“Green Eye Monster”

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Why is his name green eyed monster?

Eason, from the Caribbean Country side from Kingston his dad was half French, and his mother was full blooded Jamaican. He had eyes that match the seaweed of the warm Caribbean waters of his native home; he had been living in the states for 10 years now.

Eason was 23 years old at this time. And he didn’t come from money he was a country boy that worked hard on his family farm. His dad told him stories about kings all over the world. He had him read the finest books reading from up to an hour a half a day, he had math skills of a High School teacher. He was home schooled but very educated; his passion was health and exercise science that was his life reading and farming.

Eason was also a virgin let’s see for how long…

Eason wasn’t an ugly man at all, standing at 6’4, weighing about 240 pounds but he was toned, and had a four pack. He was corn feed big upper body no tattoos on his flesh at all, long dread locks to his back, his face was pretty and smooth, he had a baby face with a grown man body.. His skin and the sun were like best friends. That matched the color of the night. He didn’t dress the best and wasn’t a ladies man but he respected them.

It was my first day of being a personal trainer at Gold’s Gym. Only way I could get most of my money is by signing clients. David the owner a tall slender man of absolutely no attraction stood awkwardly at his desk.


“Yes? “

“I have some lends for you here about 15 numbers get to calling them ASAP.”

“Yes sir.”

“And smile more you have to make them feel welcome!”

“Alright sir, is there anything else?”

“Yes it is calling me sir this isn’t the Army…”

“Alright sir stop, I mean David.”

Well let me get the call list, took me 40 minutes to set up my days of the workout plans. I have my first client on Monday, yes I can wait. The weekend went pass, before I could walk to clock in, David called me over…

“Eason what time is your first workout?”

“Not till 11:30.”

“Well good I want you to train Ms. Wills today, she’s right over there just go talk to her.”

“Alright sir, I mean David …”

Eason walked over to the woman David proclaimed to be Ms. Willis.

“Hi, how are you doing my name is Eason.” He said in a very nervous voice. Eason could be shy at times.

“Are you Ms. Willis?”

“Yes I am Ms. Wills but you can call me Nicole handsome where are you from?” she said with a very heavy accent.

“Mam, I’m from Jamaica.”

“Wow! Jamaica that’s amazing. I love your locks mmmm.” Ms. Willis said in the flirtiest voice possible.

Ms. Wills was rich mix, her mom was from France, and her dad was African American, she had skin bright as white butter. She owned her own real estate and had business degree, she was 34 years old.

“Mmm…let’s get to work Eason.”

“Well, I have to see what your goals are.” Eason said in a stern voice trying to sound bahis firmaları professional.

“To lose some damn weight! That’s my goal!” She said as she laughed.

Eason thought different he loved her curves a lot, her skin was a turn on he loved him a light skinned woman. It was unique to him, plus she smelled very very nice. Apple berry Shampoo and Plus dove soap that touched her skin two times a day.

Eason smiled. “Well let’s have a sit so we can talk about your goals.”

“What exactly is it that you want to do with your body mam?”

“Stop calling me mam, I’m not that old Eason you come from respectful nice home don’t you?

“Yes, my parents work very hard to show me a better life than they had.”

“Where did your pretty green eyes come from? Sorry for all these questions…”

“It’s ok well my dad’s mom is from France and she had green eyes so it’s just genetics I guess.”

“Did you say France?” Ms. Wills looked thirsty when she asked that.


“My mom is from France… you speak the language of love?”

“Yes I know a little something.”

Ms. Wills began to speak…

“Êtes-vous célibataire.(Are you single?)”

“oui.(yes)” Eason replied.

“Pour quoi. (Why?)”

“Eason Je ne sais pas. (I don’t know)”

“un jour vous rencontrer quelqu’un .. (One day you will meet someone)”

“Merci (thanks) ” Eason replied.

“I see that you do know a little something something pretty boy.”

“Alright alright, back to work, so today we are just going to do a mild workout.”

“‘We’re going to do legs first that’s your biggest muscle on your body.. So squats will be first.”

He showed her how to do it…

Ms. Wills tried it but couldn’t do it right so he got behind her…

To show her, he began to count ” 1,2,3 squat!”

She set down on the bench then got back up…

“Again 1,2,3 squat!”

She squatted then she let out a moan as she lifted the bar up on her shoulders…

Eason was kind of turned on that sound of her moaning, the smell of her body, he knew that skin was baby soft..

“1,2,3 squat! One more.”

“1,2,3 squat!” Her booty grinded against his dick on the last one…

Ms. Wills began to think to herself… This boy got a snake in his plants.. Man his accent is a turn on, I never seen a dark black man with green eyes before, his locks is just a bonus, my short self can’t handle a man like this. Then she looks at him in the mirror that was in front of them. The hell I can’t…

“You did pretty well, let’s do 3 more please and we can do cool down and then a mild walk.”

“Are you trying to kill me Eason? Just playing.” Ms. Wills said with a grin.

So after the work outs we did a few laps around the gym, we started talking about life. She wanted to know everything but I didn’t give her everything.

David walked up to Ms. Wills.

“Did you have a good workout?” he said in fake happy voice.

“Yeah kaçak iddaa it’s was pretty good.” She said as she smiled at Eason.

David asked how about we step in my office and sign you up with some sessions. I’ll tell you the fees and all.

“Ok.” Ms. Wills said.

Eason waited outside the office.

…Thinking of her booty his getting me hard plus I got these shorts on, let me stop thinking of her.. Mmm sad puppies.. Dying rats.. Big mamma house.

Ms. Wills walked out the office.

“See you later; I never got your name!”

“I’m Eason.”

“Nice name. See you later ok?”

He looked at her booty while she walked away.

David yelled from his office.

“Eason come on in here! You did pretty well nigga, she signed up for 120 sessions with you, and she dropped 2,500 dollars on you, nice keep it up. Now get back to work.”

“Yes sir, I mean David. She’ll be here again tomorrow.”

I did my other workouts with the other two new clients. And I went home thinking about Ms. Wills .I got on hard again thinking about her. So I went in my room in start jacking off, I closed my eyes and pictured the things I wanted to do to her. What a woman… i wonder if she’s single?

Next day at work I saw her again. I couldn’t wait to see her…

She started smiling when she saw me we talked more during the workouts. Weeks went then a few months went pass.

Ms. Wills was 5’3 short in use to weigh 208 pounds now she weighed roughly 152 pounds.

“I look amazing.” said Ms. Wills in love with her new body.

“Thank you Eason very much. I want to repay you please let me cook dinner for you tonight.”

Eason loved food so he accepted thankful that she asked.

“Eason you look different too.” She said in a very observant way.

“You look more toned, I see you have 6 pack now… nice very nice.”

Eason smiled yeah I try.

“Come over at 8, here’s my address…”

Ms. Wills handed Eason a small sheet of paper with her address written sloppily on it.

“See you later Eason.”

I finished working out then went home to shower. I was so happy to hang out with Ms. Wills. He threw on some decent clothes, a white V-neck and his gold chain spray good on… and was out the door by 7:40.

He got there at 7:55 Eason come in take your shoes off please

Wow her place was big and amazing she must have a lot of money thought Eason.

“Look at you looking all handsome in what not.” Ms. Wills said as she reached out to give Eason a friendly hug.

“Come see what I made for dinner…”

“Oh my god, you made jerk chicken? Mmmm it looks so good, I bet it taste good also!”

While she was fixing my plate I was looking at her like a creep I was just amazed of the hard work she put in the gym her body looked amazing, I’m getting on hard again let me stop. Big mamma house…

“Here’s your plate pray over the food please if you don’t mind.”

So I did.

“God kaçak bahis thank you for this meal you have set in front of me and thank you for Ms. Wills an amazing friend and woman. Eason said as he opened his eyes and shot a grin over at Ms. Wills. Amen.”

“Wow, nice Eason you got me turning red and shit.” Ms. Wills said jokingly.

Why is he so nice? He’s like different from a lot of men; a lot of men would have tried sleeping with me by now. Hmmmm I wonder I bet he’s mmmm…

“Eason are you a virgin?”

WTF did that come from mmm do I tell her the truth or lie, I must be honest.

“Yes I am Ms. Willis.”

“Why are you a virgin?” She asked.

“The way you look I bet women drop in bow down to you, plus you’re Jamaican if I was your age I would have made moves on you.”

“Why be my age why can’t I have so you now?”

Omg where did that come fine from? This wine… Eason thought to himself.

“Sorry Ms. Wills.”

“Don’t be come here Eason…”

I grabbed his pretty face then I kissed his big full lips. It tasted like honey to me…

I started moaning and feeling on his abs…

I can’t believe I’m kissing Ms. Wills…

I’m breathing hard now I pick her up I feel amazing…

“Omg yes baby carry me to my room it’s down the hall!”

He laid me on my bed.

“Take your shirt off.” She whispered in a soft sexual voice.

He did.

“Take your dreads down for me…”

He did. His hair hung past his shoulders.

“Come closer to me boo…”

She asked me to do a few things for her so I did, I was scared but I was ready.

Eason look at you, you’re not human you’re my beast a monster… Your mine baby.

The way this woman got me feeling, I’m on super hard.

“Come here I see that you’re on hard let me see your manhood.”

She unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants and pulled out his manhood from the gray Hanes briefs that had been holding it hostage from her.

“Wow, mmm coco I have to taste this…”

This woman is giving me head. I never felt this feeling before I’m breathing harder my eyes started rolling back I started moaning myself…

“Mmmmm, Ugh…”

I love when a man moans it’s such a turn on, my pussy is wet by the looks of this man, and his dick in my mouth.. I stop and bend over for him because I knew he was always looking at my ass.

“Eason I want you to fuck me doggy style baby.”

I can’t believe this is happening to me some reason I want to eat her out I want to taste this woman.

“Eason what are you doing?”

Oh my god, I started giving her head while her body was facing like she was ready for doggy style… her soft ass on my face..

“Please don’t stop! Eason!!” she screams.

“Your head game is fucking amazing! I thought you were a virgin!”

“I am…for some reason my heart just told me to do it.”

“Well follow your heart baby. Yesss…”

So I kept going then I stopped to put my dick in her pussy doggy style. I’m no Virgin no more.

“Work me slow honey, this a lot of dick I have to get use to this baby…”

She talked to me like I was doing this forever but this was my first time.

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