Grooming Issues, China Style

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The air was humid but the breeze was cool off the water as we walked down the crowded street of the entertainment district. For the past 5 days you have been working and I have been playing in China. We haven’t seen much of each other, and the time we have shared has been dominated with dinners and outings with your coworkers. Tonight we spent an evening gambling in the casinos, but excused ourselves early to see the nightlife on our own.

Your arm is around my waist with the tips of your fingers tucked into the top of my skirt waistband. We have just left a cozy lounge where we had a few drinks, sitting in a sunken and recessed booth in the floor. I describe my day visiting a nearby Taoist temple and you give me a blow by blow account of how you just walked away with $400 from the blackjack game you were playing with your coworkers.

We start approaching a more adventurous area of the strip. Women with silk mandarin dresses slit to their waists are dancing in windows of clubs, beckoning passers-by to enter. Every other storefront is a spa, massage parlor, or intimate tea room. The sexuality is in the air; whether you are a giggling tourist or an expectant and lonely businessman, everyone feels it. I ask you what you are going to do with your winnings and you say you have an idea.

We happen upon a spa which looks a little more respectable than the rest. They have on display exotic herbs and oils from the local mountains used in treatments. You pull me inside and ask the gentleman at the counter if they treat women. He looks offended and says “of course.” Passed over the countertop is a brochure of the treatments. He invites us to sit on the couch in the waiting room and to review.

Tomorrow, we plan to spend our last and only free day at a beach in the south. You think maybe I should get a little grooming done and had a special request: that I get a Brazilian shave with a little racing stripe. I think this a minor and innocent way to spend your winnings, so I make a provision. I also get a quick massage in the deal and you have to be in the room with me.

We return to the desk and tell the attendant what I want. I add that I wanted my boyfriend with me. He again looks offended and says “of course.” He leads us back to a small room lit softly and with Chinese influenced groove music playing. We were asked our drink order and sit back to wait on a small lounge in the corner of the room. The lounge was facing a treatment table which was wrapped in a soft peach silk to the floor. To the side was a counter with amber jars of oils and creams. A small Asian woman comes in with drinks, hands me a kimono and asks me to undress and lie on the table. She says she will be back with her assistant in a few moments and that I should blow out the tea candle nestled in the small screened window opening at the door to signal when I’m ready. I quickly finish my drink and unfold the silk robe. It is cool to the touch and I lay it over your lap.

Getting in the mood of the music, the night, and the new experience, I slowly unbutton my blouse. The cool air of the room feels good on my skin as it slips over my shoulders. Underneath I have on a rose colored lace bra I found at a boutique in Hong Kong the prior day. The lace is soft to the touch and I dip my fingers inside of one of the cups grazing my nipple a few times before unhooking the front closure and letting it fall off my shoulders. I hand you my bra, and you look at me and give me a little nod to continue. I step back and cup my breasts, running my palms up over my nipples, around my neck and through my hair. You are absently stroking the lace of my bra with one hand and escort bostancı the silk of the robe with the other. With a little turn to the music I untie the ribbon at the waist of my skirt, again stepping toward you and draping it around your neck. I bend down to give you a wet kiss.

As I stand back up I put my heeled foot on the side of your thigh, take your hand, and place it on the outside of my knee. I lean forward and let your fingers move up the outside of my thigh, cup my ass, then slide back down to my pussy. I am wet from my little exhibition and you raise your eyebrows at me. But there is a skirt to take off, which I do as I back away from you – letting it slide over my hips to the floor. I step out of it and hold my arm out to accept the robe. You blink, then hand it to me, revealing the erection it was hiding as it covered your lap. I slide my hand up your erection and give you a look at my breasts that my untied robe doesn’t fully cover as I blow out the candle above the lounge you are sitting on. As I step back toward the massage bed, I slide off my heels as the woman re-enters.

She introduces herself as Jian and her assistant Kai. Jian looks a little older but it is hard to tell with Asian women. Kai is definitely young – an apprentice to Jian, standing quietly behind. Their high collared tunics are identical except for in color. Jian has her hair twisted with a ceremonial knot and Kai’s hair is in a loose bun held by one enameled chopstick. Other than a lowered eye bow to you, they act as if you are not in the room. Jian asks me to lay face down on the table. She slides the kimono off my shoulders and hands it to Kai. I am aware that of the coolness of the air on my skin and feel your eyes staring at me directly from behind. I spread my legs a little in hopes that you could see a little of my pussy, already hot and wet from my striptease. You clear your throat which I assume means you can.

Kai hands Jian a corked bottle of a sweet smelling oil which she begins to spread over my back. The smell is subtle and relaxing. Combined with the drinks from prior, it relaxes me fully. Her hands are small and strong and glide up and down my back in sweeping strokes. Each stroke is a little longer until she is working her hands down over my backside then up to my shoulders, arms then hands. As she passes over the backs of my thighs and ass, I can feel myself getting more excited, half from the sensuality of the night, half from the new experience of a woman touching me like this. I have had massages from women before, but this definitely has a different intent. I turn my head to the side and see Kai watching from the other side, mouth open a little with eyes on her mentor’s hands and my skin. Then, Jain’s fingers wrap the backs of my thighs and graze my lips. I gasp at the shock it gives me, but she just gives me shushing noises and continues her strokes, working down towards my feet, rubbing each one firmly, while the other strokes up and down the back calf and thigh, almost absentmindedly grazing my pussy each time. Not relaxed anymore, I am a little relieved when she asks me to roll over.

I do and Jian elevates the table slightly so my eyes meet yours. Your drink is gone and your hard-on is straining through your pants. I can tell that being helpless in this situation is driving you crazy. I want to see where this massage will lead, but I think it’s a little unfair to have all the fun. I motion Kai towards me. As she bend her ear to me, I wisper my request. A gleam enters her eye and she looks at Jian. Jian gives a nod. Kai looks at me for confirmation and I give her face a soft touch and nod my ümraniye escort head to you.

Kai walks toward you a little shyly. She glances back at Jian and waits for her nod. Kneeling down in front of you she rests a hand on each of your thighs, looks at the bulge in your pants then up at you with eyebrows arched.

“Go ahead baby” I say. Kai has small and graceful hands. She unzips your fly and reaches in to pull out your dick. It feels good to have your erection free, and even better with this unknown woman’s hands around it. She strokes it gently, getting to know the curves and ridges, then a little harder, palming the head and twisting her fingers around your shaft, back and forth. She takes a small vial of oil from a pocket inside her shift, holds your dick up from the base and drips a few drops on the head. You can feel each drop slide down, with a tingle following it. The oil must have an extra little kick to it. Again her hand is back on your dick, alternating light flutters of her fingers with harder pumps. The oil is spread to where your entire dick is glossy with it. She is looking at you intently – waiting for a response.

At first you try to keep quiet and still, not knowing what is appropriate for this scenario. How enthusiastic and participatory can you be while getting a hand job from a stranger with your girlfriend in the room? You look over to me to see.

Jian has inclined the massage table a bit and I can see you over the tops of my breasts. She has explained that she is going to prep me – get my pubic hair all nice and soft for my shave. I quickly realize it’s an excuse for me to get massaged and oiled up. Jian turns a crank on the side of the table and the lower third start spreading into a “Y”, opening my legs. She props a pillow under each knee. My pussy is exposed and facing you. I give you a shy smirk at the little display.

Jian begins to rub massage oil into my thighs and lips. I can’t help but to lift my hips to her touch. She starts sliding her fingers in and out of my pussy – saying I need to get soft. I don’t know how softer I can get – I can feel the heat inside of me and my juices running down between the crack of my ass. She rocks her palm against my clit while her fingers massage the opening of my pussy and my ass. I am breathing hard, lifting myself to Jian and looking in your eyes, nodding.

You are looking from me to Kai, stroking your cock. She has her hair up with the ever-present chopstick style represented by young women in the tourist areas. You pull them from her hair; let it tumble down her back and bring your hand to her mouth, slipping your thumb into her slightly parted lips. She gets the picture, leaning forward and looking at you with your dick in front of her face. With her tongue starting at the base of your dick, she licks up to the head, then swirls her tongue around the ridge. She keeps this up, until her spit and the oil makes your dick very wet. It feels great but you are dying to have something tight around it. You grab her loose hair by the nape of her neck and press your head into her mouth.

Not shy anymore, she starts sucking greedily on the head. She must have been waiting for this. She is moaning a little in the back of her throat and swallows your dick deep. The moaning gets louder and you can feel the vibrations when your dick is in the back of her throat. Her hair is spilled in your lap; you hold it back so you can see her mouth on you. Her hand is at the base of your dick, spit dribbling over her fingers. Every time you nod and smile at her she renews her sucking. You are telling her that it feels good, to keep going. kartal escort bayan She is stroking you with her hand and bobbing her mouth up and down the tip of your cock.

I am almost on overload. I go from watching Kai’s mouth, to your face, to Jian’s hands on my pussy. I need you in me now. I tell Jian that I want to be fucked by my boyfriend; that I can’t wait. She must know enough English because with one word, Kai pops your dick from her mouth and motions you towards me.

The women exit the room silently. I am almost quivering on the table. My pussy lips are swollen and open; I am all wet from Jian’s attentions. The instant Jian hands leave I reach to my pussy and rub small circles, wetting my fingers. You stand in between my legs with your dick brushing up and down my clit. My god it feels good – I close my eyes and suck my wet fingers, like Kai sucked your dick. You are holding the base of your cock in one hand, rubbing the oil and Kai’s saliva in with my own juices. You cradle the back of one of my bent knees –pulling me closer.

You are going to make me beg for it and I am. You have precum dribbling from your head and you add it to the wetness you are sliding back and forth in. The stroking and the pressure is too much, but you still won’t give me your dick. You stick two fingers in my pussy and press down with your thumb on my pubic hair, trying to rub your fingertips with the pad of your thumb. You hit the spot and I come in a rush. You can feel me tighten around your fingers. I cry out and buck against your hand.

I can feel the waves of my climax starting to die, can feel my wetness down my ass and on my inner thighs. I think I am going to be able to catch my breath, but you pull your fingers out quickly, and replace them with your dick. You savor the feeling of the head of your dick sliding between my lips for a moment, then plunge into me deeply. My cum and Jian’s massage have made my pussy hot and very wet. You take slow and deep thrusts into me, burying your dick. Your hand is still behind my knee, pulling my body to yours. On each stroke you pull out so that your head is barely inside me, then bury yourself so that your balls brush against my ass. I am happy to be fucked and filled and keep telling you that – to get deeper and harder. My cum is dripping down around the base of your dick on your balls. Each time you finish your thrust you can hear the squishing where our bodies meet.

You start increasing the pace, but I ask you to slow down. I haven’t fully come down from my climax and you filling me so deeply is getting me close again. You grab behind my other knee and lift my legs so that my ankles are wrapped around your shoulders. Because the table is inclined, I am almost bent in half. You start pushing up into me. With the angle, you are pressing into the back of my pussy. My eyes widen – the feeling is so intense so you hold back a little.

I tell you that your dick feels huge in me but I want to feel you fuck me how you want to – as hard and as fast. I want all you can give – you are slamming up into me now, lifting my ass off the table with each thrust. All I can do is arch my back and brace against you. I can feel your dick start to throb. You have your arms wrapped around my thighs now, telling me you are about to cum.

Then I can feel it. You lean against the table, between my legs, buried deep. I can feel the throb of your climax. You make little pushing motions with each spurt of your cum. The stillness and deepness of the throbbing after the wildness brings my climax. It is a shudder in me – with us still I can feel each wave in my body.

I can feel your cum dribble out of me, with the sex and the oil, we are almost stuck together. You lean over and rest your head on my breasts and I put my hands in your hair. Never getting the shave, I make another appointment with Jian tomorrow morning, but promise to be good next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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