Happy Endings

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We arrive at the hotel and get settled in. Unpack our bags and head out to the concierge lounge for drinks and light snacks. Even though the flight was long we both seem no worse for wear. We are too excited because we are away from home and ready for some fun and relaxation even though some of the time you will need to get some work accomplished.

I am part of the business package this trip as your IT advisor. You’ve made arrangements prior to our arrival for an in room massage but haven’t told me as a surprise.

With drinks in hand we head back to the room. I hit the shower and come out wrapped in a towel. You jump in after me and also return in a towel. I have the tv going surfing channels and you grab the remote and say too soon for tv I’ve got something better. You have me sit on the bed and place a blind fold on me.

There is a knock on the door and someone enters but I’m not sure who it is and you ask me not to remove the blindfold just yet. I hear some movement about the room and you walk over to remove the silk blindfold to reveal a nice looking guy in a business suit.

While I sit on the bed he performs this slow strip tease. Several songs play as he works almost all of his clothes off until he is down to a very small pair of underwear that leaves nothing to the imagination. He then winks over at you and you replace the blind fold on me.

I hear the door open and close once more and some clanking of glasses and ask what you are up to? Now can I remove the eye covering? You say no, not yet. You tell me to leave the blindfold on that in addition to the entertainment there will be an in room massage.

I’m then instructed to lie down on my stomach and you say you’re going to remove my towel and to just relax. Once the towel is removed you sit in a chair and watch my reaction and give me kartal escort bayan a play by play as to what will happen next. You say some warm oils will be placed on your shoulder and back and within seconds I feel the warm oil touch my skin and strong hands begin to work it into my muscles.

As the masseuse begins working their hands into my muscles and I catch the scent of almond oil. Some soothing music is also playing in the background. The masseuse then begins to rub my arms, waist, and butt. Slowly they work their way down my legs and after a while of this you instruct me to turn over. I am so relaxed and in a zone I can hardly move but I turn over as instructed.

The masseuse then begins to work more oil onto my shoulders and arm and before I know it my breasts are also being massaged and my nipples are gently toyed with. This makes me squirm and you ask if I like it? I am so relaxed that it takes a second for me to respond and I tell you it’s wonderful. All the while the blindfold has remained over my eyes.

The masseuse then begins to rub my torso and sides and works along my thighs. Slowly, I can feel their strong hands gently work their way toward my inner thighs, down my leg to the knee, calf, ankle, and back up. They then begin the same process on the other leg careful to get near my now aching pussy but making sure not to touch it yet.

I feel the masseuse then take my leg and lift it slightly so as to rub under my leg massaging my calves and back of my inner thigh. First the right leg then the left. My legs are left slightly parted when the masseuse places them back down and then begins toying with my inner thighs and grazes my pussy lips.

I let out a small gasp and with that the hands continue to work over my outer swollen clean shaven mound. Again, I feel the masseuse escort maltepe hands drop between my leg and this time their fingers penetrate and part my pussy lips now moist love entrance. Their fingers slowly glide up and down and I begin to moan because they seem to know exactly what to do. The whole time you’re watching you occasionally ask if I like this or that where ever they are touching. Before I know it two sets of hands are touching and stroking me. I begin to moan with pleasure.

I then feel someone part my legs and kiss my inner thigh which really gets me squirming. I hear you make a soft moan and can tell it’s you kissing my love cave entrance. I go to reach for your head but I’m stopped by a set of hands that place my arms down again at my sides and begin massaging my tits while you begin to work your magic nibbling, sucking, and licking my pussy. This sends me over the edge. I have never felt so sexually alive.

I’m dying to know who else is touching me while you lick and tease me and the unknown is thrilling. You continue sucking, kissing, and licking me through many orgasms and before long I’m calling white flag. I need a break for air!! Again two set of hands are exploring my body. After a bit of time I feel a set of hands once again move to my pussy and they begin to stroke me. Slowly at first and then a little faster and I begin to moan while my hips begin to move in rhythm with their hand.

At this point you come over to me and remove my blind fold only to reveal that it is a beautiful masseuse woman who is stoking me and at this observation I let out another moan and you quickly bend down and kiss me lightly at first and then more passionately. Our tongues collide and I moan again. OMG, I am over the edge and my heart is bounding. I reach for your thigh and pull you closer. When there pendik escort is a pause in our kissing you look down at me and smile. I just tilt my head back and let out another moan.

When I turn toward you I pull you closer to me and see that your cock is rock hard. I reach over to you and stoke your balls. I then grab a hold of your cock and you eagerly move even closer toward my face. You see where I’m going with this and situate yourself appropriately.

Your dick is now right by my mouth and I gently pull it down and kiss the head. Then I lick it while I gently begin to put my lips around tip again licking and sucking you like an ice cream cone. Ha ha. This drives you crazy and you thrust more of your hardness into my warm wet mouth. I greedily take it and your hip begin to move some.

Your hands are stroking my hair and lightly scratching my scalp the way you like. I look up at you but your eyes are closed and you let out a man moan. Then I let out a moan and you open your eyes to see that the masseuse has begun to eat me. All you can muster to say is OMG, yes.

You reach out and rub my tits and pinch my nipples while I continue to suck on you. Both of us are going crazy. Your hips stop moving so that I can take as much of you as possible in my mouth and my tongue does the dance you love so much. Again, you moan out and say fantastic!!You tell me you’re going to cum and whoosh. I swallow all of you.

Then you bend down and kiss me again. The masseuse has inserted a toy in my pussy and before you know it I’m moaning again. The vibration on my clit has me paralyzed with pleasure. You pull away from our kiss and look into my eyes. I place my hands on your shoulders and start to squeeze them telling you I’m going to cum!! Before I know it’s my turn to whoosh. Oh God, and I cry out with an incredibly loud moan.

I just lay there awhile spent. The masseuse quietly leaves the room and you slide up next to me in bed. I press myself against your hair chest and nuzzle in tight close to you. You wrap your arms around me and before you know it we are out like a light.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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