, leaving them to dangle around one of her feet. He dragged his thick finger down her slit, feeling her warmth. He parted her lips with his thumbs, exposing her. She waited to feel his hot tongue on her, squirming at his hesitation. Lightening in the distance caught her eye, as his tongue swept over her wet pussy. His finger teased her hole, gently circling it as he trapped her clit in his mouth, sucking it.

He pushed one finger deep, and then two, stretching her. Her hips rolled with his tempo, pushing herself hard against his mouth. The wind had picked up and she felt the cool air rush over her, as he brought her closer and closer to the edge. Adding her moans to mother nature’s voice, she bucked hard against his fingers.

He stood up abruptly, and pulled her off the table. Turning her quickly, he pushed her roughly forward, leaning her over the picnic table. She felt his hard cock teasing her, rubbing her swollen flesh. She pushed back against him, desperate to have him inside her. Pressing his hands into her hips, he held her for a few moments more, before giving her what she wanted.

His pendik escort bayan thick cock stretched her open even further, and she felt herself give way as he slid all the way inside her. Slowly, he eased out and in, feeling the heat of her all along his shaft, her moisture drenching him as the rain had. His fingers found her hard nipples, and squeezed them roughly through her shirt. He sped up, until he was pounding her nearly off her feet, his fingers digging hard into her hips. Her hands pressed into the wood of the table, as she tried to steady herself against his thrusts. She felt her thighs start to twitch, her pussy start to tighten.

Sensing that she was close, he eased his pace, thrusting slowly, methodically, deeply. Pressing her forehead into the table, she moaned through her clenched teeth, rocking back to meet him. When he reached down and stroked her clit, rubbing it between moist, rough fingers, she lost it. Screaming out into the storm, she felt all her muscles contract at once, ringing her orgasm out of her, wave after wave. Leaning on the table for support, she let him fuck her through her quaking.

Her juices covered him, her soft, throbbing wetness sending his cock into convulsions. The force of his climax caused him to lean forward against her, kissing and biting at her neck. He felt her tiny aftershocks, as he continued pumping into her, filling her with cum. The final thrust, hitting bottom, forced a deep moan from her throat just barely heard over the thunder. He collapsed on top of her, his weight pressing her back down onto the table.

Both of them were breathing heavy, spent. He stood up, just as the rain was beginning to die down. She straightened up, pulling her shorts up from the heap on the ground. She looked up at him, and pulled him in for one final kiss. He smiled.

“Thanks for the workout.”

Before she could respond, he took off down the gray path.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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