Gretchen’s Garden

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It was a beautiful spring day, sunny and warm with just a slight breeze – the first nice weather in at least a week, and just what I needed to finish the job. We were scheduled to hold the grand unveiling in just a few days – on Earth Day. The garden was nearly ready, and I felt a combination of pride and relief. And sweat. As I rushed to plant the last of the seeds and sprouts before he arrived, I thought back over the immense amount of work I’d put in over the past few months.

I was a senior at the college, and that semester had volunteered to lead a group of my fellow students in putting together a community garden on some vacant land owned by the campus. The goal was to set it up for composting and organic growing, and once it was up and running, to be able to provide produce to a local food bank. My job would be to coordinate what was sure to be a large number of volunteers, work to get some local businesses to contribute money and supplies to the effort, and try to get press out to the community. My professor assured me that it’d be a great experience, but I hardly needed his input to jump at the opportunity.

Truth was, I missed this kind of hands-on work. I had grown up on a farm, and although I appreciated that going away to school had opened up lots of new doors for my future, I still sometimes missed the simple pleasure that could come from working the land. So, you can imagine my pleasure when I was able to convert a former vacant lot, overgrown with weeds and the occasional abandoned car, into a vegetable garden that would provide healthy food for needy families.

And even those days when I spent more time at a computer or on my cell phone than digging in the dirt were a great learning experience for me. I’d made some great connections with local business owners, who donated the lumber for the planting beds, snacks for volunteers, and coffee grounds for the compost. It was John – whose cafe’s coffee grounds were feeding our rich soil – that I was supposed to meet today. We hadn’t met in person yet, and he had called yesterday to say that he wanted to stop by to introduce himself and see the results of the project.


I arrived early, parked down the block from the garden, and watched her work. Truth be told, I’d been watching her off and on for the past week, after one of my assistants returned from a visit to the garden with a report that she was a hottie. I wasn’t sure that she was really my type – a bit of a ‘granola’, you might say – but there was something about her that fascinated me.

Everything about her seemed to be natural. She was obviously a true blonde, her long hair cascading freely down her back. She looked strong, I thought to myself as I watched her scoop dirt from a wheelbarrow into a raised bed, as if from work rather than from a gym membership. And her breasts – well, it was hard not to watch as her ample bosom bounced while she walked. A lot of women have paid good money for a rack that big, but given the rest of her persona, they had to be real.

Snap out of it, I told myself as I shifted my weight in the driver’s seat, my cock beginning to grow uncomfortably. What kind of girl wears a long hemp skirt and sandals to work in the garden? She probably doesn’t even shave her legs. I chuckled to myself, realizing how much she’d gotten under my skin, and climbed out of the car. Time we finally met.


Wiping the sweat from my brow, I rested the shovel against the fence and admired my work. After a few moments, I sensed movement out of the corner of my eye, and turned to see a man walking towards me. That must bostancı escort bayan be him – tall, confident walk, nice suit. I’d have to wait until he got closer to see if he was also dark and handsome.

He was definitely the square businessman type, although I’d been impressed in our conversations over the phone how aware he seemed to be about environmental issues. He’d been quite excited at the prospect of having a local site to donate his coffee grounds for composting, because his cafe didn’t have room to compost on site, but he hated just to throw everything away. And he’d made a point of bragging to me about how he got his milk from a local dairy.

Dark and handsome indeed, I quickly realized. I tried to look cool as I watched him approach, but he quickly won me over with a generous smile, and I dropped the facade. Better to be myself anyway.

“You must be Gretchen,” he said, as I looked up into his big dark eyes.

“That’s me! Nice to finally meet you, John. Let me show you around.” Funny how I always build an image of someone from their voice. I’m usually wrong, but in this case, I’d been right on, even down to his age, which I guessed was around 40.

I walked from one raised bed to another, pointing out the different vegetables we’d planted, explaining why we’d chosen seeds in some cases and starts in others, and mentioning again the big celebration coming up for Earth Day.

“It’s part of a whole series of events the campus has going for Earth Week – lectures about global warming, a recycling demonstration – but this opening is the only one that really brings the community and the campus together. I’m pretty excited, as you can probably tell since I’m talking too fast!”

“Hey, that’s OK, I think it’s great what you’ve done here. You have every right to be proud. I’m just happy to help.”


It wasn’t true, though. I wasn’t just happy to help. I was trying to figure out a way inside her pants. Or in this case, a way up her long skirt. As we walked and talked, I was finding her to be not just fascinating, but irresistible. Up close, it was very clear indeed that her breasts were real. And that she was working braless. Her tits were both large and perky, even without support. And even though I’d normally find hippie, tree-hugger clothes to be a turn-off, her confidence while wearing them definitely won me over.

But it was painfully clear that she was both out of my league and uninterested. Don’t get me wrong, she was friendly enough. But it was obvious that her focus was the garden, and that while she was happy to show me around and thank me for my contribution, she’d be just as happy when I left and she could get back to work.

So, after a few more minutes of chatting, it was time to make my departure, and head back to work.

“Well, thanks so much for showing me around, Gretchen. Please remember, you’re welcome at the cafe anytime. Your coffee will always be on the house.”

“Thanks, John, I’ll remember that!”

We shook hands once more, and that was it. I walked back towards my car, hoping she would at least stop by the cafe sometime when I was there.


I was both disappointed and relieved when he left. I could feel the way he was looking at me, and although I normally hated men to ogle me, in this case I found it strangely erotic. Part of me had hoped that he would make a proposition of some kind, but I knew it wasn’t likely – he was a professional, after all.

I picked up the shovel again and walked towards the shed where we kept the tools. It was a simple building, ümraniye escort put up by the volunteers, but gave a bit of shelter and security so that we could lock up tools and supplies on site. I opened the door, walked in, set down the shovel, and then let the door close while I was still inside, hoping to gather my thoughts in a little privacy before walking back outside.

He had obviously been entranced by my breasts, I thought, and my hands instinctively moved up my body. With a breast in each hand, I gave them a squeeze, flicking my already-hard nipples and giggling softly in pleasure. It was surprisingly satisfying to have such power over a man like John, a confident older professional. And how wet it had made me – one hand now slid under the waistband of my skirt to explore. Oh god, yes, dripping wet, and just from a conversation?

I hesitated for a moment, telling myself that I was, after all, outside, in public, but that thought only served to turn me on even more. Alone in the shed, with sunlight streaming through the spaces between the rough-hewn lumber, I began fingering myself. Soon, I found my clothes too restrictive. I shot a quick glance to the outside, and seeing nobody nearby, quickly pulled off my blouse and stepped out of my skirt, leaving me naked save my panties and sandals.

Leaning against the wall and putting one leg up on a bale of hay, I pushed my panties aside and began furiously finger-fucking myself. It would be a quick orgasm, I was sure, with the image of John, his eyes moving lustily over my body, still fresh in my memory. I moaned softly as I came, moments later, the smell of my juices overwhelming that of the soil and compost from the garden.


Just as I got back to my car, I realized I’d forgotten to give her the business cards from the cafe – the ones she’d agreed to have for people to pick up at the grand opening of the garden. It took me just a few moments to find them in the car and walk back down the block to the garden, so I was surprised not to see her there.

Soon, though, I heard noises coming from the shed, and realized she must be putting tools away. After a few more feet, it became clear she was doing much more. The thoughts rushed through my head – was it mutual, the lust I’d assumed was unrequited? Would she allow me to join her in relieving those sexual tensions?

Moving slowly and quietly now, and glancing over my shoulder more than once, I finally reached the door of the shed and creeped inside. Her eyes were closed as she fingered herself, so I knew she wouldn’t see me. I was able to watch, undetected, as she brought herself to orgasm. It was delicious, watching her pleasure herself. My eyes landed first on her stunning breasts, every bit as perfect as I’d imagined them to be. It took me a few moments to look down, to follow the action of her hands on her clit and pussy, and to see that not only did she shave her legs, she shaved everywhere.

That pushed me over the edge, and I moved as quietly as I could to unzip my slacks and free my bulging cock from my boxers. I began stroking myself in time with her fingers as they plunged in and out of her pussy, her moans masking my own. As she came, I knew it was too late to back out now, and simply kept stroking myself as I waited for her to open her eyes and see me standing there.


An odd sound brought me back from my heavenly pleasure, and I opened my eyes, feeling slightly guilty in my indulgence. My heart skipped a beat as I saw John towering above me, stroking his impressive cock as he watched me. I fought back a first kartal escort impulse to reach for my clothes to cover my body. And I ignored my second thought, which was to say something. No, it would be better just to act.

I fell to my knees before him, and began kneading my own breasts as he continued stroking his cock above me. I pinched my nipples, squealing in delight as I did so, and then brought them up, one by one, to reach my outstretched tongue. After a few moments of this, his eyes fixed on mine in pure lust, he shoved his cock into my mouth in one long motion.

I wrapped one hand around his shaft, cupped his balls with the other, and began licking and sucking him enthusiastically. I could feel my juices beginning to flow once again as I pleasured him. He reached down and grabbed my tits, squeezing them hard as I moaned in delight. He let go of one breast just long enough to push my hand away from his shaft, forcing his entire length into my mouth and deep into my throat. As I struggled not to gag, he pushed into me with several long, forceful thrusts before finally letting me up for air.

He pulled me to my feet now, and after finallyl loosening his belt and letting his slacks fall to the ground, pulled me into a strong embrace, kissing me passionately, his tongue forcing its way into my mouth just as his cock had moments before. Then, in one smooth motion, he wrapped my arms around his neck, hoisted me up in the air, and positioned his cock to plunge deep into my pussy. I cried out as he filled me completely, wrapping my legs around his waist and settling into a bouncing motion.

Strong as he was, he held me in midair like this for a few minutes longer, fucking me even harder and faster, before finally lowering me to the ground once more. I whimpered as we lost contact, my pussy longing for his cock once more, but he quickly found a solution. Spinning me around so that I faced the wall of the shed, he spread my legs slightly and entered me from behind. I tried to turn to face him once more, but he had me pinned, taking my hands in his and pressing them against the wall above my head.

I gave up my struggle when I felt the satisfying depth of his cock in my pussy as he fucked me in this position. I left my hands where they were, above my head and against the wall, as he moved his own to cup my breasts. I flipped my long hair to one side of my neck as he began nibbling my earlobe, and this touch pushed me towards a powerful orgasm. He continued to fuck me hard from behind, kneading my big breasts as he did so, until I finally exploded. He held on firmly, leaving his cock buried deep in my pussy, as I bucked beneath him, the waves of pleasure so strong I couldn’t have stayed on my feet without him.

I marvelled at his stamina, as I found him still hard as a rock and ready for more once I recovered from my orgasm. I knelt before him once more. Slowly, steadily, I took his entire shaft into my mouth, tasting my own juices as I let him begin pounding into my throat once more. After a few more strokes, I pulled away, and began stroking him furiously with both hands.

“Please, John, I want you to shoot your load all over my big beautiful tits.”

“Oh, god yes, Gretchen, it’s a dream come true.”

He took his cock in his own hand and began stroking as I once again cradled my own breasts, holding them up for him, begging for him to cover them with his hot, sticky cum. It took only a moment longer, before he grunted with pleasure and covered me – not just my tits, but also my face – with spurt after spurt of cum.

We took our time getting cleaned up – I gave him that much more pleasure when I licked his cum off my own tits – before parting ways with a kiss, and leaving the small shed one at a time. It would be a few more days before the unveiling of our Earth Day garden. But at least for me, the earth had already moved.

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