Happy New Year

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Alexia looked in her bathroom mirror for the umpteenth time in the last hour. Her hazel eyes roamed over her image looking for anything out of place. Her shoulder length auburn hair was curled and pulled back into a messy bun, her makeup applied carefully over her tanned skin. Her breasts pushed against the teal cotton tank top and she toned tanned legs poked out of the short brown corduroy skirt. Alexia turned sideways in the mirror to check her slim figure then finally decided on touching up her lips before leaving the bathroom.

Alexia got shivers when she thought of what she was about to do. When she had first gone into the chat room she had been bored and horny and looking for someone to help her achieve an orgasm. That first night she met Oliver and they chatted for three hours at first going through a sexy scenario then ending talking about music and their favorite television shows. Her heart beat faster when she gave him her email address. They began to email each other every day until Alexia got a web cam and they began to talk face to face. The months flew by and soon Christmas was upon them. When Alexia logged on the next day Oliver showed her his Christmas present for her. He held up a ticket to the camera and announced to Alexia that he would be flying into Florida on December 31 to spend New Years with her. Alexia was speechless but soon readily agreed.

Alexia was now going about her living room making sure that everything was prepared. She was just poring out two glasses of wine when the intercom by her door buzzed. Her heart jumped in her chest and she hurried over to it. Oliver’s smooth voice flowed out of the box. “Alex, it’s me, Oliver.”

Alexia tried to wet her mouth but failed. She leaned in and pressed the button. “Hello Oliver, the doors open now come on up. I’m in number 305.”

Alexia waited in the small hall way of her apartment until she heard the elevator ding and the doors open and nearly jumped when she heard the knock on her door. Alexia looked through the peephole and saw Oliver’s familiar face. His black curly hair was the usual mess that it always was but somehow seemed perfect. The green polo shirt he wore matched his eyes and brought out the tan of his skin while showing off the muscles underneath. He had a brown leather bag slung over his shoulder kartal escort bayan and his soft mouth was turned up in a smile.

Alexia smiled to herself and opened the door. “Hi Oliver, come on in.” she said ushering him through the door. She shut the door after him then led him into the living room. Oliver caught her arms and pulled her into him kissing her on the lips. Alexia let him push his tongue into her mouth and move his arms around her back. She leaned into his embrace shivering from his touch. Oliver’s hands rested on her hips momentarily before running his fingers around the top of her skirt, slipping them under her shirt then moving them gently up her back. Alexia pulled back and smiled at him.

“Don’t you want to get settled first?” she asked then looked at the clock, it read 10:35. “Maybe eat something and have a drink.”

Oliver smiled at her ruefully. “I couldn’t help myself. I was thinking about you the whole flight and cab ride here.” He picked the bag he had let drop to the floor up. “Where can I put this?” Alexia led him to her bedroom and deposited the bag on the empty chair by her bed. On the way back to the living room she pointed out the bathroom and kitchen to him then turned down the lights and turned on a CD. Oliver and Alexia sat down on the couch eating the food she had set out and drinking the wine. Within twenty minutes Alexia was laying back on the couch with Oliver on top of her. His lips roamed from her mouth down her neck and over her shoulder. He pulled the straps of her tank top and bra down to her forearm and continued kissing till he got to the tops of her breasts. Skillfully he slipped both of her tank top straps down and then the fabric covering her breasts. He left her bra in place and went back to kissing the part of her breasts exposed. Alexia looked down at Oliver every inch of her body needing him to touch her. He brought his hands up and kneaded her breasts through the purple lace bra she was wearing. Alexia scooted down on the couch so that her skirt road up showing her matching panties.

“Perhaps we should move this to the bedroom.” Oliver asked. Alexia opened her eyes and looked up at him just nodding her head. Oliver stood and picked her up from the couch. Alexia laughed and let him carry her to her room. He sat her gently escort maltepe on the edge of her bed then stripped before sitting down next to her. Alexia looked at his hard cock and couldn’t wait for him to slide it into her pussy. Oliver ran his fingers over her breasts again through the bra rubbing the lace into her nipples. He reached behind her with his other hand and unhooked the bra removing it and throwing it on the floor. Oliver brought his lips to her right nipple and began to suck on it while he pinched and rolled the other in his fingers. He switched to the other nipple then back again not letting one get dry.

Alexia moaned at the feeling letting his hot breath warm the shivers that kept going up her spine. Soon his hands moved down her belly and over her navel stopping at the top of her skirt. Oliver gently pushed Alexia down on the bed and finding the zipper for her skirt pulled it off her body. He drank in what she looked like before moving one hand to her already open thighs. Oliver could see the wetness on Alexia’s panties and smiled. He brushed over her inner thighs then as much of her ass as he could get to. Finally he ran his fingertips over the lace of her panties and over the outer lips of her pussy feeling the wet crotch. Oliver pushed the lace into her pussy and found her clit and began gently rubbing the lace over it with his index finger making sure not to rub too hard. Oliver got on the floor kneeling between Alexia’s legs. He pulled her to him resting her ass on the edge of the bed then pulled off Alexia’s panties. He was greeted with the view of her newly shaved pussy the lips glistening with the wetness he had spread over them.

Oliver pulled her legs apart and slowly ran his tongue over her slit not penetrating it. Alexia moaned and squirmed on the bed. Smiling Oliver stuck out his tongue and starting at the bottom of her pussy he pushed it in and licked all the way up to her clit. Oliver explored her pussy his tongue making her juices flow even freer. Finally his mouth found Alexia’s clit and he gently flicked his tongue over it several times before closing his lips around it and sucking on it gently. Alexia grabbed the bed sheets and clenched them in her fists as an orgasm took over her body. Oliver continued to suck and lick her clit as she came. When pendik escort she could finally breathe Alexia let out a long deep moan. Oliver sat up but continued to rub her clit with his big thumb. Alexia looked down at him and motioned for him to join her on the bed. Oliver sat on the edge and moved Alexia to the middle of it then lay down beside her taking one of her nipples into his mouth.

Alexia reached down and found his hard cock, she ran her fingers along the shaft then down to his balls. Alexia pushed herself up and on top of Oliver. He smiled up at her and raised an eye brow in an expression Alexia was vary familiar with. Alexia sat on his lap just below his cock and took it in one of her small hands. She reached her other hand into her pussy and used her juices to coat Oliver’s cock and balls. Alexia began to run her fingers up and down his shaft paying attention to the head of his cock. Oliver grunted and turned his head to the side the clock on her bedside table coming into view. With surprise he realized that it was 10 minutes till the New Year. He looked back up at Alexia then put his hands on her shoulders and drew her down to him. He kissed her passionately then moved so that he startled her.

Kneeling over Alexia’s pussy Oliver lifted her legs and put them over his muscled shoulders. He rubbed the tip of his cock in Alexia’s juices starting at her clit then down to her pussy hole. With a thrust he entered her. Alexia grunted but couldn’t get anything else out of her mouth. Oliver began to pump in and out of her pussy getting a steady rhythm. He began to pick up speed, his balls slapping Alexia’s ass, one of his fingers rubbing her clit.

Alexia’s pussy contracted in another breathtaking orgasm and clenched around Oliver’s cock. Oliver pushed in and out of her tight pussy as it clenched around his cock. As her orgasm subsided Oliver thrust once more into her pussy and grunted as he emptied his cum into her pussy. He thrust several more times into her then collapsed on the bed beside Alexia. Outside the apartment window Oliver could hear cheering on the street below.

“That cheering isn’t for you but it should be.” Alexia told him trying to catch her breath. Oliver pulled Alexia closer to him and kissed her then reached down and pulled the sheets over their naked bodies. Alexia reached over him and shut the lamp off, the last thing she saw before her eyes closed was the clock. It read 1:05. “Happy New Year.” She whispered into Oliver’s ear.

His only response was to move his hand between her legs and slip and finger into her pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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