Great Hands

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I enjoy watching you work in your shop. There is just something about a man who works with his hands that I find sexy. I never tell you that.

“Why in the world would you want to sit and watch me?”

I just smile and say, “It’s amazing to see you turn ordinary pieces of wood into beautiful bookshelves or tables or some other amazing piece of woodwork.”

I love the smell of different stains and the sounds of machines buzzing and humming as you work your magic on the pieces of wood you select specifically for a project.

Now is no different. You are working on an end table for a friend’s birthday. You have been working on this for a couple of weeks now. Every day when you get home from work you’ve spent at least two to three hours putting this end table together.

Now, it’s time for you to stain the piece, and that is what I enjoy watching the most because I get to watch you change a piece of plain neutral wood into something rich with a stain that seems to shine from within from all your loving care. Your hands stroke and polish the wood. The muscles in your arms flexing and relaxing in the constant rhythm you set, up and down or side to side whatever it takes to make the wood absorb the right amount of stain.

Your hands are large, strong, calloused and veined but not too much just showing how much you use your hands. The sight of your hands stroking and polishing a woodworking project arouses every sense bostancı escort bayan in my body. Every time I leave your shop my body is so fired up, and it takes me hours to relax and release the sexual tension.

It’s funny that we have been friends for a while now, and you know that I am attracted to you but you say that you want to just be friends. You like meeting new and interesting people. Secretly, I think it is because you have been divorced twice and you do not want to get involved in a relationship too soon. I think you want the next time you share your heart to last a lifetime. This is one of the many things that attracted me to you, and the one thing that is driving me crazy because I’ve wanted you from the moment we first met online.

Yes, you have a very sexy body, very muscular but slender. Your body reminds me of a swimmer’s body firm, supple, the skin like satin soft but firm. You tease me telling me that you give great massages, but I respect your right to just be friends while privately I want to seduce you.

I fantasize about your hands firmly rubbing my shoulders, making long deep circles down my back. You apply the right amount of pressure. It is truly a massage, and I love it. I moan as you push firmly on the muscles in my back between my shoulders to release the tension. Concentrating totally, you work on my back and shoulders, your hands slowly but firmly sliding up and down ümraniye escort my back. You are drawing butterfly wings on my back, and it starts to arouse me because your hands seem to find every erogenous zone. It’s all I can do to not moan with pleasure from your methodical work on my tense muscles.

As you stroke and manipulate my body, my nipples start growing into hard knobs. I am glad that I am lying on my stomach because I can conceal the evidence of my arousal from you. I want you so much, I ache. Your hands slide down to the curve of my back. I want to arch up and meet your hands but stop half way through the motion because you made me promise to lay still as you work the kinks out. It feels so good. My mind drifts back to my fantasy world, and I take your hands and body in with me.

In this world, your massage changes from a traditional to a sensuous message. In my fantasy we are totally nude. Your hands stroke me from head to toe. Slowly the oil on your hands works into my skin. The feel of your naked body sliding against mine arouses me as you stroke down my legs and your hand slides between my thighs to find that tight firm little bud my erect clitoris. Your fingers rub over the bud as I arch my butt to give you better access to my wet throbbing pussy. I can feel your cock, hard and firm, the silken head rubbing against the outside of my leg as your fingers rub and caress the opening to my vagina.

I kartal escort am moaning now. You know exactly how to caress me. Your fingers rub against the roof of my wet pussy finding my G-spot. I am pushing back and forward on your finger as you continue to rub against my G-spot. It is as though you know exactly how to stroke my cunt bringing me close to a climax but stopping just in time, not letting me dive over that abyss.

I am not alone in this ride to sexual release. My hands are stroking up and down your cock, caressing the length of your dick, feeling the individual veins as it pulses with your life blood. My fingers rub over the sensitive head. I love the feel of your cock. It is so hard but soft at the same time. I love touching it, stroking it. The only thing I like better is tasting it. You know how much I love to give blowjobs. Just the thought going down on you, my lips closing around your dick, makes my mouth water. Stroking your dick and caressing your balls as my mouth closes over the satin head of your cock would be one of my fantasies fulfilled.

You caress and stroke my G-spot with one finger, then two fingers, and finally three fingers, circling around and around in and out. You feel my vaginal walls begin to spasm. I am stroking your cock with one hand, sliding up and down in firm steady strokes as your cock twitches. Glistening pre-cum helps to lubricate your cock. We are pleasuring each other in perfect rhythm. At that moment, we cum simultaneously me squirting all over your hand; you shooting loads of cum on my thigh and hand.

“Hey, are you listening to me?” you ask. I am instantly brought back to reality which bites because my fantasy world is so much better.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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