Graduation Day

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People say that life is a learning experience. That was one saying that Daniel Hopper could readily agree with. It seemed that he had never stopped learning, not from the day he started kindergarten right up to this morning when he rolled out of bed. So far, his twenty-four years on Planet Earth had provided plenty of life lessons but the one he found when he sat on the side of his bed was the one of the most unexpected. The bimbo shack job he had spent the night with had sneaked out during the early morning hours with his wristwatch and the fifty dollars that was in the open wallet laying by his feet.

“The skinny-assed bitch wasn’t even a good fuck!” Dan muttered out-loud as he padded into his kitchen to charge the coffee pot and begin another day. “Lesson learned, Danny-boy! Lesson learned!” Inside, though, he knew that he was really pissed. The money was gone and that was bad enough, but the wristwatch had been a touchstone to his now dead father and could never be replaced. “I should’ve stayed in Yuma. Hope the bitch rots in hell!” he said to himself as looked down at the coffeepot, waiting for it to start brewing. As he stood there, idly fingering his semi-hard dick, he realized there was enough time for a shower before it would be ready.

A half hour later, freshly scrubbed with enough time left over for a quick morning tug at his manhood, he emerged from the shower drying his curly brown hair with a clean towel. He walked back into the kitchen still as butt naked as the day he was born and poured the precious first cup of coffee. He knew he was far from being a baby though. Standing five foot-ten and a solid one hundred seventy pounds, he knew only his mother would still call him a baby. But, of course, over the last six years he had been called many far worse things. His Marine Corps drill sergeants had invented a couple that he could never forget, with the most innocent being a “fucking looser!” Yeah, that had been a real education!

But the Corps was behind him. He’d been out for a while now, had started his college degree and, thanks to the credits he earned while in service and had transferred over to the university, was about to graduate. “Just get through the day!” He told himself as he dressed. “And no more picking up loose bimbos!” Finally, with two cups of coffee down and dressed in tee-shirt, khaki shorts and loafers, he was out the apartment and heading for his car in the complex parking lot.

He passed by the door of his neighboring apartment just as it opened and its occupant, Tracy Waters, came out wearing a blue tube top molded to her ample and braless chest and carrying her bookbag over a bare shoulder. “Hey, Dan! Good morning!” She said with a smile under her tan baseball cap.

Dan stopped and watched her as she locked her apartment door. “Morning, Tracy. How are you?”

“I’m not as good as you must be this morning!” She replied with a wicked smirk on her face.

“What do ya mean?”

“Just that you’ll have to get the apartment manager to repair that wall separating our bedrooms.” She said as she shoved her keys into her bookbag. “I heard far too much out of your apartment last night. A girl’s gotta sleep, you know?”

“Sorry!” Dan said with an embarrassed expression that came from the heart. “I’ll move my bed away from the wall.”

“Oh, don’t get up-tight about it. I was just kidding!” She laughed as they started walking toward the outside stairs and down to the parking lot. “I gotta say, I think you can do better than that skank you hooked up with last night!”

“No argument there!” Dan admitted. “The bitch cleaned me out before she took off sometime in the night. I’m just lucky she didn’t know where I keep my money. As it is, the bitch hit me for fifty bucks and my father’s watch!”

“Ouch!” She exclaimed as we reached the ground floor. “You are going to report that to the police, right?”

“And tell them what? That some bimbo named Susie Smith ripped me off for a few bucks and a watch? At least that’s what she said her name was. She was just some broad that I met at Bogarts last night!” Dan shook my head. “I tell ’em that and they’d laugh me out of their station.”

“Yeah! Well, I’m sorry your good time didn’t turn out so good!” She said as they reached his car. “I gotta go to class. Hope you have better luck next time!”

He unlocked the car and turned to her. “If I’d have been with you, I would have had better luck!” He said with a smile as a joke. What she didn’t know was that she had caught Dan’s attention months ago when she and her roommate moved into the apartment next to his. Tracy’s roommate, Julie, was a fine-looking foreign exchange student from Japan with a smaller, lighter build and a dainty oriental manner of walking that he found sexy as hell! Still, she was not nearly as attractive to him as Tracy. Both girls were about the same height, but Tracy was the more athletically built and slightly heavier. Her light brown hair was nearly waist long and today was flowing out of the sizing strap on bostancı escort bayan the back of her hat, her chest was in the 34C range, her hips and buttocks were a little more pronounced, something he attributed to her soccer scholarship.

“That’s true!” She said with the same smirk of a few moments ago. The expression on her pixy face was ‘poor dumb schmuck!’ “All you had to do is ask!” Then she turned away and began sauntering off with a playful swaying of hips under her tight walking shorts.

“Tootles!” She called out without turning around.

“Hey, Tracy! I’m asking!” Dan called after her.

“Later, dude!” She called without looking back. All he could do was watch her walk away.

The rest of his day was filled with pre-graduation things like trying to return books to the campus bookstore, getting something for lunch and borrowing a graduation robe from a graduate friend who didn’t need it anymore! The mortar-board hat didn’t have the correct colored tassel, so he had to go back to the bookstore to get the right one. All the way back there he was thinking that he should have just used the old one cause no one else would know the difference but, knowing his Marine Corps training wouldn’t let him carry out the deception, he bought the damn thing and went to the assembly point for the graduation procession.

The college graduation ceremony is supposed to be another one of those “rights-of-passage” educational moments but honestly, to Dan, graduation from Marine Corps boot camp in San Diego meant more. At least then he had his father and mother in the stands to watch the review. That had meant a lot to his dad. The old marine vet’s face had absolutely beamed with pride.

But his father and mother were now dead, and no one would be there to watch him cross the stadium stage this time. There would no burst of happiness from his sister either. There would not be anyone there to see him reach for the roll of blank typing paper being substituted for the diploma that he knew would be mailed to him in the next few days. His sister was in class at the naval academy in Maryland and couldn’t get away. No congratulatory slap on the back or kiss on the cheek from a grandparent nor even a celebratory beer waved in his direction by an old buddy. Those days were gone and, when the Dean of What-the-Fuck College finished talking and the ceremony was over, he simply took off the hot robe and its asinine-looking hat and walked to his car. The robe and hat went into the backseat, the tassel was hung from the rear-view mirror and Dan settled into the drive seat with a sense of emptiness. There he sat in a blazing hot car, considering what he would do next. A few minutes later he decided that, since graduate school was still a couple of weeks away and it was too late in the day to go job hunting, going to his apartment was the only thing left to do. The trip back to the complex only took little more than ten minutes and he was soon in the complex parking lot, taking the robe and hat from the back seat and locking the car.

The dry afternoon heat in the heart of the Valley of the Sun was something he was long accustomed to, but it seemed to be just a little bit more intense in the middle of this university town. He was hot and sweaty before he reached his apartment complex stairwell and longing for an ice-cold beer

Usually, at this time in the afternoon, he would hurry into the nearest air-conditioned bar for that cold beer. That was what he intended to do once he took a quick shower and changed into a fresh shirt but the sight of the yellow tops of lounging chairs in front of his neighbor’s apartment stopped him practically in his tracks. The apartments all had balcony-like walkways with sliding glass doors that connected to the one-bedroom apartments. Dan had one, too, but being at the end of the building, he never used it. Only about half of the apartment dwellers in the complex ever used their balcony walkways except to enter or leave their apartments and this was the first time he had ever seen the tops of chairs outside his neighbor’s apartment. But that wasn’t what really caught his eye. It was the sight of Tracy’s roommate, Julie, stepping out of the dark interior of their apartment through the open glass door wearing a black sling-type microkini with a beer in her thin hand. The girl wasn’t overly developed in the way of tits but, even by looking up from ground level, it was easy to see that her boobs were bigger than he originally thought. She had great legs and a perfect ass, too! Then she turned to bend down and give the beer to another person on one of the chairs who was hidden by the balcony rail. Dan couldn’t do anything more than stare. Now it looked like she didn’t have on a stitch of clothing. All he saw was two thin black strings that started at the middle of her curvy butt crack, rose between her cheeks and the pronounced dimples above her hips, and went up her back to cross over her bare shoulders. Then she sat down and disappeared.

It ümraniye escort was the burning sun on his bare head that forced him to start moving again and he reached the stairwell in a few hurried steps. He took the stairs two at a time to his floor, turned the corner toward his apartment and was instantly greeted by the sight of both Julie and Tracy stretched out on lounge chairs and blocking his path.

“Damn!” The word came out of Dan’s mouth before he realized he said it. The sight had made his heart feel like it skipped a beat. Both girls were nearly nude and glistening with oil. Julie’s microkini was less revealing than the white one attempting to cover Tracie. Both were the sling-type, but Tracie’s had what looked like mere banana-shaped white ribbons that covered little more that the nipples on her breasts. The strings holding them in place wrapped around and down both sides of her rib cage to the top of another strip of white cloth molded over her Mons de Venus to produce a distinct camel-toe that disappeared between her thighs.

“I told you he would notice!” Julie said in her accented soft voice.

“I would notice what?” Dan asked stupidly.

“Our new swimsuits.” Tracy said from behind her dark sunglasses. “Now, stop gawking and move out of my sunlight!”

“Ugh, sure.” Dan muttered as he carefully moved past her bare feet. As he did, one of Tracy’s legs moved straight up and snagged the back of his shorts behind his nearest leg with her toes.

“That’s far enough. Sit down and keep us company!” Tracy commanded and she shifted her bare hips over enough to give him just enough room to sit beside her.

“I was going to get a cold beer.” Dan told her as he bent down to rest on the edge of the lounger.

“I’ll get you one.” Julie said and swung her legs off the lounger. When she stood up the black cloth between her legs was only inches in front of Dan’s face. It was impossible for him not to see that she had a shaved crotch and smelled like coconut oil mixed with lavender and something else. The smell of her pussy lasted only a second before she was gone.

His attention was returned to Tracy when her hand playfully slapped his arm. “Hey, don’t ignore me!”

“Sorry! I was distracted.”

“Do you like my new suit?” She asked with her signature smirk.

“I like what’s almost in it!” Dan replied with a grin.

“Humph! You would! What about Julie’s?”

“It looks great, too! All though I don’t think I’d wear either one swimming if I were you!”

“Ha! Not on your life!” She laughed. “I’ve got enough trouble just keeping it in place now!”

“Not on my account, I hope!” Dan laughed with her.

Off his left shoulder Julie reappeared. “Here is your beer, Dannisen!” He looked at both her hands holding the beer in front of his face, but he couldn’t help noticing the way her outstretched arms seemed to bunch her breasts together under the black covering of the sling.

“Ah, thanks!” Dan took the beer from her, immediately popped open the tab and took a long drink.

“So, where have you been all day?” Tracy asked.

“Me? Why, today was my graduation day, didn’t you know?” Dan replied. “As of today, I is a Collage graduate!” He added in his best Hill-Billy twang.

“No, we didn’t know! If we had, we would have been there to cheer you on!” Tracy said in protest.

“You should have told us, Dannisen!” Julie added as she leaned over to climb face down onto her lounger. Dan got an up-close and personal view of her bare butt as she did that. “Dannisen, could you put more tanning oil on my back, please?” She handed him the bottle of lotion.

“Afterward, put some on me, too!” Tracy added. “Move so I can turn over.”

Dan briefly stood to move from the edge of Tracy’s lounger to Julie’s where he sat beside the hot meaty flesh of her hip Uncapping the bottle, he poured some between her shoulder blades and began smoothing it below her short hair and around her shoulders and back. As he did that, Tracy flipped herself from her back to lay on her front. Dan heard the faint pop as the string that looped around her neck to hold up the banana-shaped coverings over her chest broke.

“Oh, crap!” Tracy exclaimed softly as she quickly laid flat on her chest.

Dan looked back at her over his shoulder and, after a second to register what happened, grinned when he noticed that one of her nipples was peeking out from between the plastic tubes on the lounger. This time he kept his mouth shut and turned back to the task at hand. He poured more lotion onto the middle of Julie’s back and began smoothing it over her skin.

“Oh, you have gentle hands, Dannisen!” She practically purred as his hands dipped down to the base of her spine. As his fingers traced one of the dimples above her hips, he felt her tense her buttocks a little as a slight shiver coursed through her body. Dan poured a little lotion on each of her butt cheeks and began rubbing it over them and down to her legs. She spread her kartal escort legs slightly more apart, inviting him to get the lotion on the inner part of her thighs and he quickly dipped his thumbs between her thighs and spread her apart just a little more. He could see where the shoulder strings connected to the front of her suit just shy of her rosebud. The rose it attempted to cover had a delicate chocolate brown coloring and one of his thumbs made a forcible contact with it. That got a wiggle and clenching of her cheeks along with a slight bucking of her hips as if she was trying to rise to meet my thumb. Once she did that, he could see both of her outer pussy lips spread themselves on both sides of the thin thong and heard a soft, “Mummmm!” purr from her throat. Happy to know that she liked that, he continued spreading the lotion down the backs of her legs to her feet.

“There, all done!” Dan said as he straightened up and looked as her face. She was turned sideways to look at him over her shoulder with wide open eyes.

“Thank you, Dannisen.”

“My turn!” Tracy quickly claimed.

Dan stood up and moved over to again sit by her naked hip. He began the same method of applying the lotion, starting with her bare shoulders and shoulder blades, smoothing and kneading the lotion at the same time giving her a muscle massage. He stopped for a minute to move her long hair out of the way, then poured more lotion directly on the middle of her back. Smoothing it out and around her back put his hands in close to the side of her ample breasts that sort of bulged out past her rib cage and he kneaded lotion there as well. More lotion on her lower back was quickly spread underneath the suit strings onto her butt cheeks then on down to the tops of her thighs. Like Julie, Tracy shifted to open the triangle between her thighs and again Dan was treated to the backside of another female crotch. Instead of barely covering her asshole, the banana-shaped thong bottom ended between her pinkish rosebud and reddish pink vagina. As his hands worked the lotion between her thighs his fingers touched both of her holes, bringing Tracy to a quick intake of breath and a tiny whimper. Dan could see the outer lips of her vagina stiffed to wrap around the end of the thong. Exercising all the self-control her could muster, he kept his hands moving along her legs and again ended at her feet.

“There! You’re done, too!” Dan claimed as he straightened up his back and picked up his beer.

Tracy raised her upper body onto her elbows. “Is he, Julie?”

“No, he is not!” Julie agreed and moved to turn over and lay face up. Then she reached for her shoulders and carefully pulled the strings to the top of her suit off and let the top fall off her breasts. B cups, Dan immediately saw and noted that her nipples were the same delicate chocolate brown coloring that her asshole possessed. As Julie did that, Tracy pushed herself up onto her knees. Her breasts, completely uncovered, appeared in all their glory with her pink nipples proudly prominent. She didn’t try to hide them although she did quickly lay down on her back. She also latched onto Dan’s arm and pulled him closer. “Julie, shall we give him a graduation present?” She asked as he placed the empty can on the floor. One of her hands then sought one of his.

“We should punish him for being a noisy neighbor, keeping us awake with that thumping against our wall! And, he did just graduate!” Julie replied with an innocent smile that somehow suggested an evil intent.

“Isn’t the “look but don’t touch” view I have now enough punishment?” Dan asked ruefully

“Who said anything about not touching?” Tracy asked.

“You have been touching us, Dannisen!”

“Yeah, but…!”

“Yes, you felt up our butts, too!” Tracy added as she pulled his hand to her left breast. Almost automatically her nipple grew hard under the palm of his hand. “Oh, he does have gentle hands, Julie!”

Julie moved in her chair then stood beside Dan. She ignored the fact that her naked upper body was visible to the world and took his free hand in hers. She then pulled him to his feet with surprising strength. “Come, Dannisen. It is time for your punishment!” She said and walked him into the apartment. Tracy hurried to rise from her lounger, her breasts bouncing as she stood. She put both of her hands firmly on Dan’s back and pushed while Julie pulled him into the apartment.

Once inside, the scent of perfumed candles, baby powder and the coconut oil-based tanning lotion combined to overpower his senses. Julie stepped in front of him and placed a delicate hand on his chest. At the same time, Tracy stepped close behind him and put both of her hands around his waist and, together, the girls began pulling up his t-shirt. They had it over his head and off his body before he could draw a full breath of air.

“Oh, Dannisen! You need a shower!” Julie said with a wrinkle of her nose. Then her hands dropped down to the buckle at his waist. She deftly unbuckled his belt and Tracy immediately squatted behind him to strip the shorts down his legs.

“Yes, he certainly does!” Tracy agreed when her nose registered his crotch odor. Then she stood up behind him. “We all need a shower, Julie. Do you think the three of us can fit in ours?”

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