Hard On the Trail Ch. 06

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Just a reminder from his dom that he is someone’s sub. Punishment for having teased him so hard.

There I was, bent forward, holding onto the tree I’d just had my first bitch holding onto moments ago. His cum was still dripping down towards the ground. My doms cock pressed firmly against my ass and the sensation of his spit hitting it.

I was still excited over having dominated my first cum slut, excited to use his id to find his house and claim him as mine. But I was also nervous, from my experience with Daddy I knew that if I wasn’t hot and bothered all I got from his fucking was pain. It wasn’t that I didn’t want him. If I hadn’t wanted him I wouldn’t have teased him with my ass exposed while fucking my own bitch against this tree.

I could only hope that he had gotten himself pretty close jerking off while watching the action go down.

Daddy leaned in, “So you think you’re a big man now? You think just cause you have a bitch you can tease Daddy? Huh? Well…I’m gonna teach you a lesson about being a cocktease. I’m gonna fuck your ass so hard you’ll be thinking about me every time you sit down.”

Oh shit, I knew he meant what he said. I grit my teeth and closed my eyes. I focused on how hot Daddy makes me in hopes to get my spent cock back up at attention. Daddy’s cock started to push hard against my opening, “AOOOOHHHHHH” I groaned out into the tree as he slowly forced his way in. The pain was excruciating.

“Yeah, casino şirketleri you like that, huh bitch?”

I moaned

“yeah, playing with your ass, teasing me like that. I’ll show you a true fucking.”

Having entered my ass he began steady deep thrusts. “yeah, take my cock you fucking slut.”

I moaned in pain, “oh please…daddy please stop…can’t we do this later. Please. This hurts so much, I’m too tired. Please daddy, please stop. ohhhh” I moaned. But it only made him thrust deeper and faster. I begin to tremble with the pain.

“If you had wanted it later you shouldn’t have fucking teased me you little shit. Now you take daddy’s cock like a good bitch. So fucking tight!”

I squirmed in pain, I knew there was no point but I was in so much pain my body couldn’t help but respond in an effort to try to get away. “OHHH OWW FUCK” I growled.

“Yeah, you little bitch, don’t you forget I made you who you are! You’re my bitch! Go ahead and try to squirm away you little bitch. Wiggle that ass for Daddy. Yeah, fucking dirty slut.”

“Please daddy, please, if you wait until we get home I can let you plow me so hard and deep I’ll be so good to you. Please… this hurts so fucking much. I can’t take it.”

“You can and you will take it. Now shut up and take my cock!” He bent down and growled softly into my ear, “Don’t forget, over there *he gestured to the rock* I told you once I filled casino firmaları you, you’d be my bitch forever!” and before he stood back up he bit down hard on my shoulder. I yelped out in pain. This seemed to amuse him as he chuckled and stood up to slap the side of my ass firmly and resume his pounding. I clutch onto the tree panting and whimpering as he sodomizes me. As soon as this is over I’m going to go to my bitches house and have my way with him. I focus on that.

Daddy lets out a low growl of pleasure and moans, “oh fuck you’re so fucking tight!” He slides his hands off my hips and down to my ass cheeks, he pulls my ass cheeks apart and watches his cock ease in and out of my pink hole. “unnnnnn yeah oh daddy is going to fill you up good, do your job you little cum slut!” His breathing is starting to get more labored I can tell he’s soon going to cum. He reaches forward, grabs my shoulders and uses them to pull me even further onto his cock. He pauses there for a bit like he’s catching his breath at the top of a mountain. I feel his cock flex and burrow deep in my ass. A feeling of fullness and immense pressure cause me to moan. God how I wish I wasn’t already spent. We haven’t fucked here since the first time.

He growls again, “Grab on tight to that tree son, Daddy is going to fuck your ass raw! I’m going to cum so deep in your ass… fuck.” and with that all I could hear was slapping as he pounded me so hard and deep his güvenilir casino thighs slapped against mine. I had to hold on tight to the tree to avoid falling down.

“Fuck yeah, you feel so good, Daddy’s gonna give it to you, take all my dick now son!” His pounding continued but became more choppy like he was losing control of his rhythm. The pain becomes too much, I squirm and scream like an animal trying to escape, I fall to the ground, daddy’s foot pins my face down and my ass is forced upward as he continues to take what is his. He tenses and starts shooting his cum deep into me. I feel the heat of it as it explodes into me, still yowling under his foot. I stop wiggling now because I know the worst is over, but the pain remains as he still thrusts a few more times, emptying his balls into me.

His foot comes off my face and he collapses over my ass, pushing me forward and up with the mud sliding. He pants as he leans on me, “oh fuck boy, that was good. You’re such a good little bitch.” He pulls off me and says, “Have fun with your fuck toy, but don’t forget, I own you! When I want you, you’re mine, any time, any where!”

With that he picks up his stuff and walks out of the woods leaving me spent, sore and staring at the puddle of cum that was my bitches, pooled completely on the ground now at my face.

Maybe I wouldn’t visit tonight…I don’t know if I could muster the energy. Daddy had made sure I knew he was still the boss. But I was someone else’s boss now. I had someone to take it out on.

I adjust my clothes and start out the trail. I must have looked funny cause I knew I was walking like I’d just had my ass tore into…and I had.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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