Happy Birthday Samantha

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Samantha Richards is 21 years old today. She’s never been to a club before, but that will soon change. Her last class is at two o’clock today, and her best friend, Jamie, is taking her out to celebrate. They have been friends for four years now, but friends is all they’ve been.

2:30…. Sam is in her dorm room. Her roommate, Kindra, is trying to help her pick an outfit for the evening. Unsuccessfully so far.

Sam is about 5′ 5″ or so. She’s a little chubby. Brown, wavy hair down to her shoulders. Green eyes (not contacts, by the way). Yes, she’s hot.

Finally, they find it. Dark blue hip-hugger jeans. Gray and blue tennis shoes. And a blue low-cut top that exposes her somewhat generous cleavage. They spend another half-hour trying to decide whether she should wear her hair up or down. Down.

3:50…. She’s suppose to meet Jamie in the parking lot at four. Kindra kisses her and wishes her a happy birthday. And she’s out the door.

She sees Jamie standing next to his green Nissan, dressed in black jeans and a white button-down dress shirt, waiting with a single red rose. He gives her the rose and a kiss on the cheek. For some reason unknown to her, this innocent, strictly platonic kiss makes her blush. She smiles as he opens the car door for her. While watching him walk around the front of the car to the driver’s door, she almost feels like she’s on an actual date.

“I made dinner reservations for five o’clock. Is the birthday girl in the mood for Italian?”

“You know Italian is my favorite, asshole,” she says playfully. He looks different to her today. And for some reason she has a lump in her throat she just can’t manage to swallow. What’s going on today?

They both have white wine with their dinner. They talk about school while they wait for their desserts to arrive. She still couldn’t figure out why, but this felt more like a date than two friends celebrating a birthday. They had been out to dinner many times before. kartal escort bayan Why was this time any different? Why couldn’t she stop looking at him that way? They had been friends, and only friends, for a long time. Sure, they had made out a few times but that’s all. They’ve never been more than good friends. But tonight is different.

Jamie pays the check and they’re on their way to the club.

The club is crowded, loud, smoky. Jamie holds her hand as he leads the way to the back. She follows him through a red door into a private room. The lighting is dim, and the music is muffled. Jamie orders a pitcher of beer and a bottle of champagne.

The room is decorated with a red love seat, a matching chair on either side, and a glass-top table in the center. Sam sits on the love seat and Jamie takes a seat next to her.

A knock on the door. The waiter walks in with their drinks. He places the tray on the table and pours each of them a drink: beer for Jamie and champagne for the birthday girl. After the waiter leaves, Jamie toasts her big day. “To my best friend in the world……” He starts to say more but isn’t sure if he should. Why are they so uncomfortable with each other? Does he feel this way? Does she feel this way?

The champagne is gone. Next to the bottle on the table sits two beer pitchers and eight shot glasses, also empty.

They find themselves laying on the love seat holding each other and staring at the ceiling. She wants to kiss him and he wants her to. Even with the influence of the alcohol, neither of them have the courage to make the first move. “He’s my best friend and it’s my birthday,”she thinks, “what the hell?”

She turns to him and presses her lips against his. He responds immediately, kissing her soft, warm lips. His hand on the small of her back pulling her close to him. Their tongues meet and play together for a moment. She feels him hardening against her. He moves his mouth escort maltepe to her neck and lays soft kisses down her neck to her chest. She raises up and pulls her shirt over her head, exposing her big tits. He kisses her above her nipple. She wraps her arms around him and holds his head close to her breast. His mouth feels amazing. Why hadn’t they done this before? He kisses between her breasts, then one to the other, slowly making his way inward toward her hard nipples. Teasing her. Finally, he places his mouth over one nipple. His hot tongue making circles until he flicks her throbbing nipple with the tip of his tongue. A shiver runs through her and her body quivers. His mouth moves to the other one and gives it the same tantalizing treatment.

He is about to burst from his pants. As he kisses her chest, neck and mouth she feels a fire between her legs. Her panties dampening more and more with each touch of his lips. Her hips begin rocking involuntarily back and forth. Her hot, wet special place grinding against the hard crotch in his lap.

She unbuttons and takes off his shirt. Stands up and slides her pants and purple panties to the floor. He looks up at her from the love seat, scanning her body with his wide blue eyes. Had he never realized how beautiful she really was?

She walks to one of the chairs, leaving him stunned on the sofa. She sits down and spreads her legs. Her freshly-shaved pussy glistening with arousal. Smiling at him she says, “It is MY birthday, isn’t it?”

He stands up and takes off his pants. He had to, his cock is so hard it was about to bust his zipper. He smiles at her as he gets to his knees on the floor. He kisses her stomach. Down. Down. Down. When his mouth touches the lips of her hungry pussy, every muscle in her body tightens. He licks her pussy the way she knew he could. She runs her fingers through his hair, pressing his face into her. Her hips moving with the rhythm of his tongue. She can feel pendik escort it building. She moves her right hand slowly up her stomach to her tits. Rubbing them. Massaging them. Squeezing them. She moves one of his hands up her body. She needs him to touch her, too. And he does. Gladly.

Just as she is about to blow, she moves his head away from her pussy. She suggests he sit on the sofa. And he does. She kneels in front of him. Takes his hard cock into her hands and holds it up (not that it needs any help). When she puts her mouth on his balls, he almost loses it right then. But he refuses to. This is her birthday and this is for her.

As she sucks his balls, she moves her hands up and down the length of his shaft. Her tongue slowly working its way up his dick. When she reaches the swollen head of his cock, she takes him into her mouth. Over and over and over.

She is so ready for this. She climbs on top of him and guides the head of his dick to her hungry pussy lips. When he enters her, they both take in a deep breath. She looks into his eyes as she eases herself onto him and him into her. She moves her hips slowly. Up. Down. Back. Forth. He feels so good inside her. Filling her up over and over. They kiss passionately and she speeds her rhythm. Her big tits bouncing right in front of his face. He takes them into his mouth one at a time. His hands cupping her ass. She moves faster. He takes one hand off her ass and puts his thumb to her lips. She sucks it and gets it wet. His hand moves downward between them. He rests his thumb on her swollen clit and lets her body’s rhythm move it with their sex. She breathes harder. Moving her hips faster. He takes a nipple in his mouth. Harder. He sucks it hard while her hand works on the other one. Faster. His thumb pressing her clit. Harder. One hand squeezing her ass. Faster. Here it comes. Harder. They both come together. She grinds against him while the orgasm waves through her entire body. Holding him inside her as he pumps his orgasm into her hot hole. She keeps him inside her after their orgasms subside. Kissing. Holding each other close. Basking in the afterglow of her earthquake orgasm. She kisses him and thinks to herself, “Happy birthday, Samantha, Happy birthday.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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