Guilty Pleasures

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Monica and Howard had fallen asleep after orgasms at each other’s hands.

She wakes up before him. Wrapped in his arms still, having been held through the night, she yawns and disentangles herself from him slowly so as not to wake him. She washes her face and brushes her teeth and wonders what they’ve planned for the day. It’s a Saturday, and lovely outside. A bit warm, maybe, but good weather for swimming, and as she brushes her teeth, she peeks through the blinds into the backyard. She sees the pool, blue and beautiful, tempting her. Life feels tempting. Checking her phone’s calendar she sees they don’t have any plans, which she then remembers as having been the plan they made last week. The day is blocked out, labeled “just us”.

Going into his study, she finds a novel she’s always liked. Howard’s voice turns her on, no matter what he’s saying, and so she’s planned her morning around it. Later, the pool. Now, his voice and this book. Back into bed, she moves the covers off of him, uncovering his cock, hardened to greet the day. Her favorite play thing in her sights, she giggles, waking the owner, Howard.

“Good morning, Monica.”

“Yes. It is. Good morning. Will you read to me?” As she asks this, she reaches toward him, her hand on and then above his knee, massaging his inner thigh as he drifts into the waking world.

“Read to you? What?” He feels her hand and looks down toward it. He sees he’s erect and feels himself throbbing toward her. He reaches for her, looking back up, her cheek resting in his hand, her smile resting on his cock. “Sure. I’ll read to you.” He’s certain this is an expression she hasn’t explained yet. He likes where it’s going, and is wondering at the hidden meaning of it as her cheek leaves his touch, her hand grasps his wrist, and a book is placed where the warmth of her skin had just been. A book. “Gone With the Wind?”

“Yeah. Guilty pleasure of mine. I love that book. You can start reading now.” She opens to the first page for him, and looks into his eyes, blue and beautiful, looking tempting. Life feels tempting, and she wedges herself escort ataşehir between his legs, her head resting on his thigh as she kisses the side of his cock. He half drops the book onto her head. Apologizing, he sets it aside, onto the pillow where she slept.

“No no no. Don’t apologize, and don’t put the book down. You said you’d read to me.” She smirks at him, and at the bewildered look on his face, but tries to keep her expression as severe as possible. She’s not fooling him, and he laughs at her. “Really, though. Please read to me, Howard.”

“Say again?” His hand slips through her hair, pulling her face back toward his cock, where she clearly wants it to be.

“I want you to read to me.” she whines, licking at him, whimpering with her desire and a bit of frustration. He nearly always wins the power games they play in bed. She’s not actually a sore loser about it, but knows there are moments she’d do anything he asks of her. Those moments frighted and fascinate her. The head of his cock reaches her lips, and she gathers the strength to pull back. “Read now.”

“Say please again, Monica.” His fingers twist into her hair further, and he pulls her face toward his tip, watching her smile, lapping at him. He keeps her just short of being able to taste him, and he likes watching her try to. “Say ‘please’ again. Mean it.”

“Oh! You’re impossible. Please. Please read to me. I’ll…I’ll please you if you’d please read to me. It’ll be fun, Howard.”

Howard was having fun, but senses the frustration in her voice is pushing past play time, so he picks the book back up. Odd request, wanting to be read to. He’s heard odder, and this could be fun, so he begins.

Reading the first words, he feels Monica’s mouth on his balls, kissing them. Wet kisses. He diverts his eyes to see her, and stops reading to do so. She stops kissing him at that, so he begins again. As he reads on, she licks up the shaft of his cock, then licks the pre cum off the tip, and lets her tongue slide around the head of his cock before….he stops reading, and watches her, but as soon as kadıköy escort bayan he does that, she stops where she is and is still until he reads on. He keeps reading, and feels her tongue slide down the other side of his cock, and her tongue laps at his balls from the other side, and again and again. His breathing gets less even, and he’s stuttering over the words. The page blurs, but when he stops, so does she, so he keeps on as best he can, and feels his shaft in her throat, feels her throat convulsing around it as he stumbles over the words he’s not taking in as he says them.

He is in her throat, and being massaged by it, while she inches her way toward him, inching him into her. As her nose reaches his pubic bone and her tongue reaches his balls, he suddenly hates the damn book. Tossing it aside, he grabs the back of her head and watches as she gags on him, licks him, wants him and wants to please him. She’s got him close, closer and closer and he drops his hands to his sides, lifting his hips into her further, on edge and out of his mind.

Then she pulls off of him, unceremoniously and to his terrible disappointment. He looks at her, incredulous. She looks back, obstinate in her desire. A tense moment is between them, and confusion is on him. His orgasm, previously precariously mounting, slides back. His hips sink back onto the bed.

“I want you to read to me, Howard.”

“I want you to stop acting like a brat, Monica!” She smiles at him, ear to ear, glad to have provoked him. He is fun. So much so that she forgets to be serious. This registers with him. Her smile registers, and her pleasure at being provocative. “What you want is to please me, Monica. I want to see you show it.”

She does very much want to please him. She’s wet, writhing in between his legs, wishing he’d continue reading so she could continue sucking him. He sits up, sliding away from her, an unexpected thing, and she is not happy about that. He swings a leg over her head, clearing his body of hers, and starts to stand.

“Please Howard, don’t! Please…” He looks back at her, escort bostancı smiling, waiting for her to continue. “Please let me please you. Please let me please you.”

Happy not to stand up and walk away, Howard lowers himself back onto the bed, but sits propped up for the most part, not letting Monica back in between his legs. He pulls her up toward him, kisses her. Whispers to her to climb onto him and show him how much she wants to please him. As she begins to mount him, acquiescent at last, he stops her with a gesture.

“Face the other way, honey. It would please me to see your ass moving as you make me cum. You did say you want to please me?”

She climbs onto him, reverse cowgirl, like he wants. She does want to please him, too. His knees move apart, and she feels his hand slide down her back, pushing her chest toward the bed. She reaches back, positions herself onto him, pushes him into her, and rocks back. She hears a soft thud in between his feet as he enters her fully. Looking toward the sound, there’s her book. Both her ankles are wrapped by his fingers, and he pulls her legs back, until she’s kneeling. Impaled on him and reaching for something to steady herself, she grabs his ankles, finds her rhythm, and tries to bury her face into the covers to suppress her moans, but her face meets with her book instead, and he hears her, loud and lovely and lustful.

Rocking onto him, over and over, her orgasm builds and builds until she’s sure to cum at any moment, and that’s when he holds her still. Her moaning steadily becomes whimpering and finally “Please! Please let me cum!”

“Read to me, Monica.”

Confused at first, but only because there’s little blood flow anywhere that isn’t her clit, she only takes a moment before she remembers the book. Opening it, she begins reading, and he begins pumping into her. As she had done with him, he stops pleasing her when she stops reading, but allows her to have him even as she stutters over the words. Eventually she’s able to climb back to the top of the feeling, and her pussy grips and massages his cock as she orgasms, bringing him close to climax.

Grabbing her hips, he pulls her and pushes her toward and then away from him, faster and harder as she moans and shudders around him until his seed pumps into her and he hold her close as it fills her.

It was a good book.

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